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Chapter 1422 - Destroying the Heavens

An earth-shattering sound exploded.

His aura suddenly retracted.

The sky returned to normal and the sound disappeared.

A black sword floated in front of Long Fei. Was it a success or a failure?

The system beep rang.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for successfully refining the Authentic Artifact."

"It's a success!"

"It's a success!"

The Sleeping Beauty was extremely excited, even more excited than Long Fei himself. "This is unbelievable, I actually succeeded, it seems that I am truly omnipotent."

"Hee hee …"

Long Fei was startled, and said faintly: "Could it be that before you refined it, you didn't even think that it would succeed?"

The Sleeping Beauty stuck out her tongue and said, "I don't know either. Anyway, I have succeeded in refining it for you, hehe …" I'm good, right? "

"Master, when did you ask me to serve you?"

Long Fei, "Cough, cough, cough …"

He nearly choked on his words.

The sleeping beauty said straightforwardly, "I want to give birth to your child."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Long Fei coughed continuously, "What are you thinking about?"

The sleeping beauty giggled and said, "I'm going to sleep. You can slowly study it yourself. I'm going to sleep. I'm so tired."

"Huff …"

The sleeping beauty yawned before turning around and falling asleep.

Long Fei looked at the black greatsword that was quietly floating in front of him, and in his mind, the sword was also floating, "Is this the Authentic Artifact?"

"The Authentic Artifact of the Sun God?"

"Huff …"

It did not look anything special, just like an ordinary greatsword.

However …

Long Fei had never seen the flame pattern embedded under the destroy god mine stone before, and the powerful consciousness from the last step had surged into the large sword, allowing it to have its own consciousness.

This was a super divine weapon.

Long Fei carefully opened up the system to check.

Weapon: Black Great Sword (No name for now)

Rank: Spirit Level (Level 1, upgradable, can be upgraded to a main artifact)

Attributes: Purple Sun Force, Earth Sun Force, Sky Sun Force, Fire Force.

Description: Three Yang Convergence, Hellfire Lotus Refinement, Yang God's Consciousness, Power that reached the heavens, Sword Slash, Possessing the potential of a main artifact.

Description 2: The Authentic Artifact is bred with the Essence Yang.

Description 3: Able to release the fire divine power 'Zhu Rong Sword Qi'!

… ….

Looking at the system's description of the black great sword, Long Fei's heart became excited, "But can I become a main artifact … "Damn, how much is this hanging?"


"And it can also be used to hide the attribute, the Fire God Zhu Rong Sword Qi."

"This sword …" When Long Fei saw the enormous sword body holding onto it with a heavy grip, the instant he grabbed onto the hilt, the sword in his mind and the sword in his hand suddenly merged into one!

The sword qi burst out.

A fire sword Qi, visible to the naked eye, was formed and swept out.


Whoosh. Whoosh.

A thin crack appeared in the space around Long Fei.

The instant he held the sword, it exploded with such a powerful sword Qi. This sword was simply too strong.


With a move of Long Fei's power, a Holy Source was injected into it, and a bizarre scene played out. The black broadsword frantically transformed, changing from black to gold.


What was even more eye-catching was that the entire sword was ignited!

Holding it in his hand was like holding a ball of fire. The visual impact was simply explosive.

"Holy sh * t!"

Long Fei's eyes trembled, his blood seemed to be ignited as he fiercely swung it.


The flames flashed, and a stream of sword Qi shot out like an EZ move, forming a crescent shape and shooting out a hundred miles away.


Long Fei swallowed his saliva, "Fuck, with this sword, I'm going to use an endless EZ move? "My god, my god."

"Hahaha …"


"System prompt: Please name a name!"

Long Fei grinned: "Destroying the Heavens!"


"Naming successful. Heaven Destroyer!"

Long Fei raised his eyes slightly, looked at the sky and said: "I want to use the sword in my hand to destroy you, so that you will not be able to obstruct my view anymore."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei laughed like a madman, the sound of his laughter thunderous and thunderous.

It was as if the sky was enraged.


The sky was indeed angry, and … A god from the main temple was raging. Flames filled the sky and a divine seat in the sky was frantically burning.

"Yang God has left the Nether Hell!"

"Who is it!"

"Who let him out?"

"Why... Why would his aura appear in a low realm like the Chaos Realm? "

Endless rage.

The incomparably huge gods of the Void Divine Seat did not respond in any way.

After a long time.

A deity said, "The Chaos Realm has been having a tough time recently. First, someone broke free from the control of fate, and then someone brought out the Sun God from the Nether Realm."

"A tiny Chaos Realm is born to be extraordinary. If we can't control this extraordinary Chaos Realm for us, it will become a disaster in the future."


The Flame God let out a loud shout, and his breath was filled with flames. He said with disdain: "A mere lower plane trash wants to overturn the heavens?"

"So what if the Sun God escapes?"

"He was just defeated."

"You should know that his Divine Sun Plane is still in my hands. Even if he escapes, he wouldn't be able to do anything. I just took him out, he must not be a simple person. "

A deity said, "Could it be someone from the dark army?"

"Evil God?"

"Him? "He is not qualified enough, nor is he capable of doing so."

The Flame God denied it.

Destiny God asked, "Then who could it be? Just now, I have investigated and found that there is no such person in the entire Ten Thousand Worlds who is capable of producing the Yang Soul Divine Sense from the Nether Hell. "

"So you mean the powerhouse s that are outside of the Ten Thousand Realms?" The eyes of the Flame God tightened.


All of the deities on top of the divine seats trembled slightly. "It can't be the Primordial God Realm, right?"


"With the fall of the ancient god and the disappearance of the Primordial God Realm, it would be absolutely impossible for them to interfere with the planes we control."

"What if he's still here?"

The Gods were slightly startled.

The Flame God's eyebrows creased. After pondering for a long time, he said, "This matter must be investigated thoroughly. If it's not possible, I suggest that we wipe out the entire Chaos Realm!"

"I second that!"

Destiny God was the first to stand up and reply.

"Not good."

"He killed billions of people just like that?"

"They are merely ants. We absolutely cannot let these ants have any chance."

"An ant should understand the concept of being an ant, but if he wants to go against the heavens, then he should pay a heavy price."

The Flamefairy said, "It's just a minor plane. If it's gone, it's gone. There's no impact at all."

Humans were ants to gods.

From beginning to end, he was always weak.

The gods of main temple did not permit anyone to have the ability to resist them.

Such a person.

Even if they couldn't find it, they would wipe out the entire plane, because then they wouldn't have to trouble themselves to find it …

This was a god!

Cruelty, viciousness, and chilliness.

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