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Alyssa nodded towards Hifumi’s invitation.

“Suddenly, everyone at the border were killed, the Corporals were beaten, and I was forcibly made to run away. Until just now, I didn’t even know what was going on, and was hurting so much all over my body that I didn’t even know where it was the most painful. I really thought I was going to die.”

“But then you came along and saved me, and even cured all of my pain… However, except my thanks, I don’t have any money or anything else to offer. Therefore, I’ll become your slave. I won’t complain even if you boil me.”

“Alyssa, both me and Kasha are Hifumi’s slaves, you know?”

“Well, it’s true that we’ve been given so good treatment we’ve almost forgotten we’re slaves in the first place. But attendants, huh? That doesn’t sound so bad.”

It seems like the words in her sentence that Kasha and Origa reacted on were different. Hifumi retrieved some dried meat and bread from his storage to snack on, while calmly observing the spectacle.

“Don’t mind me, I was just hungry.”

“You’re saying slaves, but once we return to the capital, I’ll let you free, you know?”

“Ma-Master!? Are you dissatisfied with us in any way? We’ll better, so please…”

“After catching Beirevra, and resolving the conflict that lead to you becoming slaves, you don’t need to be slaves anymore, right?”

“But Master bought us, and we don’t even know if that money will be repaid.”

Saying that, Hifumi threw the remaining dried meat into his mouth.

“Excuse me… I wonder what I should do now?”

“Right. I don’t really need any slaves.”

Seeing Alyssa getting downcast, Origa looked a little anxious. But being in front of her Master, she couldn’t really do anything on her own accord, and therefore decided to keep silent.

Alyssa quickly raised her head, while Hifumi continued.

“Made up your mind on what?”

Alyssa only saw Hifumi fight once, by the border. But looking at Origa and Kasha’s facial expressions, she faintly whispered “more than that?”, and subsequently got an understanding on what considerable carnage may look like.

Alyssa said without self-confidence, to which Hifumi grinned broadly and let out a laugh.

It’s not something you need to answer to anytime soon, he also added.

Having Alyssa tell them the location of the town representative’s mansion, Hifumi strapped his sword to his waist.


Stretching his back, he looked up at the moon.

The night flowing with blood had yet to conclude.


It was the fact that no one in this world had any tension regarding the possibility of being killed at any time.

Struggles between individuals were much fiercer.


There are no strong people here. No people frantically scheming for their lives. No opportunity to use the dark magic painstakingly developed through the nights. Wars where people are desperately racking their brains, where the warriors were hoarding weapons, and where each country respectively were fighting frenetically to ensure their survival… none of these existed either.

But there are threats.

Like this, it’s no different from Japan.
While expressing his displeasure, he arrived at the town representative’s mansion.


A building three stories tall made out of stone, adorned with several windows made out of glass, in this world, was something showing that you have money.

According to what Alyssa saw during the day, a man seeming like a Colonel was also present in the building. Wonder if she come here to report before? Whichever the case, it was no longer of any interest. In the town’s current circumstances, gathering information became a difficult task. Therefore, the best way to do it was in a much simpler fashion.

Seeing that, Hifumi heaved a sigh. As expected. Once you’ve seen them, your eyes will unconditionally be drawn there.

He wordlessly walked closer to the guards, which they quickly discovered. But seeing that he didn’t draw his weapon, they relaxed. That too, made Hifumi displeased.

The moment Hifumi put his hand on the hilt of his katana, the guards tensed up again. But he slashed their throats in succession, and they died without being able to raise their voices.

Hifumi carefully observed for a while, but it didn’t look like it was a trap.

Opening the door, he met eyes with a young, slender male servant.

“I’m an intruder.”

“Answer my questions in a low voice. If you do any strange movements, I’ll kill you and find someone else to ask.”

“Where are Ortis and the Corporal?”

After pressing him for information of where the office was located, Hifumi had the servant tell him if he knew about a man named Beirevra.

Hifumi felt that the response was weird, so he threatened him by sliding the blade over his chest, lightly cutting it.

“If you want me to stop, speak.”

Finding a clue like this from an unexpected source, Hifumi’s irritation calmed down somewhat, urging the man to continue.

As for Beirevra, he had apparently been coming here several times. The most recent visit seems to have been this morning.

Hifumi had previously thought that Beirevra would make a quick escape, but it seems like he’s taking his sweet time.

As it didn’t seem like he’d get any more information out of this, Hifumi strangled the guy, making him fall unconscious.

While feeling irritated, and regretting having accepted this task, Hifumi climbed up the stairs.


There were two persons inside the room. The Corporal he met during the day, and a middle aged man. Presumably Ortis.

The Corporal uttered while brandishing his sword, stepping towards Hifumi with heavy steps.

When he came into striking distance, Hifumi trampled down on the top of his foot, and thrust him down on the ground before crushing his ankle.

“Well then. Ortis, I presume? I’ve got a couple of questions for you.”

“I-if you think you can behave like this to me, don’t think you can get awa…”

Swinging the blade, a red line appeared on both of Ortis’ arms.

“Too bad we don’t have time. I’m getting a bit tired, so I’d like to finish this. Just killing a few people, I can’t feel the tension anymore.”

“W-what do you want to know?”

“Be-Beirevra is a spy sent from the capital of Vichy. Where he is and what he’s doing, I don’t know…”

Listening to what Ortis was saying while flicking with his katana, Hifumi was arranging the information in his head.

As for the soldiers, it seems it was an experiment of a newly developed magic tool sent from the Capital.

“So, is the suppression of emotions a side effect from that?”

“Alyssa wasn’t equipped with one of those magic tools?”

“For now, that’s all I wanted to ask.”

“No, you’re the one coming.”
Hitting him hard on the back of his neck with the back of the katana, Ortis consciousness was let go.


Ahead of him was the inn owner’s room.

Drawing his katana, he stabbed the sleeping old man in the heart, before flicking the blood off the blade and returning it to its sheath.

“Something you had forgotten?”

Answering Origa’s question, Hifumi jumped up on his horse, announcing they were leaving the town, going towards Fukaroru.

“According to what Ortis said, Beirevra is a spy from the Capital of Vichy. The current situation could affect negotiations between countries, but it’s a bother, so I’ll leave the investigation to Pajou and them. That aside, Alyssa.”

“Like I said earlier, we’re returning to Orsongrande for now. As for what we’re doing after that, we’ll decide when the time arrives. Are you really planning on coming with us?”

“I don’t mind. My resolution stretches beyond that.”

“We’ll be counting on you, Alyssa.”

While Alyssa was getting along with the slaves, Hifumi said he’d drive, and turned his back to Alyssa, before jumping up the coachman seat. The wagon started to advance on the road, and Hifumi let out a smile, unbeknownst to the others.

Maybe because Origa and Kasha originally had some previous experience, Hifumi thought that teaching them was going fairly well. This was just a simple experiment, but if they just got a bit more familiar with his teachings, they’d be able to enter the ranks of the quite strong people in this world.

Whether it be individually, in group, town or country, without being able to choose the means themselves, their true struggle for life would begin.

Since I somehow managed to get the rank of Patrician, let’s finally put it to use. Imeraria, you planned to summon a hero, didn’t you? Then I’ll become your hero. A hero whose name resounds throughout the world. I’m really looking forward to what degree of bloodshed that will result in.

Cutting a motionless scarecrow would be boring. I want to kill because they’re alive.
I want to mold the world, in order to kill, the summoned hero secretly decided for himself.

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