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I've seen some of the comments with regards to translating the side story at

From what I can tell, it's not done by the same author as WDQK so it's probably not be cannon.

After seeking aid from the great Thyaeria (Translator of TGR & TDG), he has kindly showed me the way to three side story WDQK chapters that were posted as part of TGR (it seems like a random freebie to the readers that he wrote after WDQK)

After TLing it, it doesn't seem to have anything spoilerish,

So... here's chapter 1~

Such foundations were unfathomable even in the eyes of countless experts.

The north-west land of the Ice Spirit Continent.

Ice spikes covered a rather sinister looking towering ice mountain that rose steeply from the ground. The mountain was covered in a layer of thick ice, and seemed to give off an ice-blue glow. Under the rays of the sun, it reflected a cold and lonely light.

A figure in a black robe was currently standing on the icy peak with his hands behind his back. He lifted his head a little, revealing the knife like side of his face. From this angle, he appeared very determined.

He had a pair of black eyes that were deep as the night. An ancient feeling swirled in the depths of these eyes, as if they had experienced Reincarnation itself.

He lifted his head and peered into the distance, where space was violently distorting. A titanic ice door was faintly discernible, while an overwhelming aura that originated from ancient times slowly spread.

This was the spatial gate that led to the ancestral land of the Ice Spirit Tribe.


While he observed the giant ice gate, the faint sounds of footsteps was suddenly heard from behind. He turned around, and looked at the four figures that had appeared, as a smile surfaced on his resolute face.

“How is it?”

The four which had appeared consisted of two men and two women. The young woman leading them was fairer than snow and dressed in white. Her beauty could cause the downfall of nations, and her aloof demeanor was akin to a snow lotus, causing others to feel inferior in comparison.

At the white clothed lady’s side was a lass in a black dress. Her appearance was attractive, but a dignified and stern look surged in her beautiful eyes.

However, when this girl looked at the man before them, a sweet and gentle smile immediately surfaced on her pretty face. She grinned as she pounced over and intimately grabbed his sleeve, “Big brother Lin Dong, we made sure to clearly ask about it. There is indeed an Ice Spirit Tablet within the Ice Spirit Tribe. It is the ultimate treasure of the tribe, and it is said that anyone who possess the bloodline of Ice Spirit Royalty will leave behind an Ice Spirit inside it at birth. I believe that Huanhuan’s soul fragments are definitely within it!”

“Really?” Upon hearing this piece of news, a smile of being relieved from a great burden appeared on the determined face of the man before their eyes, who had been as stable as a mountain even during countless thrilling experiences, 

“However, the Ice Spirit Tablet is the ultimate treasure of the Ice Spirit Tribe. They will never allow an outsider to approach.” The fairer than snow beauty in white softly said.

The man called Lin Dong frowned as he replied, “You’ve talked with them?”

“We’ve talked. The Ice Spirit Tribe side have said that they have no intentions of negotiating. They insist that we leave at once.” The one who spoke this time was a bewitchingly handsome slim young man. Such looks would cause envy to rise even in the hearts of many women. However, his pretty boy face was ice-cold, and gave off an aura of extreme unapproachability.

“Looks like our Martial Realm is being looked down upon by others.” He faintly grinned as cold killing intent was revealed in those slightly narrowed peach blossom pupils.

“Big brother, why not we just go ahead and do it. A mere Ice Spirit Tribe. Do they really think that us three brothers are so easily bullied?! I do not believe that they will still refuse to hand over the Ice Spirit Tablet after we turn their world upside down!” A muffled thunder like voice rang out, as a metal tower like figure stood up behind the bewitchingly handsome man. His shadow practically engulfed the entire group. He had a rather rough appearance, and his arms were covered in sinister looking scars. Merely standing there caused an ominous aura to fill the air, as if he was a monsterous ferocious tiger, and even space itself started to tremble.

“Turning their world upside down is not an issue, but what if they are driven into desperation and destroy the Ice Spirit Tablet?” The bewitchingly handsome man icily said.

The metal tower like man awkwardly scratched his head, and did not dare to speak any further. He knew how great a price big brother had paid for this glimmer of hope. If this last hope was destroyed, he was really unable to imagine what kind of blow would be dealt to big brother.

“Then what should we do second brother?” The metal tower like man asked in a thunder like voice.

The bewitchingly handsome man did not reply, but merely looked to the man in front of them.

Lin Dong tilted his head and gazed at the faintly discernible giant ice gate in the distance. He was silent for a long time, before he slowly said, “I have already waited so many years for this day. Thus, I will not give up no matter what.”

“Then shall we take action?” The bewitchingly handsome man inquired.

Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head and replied, “Let me do it this time. You guys return to the Martial Realm. It was recently established, and needs all of you to oversee it.”

“Big brother Lin Dong, you intend to charge into the Ice Spirit Tribe alone?” The girl in black was alarmed, and hastily spoke out, “No can do. This Ice Spirit Tribe is extremely powerful. It is very dangerous for you to go alone!”

Soon after, her pretty eyes turned slightly frosty, as she made a clenching motion with her hand, and a scythe of darkness appeared within it. The dark aura from the one that was once the master of darkness exploded as she said, “If we join hands, even the Ice Spirit Tribe will not dare to try anything funny!”

“That’s right big brother. The thing that these ancient tribes love to do the most is to bully others with a numerical advantage!” The metal tower like man also thundered.

Lin Dong waved his hands, “We cannot possibly completely fall out with the Ice Spirit Tribe. Moreover, Huanhuan is after all a member of the tribe, and she has a similar bloodline to them. If I go alone, the most disastrous situation will not occur.”

As they looked at his resolute face, the four knew that they could not longer persuade him, and could only nod in the end.

“Then we will first return to the Martial Realm. If there are any problems, immediately send us a message.” The bewitchingly handsome man looked at Lin Dong as he slowly continued, “We are brothers. We will follow you even if you are going to break apart the heavens!”

Lin Dong smiled a little as he replied, “Don’t worry. What kind of storms have we not seen after so many years? A mere Ice Spirit Tribe cannot stop me.”

“Then be careful.” The bewitchingly handsome man nodded. Without further ado, he took a step back as light blossomed, and disappeared together with the metal tower like man.

“Big brother Lin Dong, we will wait for you in the Martial Realm!” Although the girl in black was a little unhappy, she knew that this was not the time to cause a fuss. 

Therefore, she also turned and left after speaking.

As the three of them left, only Lin Dong and the fairer than snow beauty remained on the icy peak.

Lin Dong gazed at the woman who had followed him all the way from the lower realms to this Great Thousand Worlds. An apologetic look appeared in his eyes, but before he could say anything, an ice-cold hand gently covered his mouth.

“Do not apologize. She could take even that final step for you. If you do not do this, you will not be the Lin Dong I know.” The woman softly said.

“Qingzhu, wait for me to bring her back.” Lin Dong reached out, and hugged the woman’s slim waist as he softly said by her ear.


The absolute beauty in his arms lightly nodded. Soon after, she took two steps back. Her enchanting body flickered, and she also gradually vanished.

The icy peak once again became silent. Lin Dong turned around, and blankly stared at the distant giant ice gate. He did not take action immediately, but instead slowly sat down.

With his back against an ice-cold rock, he gently closed his eyes, as painful and rather distant memories slowly became clearer bit by bit, as if they had been dug out again after being unused for a long time.

In a place known as the Chaotic Demon Sea on a plane known as the Tianxuan Continent...

The Yimo Emperor had torn apart the seal between the planes, and descended once again. All life in the world was in danger. The end days had arrived, and all had started to despair...

The girl that everyone had placed their final hopes on had gathered the power of the world, and attacked the Ancestor stage. But everything had fallen through due to the lack of one final push...

In a world filled with despair and terror, the girl had cried as she watched him smile. Her sobbing voice was still as clear as ever.

“The truth is, I have long known that this would be the outcome. Even all of this power cannot enable anyone to reach the Ancestor stage. Moreover, the forceful raising of one’s cultivation stage will result in extreme repercussions. The current me can no longer reach the Ancestor stage…”

“How can it be so easy to truly reach the Ancestor stage. However, it is all within expectation. Hence, I have actually still succeeded…”

“Because I knew that this would be the result, I rejected your intentions to replace me. Sorry, I did not mean to overlook your efforts… I know of all that you have done…”

“Sorry… I had lied to you since the beginning. I made you enter the Ancestral Citadel to create the Divine Palace, and even forced you to undergo three Reincarnation tribulations… I truly am the one whom you hate the most…”

At that very moment, everyone in the world watched the sobbing girl covering her mouth in the sky, as her sobbing voice slowly echoed across the area.

“You! What exactly do you plan on doing?!” His heart had been about to be torn apart as he watched her cry.

“I’m sorry… I only want you to live.” Her pretty eyes had been entirely red. Tears gathered in her eyes, as her soft voice struck him like thunder.

She slowly backed away, while her voice rang out in the ears of everyone in the plane.

“I pray with my soul…”

“With my body…”

“With my soul…”

“With my blood…”

“I call upon the spirits of the world, divine transformation, ancestral path!”

Ice-blue flames rose in spirals, completely engulfing her body, as her somewhat choking voice slowly spread.

“Sorry… I do not want to protect the world, nor do I want to be its saviour. But, I want you to live…”

“Lin Dong, thank you for allowing me to fall in love with you before I awakened… and thank you for given me so many beautiful moments. You allowed me to understand… no matter how icy the heart, there will eventually be a time for it to blossom…”

“You once asked me if I was the Ice Master or Ying Huanhuan…”

“The current me can tell you… fool, what Ice Master, I have been Ying Huanhuan all along…”


On the icy peak, Lin Dong leaned against a ice-cold rock, as a girl’s sobbing voice seemed to cross time and space and echoed by his ear. He slowly opened his eyes, as tears flowed down his determined face.

A figure seemed to appear before his eyes once again.

She had her hands behind her back, while her jet-black ponytail bounced in a lively manner. That pretty face was filled with a crafty yet lovable smile. Everything was the same as it had been many years before when they first met in Dao Sect.

Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed at the distant giant ice gate in the distorted space. He slowly reached out his hand, as lightning blossomed from his palm. Lightning dragons coiled around the Lightning Emperor Scepter that had appeared in his hand.

He tightly grasped the scepter as he slowly stood up. In his black eyes was a determination that could not be shaken.

I have walked the entirety of Reincarnation just to meet you.

No matter what, no matter how great the price. Even if I have to ascend the heavens or descend to the depths of hell, I will bring you back!

And now...

I am here!

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