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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 20 Part 2

Lu Sicheng tilted his head, “You’re ending the stream?”

Tong Yao stood up and stretched, “En. It’s already 10……”

“Don’t turn off your computer yet. Send the address of the place where
you bought your beauty camera-- --”

Before he could finish his sentence, Tong Yao, half way through her stretch,
frantically rushed to close the stream app on her computer-- --She turned to
stare at the man had a confused expression as he slowly finished, “to Little Fatty.”

The chat was now filled with comments like, “beauty camera!”
“Hahahahahahahahahaha, beauty camera!” “I knew she can’t possibly
be this good looking.” “Little sister, you care a bit too much about your image.”-- --

Tong Yao resentfully stared at Little Fatty.

Behind Lu Sicheng, Little Fatty spoke as if it wasn’t his fault, “Fans are
saying that I’m getting fatter. I saw your camera has good effects, you look
so good and natural. So I asked Cheng Ge to ask you. He sits closer to you
…...How did I know Cheng Ge would ask in front of the camera!”

Tong Yao stared back at Lu Sicheng. He looked very innocent, “What?”

“Take a look at the chat yourself!” Tong Yao angrily pointed at the computer
screen, “They’re all questioning my beauty!”

Lu Sicheng turned his head to glance at her, then chuckled, “What beauty is
there for them to question?”


Tong Yao shook her head.  She was afraid that if she stayed there for one
second longer, she wouldn’t be able to control herself from going into the
kitchen to grab a cleaver and thrust it into Lu Sicheng’s head. She turned
around ready to go upstairs to get ready to sleep. Suddenly, a hand from
behind gripped her t-shirt-- --

Tong Yao leaned back.


“You’re going to sleep?” The man who had nothing better to do the whole
night asked.

“Yeah. Won’t it be great when I’m back at 600 points Challenger in my dream.”

“Don’t sleep so early. Dad will help you get your points back tomorrow, so
your dream will come true.”

“Don’t bother. People said I’m spoiled just because you were reading the
bullet comments tonight. Tomorrow I’ll become a bitch if you help me get
points.” Tong Yao wasn’t interested at all. She turned to look the man behind
her, “What’s there to do except sleep-- --let go of my t-shirt first.”

Lu Sicheng let go his hand, jumped down from his chair, then looked at the
others around and announced, “I’m hungry. Anyone want to go for a late
night meal with me? Hot pot, on me.”

There was three seconds of silence.

On the fourth second, everyone at the base stood up as if they had heard
the national anthem. Little Fatty, who was wearing only a tank top, nervously
said, “My jacket, where’s my jacket? Gimme three seconds to put on my jacket!”

Xiao Rui: “I’m hungry too. I just turned on my phone to order some takeout.”

Ming god: “I want sashimi!”

Old Cat: “Sea urchin!”

Old K: : “Geoduck clam!”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.”

Tong Yao: “......”


Tong Yao didn’t quite understand the kind of lifestyle that included eating
hot pot at the middle of the night.

She didn’t really want to go, but when she thought about what Xiao Rui had
said before, “You’re not going to our group activity!”-- --As a new member, it
wasn’t a good idea to stay away from the group. She had concluded from her
social experience for the past 19 years: If you choose to be the one who stays
away from any group activity among friends or colleagues, then you will be the
one they gossip about the most at the gathering that day.

In order to avoid being the subject of the conversation that night about “why do
you think she’s so short yet she eats a lot,”  Tong Yao compromised and followed
the group of night owls to get on the club’s van, while yawning-- --The blue and
white logo of the owner of the club was quite conspicuous-- --If it wasn’t for the fact
that the van was a high end car, a passersby would probably wonder: Why is China
Telecom workers coming out in the middle of the night to fix someone’s internet?

Translated by Team DHH at

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