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Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 4

Cold Qi pervaded the land. Lightning coiled and twisted around a scepter wielding figure as he slowly walked forward. Space seemed to shudder every time his foot landed on the ground, creating ripples that could been seen with the naked eye.

The eyes of the many Ice Spirit Tribe experts were filled with fear. The pressure this figure gave them was really too overwhelming. It was so great that even... Ice Spirit Ancestor had never given them such a feeling.

There was likewise wariness and gravenss in Ice Spirit Ancestor’s eyes as he stared at Lin Dong’s figure. Even he could feel a sliver of danger from the latter’s body.

Under the numerous fearful gazes, Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a stop. He looked towards Ice Spirit Ancestor, as he slowly tightened his grip around the cackling Lightning Emperor Scepter, and spoke in a rather flat voice, “One should always repay another’s kindness. Since Ice Spirit Tribe has so warmly welcomed me, kindly receive this attack of mine honorable one!”

He already knew that peaceful negotiations were useless with regards to this Ice Spirit Tribe. Since sincerity had no effect… force would have to be used.

Ch ch!

The instant Lin Dong’s words faded, the lightning coiling around his body suddenly erupted in a maniacal manner. Like a storm, it filled the area within a several hundred thousand feet radius around him.

Thunder rumbled in the area, and signs of crumbling could be seen.

“Disperse the array!”

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s pupils tightened upon seeing this, and he sternly shouted.

Upon hearing this, the many Ice Spirit Tribe experts, that had originally set-up the array in order to stop Lin Dong, hastily retreated. This was because they were also able to feel how terrifying this particular attack of Lin Dong’s was. With the exception of Heavenly Sovereigns, not even the bones of perfect Earthly Sovereign would remain if he was caught in it.


As the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts retreated, intense rays suddenly exploded from the lightning around Lin Dong. In the beginning, the lightning light rapidly shrunk at an astonishing speed. Several breaths later, it transformed into incomparably thick black thunder clouds that loomed in the sky above.

Lightning accumulated within the clouds. Although no thunder was emitted, the strange silence caused one to feel a little unease and terror.

The thick black thunder clouds were reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes. He lightly tapped the Lightning Emperor Scepter on the ground, as a soft voice was slowly spat out from his mouth, “Lightning Emperor Hand!”


The thunder clouds squirmed as a giant black hand abruptly extended from within them. The giant hand was inscribed with countless bizzare lightning runes, and every rune seemed to contain an endless amount of berserk lightning.

An almost annihilation like ripple spread from the giant hand.

The moment it appeared, the hand shattered the void, appearing above Ice Spirit Ancestor as it viciously swatted downwards.


Before the attack even landed, the space within the area of a thousand miles of Ice Spirit Ancestor completely shattered. Countless space fragments shot out, however, these space fragments that were as sharp as god tier weapons were quickly turned into nothingness by the almost annihilation like power...

It was as if the hand was the true herald of armageddon.

Ice Spirit Ancestor lifted his head and looked at the black lightning palm that was almost about to swallow him, as a grave expression appeared on his aged face. He never imagined that the power of Lin Dong’s casual attack would reach such a level.

In the face of such an attack, even someone as powerful as Ice Spirit Ancestor did not dare to be careless. His hands immediately formed a seal, and his clothes fluttered though there was no wind.

His sleeves suddenly expanded at this moment, and endless snow howled as it flew out. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a world of ice and snow around him.

“Ultimate Technique, Inextinguishable Ice God Dome!”

As Ice Spirit Ancestor’s shout rang out, the endless snow started to gather together at an alarming speed. In a short span of several breaths, it transformed into an enormous dome of ice in the sky above. The dome was as thick as a mountain, and seemed to be able to withstand everything the world could throw at it. Its strong defensive power was sufficient to make any normal Heavenly Sovereign helpless.

It was evident that in the face of Lin Dong’s attack, even Ice Spirit Ancestor did not dare to be the slightest bit negligent, and directly brought out their Ice Spirit Tribe’s ultimate technique.


An ice dome that enveloped the land appeared. However, the lightning hand did not slow down at all, and continued to sweep downwards. In the end, it heavily slammed onto the ice dome under the trembling gazes of countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts.

Unexpectedly, no sound emerged at the moment of impact. This was because endless lightning had gushed out from the lightning hand, and eroded at the Ice Spirit Power on the ice dome.

Similarly, extremely cold Spirit Power burst out from the ice dome, and attempted to freeze the lightning.

Two colossal forces seemed to be in at a deadlock at that very instant.

However, when Lin Dong lifted his head and saw this scene, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand once again lightly tapped the ground, as a faint voice echoed, “Break!”


At this very moment, it was as if a hundred thousand thunderbolts roared in rage. Deafening thunder shook the land, as black lightning light poured down from the giant palm like a terrible flood.

The indestructible ice dome was forcibly destroyed by the lightning light.

The faces of countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts turned pale with terror. Their ancestor’s strongest defensive technique was actually broken apart by a single palm from Lin Dong?!

“What kind of monster is he?!”

Numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts looked at Lin Dong’s figure with horror and despair. This was the first time they had seen their ancestor suffer such at loss!


The incomparable enormous ice dome completely crumbled. As snow danced in the sky, a miserable figure was thrown several tens of thousand of feet backwards, before he slowly stabilized his body.

As Ice Spirit Ancestor steadied his body, he lifted his head and looked at the figure that was bathed in lightning. A look of astonishment involuntarily surfaced on his aged face.

He similarly did not expect that his strongest defensive technique would actually be so pathetic before Lin Dong.

“This person is a formidable foe!”

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s sleeves exploded at this moment. He stared at Lin Dong’s figure and gritted his teeth, before his figure suddenly transformed into a ray of snowy light that shot towards the depths of the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land.

The many Ice Spirit Tribe experts fled in terror when they saw that even their ancestor had withdrawn.

Lin Dong did not bother with them, and merely stared at Ice Spirit Ancestor’s fleeing figure. He tightened his grip on the Lightning Emperor Scepter, and walked towards the depths of the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land.


The ray of light that Ice Spirit Ancestor had transformed into pierced through the air. In the next moment, he appeared before a grand hall at the depths of the ancestral land. At this time, three figures stood with their hands behind their backs outside the hall.

These were the three guests that Ice Spirit Ancestor had invited. Snow Devil Old Man, Dragon Sovereign, and… Battle Emperor.

The trio was slightly stunned when they saw the ragged figure of Ice Spirit Ancestor. To have pushed Ice Spirit Ancestor so far in the Ice Spirit Tribe, it seemed that this intruder was rather strong indeed.

“Three old friends, please delay that formidable person until this old man activates the sacred object and suppresses him!”

The trio exchanged a look. Snow Devil Old Man was the first to chuckle, “Might as well, this old man is interested to find out how ferocious the one from the lower planes is. To think that he actually dares to behave so atrociously in Ice Spirit Tribe.”

Dragon Sovereign also nodded, “It has been a long time since this old man has encountered such a wild individual.”

As they spoke, they looked towards Battle Emperor. Although the latter had cultivated for the shortest time amongst them, his battle power was indeed overwhelming.

When he saw their gazes, Battle Emperor faintly smiled and said, “Since ancestor has invited me over, I will surely persuade the trespasser to quickly withdraw.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble the three of you!” Ice Spirit Ancestor was delighted.

The trio laughed and nodded, before their figures moved, transforming into rays of light that flew into the sky. Meanwhile, Ice Spirit Ancestor headed towards the deepest part of the Ice Spirit Tribe.

Cold Qi pervaded the land as a figure bathed in lightning advanced in an unhurried manner. When he passed by, it was as if the lightning god had descended, bringing with him thunder that filled the sky. The countless Ice Spirit Tribe members in the domain shivered under this mighty thunder aura.

Lin Dong’s advancing figure suddenly came to a halt. Space warped in front of him, and three figures appeared with a flash.

“Three Heavenly Sovereigns?”

As he looked upon the three figures, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little. To think that the Ice Spirit Tribe had such strong foundations.

“Ignorant little one, how dare you behave so atrociously in the Ice Spirit Tribe?!” Snow Devil Old Man’s eyes were like electricity. Space froze into black ice wherever he looked as he sternly shouted.

Dragon Sovereign’s arms were crossed across his chest. Although he did not speak, a terrifying dragon aura swept across the land.

Battle Emperor stood with one hand his behind his back. He glanced at Lin Dong, and faintly smiled as he uttered, “I’ll give you ten breaths to leave the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land.”

Three Heavenly Sovereigns towered in front of Lin Dong like imposing mountains. This was a sight that made one unable to breath.

Countless Ice Spirit Tribe practitioners watched this from far away. When they saw the three Heavenly Sovereigns stop Lin Dong, they involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief.

In the face of three Heavenly Sovereigns, no matter how wild Lin Dong was, he should be stopped and forced to withdraw, right?

While they were entertaining such thoughts, Lin Dong first frowned as he glanced at the three Heavenly Sovereigns. Subsequently, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand heavily slammed onto the ground. Thunder rumbled as he declared in a low voice.

“Make way!”

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