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The proclamation of independence from Vichy has changed the metropolis, Waterpilsan (TN: >> Watapiyulusan <<), from a city to a nation. The mansion of Minosol, who turned from being the city's representative into having the title of head of a state, is located there.

The coachman, who waited anxiously, showed a smile for an instant when the figure of his employer at last made an appearance. But, understanding with a glance, he goes beyond worry and is clearly panicking due the weakened countenance of his employer.

"A-Are you alright? Today you should rest..." (Coachman)

"Ah, I don't have such time... I haven't taken responsibility for my choice..." (Minosol)

Minosol, who boarded the carriage finally after being supported by a maid, seemed to have fainted due to the reports he looked over right after he arrived at the government's office building.

Though I guess that's a strange thing to say for me, who dropped out first. But, if it's mere war, you can mutually shave off the war potential of each other to some extent and at some point in time come to an agreement. Even if the defeated side has a painful experience in its finances and workers, it will probably end for them with just desperately reorganizing for a few years.

Minosol considers the dreadfulness of the man called Hifumi to be a different aspect than his war potential.

With this, for what reason should the inhabitants on Vichy's side follow the leadership of the central committee? I guess it's even inevitable that they harbour such doubts. In reality, many cities have changed sides to Fokalore because of that. Even among the cities remaining on Vichy's side, there aren't few places where the masses are revolting due to the representative showing an intention to remain.

"To sum it up, we have been defeated in battle as well as politics. Sooner or later, the name Vichy might disappear..." (Minosol)

The secretary lifted his head due to the muttering of just a few words, but Minosol waved his hand to not mind it.

Sticking out until the end now, Minosol chose to conduct themselves as friendly nation from the beginning to the end.

Lotomago is the name of the Third Knight Order's commanding officer. He was a man who was promoted in recognition of his accomplishments, not for distinguished military service but for his intelligence in the information warfare. He, who was born as third son of a not very prospering Viscount household, has an unattractive appearance giving of a feeling of constantly being sleepy with heavy eyelids. In any case, his features don't stand out. Basically he is a type of character that doesn't make an appearance on a flashy stage. Currently he has come to the actual site, which is rare for him, to give directions, notwithstanding that it almost never happened that he left his office.

There is a rumour that this prime minister is secluding himself within the castle's document room every night recently. Using a subordinate, Lotomago grasped it to the point of knowing that it is a fact.

Fokalore's territorial forces, arriving at Münster, were split into two groups after having rested for one night.

It has been decided that Hifumi will enter first and head toward the royal castle of Horant by himself after discovering the magic tools and leading the special task force together with Origa there. The schedule for the main force is to invade the cleared out Horant from the front with a delay of 1 day.

The clear, blue sky is spreading endlessly.

"Hifumi-sama, we were blessed with good weather." (Origa)

"Ah, that's right." (Hifumi)

While basking in the warm sunlight, Hifumi, who sat down with a flump on the wagon, dozes off while returning a suitable answer.

The wagons, which aren't heavy yet as there is only little baggage, make clattering sounds while nimbly advancing on the highway.

Before long, there are dozens of soldiers standing close to Orsongrande's side's fortress that became visible in front of them. The once completely defeated border patrol has already been changed. A part of the soldiers, that have been dispatched as substitutes for the defence, were commanded by the Second Knight Order temporarily.

Hifumi, who jumped off the moving wagon, advances towards the position of the two soldiers standing at the border.

"Thanks for your work. Let me pass for a minute. Ah, the lot in the rear as well." (Hifumi)

"Ah, yes. Please go ahead." (Guard)

The soldier, who apparently knew Hifumi's face, opened the path with a nervous face.

"It's fine if you aren't this tense. I will dispose of the guys over there right away." (Hifumi)

He smiled while drawing his katana.

Lowering his body, he slips in between the soldiers, deviating from the centre where the enemies are concentrated.

Hifumi, easily slipping through the enemy group, approached the man in charge and soundlessly beheaded him.

In that manner he killed the soldiers from the back of the enemy group by cutting them up roughly. When all of them noticed and inquired into the abnormality of the situation, around 10 had died by Hifumi's hands and further 5 were accidentally killed by their own colleagues.

Among the soldiers, who fixed their stance in panic, the soldier, who reacted the slowest, became the first victim.

Pulling back the swung staff, he uses the force of withdrawing it to attack a different soldier and kills him.

"Look, if you don't counter-attack quickly, you will only be killed one-sidedly." (Hifumi)

Circling around to the back of a soldier, Hifumi locks his neck with the staff and, standing back to back, he throws him over his shoulders. The soldier, who was lifted up in a state of having his throat crushed, broke his neck and died.

Running away or not, the result is the same. Dying now or dying after being caught and tortured, that's the only difference.

It was Origa and the Fokalore territorial soldiers who had crossed the border following Hifumi.

"... Is it alright to not help him?" (Soldier)

Due to the situation of being outnumbered albeit not having a single injury, a single soldier ended up unintentionally expressing this, but regretted it right away.

Ceasing to watch such soldiers, Origa ecstatically turned her gaze ahead where Hifumi was joyfully wielding his staff and striking his enemies dead.

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