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41-42: Promiscuous Anchor, Illicitly Throwing Flirtatious Glances. Cheating on Mang, Losing All Reason1

there must have been a moment while writing the last chapter where the author said “wait, I need pages and pages of gaming again!” and so….this:

Chapter 41

This year’s cultural festival resulted in two popular people: one is Mango Lao-Ge, the other is Lemon Ice-Ge. The University City intranet's BBS special edition campaign was brushed over and over again by the photos of the two.

After they figured out the relationship chain between Lemon Ice-Ge = the real body of the expression pack = internet celebrity male anchor, there was an evil force that transferred the photos from the intranet to the internet. As one can imagine, the Galaxy Forum blew up quite quickly.

[Picture] Lemon Dad Culture Festival Special Show Return Pictures2, continuous additions, private photos please tag, bandwidth-killing pictures3

[Video] A precious little video of Lemon Dad being held in a princess carry! Thanks to the unknown local tyrant little sister from Single Point4!

[Free Chat] Today I touched Lemon Dad himself! In the flesh, he is super (truly) fierce (meng)!!!

[Help] Who has a frontal HD photo of the uniformed Lemon Dad in the princess carry? Looking for it as a wallpaper, thank you very much!

[Picture] Took a photo in passing, Lemon Dad fed Mango Lao-Ge with his own hands, the atmosphere at the scene was very harmonious

[Picture] [Flaunting High-Profile Account] When I went to eat lemon ice with my bestie, the booth owner gave me two gifts. When my bestie arrived, the classmate gave me another one. Three identical Lemon Dad-version lemon pins get!

[Discussion] [Serious Discussion] Online Mang God, offline Mango Lao, does Lemon Dad have a special preference for mango?

[Gossip] I heard that the Mango Band of Mang God powder changed its name to Green Mango Band this morning. Seek confirmation!

[Free Chat] Was I the only one wanting to eat mango lao and lemon ice after brushing the forum all morning?

Shan Zhu didn't go online; he had already foreseen the oncoming foul wind and rain of blood5.

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: Good boss [smile]

Mangosteen: Oh, renamed?

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: Yes [smile]

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: Does the new name sound good? [smile]

Mangosteen: Not bad.

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: I understand that boss is not to blame for this.

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: After all, Mango Lao-Ge is too handsome. The feeling of last time's casual clothes wasn't too strong, but after changing to the uniform, even I have the impulse to climb (jump) the wall.

Mangosteen: Are you ivy?

LittleBitsOfGreenMango: Last time's Guawa was also not bad, not much high-level conversational skill, did boss consider?

Mangosteen: You'd better change your name to LittleBitsOfGuawa, ba. [Goodbye]

Chapter 42

@Mangosteen: No live stream tonight [smile]

——@FanA: Sitting on the sofa6 feeling sorry for Mang God.

——@FanB: Mang God, we understand you QAQ

——@FanC: Don't broadcast if you're in a bad mood! Go outside for a walk, we've become long accustomed to being stood up anyway!

——@FanD: Tonight, we are all mango people!

——@FanE: How much is hidden in a [smile] that cannot be said.

——@FanF: The flag of Mang Ning has fallen down completely. It's time to go public with my Mang love affair.

There were many people in Ling Meng's broadcast room. In addition to the new powder that came from Amway during the Cultural Festival, there were many other Mang powder that came from next door to protest against the heartbreak of their own anchor.

“There are so many people today.” Ling Meng didn't go on Weibo, so he didn't know what had happened.

New powder raising my hand! How to pretend to have often watched the live broadcast, been online, etc.!

The last new powder to watch the broadcast for the first time brushed three cat courtyards.

Plink! Cultural Festival Sightseeing Card! Having eaten lemon ice made by Lemon Dad himself, I ask you if you are envious, jealous or not jealous!

This non-local old powder asks, is there any chance to buy the same lemon pin as Lemon Dad QAQ

"The pin was a sales gift, they were all passed out. Even my own was given away."

Pretending not to acknowledge who he gave it to.

In any case, it wasn't given to my family's Mang God [disdainful look]

Mang God was so sad that he didn't live broadcast, ouch.

Ling Meng realized how things stood: “Meng God stood up his live broadcast? Maybe something's going on, maybe he's on a date?”

You're doing a live broadcast, who is he dating? Going to the supermarket to buy two lemons for a date?

Dating the air, wow, the air is so beautiful~

“Me? What does it have to do with me?”

Promiscuous Anchor, illicitly throwing flirtatious glances. Cheating on Mang, losing all reason.

“Why can't you believe that between me and my gay friend7 there is just pure friendship?”

Lemon Dad community, make friends all over China!

Sending cat courtyards in friendship.

Feeding mango lao in friendship.

Imitating the avatar in friendship.

Princess carrying in friendship.

Ling Meng opened his mouth, but without a doubt he'd be unable to outdebate hundreds of thousands of people, so he just left it alone.

“No more gossiping. Yesterday I made the announcement: today is black car driving with water friends, need three so I'm missing two, who wants to get in the car?” Ling Meng said as he started the client.

Guava.SVIP: Why don’t you sing today?

Ling Meng: …you have a major misunderstanding about live broadcasts!

“Classmate Guava, let me explain that I'm a game anchor and I play games most of the time. If you like listening to music, there's an entertainment channel next door, where there are many live singing anchors, who sing much better than I do.”

Guava.SVIP: I want to hear you sing.

Ling Meng: …

“But I promised to take water friends in a three-seater black tonight.”

Guava.SVIP: Then I want to get onboard.

“Uh…” Is that the anchor carrying the water friend or the water friend carrying the anchor?

Guava.SVIP: A courtyard for a ticket?

Ling Meng surrendered: “Free ticket, free ticket, don't you brush. I'll bring you onboard.”

Two people sat in the three-seater and the last seat was empty.

“Wait a minute. I'll post an invitation link in the chat, are you all ready with your quick hand speed?”

Ling Meng posted the invitation link; barely a second passed in the room and those water friends who didn't grab the seat mourned.

Wuwuwu, other people also want to get in Lemon Dad's car.

Other people's internet speed, other people's hand speed.

This is either a newcomer or a small account, the level is low, hopefully not a pit.

Lemon Dad and Guawa, each can be counted as two players; still afraid of a pit?

[Room] Apple: Huh? Did I snag it? So lucky!

Ling Meng: …

Don’t think that I don’t remember this is a mangosteen's small acount! Logging out of the mango to log in to the apple, it's no wonder the live stream was stood up! Standing up on the stood up broadcast and letting me take the blame!

[Room] Apple: Great, great, Lemon Daddy, I am your fanboy8~~~

Ling Meng: …………

“Can I kick him out and change to a non-fanboy?” Ling Meng solicited advice.

Yes yes yes!

Raising my hand, here is a non-fanboy powder seeking for you to see!

Unexpectedly, Lemon Dad is actually so cold-blooded and unreasonable towards his powder.

[Room] Apple: Okay, okay, okay, I won't talk, please don't kick me [Shuts up]

Ling Meng would wait for a chance to shade him again. “Since the two small accounts have no rank, then we'll do a casual match, ready?”

[Room] Apple: Ready ()

[Room] Guava: Begin.

Ling Meng silently lit a candle for the opponents - a diesel three-seater where? This is obviously a heavy armored car!

Wasn't the agreement that the anchor carries the water friends? Was the agreement big gods carrying the powder? Say, am I responsible for carrying you and you're just responsible for cheering 666? Both of them are so much better than me. How can this Daddy show off his skills?

Thirty seconds later, the queue-matching results appeared and there was an uproar in the room.

The opposite side is also a three-seater black team – Cherry, Litchi, Pineapple, three professional players belonging to the FRUIT team, the national champions of the Legend of the Galaxy professional league last season.

Onlookers at the scene of a big car accident.

The most tragic car accident in the history of Galaxy live broadcasts.

The first time Lemon Dad is carrying water friends, he experiences traffic accident extortion9. This bad luck is also extremely amazing10.

The qualifying match against Mang God, this casual match against FRUIT, this isn't luck, this is the extraordinary strength of Lemon Dad!

Quick! Now, collectively brush 'you boys play games very well', there's still time!

“Tricking people, right? High-quality imitation, right?” Ling Meng couldn't believe that his luck was so good.

Lemon Dad, don’t be hooked by your own lies.

Three cosmic gods, a good professional high-quality imitation.

Is the pressure of this year's high-quality imitation competition pressure so big?

“Now the team motorcade is so luxurious? Are ordinary players even still allowed to ride black cars?” Ling Meng complained out loud, but in his heart, he was eager to try. He was the type where the stronger the opponent, the more excited he was. In fact, he couldn’t restrain himself from bouncing his leg restlessly.

Lemon Dad is also considered an ordinary player?

Guava is also considered an ordinary player?

Apple is also considered an ordinary… Oh, he is.

The three people opposite seemed to be more excited than they were.

[Universe] [Federation] Cherry: Nice to meet you 🙂

[Universe] [Federation] Litchi: Hello, Empire friends!

[Universe] [Federation] Pineapple: Lemon Daddy! I've seen your live broadcast! I still have a full set of your expression packs! I am your powder, muah muah!

Ling Meng: …you have an idol burden11 as professional players!

[Universe] [Empire] Lemon: Don’t blame Daddy for not reminding, you don’t mind a live broadcast right now?

He's not some immoral guy who would hide the existence of the live broadcast and humiliate them in public.

[Universe] [Federation] Cherry: I don't mind if you don't mind.

[Universe] [Federation] Litchi: Broadcast room water friends, hello!

[Universe] [Federation] Pineapple: Don't I look familiar! I'm your pineapple-chan12!

[Universe] [Empire] Guava: Noisy.

Guava spoke one word and the opposite side immediately stopped. Ling Meng looked at him with new eyes13.

“I'm on the map in the direction of twelve o’clock.” The habit of the Galaxy players was to start with this report.

[Empire] Guava: Four o’clock.

[Empire] Apple: I'm going down on Lemon Dad's left side a little bit.

Going down on the left side a little bit… down a little bit… okay.

“Don’t worry, the opponent is not easy to deal with, let me come up with a strategy.”

Lemon Dad strategizing!

Big General Lemon Dad!

The professional players are quaking as they listen.

“You two develop, I'm in charge of migration.” Ling Meng finished his strategy.

One sentence of strategy, this match is settled.

Dismantling the idea of waving -> migrating.

The former 'wave' can still be expressed so elegantly, lesson learned.

Ling Meng gathered together a team of soldiers and set off towards Litchi's base at three o’clock. Before leaving, he also spoke a sentence in English: “Com’on! Your daddy is going to lang (wave)!”

Guava and Apple sent the system prompt in unison: “I cover you.”

Suddenly I feel that this nagging system sentence sounds very good.

Overflowing Empire resources will protect your waves very well.

Protecting you with the strength of the entire army, may you be safe throughout the journey.

Scroll inscription: You lang, I cover.

Ling Meng’s brazen raid was detected by a Federation spy dog and Litchi's teammates sent reinforcements, intending to completely destroy Ling Meng.

Unexpectedly, Ling Meng suddenly turned around halfway and went straight for Pineapple's home base. In order to support Litchi, Pineapple had made a special detour. After discovering Ling Meng's true intentions, he couldn’t get back to defend himself. He was harvested by Ling Meng, all his dogs and nearly half his mining carts were taken; this was a disastrous start.

[Universe] [Federation] Pineapple: Ning Dad, very rotten QAQ

At the same time he was making this expression of selling meng, he was reluctantly chasing after Ling Meng's remaining troops. At least one interchange was needed to recover from this loss.

Ling Meng ran around in all directions like a clever rabbit. Instead of returning to his base to repair and recondition, he detoured towards Apple’s “down on the left side a little bit.”

Pineapple hadn't taken Apple’s brand-new account into account. Most novices developed resources and wouldn’t venture at sending troops. Their defensive ability was basic and, in such a sudden situation, they were more likely to panic and die. Pineapple, who figured that after harvesting, Lemon Daddy would focus on mining on the other side, let Lemon Dad deliberately take himself over to that side.

Ling Meng's attempt was also seen by everyone in the live broadcast, and they condemned the unscrupulous anchor on behalf of their pit water friend.

Our household's anchor is carrying? Our household's anchor is lying down (opposite of carrying), really lying down.

Novice players are pits, how can you climb down in it, Lemon Dad!

Ling Meng was just and forceful: “Let the novice experience the cruelty of the game; only in this way can we arouse the will to struggle against the current. Flowers in a greenhouse are not very strong.”

Pineapple rushed straight in unhindered, looking to make a beautiful comeback, but was surrounded by Apple’s troops which had not been visible before. Lemon's remaining troops immediately turned around and counterattacked. The two men cooperated perfectly with each other to go after the easy prey.

“Look, weren't Daddy's good intentions effective?” Ling Meng didn't forget to brag about himself at this time.

Dad is responsible for the bluff, the teammate was self-taught.

[Universe] [Federation] Pineapple: Lemon Dad, once again set me up QAQ

[Universe] [Empire] Lemon: Although my Apple is one less Pine than you, it's also not easy to deal with.

“I was slaughtered in a pincher attack.” In front of the computer, the sobbing Bo Luo whined in the direction of the team's Vice-Captain.

Ying Tao didn't turn his head, to belittle an enemy is to pay the price of belittling an enemy.

“Be careful, that Apple isn't someone who is easy to deal with.”

“Nowadays, it's popular to use a small account to deceive people, wuwuwuwu.”

“We ambushed in vain.” Li Zhi suggested, “Should we go down the road and make a gamble?”

“Courting death?" Ying Tao disagreed, “Start off towards Lemon's empty base.”

“They should have gone down the road to sneak up on me,” Ling Meng slowly led the remaining soldiers back. “Guava, are you in place?”

Just as the two sides were fighting in Apple's base, Ling Meng had noticed that Guava had stationed a team of gunmen in his home base and instantly realized his intentions. Cherry and Litchi wouldn't wait for him to come, they would definitely harass him on the road. His door was wide open, they wouldn't just sing “Lemon Welcomes You14“.

[Empire] Guava: 1

Ling Meng listened leisurely, taking the opportunity to explore the map, assured because there was a reliable teammate. No, there were two.

Ling Meng, who was in a good mood, hummed a song to make up for the lack of a satisfactory response from Guava.

“The doors of my home are opened wide, awaiting you with open arms. After an embrace, there will be understanding, you will love this place.” (t/n: "Beijing Welcomes You" again)

An entertainment anchor who was struck by a game and delayed his singing career.

I just love watching entertainment anchors play games.

“Who knows about the FRUIT team?” Ling Meng chatted as he supplemented his troops. “I don't watch many professional matches.”

FRUIT has five main players. Cherry is the vice-captain and the other two are members. Cherry is good at defense, Pineapple is good at assisting, and Litchi is more balanced in all aspects.

Ying Tao is the oldest player in the team. If he plays for two more years, it'll be time for him to retire.

Li Zhi's 1V1 is particularly strong. Before entering the team, he was the nationally ranked king of solo matches.

Bo Luo, sobs when the match is a loss, cries from joy when the match is a victory, just a big crybaby. Lemon Dad, you don't want to make people cry.

From this tutoring session, Ling Meng learned a lot about the team.

“Daddy will try to be merciful.”

But the core of FRUIT is the captain, whose level can only be described as terrifying.

Talented teenager Banana, who dropped out of high school to play professional, he seems to be still underage.

When he won the championship MVP, he was described as "the player with no offensive or defensive weaknesses".

Only the alien faction is his weak point, so FRUIT avoids dealing with the alien faction in big matches.

Fortunately, he isn't here in front of us this time; otherwise you can start saying GG.

Ling Meng had of course heard of the king who was the current number one in the national rankings, but didn't expect this king to be so young.

“Sure enough, the hero is a teenager, Daddy is old.”

No! Daddy, you're not old!

Daddy can fight for another eighty years!

[Empire] Apple: Lemon Daddy, carry me for 80 years QAQ

"You say for me to carry you, don't you see me being beaten like a dog right now?"

As the battle became fierce, Ling Meng was struggling a bit to cope with it. After all, the opponents were professional players. They were careless in the opening stage but had quickly recovered their rhythm. Abundant experience and tacit cooperation allowed the Federation to develop against the flow of the game, so now the resources of both sides had been made level and they even showed signs of overtaking the race.

“I can’t get the Imperial Eagle out; I'll be depending on you to carry me later.” Ling Meng exchanged his existing resources for the Imperial Cruiser and armored warriors.

[Empire] Guava: Wait for me.

At the same time, Ling Meng and Guava attacked Pineapple, who had the poorest development. Litchi sent troops as reinforcements and the four forces exchanged fire in the middle of the map. The Empire's side was slightly stronger and gradually pushed forward until Pineapple was forced back to his home base.

At the same time, Cherry attacked the base of Ling Meng, who had given up on defense and spent all his effort and energy to destroy Pineapple.

Litchi saw that Pineapple's defeat was a foregone conclusion. He saw no need to continue fighting zealously and quickly withdrew. He rushed to the north to join his teammate in leveling Ling Meng's territory. When Ling Meng attacked on one front, his own base was also destroyed on a large scale. The remaining buildings were completely damaged and it wasn't cost-effective to renovate and rebuild them.

[Universe] [Federation] Pineapple: Lemon Dad, hello, ruthless QAQ

[Universe] [Empire] Lemon: Don’t say that, Daddy is also homeless.

[Empire] Guava: Come over.

[Empire] Apple: Lemon Dad, come to me, I'll protect you!

Ling Meng analyzed the situation and chose the relatively safe “little bit down on the left side”.

Lemon Dad ruthlessly refused Guawa's cohabitation invitation and turned to the apple.

Lemon Dad's live broadcast of ganging up15, carrying but completely depending on the water friends.

Other households' anchors carry water friends for a live broadcast, our household's anchor is carried by water friends on a live broadcast.

After Ling Meng fled to Shan Zhu's home, he found that Guava had taken advantage of the moment to completely destroy all three of Litchi's mines. He felt more and more that this person's ability was unfathomable.

“If this were a formal competition, I'd rather face FRUIT than Guava.”

I also found out that Guava is carrying the whole audience.

The anchor will be responsible for singing after this.

“I don’t think we can win this match.” Ling Meng briefly repaired and replenished his troops and set off again. This time he used a skill to build a portal in the hidden place between Cherry and Litchi.

[Empire] Guava: First, push Litchi.

[Empire] Apple: Wherever Lemon Dad permits me to push is where I will push.

“Listen to Guava, first hit Litchi. Guava, attack from the front, we two will circle around from behind.”

Shan Zhu's armed troops were constantly streaming from the portal onto the battlefield. There were two types of airborne units and four types of ground units, each in large numbers. In the barrage, more and more people were discussing Apple's words.

Is this a novice? This is a small account.

Is the person who said that Apple is just an ordinary player still here?

What's the probability that Lemon Dad drives a black car and comes up with two Big God small accounts?

Ling Meng opened the APM monitoring panel, where the flashing frequency of a red dot represented the real-time hand speed of each person. Apple had passed 305 and Guava had reached the terrifying 400+.

This hand speed, pro player, ah…

Aren't we really watching a pro match?

Look at Apple launching the pulsed laser cannon!

What the fuck! One stroke per second, this is too accurate!

The precision can be maintained even when the APM is this high. Lemon Dad's broadcast room really is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Which ordinary water friends would dare to get in the car after this?

Ling Meng had limited military power, so he constantly built star gates around Litchi's territory. Every time a star gate is built, dozens of fast-moving bayonet soldiers joined the battlefield. Litchi had to select these soldiers in a point-by-point manner to kill them off. This kind of operation was easy in peaceful times, but it greatly interfered with the opponent’s attention in large-scale battles.

“Cherry's aerial forces are at seven o’clock!” Ling Meng was keeping an eye on the situation and kept his allies informed at all times.

[Empire] Guava: I'm here.

A small group of Guava’s Arbitrators turned around and intercepted Cherry’s large forces outside the battlefield. Ling Meng could only occasionally take a look at the camera and, each time he did, he saw a beautiful, amazing drifting strafe maneuver.

This is "one person resists one hundred people".

How many people on the national ranking list can play like this?

I'd like to know who Guava is.

“I also would, but I want to win now.” Ling Meng had never been so fast; the little finger on his left hand was almost cramping. “This Apple who is playing the fool, if you lose this match, I'll expose your real body. You yourself can do as you see fit, ba.”

Big info dump!

Lemon Dad knows Apple?

I don’t want Lemon Dad to lose, but I want to know who Apple is; this is a contradiction.

Apple seems to be threatened by this sentence, erecting a photon turret in the middle of the battlefield.

Ling Meng: ???

You can still play like this?

Under Apple’s photon attack, the system sounded out prompts – “Shut down!” “Shut down!” “Destroyed!”

Guava’s hand speed slowed down and he seemed to be watching his teammate's actions. Ling Meng once again lamented Shan Zhu's horrifying computing power. You know, it's actually hard to target with the photon turrets. In normal combat, they were usually used to defend or attack fixed targets only.

“Very good, very good. Keep up this momentum and we'll win!

“Anytime I play against a pro team, I'm required to sing live.

“I'll dance for you,” in his excitement, Ling Meng spoke recklessly.

With a low ting, Cherry's aircraft carrier entered the battle. Litchi’s main base had one-third of its health remaining and Pineapple's remaining troops had been wiped out.

“Quick, quick, quick, where's our ultimate weapon?”

With two consecutive alerts, the Imperial Eagles of both Guava and Apple joined the battle. The ultimate weapons were two-on-one; the Federation has no chance of winning. Cherry surrendered.

[Universe] [Federation] Cherry: GG

Finally, the sentence he had been waiting for. Ling Meng threw his mouse like a hot potato and desperately shook his hand, which was cramping.

“This life of Daddy was worth it.

“Winning against a pro team, isn't this enough for me to blow for a lifetime?

“Hospice care? No hospice care, my hands are all cramped.”

[Empire] Apple: I’ll give you a massage!

“Hmmm…” Ling Meng let out an ambiguous sound, which made the audience more curious. The water friends were indifferent to such big things as "winning against the professional team" and just wanted to get to the bottom of Apple's identity.

Ling Meng had attempted to frame Shan Zhu several times today and had failed. At this time, his mischievous heart was awakened. He had to mess with him immediately.

“Since everyone is so curious, I might as well say it.”

[Room] Apple: Dear, don't be this way.

[Room] Apple: Haven't you won already?

The crowd kicked up a fuss.

Talk, talk, talk!

Lemon Dad is two meters eight16 today!

You can be exempted from dancing if you say it!

Having built up enough tension for the climax, Ling Meng smiled darkly: "Remember when I said that Little Mango Lao-Ge is a very powerful person in the Galaxy?"

Footnotes: 1. a bunch of euphemisms/sayings: flower heart = promiscuous/fickle; delivering autumn ripples = casting flirtatious glances; feet on two boats = cheating on someone (having two lovers at the same time); feverishly losing your mind = losing all reason or being completely crazy/ridiculous ↩
2. Return pictures (返图): slang term for taking photos of someone at an event and posting them so others can locate them (like pictures of cosplayers at a con) ↩
3. multi-picture killing cat: internet slang term for web page that takes a long time to load because of too many pictures (kills the cat/modem) ↩
4. Single Point (点单): name of a WeChat ordering system↩
5. foul wind and rain of blood (血雨腥风): idiom, to hear one's sabre-rattling getting louder and for the smell of gunpowder to get thicker; bloodshed, reign of terror, catastrophe, etc. ↩
6. sitting on the sofa: first replier to the thread gets the sofa (essentially "first reply") ↩
7. gay friend: this is the slang term from Ch 22 for really close same-sex friend, remember? ↩
8. fanboy/girl (脑残粉): literally brain-dead powder ↩
9. traffic accident extortion (碰瓷): literally bump-china; slang for when someone pretends to be hit by a car and lies down on the ground in front of a car demanding compensation for injuries ↩
10. defying heaven (逆天): slang for that defies the laws of heaven, as in something that's extremely unusual, creative, or cool ↩
11. idol burden (偶像包袱): the aura of an idol in terms of behavior, looks, style that sets them apart from normal people; idols are difficult to reach from a fan's perspective because of this burden ↩
12. jiang (酱): loan word from Japanese, chan ↩
13. gua mu xiang kan (刮目相看): idiom from "Three Kingdoms" meaning someone has changed and you can no longer look at them with the same old eyes; the gua character 刮 was replaced with Gua ↩
14. __ Welcomes You: meme about the song "Beijing Welcomes You" from the Olympics ↩
15. ganging up (开黑): gaming slang for voice chatting with teammates to take advantage of the opponent; comes from the term "open black shop" which means to carry out a scam (daylight robbery) ↩
16. two meters eight (两米八): internet slang used to praise someone as powerful and domineering ↩

Names in this chapter:
Pineapple (Bo Luo – 菠萝): Bo Luo (薄落)
Litchi aka Lychee (荔枝): Li Zhi (历智)
Cherry (樱桃): Ying Tao (应涛)
Banana (香蕉): Xiang Jiao (not yet revealed)
assuming Ying Tao and Li Zhi are guys, iirc no gender-specific language is ever used for them

hmm…didn’t someone joke about a banana before? could that have been….foreshadowing?

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