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During lunch hour, Beijing's roads were filled with cars going to and fro.

A nanny van with a muted black color rushed through the road. Shen Liangchuan was sitting in the back and reading a script, when he suddenly heard Song Cheng's voice asking, "Oh, did any of you also notice the silver Volkswagen that seems to be following us? Have we encountered the paparazzi?"

Shen Liangchuan stayed silent.

His assistant immediately asked, "Then, what should we do? Should we try to lose them, or ignore them?"

Song Cheng smiled and said, "We are going to a fitting for the tailored clothes today and we aren't doing anything disreputable. Forget it, let's just give the driver a chance to lose them. However, if he does not succeed, then we'll just ignore them."

"Sure!" the driver said, and he pressed the accelerator.

Inside the silver Volkswagen…

Xiao Ye sat in the passenger seat and looked straight ahead. "Ms. Qiao, hurry up! They are speeding up! We must quickly chase up to them!"

Qiao Lian turned the steering wheel, her face bitter.

It had been perfectly fine when they asked her to uncover the scoop originally. She could just laze around outside and think of a plan in the meantime.

However, the managing editor had suddenly said that this piece of news was too difficult to uncover alone, so he had asked Xiao Ye to be her partner.

That's just great!

She had to actually take this assignment seriously.

However, how the heck could she conjure up a Mrs. Shen from thin air?

At this moment, she saw the other car suddenly increase its speed. Her black eyes moved non-stop. She purposely drove the car to one side of the road. In a matter of minutes, the nanny van that was in front could no longer be seen.

Xiao Ye yelled anxiously, "Ah ah ah! How could we have lost them?"

Qiao Lian breathed a sigh of relief, continued to drive forward and turned at a random intersection. "That's enough. Both Best Actor Shen's bodyguard and his driver are cautious people. We have been following them for two hours and they must have discovered us! If they wanted to lose us, it would only take a matter of minutes for them to do so."

She was about to suggest that they should return to their respective homes, when she suddenly heard Xiao Ye's voice saying, "Ms. Qiao! Haha, you are indeed superb! Look quickly, we have almost caught up!"

Qiao Lian looked straight ahead and realized that the nanny van with Shen Liangchuan was just in front of them.

Xiao Ye was extremely excited. "How did you know that they would turn here? You are practically godlike!"

Qiao Lian thought, "…! Only heaven knows why she had caught up to them after she had just randomly taken a turn."

In the nanny van up ahead, the driver saw the car behind them through the rear-view mirror. He said, "Damn, how did they also know about such a remote road? The driver driving the car behind us is very good indeed."

His competitiveness surged and he smiled at Song Cheng, saying, "Brother Shen, can I have some fun with them?"

Shen Liangchuan said apathetically, "Whatever."

The driver slowed down the speed of the car.

Sitting in the rear car, Xiao Ye immediately got nervous. "Why have they slowed down? What are they planning to do? Have they discovered us? Ms. Qiao, what should we do now?"

What should they do?

Qiao Lian fought to stay calm and said, "We will just pretend that we didn't notice and overtake them. Have we not handled similar situations in the past using this method as well?"

"Yes, you're right, overtake them!"

Qiao Lian earnestly drove the car past the side of the nanny van.

That way, they could no longer continue following them today, right?

Moreover, she now had a reason that would satisfy Xiao Ye.

As Qiao Lian was thinking of this, she felt the car shake violently!

She jumped in shock momentarily. She saw through the rear-view mirror that the nanny van had followed her car and bumped into its rear.

Both cars stopped at the side of the road. Song Cheng got out of the car and walked over, smiling.

He stood beside her car seductively, knocked on the car's window and said, "Excuse me, we accidentally bumped into the rear of your car. The fault lies entirely with us!"

Qiao Lian: …!

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