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Chapter 216: Victor Was Captured

How could the smart and cunning Victor easily leave the Fire Sect Master to his opponent to heal his wounds?

In fact, the moment he captured the Fire Sect Master, he had already set up a Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation on his body that was made up of five great spiritual powers.

The formation was still based on the five different spiritual powers and similarly followed the principle of mutual reinforcement. After the different sect masters triggered this formation, they would all be attacked by the formation that restrained their spiritual powers.

At this moment, what restrained the Water Sect Master was the Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation that was activated by the fire spiritual power.

This spell formation moved across the body of the Fire Sect Master and continuously coiled around the Water Sect Master’s arm.

Then, it corroded his skin and sucked the spiritual power in his meridians.

It was another sudden attack.

The Water Sect Master had fallen for Victor’s trick countless times.


Activating a wave of water spirit energy, Water Sect Master’s expression was dark and cold. He wanted to activate his martial technique to remove the annoying Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation’s attack.

However, because he was too close to the Fire Sect Master at this moment, he did not dare to use too much strength. He could only carefully activate the spirit energy in his body.

On the side, Wood Sect Master and Thunder Sect Master wanted to come up and help, but they were worried that they would not be able to control their strength and injure their big brother.

At the same time, they were also afraid.

They weren’t aware if Victor had set up some other spell formations in their big brother’s body.

If they were careless and ended up activating another spell formation, their big brother would suffer an unexpected disaster.

Then they would really end up suffering a loss while trying to take advantage of the situation.

Therefore, they could only quietly watch as the Water Sect Master carefully relieved the control of the Spirit-Absorbing Grand Magic.

There was no room for any mistakes in this process. The difficulty was no less than defusing a time bomb.

Just as they were standing at the side in a daze, they saw the Fire Sect Master suddenly stretch out his hand and waved it at them continuously.

However, because the Fire Sect Master was in an extremely poor mental state, he opened his mouth and did not manage to utter a single word for a long time.

Therefore, the two of them were at a loss for a moment:

‘What is big brother trying to say?’

The Fire Sect Master was still waving his hand vigorously, his eyes filled with terror.

The two sect masters of Wood and Thunder were stunned.

Big brother’s action was definitely not out of the blue.

‘What did he mean?’

‘He wants us to not disturb him?’

‘He wants us to stay away from him?’


Both their heads were spinning rapidly.

In the next moment, the Fire Sect Master had lost his patience. He directly sat up, forcefully held his breath, and shouted,

“Leave now!

“Don’t stand there!

“It’s dangerous!”

In just nine short words.

The expressions of the two sect masters of the Wood and Thunder sect changed drastically!

They hurriedly circulated their spiritual energy and prepared to leave.

However, a huge mouth suddenly appeared from the white clouds and swallowed them!

It was the mouth of a dragon.

The Green Dragon Sword Spirit!

It had unknowingly shrunk to only a dozen meters in length.

It had been hiding in the clouds the whole time, holding its breath and withdrawing its spiritual aura, quietly waiting for an opportunity.

At this moment, it took advantage of the fact that the Water and Fire Sect Masters were standing in the distance, and that the Wood and Thunder Sect Masters were not guarded against it at all.

Therefore, the dragon directly activated its body and chose to launch a sneak attack!

This wave of sneak attack was indeed sudden and had caught them off guard.

The two sect masters of Wood and Thunder only felt their vision go black, and then a ball of burning dragon’s breath directly enveloped their entire bodies!

Because they were in the Green Dragon’s mouth, the burning of the dragon’s breath was even more intense than before.

Very quickly, they felt the burning pain on their skin.

“Impossible! This is impossible! The Green Dragon Sword Spirit shouldn’t have such strength at this moment!”

The Wood Sect Master roared angrily, but his wood spiritual power had been enveloped. He couldn’t use any of his strength at this moment.

They were right.

If they subtracted the spiritual power of the Green Dragon Sword Spirit that they had absorbed, then the Green Dragon indeed shouldn’t have such strength at the moment.


What they didn’t know was that the Green Dragon Sword Spirit had a secret technique that they weren’t aware of.

It could shrink its body and condense spiritual power into a whole new realm.

In this realm, the power of the spirit dragon would increase greatly.

Moreover, this move was not only unknown to the four sect masters of the Central Plains, but also Victor.

Therefore, the spirit dragon was not taken away by him at all.

Instead, it took the opportunity to shrink itself and snuck away.

The move of the spirit dragon was not within Victor’s plan.

Victor’s original plan was…


Just when both the Wood and Thunder Sect Masters were swallowed by the spirit dragon and the Water Sect Master had just removed the Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation carved on Fire Sect Master’s body, an incomparably sharp longsword directly flashed out from behind the Water Sect Master and then quickly stabbed into both the Water and Fire Sect Masters.

And the person holding the longsword was Victor himself!

The Purple Micro Divine Sword!

This was the ultimate move that Victor had saved and had yet to use.

At this moment, the Purple Micro Divine Sword’s aura was like a rainbow, and the sword aura rushed towards the two masters.


The longsword engulfed the body of the Water Sect Master as if it had stabbed into a ball of water.

The Water Sect Master was born with a spirit body of water, so he wouldn’t be harmed by any blunt weapons.

Of course, Victor knew this.

Therefore, when the long sword had penetrated Water Sect Master’s body, a ball of fire immediately surged out from the hilt.

The fire released black and red flames of anger, burning the Water Sect Master’s body.

“Another Spirit-Absorbing Grand Magic?

“Victor, don’t tell me this is the only move you know?”

The Water Sect Master sneered.

His body slowly collapsed, and in the end, he turned into a ball of water vapor and disappeared.

Water clone!

The Water Sect Master had a trick up his sleeve.

He was, after all, a sect master, and had been ambushed by Victor time after time. How could he still be so careless?

Therefore, his original body had long fled.

When the water clone melted and disappeared…

Behind Victor, a ball of water phantom slowly squirmed and then expanded into an arm made of water.

The arm directly grabbed forward!

Like a sharp blade, it grabbed Victor’s collar and lifted him up!

“Victor! You are going to die this time!”

The Water Sect Master roared loudly.

The arm pierced through Victor’s body!


He didn’t expect that Victor’s body would explode!

‘It was actually a clone!

‘Damn it!’

Sect Master Water’s attack missed. His main body appeared in the sky, searching for Victor’s figure.

A ball of water vapor suddenly dispersed behind the Fire Sect Master.

Then a ball of mist enveloped the Fire Sect Master.

“Water mist bomb!?”

The Water Sect Master turned pale with fright, urging his body to run towards the Fire Sect Master.

However, when he passed through layers of water mist…

He discovered that…

The Fire Sect Master’s body expanded tremendously and used himself as a magic spell formation to suck Victor tightly!

Victor’s face was pale and the spiritual power in his body flowed out vigorously.

It turned out that the Fire Sect Master had long expected himself as Victor’s target.

He had been concealing his strength and waiting for an opportunity to launch this attack!

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