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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 14 Part 1

The fans finally left leaving Tong Yao feeling like a disaster survivor. Looking at the backs of the excited fans, she stretched out her neck and sighed somewhat envious, “Will I have this many fans later on? Who like me, praise me, and can’t wait to take a pictures with me-- --”

Lu Sicheng glanced at her and lightly said, “You will if you play seriously.”

Tong Yao: “Ah, really.”

Mhm, actually, Cheng Ge wasn’t a bad person at all. At least he knew how to encourage the new-- --

“If you don’t play well, then there will be thousands of people who hate you, curse you, and wish that you’ll choke to death the next time you drink water. Who can’t wait to burn you at the stake.”


“Do your best.”

“But there’s no one cursing you.”

Lu Sicheng twitched his lips as if Tong Yao was talking rubbish, “Because I’m strong. In esports, being weak is the original sin.”

Tong Yao: “......So true. Thank you for giving me a lesson.”

Lu Sicheng: “You’re welcome.”

They finally arrived at the section for household items. Tong Yao walked in the front with a basket on her arm, putting in things she needed as she saw them. Lu Sicheng walked behind her, looking quite bored. He would pick up something once in awhile, scanning it with his eyes, before put it back again.

Tong Yao suddenly stopped in front of a pile of indoor shoes-- --She had her eyes on a pair of fuzzy sherpa shoes. It was a pair of boots with soft soles and two pom poms on top. Tong Yao took down the sample shoe, it felt very warm. She thought it would be perfect to wear in the winter since the floor at the ZGDX base was ceramic……

Tong Yao put back the sample, then started to choose the color she liked-- --

Were the blue ones better or the pink ones?

Actually, the white ones were cute as well, just easy to get dirty.

Tong Yao couldn’t make up her mind. Finally, she picked up the blue and the pink samples to show Lu Sicheng, “Cheng Ge, which one looks better?”

Lu Sicheng was throwing back a plush cap back onto the shelf when he heard her. He turned around to take a look, “Blue.”

Tong Yao nodded while murmuring, “a man’s taste isn’t trustworthy,” and put the blue one back on the shelf. She held the pink sample in hand, starting to look for an unopened bag of pink shoes on the shelf…...finally her eyes brightened up. On the very top shelf and inside the corner to the back, she could see a pair of pink shoes pressed down by all the white and blues ones. She stood on her tiptoes trying to reach the bag-- --

With some difficulty, her two finger tips touched the bag and began to slowly drag the bag out……


A big hand stretched out from behind and easily took down the bag.

Translated by Team DHH at

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