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[Script completed. Calculating for rewards…]

[EXP: 10000, Game Coins: 100000]

[Received items: None]

[Completed/Received Quests: 6/6]

[Special or Hidden Quests completed: 1, Worldview Unlocked: None]

[Fear Value Surged: 0 time, Highest Fear Value: 0%, Average of Fear Value: 0%]

[Your Fear Rating: The whole sack of guts. You get the bonus for your fear ranking, please select later]

[Received Skill Value: 450]

[EXP added by Skill Value: 4500, Game coins added by Skill Value: 45000]

[Rewards for completing the scenario: Jigsaw card * 1]

[Hidden Quest Reward: Start the mission chain of "Summoning Specializing"]

[Calculation completed. Please continue]

“HMM… The end…”Feng Bujue was still recalling the scene at the end of the scenario. "Seriously? It was an inspirational atmosphere with a sense of the beginning of a huge adventure story…” He paused. "But these two MCs seem not to be good people!!"

[You have a new character mission] A strange system prompt suddenly rang in his ear.

Feng Bujue recalled that [Your summoning specializing is unlocked, please check the update in the login space], which should be what the system just said.

As a player who has read the game’s instructions in detail, and who regularly goes to BBS to gather information, it is clear that he knows the “character mission” setting.

In the middle of the game, players have a chance to trigger “character missions” in certain situations (not necessarily in the scenario), which cannot be abandoned or shared, are not visible in the taskbar, and progress can only be queried on the touch screen in the login space.

A character mission, which can be seen as another reward mechanism, is impossible to fail and has no time limit. For example, this mission got by Feng Bujue: [Using summoning skill and summoning objects successfully for 50 times, current progress 0/50]

“Too bad I can’t use skills in login space… Otherwise, it will be finished in a day or two." Feng Bujue muttered.

You may wonder why he could say such a thing when he just started his summoning specialty and has no summoning skill at all.

The answer is simple… [See my move].

The description of the skill says: Players can select any specializing that has been enabled, and randomly launch an active skill for that specializing, which include summoning naturally.

Besides, there is another advantage for him. Those who have learned summoning skills know that there are many summoning conditions that need to be met. Apart from stamina value, spiritual value, or survival value, many summoning skills will also require something quite unreasonable.

For example, this…

[Name: Summoning — Sailor]

[Skill card attributes: Active skills, permanent mastery]

[Skill category: Summoning]

[Effect: Summons a strong sailor to fight for you (CD 60 minutes, duration 10 minutes, maximum of 1 sailor at a time)]

[Consumption: 10% stamina value, 20% spiritual value, a can of spinach]

[Learning condition: Summoning specializing F]

[Note: This is an odd-looking sailor, he has his own philosophy of life. He is stubborn, childish, but has a strong sense of justice, dares to stand up, and he is the kind of guy who will save the beauty in the simplest and roughest way, the most trustworthy partner in a fight.]

There are two points to be mentioned in this example, the first is the concept of ” duration”.

Although the CD is longer than the duration of the skill, it seems that its maximum is one, but this is Thriller Paradise. In the countless skills and objects, there are also “reduce the CD” things, which can lead to multiple summoning.

Therefore, the skill will indicate that these summonses can exist how many at a time. Of course, if it's two different players summoning the same stuff, they can have both.

Second, it's the item ” a can of spinach” in the note.

This is not something that can be produced by the player himself. If you don’t buy it or look for it, the player will never be able to activate the skill…

This summoning skill is ok because canned spinach is available at system stores. There are also many summoning skills required for the material, there is no place to buy, which can only rely on the player to find on their own.

Like rusty nails, empty water bottles, socks with holes in them, hands in a clock, tissues that blow nose, mouldy bread… All sorts of things are possible.

This setting is so weird that it has been complained about by many players. Of course, complaining went still, many people are suffering while collecting the consumption happily.

This indicates that… It’s a malicious setup, but it’s also fun…

Of course, there are a lot of summoning skill that doesn't require to consume specific items but only the values of players.

For Feng Bujue's skill [See my move], it will undoubtedly be this kind. Since there is no specific cost associated with him, it is impossible to activate skills beyond his ability.

Unless… He randomly launches skills that cost "equipment”, “a survival supplement (medium)”, and even “cost game coin” or “cost skill value”…

Well, bad luck to him.

“I sacrificed six jigsaw cards to open the mission chain and unlocked the summoning specializing, I have to use it well… After entering the scenario, as long as the conditions are appropriate, I'll just launch a skill randomly." As he spoke, he opened the door to the storeroom: “Though I don’t know what will be called… But the game description says that the object can be dismissed at any time, it should be fine."

He went under the first pillar and decisively chose the 40% bonus experience, which gave him 108,000 experience at a time.

[You have reached level 28, the upper limit of stamina value has been increased, the current is 2800/2800] The system prompt sounded immediately.

“That 40 percent of experience is really good.” He sighed and went to the second pillar.

This time, the jigsaw card was “Jigsaw – Leather jacket”. He took out the other three jigsaw cards in the locker and selected the “combination” option in the menu according to the usual practice, but still found no "logic match".

He put all the jigsaw cards in the box and went back to the elevator. "Today, I had dinner earlier. The realistic time was only 7 o’clock. It was too early to switch to sleep mode.” His eyes wandered between patterns: “Or… Should I try the indiscriminate melee mode of PvP?”

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