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The Vichy central committee is run by 5 committees representing the 5 large cities, popularly abbreviated to “Centre” in Vichy.

A liason from the centre is sent to each city, while on the surface a perfect observation system for the centre, a perfect cover for spies. For that reason, a city-state trying to withdraw from Vichy had not happened for more than 50 years….

In the central committee’s simply decorated yet dignified conference room, a corpulent fat man raised his voice.

「 In any case, the representative for Arusel is unaccounted for. According to the observer sent, most of the soldiers seem to have been killed. Collecting information will take time. 」

「 Impossible. There is no reason for strife, nor is there any indication of such from their goods circulation. 」

Legally speaking, protests should be lodged with Orsongrande, but cannot for lack of evidence.

A soldier rushed into the unsettled conference room carrying an official document.

「 That is…. A letter of protest has reached our country from Orsongrande. 」

A man stood up hitting the desk, his large stomach wobbling, and snatched the document from the soldier.

Seeing the man at a loss for words, a female committee member took the document from him and looked it over.

According to the document from Orsongrande, the committee of Horant had obtained magic tools that twisted human nature, the city-state had also issued instructions for the death of an innocent woman. Furthermore, a protest against using these magic tools for aggressive behaviour within Orsongrande territory, backed up with evidence and an eyewitness.

「 This is no protest, it’s a declaration of war! 」

「 Immediately contact every city and tell them not to reply to this joke of a protest from Orsongrande. 」

「 Yes! Understood! 」

「 This is a great danger for Vichy. If by some chance a city-state emerges considering separating….. 」

「 Is that so? ….. Considering the military forces, the beastmen tribe area and the Horant side have more troops present. If you think about it, our country will not be affected to that extent. 」

The meeting ended with the decision of cooperation for the time being, albeit half-heartedly.
The future may have been different if they had taken a proactive defense regarding Orsongrande, but with common sense was usually disregarded in favour of possible selfish gains.


It was Hifumi’s second day at the castle. They had stayed over at the castle.

Hifumi explained while cheerfully munching on a steak in the morning.

Sitting with him were Princess Imeraria and Alyssa. Origa and Kasha had been released from slavery.

Alyssa was employed as an attendant to Hifumi, who was treated as a viscount. At any rate, she was relieved at having obtained a social position in this country. Once the promotion ceremony ends, they would go to the territory.

In contrast to Hifumi, Imeraria was clearly uneasy, reflected in her appetite.

At the time, Hifumi told them to send the documents to each city in Vichy before the central committee began to move.

Imeraria was unable to object to Hifumi’s words. After a brief consultation with the Prime Minister, it was hurriedly arranged. Though now doubts have come up with time. At the time, it was a hasty action, but at this point, could it be likened to a declaration of war?

While saying so, Hifumi rose. Origa, Kasha and Alyssa attempted to follow, but stopped when he signalled them not to.

「 Shopping near the castle for a while. 」

「 Um…. 」

「 About Hifumi-san, saying something extreme like crushing Vichy, but sending documents instead, seems rather gentle, isn’t it? 」

「 Auu…. 」

「 Apart from that, Mr. Hifumi’s actions are not gentle at all. 」

「 Mr. Hifumi probably intends to use divide and conquer to capture the city states. As a result of that, now when Vichy moves, the troops on the side joined with Horant will be fortified as per Mr. Hifumi’s suggestion. 」

「 That’s what I said too, but the princess agreed to the confrontation with Vichy, no? 」

Imeraria sighed as though she had no options.


「 Oh, the great Viscount-sama returns. 」

「 How did you know? 」

The document that Thorn thrust at Hifumi detailed “the actions of the hero Hifumi in saving a woman from Vichy and bequeathing upon him the title of Viscount as a lord to defend the new border between Orsongrande and Vichy”.

「 Apart from, that, would you like to make purchases…. or rather make another strange object? 」(Thorn)

While saying so, Hifumi pulled out several pieces of high-quality paper from his Dark Storage.

Bad attitude notwithstanding, Thorn’s eyes sparkled with curiosity while looking over the papers.

「 The dimensions are written there, as are the number of orders. 」

「 Why do you want so much of this assembled? 」

「 Hmm, let me think about it. There are many orders, and the structure is quite complex. It will take around 2 weeks. 」

「 …. I’ll have to call in an acquaintance. 」


After that, Hifumi went to the slave shop once again.

Almost immediately, the manager, Uraru came out of the shop.

Led inside by Uraru, Hifumi sat down and mentioned the same conditions as last time, strength, regardless of age or sex, in addition to a new one.

「 Ha ha ha! Certainly, there won’t be many smart slaves… Oops, keep that secret from Origa and Kasha please. Well then, I shall make preparations at once. 」

Every single member was wearing simple padded tunics, all somewhat dirty.

An embezzling bureaucrat, an accountant at a bankrupt hotel, various others who fell into slavery.

「 I’ll buy them all. Clean them up and get them some new clothes on me. Bring them to the castle tomorrow. 」

They call this level educated? (Hifumi)

Uraru respctfuly inclined his head to Hifumi’s enquiry.
「 Certainly, there are. 」


Exultantly returning to the castle, Hifumi gathered his girls [TN: I’m tired of constantly writing all their names] and explained their next move.

Hearing the word ‘war’, Alyssa flinched.

「 Mayor..? 」 [TN:’輜重隊’ is military supplies corps, but is pronounced as ‘シチョウタイ or shichoutai’ that apparently can mean a bunch of stuff. mayor is what I’ve got.]

Apparently supplies were carried individually in this world, a unit for cooking and supplies does not seem to exist here.

「 C-Commander, it’s impossible for me! 」

「 The conventional methods of fighting are useless anyway, doesn’t matter who the commander is. 」

「 No need to worry. In any case, you do not need to fight your opponent directly in the beginning. 」

While answering Kasha’s question, Hifumi pulled out a piece of paper and started writing on it.

「 The civilians…. 」
Origa was unable to continue, the silence filled with the sound of Hifumi’s quill.


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