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Cold beams flashes towards the sky and waves of cold air gradually emit everywhere, the temperature within ten Mi decreased drastically.

Ye Yun took a deep breath then moved back half a step.

“Could the Heaven want me dead?”

Three years ago, Ye Yun started to practise the underlying foundation of an internal technique and some other martial arts. His talent is out of ordinary when comparing to other Errand disciples, one stage per year, after three years of practicing the Body Refining Technique he attained the Third Stage: Marrow Refining Realm and perhaps that’s also the reason why he became a thorn in Liu Dao Lie’s eyes.

The Body Refining Technique is divided into seven stage; The First Stage is Bones Refining: To temper the bones, flesh and skin. The Second Stage is Blood Refining: To remove impurities from the blood. The Third Stage is Marrow Refining: To refine the bone marrow to produce pure blood to greatly increase one’s strength. The fourth stage is Viscera Refining: To temper the five viscera and six bowels. The fifth stage is Internal Breathing: To absorb the Heavens and Earth’s vigour through breathing internally. The Six stage is Meridians Connecting: By using internal breathing to open up all the meridians throughout the whole body. The Seventh Stage is Qi Awareness: To absorb the Heavens and Earth’s vigour and transform it into true Qi. 

The power between every stage differs greatly, Liu Dao Lie’s talent is ordinary and currently he’s at the Fourth Stage: Viscera Refining, although he’s one stage above Ye Yun but he can easily defeat Ye Yun.

Now if it’s only one Ice Spirit Snow Serpent which is equivalent to a practitioner at the Third Stage then Ye Yun would have stand a chance but now it’s two of them and on top of it it’s a male and a female and they are closing in, only a practitioner at the Fourth Stage like Liu Dao Lie can stand a chance.

The two Ice Spirit Snow Serpent didn’t attack immediately but instead staring at Ye Yun with their shiny cold blue eyes. 

Ye Yun searched for an exit with peripheral vision but with limited vision he was unable to find an exit.

“What should I do now? Will I die here?" Ye Yun looked at the two Ice Spirit Snow Serpents in front of him and despaired, from head to toe his body was cold all over.

The two serpents observed for a while. 

They seems to have seen through Ye Yun’s true strength, the bigger Ice Spirit Snow Serpent slowly closing in.

Ye Yun doesn’t dare to back away, he knows the moment he back away is also the moment the Ice Spirit Snow Serpent will throw itself at him, and if he were to be bitten his body will immediately freeze, the cold poison will then follow the blood and flow towards the heart, death is certain.

The most crucial point is if he were to make a movement, the female Ice Spirit Snow Serpent that’s currently observing him will immediately throw itself at him and he will be unable to ward it off. 

In a blink of an eye, the Ice Spirit Snow Serpent was already within five Mi of Ye Yun, one will shiver in fear at the scene of the scarlet flickering tongue showing the hidden cold blue fangs.

Ye Yun took a deep breath then frown. He doesn’t know what to do to escape from the two Ice Spirit Snow Serpents, as well as a little regret entering the second area, for a Errand disciple this place is too dangerous.

Without a choice he stealthily step back half a step.

At that very moment the Ice Spirit Snow Serpent that’s three Mi long suddenly throw itself in the air and transformed into play of light and shadow on a snowy forest, coming straight towards Ye Yun.

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