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wang bodang laughed excitedly, "You're my son-in-law, you won't be able to escape."

wang shiyun stomped his feet and called out: "Father."

wang bodang grabbed Long Fei and said: "Follow me to the City Lord's Mansion."

Without waiting for Long Fei to reject, he was dragged away by him.

Their group of people quickly left as well. Behind them was a skinny youth. The youth's hair was a mess, and his clothes were tattered. He looked just like a beggar.

However, in his arms, there was a very fine piece of silk wrapped around something that looked like a long stick.

Long Fei glanced at it, but did not take it to heart.

… ….

The Xu family.

Xu Yu woke up after consuming the spirit medicine and cried out in pain, "Father, help me take revenge, take revenge for me! Kill him, you must kill him no matter what!"

"Ahh …"

"My legs."

"Father, am I unable to stand up for the rest of my life?"


Walking out of the room, Xu Tianlei could no longer hold back and vomited a mouthful of blood.

Xu Jianshan immediately stepped forward to support her.

Xu Tianlei also slapped his face down, and shouted: "I told you not to let Xu Yu out, why didn't you listen?"

Xu Jianshan lowered his head and admitted his wrongs, "He said that he was going to the mercenary guild to receive a mission, why would I think of him …?"

"Big brother."

"How did you get hurt?"

"wang bodang is going too far, daring to poop and pee on our Xu family, and even bringing a green hat down on our Xu family in front of the whole city. Big brother, if you want a nod, I will immediately bring people to flatten the City Lord's Mansion." Xu Jianshan said with incomparable fury.

He had just finished.

Xu Tianlei slapped him again, and berated him furiously: "In the future, when you do things, use your brain, without any powerful warriors to support you, does he, wang bodang, dare to challenge me?"

"Pfft …"

Fury attacked his heart, Xu Tianlei spat out another mouthful of blood.

"Huff …"

Xu Tianlei maintained his true nature and suppressed the anger in his heart, saying, "Right now, we still have important things to do. There's no rush for wang bodang's matters."

"When I finish this, let alone a mere tian yun city, I will dominate everyone within a hundred thousand kilometers!"

It was also at this moment.

A demonic sound penetrated Xu Tianlei's sea of consciousness.

Xu Tianlei's eyes trembled, he immediately turned to Xu Jianshan and said: "Go and select the most elite mercenary disciples, they will be on a mission in the afternoon."

Xu Jianshan immediately nodded, and said: "I will do it."

Xu Tianlei quickly walked into the room and closed the door, then respectfully greeted: "Lord Shadow Devil!"

A ball of shadow appeared out of thin air, its back was facing Xu Tianlei, its voice was heavy as it coldly snorted: "I told you not to cause trouble, why didn't you listen?"

Xu Tianlei immediately lowered his head and said: "Master, I …"

The silhouette shouted, "Don't say anymore. If you don't do this well, your entire Xu family will be annihilated."

Cold sweat trickled down Xu Tianlei's forehead as he said in a heavy tone: "I will definitely give it my all, and will not disappoint sire's effort."

And then …

The shadow moved slightly and two Magic Pill s appeared on the table.

The silhouette said, "One is for you. It can help your cultivation increase by another level while the other one can help your son's legs recover at a rapid pace."

"From now on, you have to listen to my commands."

Xu Tianlei was extremely touched, and said: "Thank you, Lord Shadow Devil."

Then, he could not help but ask curiously, "Lord Shadow Devil, what exactly is being escorted by the Sea Heaven Merchant Union this time? can make you do it yourself? "

Even he couldn't find out.

The Shadow Devil's eyes opened wide.

The temperature in the room plummeted.

Xu Tianlei immediately knelt on the ground, not even daring to take a deep breath, as if a death scythe was resting on his neck, she was in extreme discomfort, "Lord Shadow Devil, please spare me."


"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. If you ask too many questions, it will only bring you a fatal disaster." The Shadow Devil's voice was incomparably gloomy.

Xu Tianlei's head hit the ground and his body trembled. Even though he was afraid, he was even more curious in his heart, just what exactly was this thing?

Who was the Shadow Devil?

An Elder from the Demon Mountain and Sea Sect.

His cultivation was unfathomable.

This time, he actually went personally. It could be seen that this thing was extraordinary.

What was it?

After a long time.

Xu Tianlei slightly raised his body, and only after the Phantom Demon disappeared did he slowly stand up. He thought to himself, "This item must be extremely powerful, if I, Xu Tianlei, were to obtain it …"

"Heh heh …"

"So what if it's a Shadow Devil?"

"What is it?"

People are greedy.

Xu Tianlei was the same as well. He had been waiting for a lifetime's worth of opportunity, maybe this time … It was his chance to soar into the sky, and he would not easily give it up.

Holding the two Magic Pill s on the table, he did not consume them immediately. Instead, he walked to his son's room.

Xu Yu was still in so much pain that he was still alive. With both of his legs crippled, ordinary Spirit Dans were not enough, unless it was a Heaven Rank Spirit Dan, he could only lie on the bed for the rest of his life.

"Consume this Magic Pill." Xu Tianlei handed it over.

Xu Yu glanced at the pill and said: "Are you a Magic Pill?"


Xu Tianlei glared at the center of his brows, and said: "Don't ask too much, take the pellet."

After all, the tian yun city was still within the sphere of influence of a orthodox sect.

Xu Yu immediately swallowed the pill in excitement.


His body underwent an intense change, and his body was in incomparable pain. "Father, what did you feed me, it's too uncomfortable, Father … Ah... "Just what is it, Father …"

Xu Yu rolled on the bed.

It was as if there were ten thousand insects moving underneath his skin, and his pupils were emitting a demonic light.

"Kill me, Father! Kill me!"

"Ahh …"

Xu Tianlei clenched his fists, and said solemnly: "Shadow Devil Scoundrel!"

He did not dare to try the Magic Pill because he was afraid that the Shadow Devil would harm him, so he let his son try first.

He did not regret his cruelty.

To him, his son was already a piece of trash with his legs crippled. If he stayed in the Xu family, this kind of trash would only embarrass the Xu family. It would be better to just die.

He was like a tiger that didn't eat its prey.


He was much more vicious than tigers!

Xu Tianlei consoled his son when he saw his son in distress, "It's good enough later, it's good enough later."

About ten minutes later.

He turned over and stood up, and his eyes flashed with a sinister blood light. He recovered himself immediately and stared at Xu Tianlei, and said with a cold voice: "Father, are you using me as a test subject?"

Xu Tianlei felt the change in Xu Yu's body.


He had already become a demon!

This is the Magic Pill?

Xu Tianlei immediately said: "Why would Father treat you as a test subject? Why don't you take a look at your legs now?"

Xu Yu's eyes turned sinister as he said coldly: "It's best if it's not, or else..."

In that instant. Baidu Search: Half a Float

A strong killing intent flashed in his eyes.

A cold killing intent.

Even Xu Tianlei felt a chill in his heart as he became excited, "Is this the power of a Magic Pill?"

The current Xu Yu was no longer the Xu Yu of the past!

Chapter III

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