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Chapter 589 (I Just Like Your Wife)

Ye Hua had long wanted to get rid of Chen Xuanzong. He was secretly in love with wife, which was simply reckless!

Now the opportunity has come. If he kills Chen Xuanzong, Qing Ya won't say anything, and even if she does, he will get angry. Don't forget, Ye Hua is the vinegar king of the cultivation world!

Qing Ya stood by and didn't say anything. If she spoke up now, Ye Hua would still suspect that she had something going on with Chen Xuanzong. That wouldn't be a good thing, and for the sake of family harmony, Qing Ya wouldn't say anything.

As for her childhood friend, Qing Ya had already done everything she could to persuade him not to pursue this any further. But he was still stubborn!

He even said that Ye Hua was Long Aotian? They were clearly two different people, and Long Aotian had even met Ye Hua before.

Donghuang Baizhi didn't really care whether Chen Xuanzong lived or died.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi sat beside their sleeping children, waiting for the outcome.

Ye Hua was very satisfied with Qing Ya's behavior. She was truly the woman of the supreme me, always considering things from his perspective, unlike before. It was not in vain for him to love her so much.

"Show me your weapon. I, Chen Xuanzong, won't attack an unarmed person!" Chen Xuanzong, with the Six Paths Shadow Moon in hand, exuded a heroic aura that was quite impressive at first glance. But he had fallen in love with a woman he shouldn't have.

Ye Hua took out a cigarette, lit it up, and took a puff. "You think too highly of yourself. Do I need a weapon to kill you? A cigarette is enough."

"Long Aotian! I won't let you act cool today! I'll kill you!" Chen Xuanzong's hands shook, and the Six Paths Shadow Moon in his hand suddenly attacked Ye Hua. The huge energy wave spread out, worthy of being an ancient divine weapon!

Ye Hua's mouth slightly curved up, holding the cigarette in his hand and stabbing it towards the glowing gun barrel.


A metallic sound echoed, and the collision of the cigarette butt and the gun barrel emitted a fierce aura that made people shudder!

Chen Xuanzong stared in disbelief at the sight before him. Long Aotian had actually blocked his ancient divine weapon with a cigarette butt!

How was this possible!

"I told you! I don't need a weapon to kill you!" Ye Hua flicked the cigarette ash and took a light puff, exhaling a puff of green smoke.

Chen Xuanzong didn't dare to be careless and jumped back to create some distance.

However, a voice rang out from behind him, "What's wrong? Are you only distancing yourself because you're afraid?"

A smell of smoke entered Chen Xuanzong's nostrils. He was shocked and scared, and even though it was just a simple contact, he already knew the gap between them!

Long Aotian was so powerful that he could block with a cigarette butt, and his speed was so fast that it was frightening!

It seemed that he had to use his ultimate move to have a chance of winning!

"Four-Faced Heavenly Net!" Chen Xuanzong shouted loudly and inserted his six-way shadow moon into the ground!

A terrifying aura instantly spread in the air, and the huge pressure made the sky change color. There were deafening thunder sounds between heaven and earth, as if it was the end of the world!

A fierce spiritual pressure shot directly into the sky from the tip of the gun, and suddenly the light was brilliant, and the clouds rotated like a vortex!

Only a huge gun head pierced through the clouds, bringing the power of heaven and earth, and the whole world seemed to be forbidden!

"Hahaha! Long Aotian! You're going to die! You can't escape my Four-Faced Heavenly Net!" Chen Xuanzong laughed wildly, as if he had already seen Ye Hua being pierced to death, and then he could take the beauty home.

Ye Hua sighed lightly. Humans were ignorant and didn't understand his power at all. They were still making arrogant remarks here, foolish!

The huge gun in the sky was golden, with an extremely surging killing intent, slowly falling down. The whole earth was suppressed by this spiritual pressure, and all the towering trees were crushed, and the surrounding corpses turned into blood and merged into the earth.

This was too powerful! From a visual perspective, it felt comparable to a sci-fi blockbuster!

The speed of the huge gun's descent became faster and faster, and the ground collapsed along with it, rumbling.

Ye Hua casually took a puff of smoke and then blew it towards the huge gun.

In an instant!

The once arrogant giant gun dissipated like foam, as if it had never appeared before, and the world returned to calm.

He blew away his Four-Faced Heavenly Net in one breath!

Chen Xuanzong's eyes were about to pop out. Was this fake?

"Chen Xuanzong, you're still a little worse compared to me." Ye Hua said, gesturing with his finger.

Although it was just a simple gesture, the gap between them contained the universe.

"This is impossible!" Chen Xuanzong shouted, and his six-way shadow moon attacked again.

Ye Hua once again took out the almost finished cigarette butt and blocked it slowly, saying, "Qing Ya will always belong to me in this lifetime, and only I can enjoy her tender body. As for you, you don't even have the qualification to fantasize!"

Qing Ya naturally heard what Ye Hua said, and gave her husband a fierce look. Men always like to use these kinds of things to show off their abilities.

Chen Xuanzong was stimulated and his speed became even faster. The gun shadows were like illusions, and Ye Hua's cigarette butt was the same, with a slight spark.


Ye Hua suddenly grabbed the gun and kicked Chen Xuanzong.

Chen Xuanzong flew backwards. This was a one-sided fight. Ye Hua only gave Chen Xuanzong the time to smoke a cigarette. Now that the cigarette was finished, Chen Xuanzong was done for!

Ye Hua slowly walked over with Chen Xuanzong's weapon.

Under Ye Hua's kick, Chen Xuanzong became half-dead, with all his organs displaced, even his spiritual energy was dispersed!

Chen Xuanzong lay motionless on the ground. He couldn't even take a single blow from the other side!

'When did Long Aotian become so powerful!'

Turning his head to look at Qing Ya beside him, he whispered, "Qing Ya, you know me... I have liked you since I was a child, even now I haven't changed."

Qing Ya held her son and slowly turned around, not wanting to see this scene.

Seeing Qing Ya turn away from him, Chen Xuanzong chuckled softly. He didn't expect that even after regressing, he still couldn't win Qing Ya's heart. Life is unfair!

Ye Hua looked down at Chen Xuanzong and said coldly, "Chen Xuanzong, if you have another life, remember! My woman is not someone you can think of!"

"Humph! I, Chen Xuanzong, don't speak in riddles! I just like your wife!"

This statement really angered Ye Hua, and Chen Xuanzong saw Ye Hua's expression change and laughed out loud. "I fucking like your wife in this life, the next life, and the next next life!"

Ye Hua's face darkened and he aimed his six shadowy moons at Chen Xuanzong's heart and stabbed down, piercing him directly.

Chen Xuanzong immediately spewed blood, but there was no fear on his face.

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