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Chapter 65 Part 1


(TN: Do not read if you are uncomfortable with intimate scenes.)

Gong Sang Mo's phoenix eyes darken before it turns fiery and heated.  He holds the back of Yun Qian Yu's neck with his hand and slowly presses her body against him.  Her soft and cold lips are then slowly pressed against his.

There is a loud roar in Yun Qian Yu's head before the entire world turns still.  Something collapses in her heart.  Her eyes are large while her body remains immobile.  She becomes stiff, as though she has lost her ability to move.  In the blink of an eye, she becomes lost in time.

Gong Sang Mo presses his lips against her soft, lush ones with force while his hand brushes over her wide, open eyes.

Yun Qian Yu instinctively closes her eyes, her body feeling more and more sensitive.

Perhaps, she has no defence against Gong Sang Mo or perhaps, Gong Sang Mo's fiery love melts her heart.  Her stiff body gradually softens.

It is as though her reaction encourages him; he wantonly slides his tongue into her mouth and gives her a mind-numbing kiss.

Yun Qian Yu's body becomes more and more heated.  Her breathing becomes more and more rugged, but Gong Sang Mo does not seem to have the plan to let her go.  His heated mouth sweeps across her cheek before he plants a kiss on her eyebrow.  Then, it goes for her earlobe.  His crazed passion is out of control.

Yun Qian Yu feels suffocated, she pushes Gong Sang Mo away with force.  He frowns, his lost phoenix eyes appears desolate and dissatisfied.

The moment Yun Qian Yu is free, she takes a deep breath to compensate for the lack of air earlier.

Gong Sang Mo's phoenix eyes are honeyed and full of love.  It lingers gently on Yun Qian Yu's lips that are now red and moist because of his kiss.

The wind blows gently outside the window as the bamboo forest rustles.  The room is quiet, highlighting the two people's rugged breaths even more.

Once Yun Qian Yu regains her composure, she feels awkward and embarrassed.  She wanted to get up and leave but Gong Sang Mo domineeringly places her on his laps, forcibly pressing her against his chest.

There is a bright smile on his peerlessly handsome face.  There is that kind of joy in him that has never been seen before.  His long, slender fingers caress Yun Qian Yu's face as he trains his eyes desiringly on her.

Yun Qian Yu's sight gradually becomes blurry.  All her nose can smell is the light fragrance of nan bamboos on Gong Sang Mo's body.  She gradually sinks into his gentle touch.

Gong Sang Mo's eyes darkens again as he unconsciously presses her body harder against his.  Their bodies are glued together seamlessly.

Yun Qian Yu can sense Gong Sang Mo's movement, she quickly tries to get up but Gong Sang Mo has already leaned down and gives her another kiss.  This time, Gong Sang Mo is a lot more domineering.

Under his hold, Yun Qian Yu cannot move and can only complement his action.

After who knows how long, Gong Sang Mo finally turns gentle.  He gently pecks her lips, unwilling to part.

Yun Qian Yu feels like her strength has been drained away.  She can only nestle weakly against Gong Sang Mo's chest.

"Haha!" She can hear Gong Sang Mo's low laughter.

Yun Qian Yu lazily opens her eyes and gives him an eyeroll.  He is pretending to be nice and good after taking advantage of people.

However, her red cheeks do not look intimidating at all.  It only makes Gong Sang Mo laughs even more pleasantly.

Yun Qian Yu helplessly closes her eyes.  Her lips feel uncomfortable.  She touches it and discovers that it has become swollen.  How is she supposed to go out and meet people?  In the blink of an eye, a storm brews in her eyes.

When Gong Sang Mo senses Yun Qian Yu touching her lips, he realizes that he has gone too far.  When he sees the fierce storm in Yun Qian Yu's eyes, he immediately placates her, "The first time is when one is inexperienced.  It will not happen again, next time!"

There is a 'next time'?  Yun Qian Yu forcefully pushes Gong Sang Mo away, and this time, he does not use force to keep her still.  He lets her gets up.

Yun Qian Yu angrily walks out while Gong Sang Mo busily pulls her back.  Yun Qian Yu's eyes falls angrily on the hand in which he is pulling her with.

Gong Sang Mo good-naturedly points at her hair, "Are you sure you wants to go out looking like that?"

Yun Qian Yu curiously walks over to the mirror and what she sees makes her give a piercing glare on Gong Sang Mo's face.

Gong Sang Mo coyly rubs his nose, "Let me help you comb them."

The truth is, Gong Sang Mo is really happy on the inside.  Tonight, he actually gets to see so many expressions on the usually expressionless Yun Qian Yu.  He gets to experience a really refreshing Yun Qian Yu.

Yun Qian Yu does not know how to comb her hair and she obviously cannot go out looking like this.  She sits in front of the vanity.

Gong Sang Mo slowly unravels Yun Qian Yu's hair; he does it so slowly that he receives another dagger-like glare from her.

"I only wanted to see how these braids are made!" Gong Sang Mo earnestly touches her hair.

Yun Qian Yu freezes, "You don't know how to comb hair?"

"I have never comb any woman's hair before, this is my first time!" Gong Sang Mo explains.

Yun Qian Yu is speechless now, secretly praying that Gong Sang Mo will not make an ugly hair-do.  After thinking about it for a moment, she decides that the sky is dark anyway.  No one can see how ugly her hair is.  Chen Xiang and the rest probably will, but they are not outsiders.

Once he finished unravelling her hair, she looks at the mirror with large eyes.

If he takes that long just to unravel the hair, who knows how long it will take him to tie her hair.  However, Gong Sang MO only struggles during the first braid.  His movement becomes a little more easier by the time he does the second braid. It makes her think there is something wrong with herself; why didn't she know how to braid her own hair after three years of watching her maids doing it?

A light flashes in Yun Qian Yu's eyes; this demon.  Everything he does end up giving other people's ego a blow.

Although she is upset on the inside, her eyes keeps on watching Gong Sang Mo's reflection in the mirror; his majestic handsome face, his bright eyes, his lips that are slightly swollen like her's (but the more one looks at it, the sexier it makes him become).  Remembering Gong Sang Mo's heated kiss earlier on, her face heats up.

Lucky Gong Sang Mo's attention is on her hair; he did not notice the change in her expression.

In the end, a beautiful smile can be seen on his handsome face.

"Lucky it isn't too bad.  Qian Yu does not have to worry anymore," his voice is so gentle and pleasing to the ears.

Yun Qian Yu, whose mind is elsewhere, is startled awake.  She looks at the mirror; what 'isn't too bad'?  It looks exactly the same as what her maid did.

"Are you sure this is your first time doing hair?" Yun Qian Yu raises her eyebrows in disbelief.

"This is not my first time doing hair," Gong Sang Mo laughs elegantly.

"I knew it!" Yun Qian Yu says as she looks at him disbelievingly.

"I comb my own hair everyday.  As for a girl's hair, this is my first time doing it," Gong Sang Mo faintly says as he looks at Yun Qian Yu's expression.

Yun Qian Yu chokes at the raspy way Gong Sang Mo is speaking.

There is something seriously wrong with her intellect today; she better go home and take a good sleep.  As she reaches the doorway, she remembers her swollen lips.  She takes out a handkerchief from inside her sleeves and uses it to cover her face.

Just as she walks out, she stops in her track.  She turns around and looks at Gong Sang Mo's anticipating eyes.

"Sands must never enter my eyes."

Gong Sang Mo freezes a little.  Then, he understands what she is implying.  He smiles, his eyes crinkling beautifully.  "I will not let sands enter your eyes."

When she knows he understands what she means, she walks out with a relieved heart.

The corner of Gong Sang Mo's lips curls beautifully.  He leans against the window, watching Yun Qian Yu's figure disappears under the night sky.

He touches his own lips while smiling thoughtfully.

After leaving Xian Wang's manor, Yun Qian Yu heads back to the imperial palace.

Suddenly, she stops.  She remains her in spot, mid-air, as she turns around to look behind her.  "Come out!"

Yun Qian Yu's dress floats beautifully.  Her face is hidden by the handkerchief, though one can see a pair of brilliant eyes shooting daggers at a dark spot.

"You sure are alert!" Long Xiang Luo appears on that spot, her plump body walking enchantingly towards Yun Qian Yu.

Yun Qian Yu slowly descends from mid-air, her long hair dancing with the wind.  She looks like a night spirit, like a celestial.

"What? You knew you did something you cannot afford others to know, is that why you are hiding your face?  I thought Princess Hu Guo is dignified and pure, not someone who would sneak out from a secret rendezvous in the middle of the night!" Long Xiang Luo mocks her.

"At least I am better than someone persistent yet unwanted," Yun Qian Yu's eyes turn cold. That short sentence from her gives a big blow to Long Xiang Luo's heart.

Long Xiang Luo's face turns rigid as she gives a poisonous look to Yun Qian Yu.

"A chance encounter is better than a meeting, let's learn from each other.  What do you think?"

"You are more than welcomed!" Yun Qian Yu's expression is that of a bright moon.  There is not a single trace of fear in her face.


On the empty street, two beauties confront each other.

Long Xiang Luo pulls out a silver whip from her waist, one that is around 3 metres long.  She gives it a wave, channelling her inner power to the whip.  She waves it gently and the whip produces a clean and crisp sound in the air.

Long Xiang Luo flies up, the whip in her hand coiling like a roaming dragon, aiming straight for Yun Qian Yu's neck.

Yun Qian Yu spreads her arms and lightly flies up, dodging the attack.

Long Xiang Luo's reaction is very quick.  Her second attack comes very soon after.

Yun Qian Yu spins and dodges the second attack.  The tip of her foot lands lightly on the whip.  She borrows the force from the whip and makes a beautiful spin mid-air.  Her watery blue silhouette looks like a cloud in the middle of the night sky.

Long Xiang Luo is not discouraged. She twists the whip and concentrates all of her inner power towards it, aiming for Yun Qian Yu's waist.

Yun Qian Yu can sense the wave of internal power, her eyes turns icy; Long Xiang Luo intends to kill.  Then, she must not blame her for being discourteous.

She outstretches her palm.  A purple lotus forms in front her palm, turning big really quickly.  The petals suddenly parts from the flower and heads straight for the whip, like swords.

Long Xiang Luo hears a loud sound before her silver whip turns to ashes, flying in the air.  Those purple petals did not stop and goes straight for the frozen Long Xiang Luo.

By the time Long Xiang Luo regains her composure from the shock of her whip breaking, she only gets to dodge from two of the petals.  The remaining one petal pierces through Long Xiang Luo's chest.

Long Xiang Luo gasps in shock before promptly falling from mid-air.

Yun Qian Yu can see a black silhouette rushing over from a hidden spot.  That person saves Long Xiang Luo before she hits the ground.

Ying Zi hugs Long Xiang Luo who coughs non-stop, "Thank you for showing her mercy, Princess Hu Guo."

Yun Qian Yu slowly descends to the ground.  She ignores Long Xiang Luo who is shooting her dagger-like looks and faces Ying Zi without any expression.

"We are in Nan Lou Kingdom, but if she continues to be ignorant of her place, I will not hesitate to complicate things."

Ying Zi stiffens.  He knows Yun Qian Yu did not go all out because she does not want anything to happen to Long Xiang Luo when she is in Nan Lou Kingdom.  But if Long Xiang Luo continues to provoke her, she will not hesitate to remove this obstacle of hers

"I understand!" Ying Zi hugs Long Xiang Luo before disappearing under the night sky.

Yun Qian Yu turns to Gong Sang Mo who has been hiding in a dark spot, "What?  Your heart aches?"

Gong Sang Mo helplessly walks over to her, "Yes, my heart aches.  My heart aches because it is night and you still has to deal with those idiots."

Just as Yun Qian Yu left, San Qiu arrived and told him that Long Xiang Luo was camping outside Xian Wang's manor.   Gong Sang Mo immediately chased after Yun Qian Yu.  After seeing her dealing with this so effortlessly, he decides to remain hidden, but the alert Yun Qian Yu still sensed his presence.  Or rather, he purposely allowed her to sense his presence.

Hearing that, the corner of Yun Qian Yu's lips curls behind the face cover.

"Go home.  If you don't, you will not get to sleep tonight."  After saying that, Yun Qian Yu flies up and heads back to the palace.

"Let me send you home!" Gong Sang Mo's pale blue robe billows as he chases after her.

Yun Qian Yu does not reject his offer.

After they reach the palace, Gong Sang Mo watches her enters her palace before turning around to leave.  On the way home, he thinks to himself: He has never seen the girl using a weapon before.  This cannot do.  He must prepare one for her; a powerful one.  Or else, she might lose if she meets an opponent on her level.

In the imperial palace, Ying Yu is the one on duty.  When she sees Yun Qian Yu returning, she prepares her bath water.  Even though she finds it weird that Yun Qian Yu is wearing a face cover, she does not ask about things she must not ask.

After that, Ying Yu helps Yun Qian Yu undress.

Yun Qian Yu waves her hand off, "I can do it myself.  Go to bed.  We still need to go to Tian En Temple tomorrow.  As for the bath water, someone else can take it out tomorrow."

Ying Yu looks at her in surprise, but retreats anyway.

Once Ying Yu is gone, Yun Qian Yu takes off her face cover and undress.  She takes a quick bath, place an ointment to promote blood circulation on her lips before going to bed.

She even purposely pulls her blanket up as to hide her lips, secretly praying that her lips will get better tomorrow.

On the next day, Chen Xiang wakes Yun Qian Yu up for the morning court.  Since Yun Qian Yu sleeps late for the last two nights, she needs to be woken up by Chen Xiang.

As Chen Xiang helps Yun Qian Yu change into her official robe, she sniffs a couple of times.  "Mistress, why am I smelling the scent of ointment?  It should be the ointment to help with blood circulation on wounds.  Are you injured, Mistress?" With that in mind, Chen Xiang promptly panics.

"No I am not.  I opened the ointment jar last night, the scent probably lingers."  Yun Qian Yu's eyes flash.  She is thankful that the swelling has gone down, or else, she would have lost her face.

"Oh!" Chen Xiang continues helping her dress up in relief.

Yu Jian arrives at her palace on time, and like usual, the two of them drink their porridge before going to the morning court.

The morning court does not have any imperative discussions today; it is mainly about Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu's trip to Tian En Temple.  Since it is in a rush, the Department of Rites are really busy.

During the court session, those who had something in their hearts were beaten by Yun Qian Yu yesterday.  Today, they sigh in relief:  Princess Hu Guo really intends to give them another chance.  They must mind their own business and keep themselves out of trouble if they don't want to lose their official hats.

Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian does not return to their respective palaces after the court.  Instead, they head over to Murong Cang's palace and eat breakfast with him.

Murong Cang sighs, "You two must be really careful during this trip."

Yun Qian Yu replies him, "Do not worry, grandfather.  As long as Qian Yu is here, Qian Yu will make sure Yu Jian is safe."

"You must be safe too," Murong Cang corrects Yun Qian Yu.

Yun Qian Yu nods.

"If things goes wrong, disregard everything else and return safely!" Murong Cang cannot help but says that.

"Grandfather, everything has been prepared.  We will be careful," says Yun Qian Yu.

"Go on!" Murong Cang waves his hand away.

There is nothing he can do despite not being at ease.  He does not have much time, sooner or later, the two will have to depend on themselves.

Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian board their respective carriage.  Yu Jian's carriage is in front while Yun Qian Yu's is behind his.  Their procession slowly moves out of the capital and heads towards Tian En Temple.

The imperial son and Princess Hu Guo going to Tian En Temple to pray for His Majesty is not a small matter.  That, added with the fact that the emperor ordered all young nobles to pray with them causes the procession to be very long.  Behind the two's carriages are carriages from other manors.  This is a very rare sight, so many commoners gather to watch the fanfare.

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