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Ancestral land of the Ice Spirit Tribe.

The great hall was filled with singing, dancing and flute music.

Numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts were currently gathered within this great hall. Boundless Spirit Power pulsed, causing space to ripple. However, even in this congregation of experts, the four figures at the head position of the hall were undoubtedly the focal point. Every word or action of theirs made the numerous experts in the great hall feel a kind of pressure that was difficult to describe.

At the central head seat of the great hall was an elder wearing a blue robe. The elder’s face gave off an azure glow, and a terrifying chill spread with every movement he made, causing frost to continuously form in the surroundings. Even the Spirit Power that had gathered around him would transform into dazzling multi-colored crystal fragments due to the terrifying Cold Qi.

Everytime Spirit Power was frozen into ice, the elder would draw in a breath, and swallow them into his body. Boundless Spirit Power faintly surged within his eyes.

“Ancestor’s Ice Underworld Divine Art is rapidly approaching the pinnacle of perfection!”

While the elder displayed his domineering absorption method, the numerous high ranking Ice Spirit Tribe members in the great hall burst out in praise. Words of flattery were unceasingly sent out without any embarrassment.

This was because this elder was currently the most powerful practitioner in the Ice Spirit Tribe. He was known as Ice Spirit Ancestor, and was a true blue Heavenly Sovereign. He had a tyrannical reputation even in the Great Thousand Worlds, and was also the greatest pillar that supported the Ice Spirit Tribe.

Ice Spirit Ancestor merely smiled in response to such flattery, “With my old pal Snow Devil here, this Ice Underworld Divine Art of mine is really nothing to boast about.”

While he spoke, his smiling gaze turned towards the three seats below. On the right most seat was an elder with a white beard and white hair. This old man’s skin was as white and snow, while his long white beard hung before him, making him appear like an immortal.

When he heard Ice Spirit Ancestor’s laughter, he also smiled as he shook his head, “Brother Ice Spirit, this old man cannot hold a candle to your Ice Underworld Divine Art.”

Although his words were so, this white haired elder’s eyes had a slight smiling expression. It was clear that his inner thoughts were not completely in line with his words.

His expression was seen by everyone, yet no one was offended by it. This elder was after all similarly a famous peak practitioner in the Great Thousand Worlds. He was known as Snow Devil Old Man, and had been friends with Ice Spirit Ancestor for many years.

Ice Spirit Ancestor and him were equally powerful, and neither of the two was stronger than the other.

“You two old fellows clearly intend on suppressing the other, yet you still act in such a hypocritical manner.” While this exchanged occurred between Ice Spirit Ancestor and Snow Devil Old Man, a mocking voice emerged from the side. It gave no face at all the two exceedingly powerful Heavenly Sovereigns.

If any ordinary person was to speak in such a manner, he would likely have long been vaporized to dust. Yet, Ice Spirit Ancestor and Snow Devil Old Man merely chuckled when they heard this, before their gazes turned towards the one who had spoken.

The speaker was a tall and well built elder. This elder wore a black robe, while his eyes glowed purple-gold. A dragon’s roar seemed to faintly echo within his loud and clear voice.

While he sat there, a pressure that caused one’s scalp to turn numb spread. It was as if he was a terrible and ferocious dragon.

“Dragon Sovereign’s tongue is still so sharp after so many years.” Ice Spirit Ancestor grinned as he spoke. His tone indicated that he did not mind the well built black robed elder’s mocking words at all.

It was because this black robed elder was a grand elder of the Great Thousand Worlds’ dragon tribe. His fighting prowess was outstanding, and his true body was that of a pure blood true dragon!

This was also an existence that was comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign! He was known as Dragon Sovereign!

Dragon Sovereign curled his lips and said, “You old fogeys have only reached the Heavenly Sovereign level after cultivating for so many years. Compared to Battle Emperor, such cultivation might as well be put on a dog.”

Upon hearing Dragon Sovereign’s vicious words, Ice Spirit Ancestor and Snow Devil Old Man bitterly smiled as they shook their heads. Their somewhat envious gazes were cast towards the far left seat, finding the figure that had been smiling at them since the beginning.

The figure wore a gold robe, and gave off a majestic and imposing aura. In contrast to Ice Spirit Ancestor and the rest, this person’s appearance was rather young. His handsome face was like a dagger scabbard, and a smile hung from the corners of his mouth. This elegance made him the most dazzling existence in the great hall.

In particular, the beauties of the Ice Spirit Tribe could not help but look at him with longing. Their constantly peered at the golden robed man with slightly flushed faces. It was clear that they had been smitten by his elegance.

Compared to old monsters like Ice Spirit Ancestor and the rest, this golden robed man was at the peak of his prime.

Though this golden robed man was the last to begin his cultivation journey amongst them, there was not even the slightest contempt in the sharp tongued Dragon Sovereign’s eyes when he looked at the former. Instead, there was great wariness.

It was because the man before their eyes had not only reached the Heavenly Sovereign stage at such a young age, but over the recent years, he had travelled far and wide to challenge others, and had not suffered a single defeat. Hence, his domineering and peerless title as Battle Emperor in the Great Thousand Worlds. 

If it was one on one, regardless of whether it was Ice Spirit Ancestor, Snow Devil Old Man or Dragon Sovereign, it was likely that none of them would be able to defeat him.

“Battle Emperor’s talent is without equal. It is likely that he will be able to aim for the Saint Grade Heavenly Sovereign level in future. This is not something that old fellows like us can match.” Snow Devil Old Man sighed as he enviously remarked.

Ice Spirit Ancestor and Dragon Sovereign felt the same way. The Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand Worlds were split into three grades, the Spirit Grade, Celestial Grade and Saint Grade. All of them were currently at the Spirit Grade.

Battle Emperor smiled a little and said, “The Saint Grade is indeed my goal. I believe that I should be able to take that step.”

Although he was smiling as he spoke, his tone was exceptionally determined. It was as if he had extreme confidence in himself, and a faint domineering aura was revealed.

No one refuted such arrogance. Instead, they believed that he was amply determined. This was because he did have the qualifications.


While the atmosphere in the great hall was at its peak, a ray of light suddenly shot in from outside. In the end, it turned into a little ice bird that landed on Ice Spirit Ancestor’s shoulders and started chirping incessantly.

Upon hearing the little ice bird’s chirps, the originally smiling expression in the eyes of Ice Spirit Ancestor abruptly darkened, as an invisible mighty pressure spread. The originally festive great hall immediately became completely silent. Reverence was revealed in the eyes of numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts as they looked towards their ancestor.

The only three that were not affected by Ice Spirit Ancestor were the three Heavenly Sovereigns, Battle Emperor, Dragon Sovereign and Snow Devil Old Man.

“What is it?” Snow Devil Old Man asked.

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s complexion was a little ugly as he snorted, “A foolishly arrogant fellow from the lower planes actually has delusions of borrowing my Ice Spirit Tribe’s Ice Spirit Tablet to revive his wife. Does he not know that the Ice Spirit Tablet is the ultimate treasure of my tribe? It will suffer every time it is used, how can it be lent to an outsider!”

“This old man has repeatedly rejected his request. It is unexpected that this fellow not only refuses to back off, but instead has the gall to forcibly break into my Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land. Such arrogance!”

Towards the end, Ice Spirit Ancestor had already exploded in anger. Frightening Cold Qi rose around his body, and the sounds of things being frozen emerged in the great hall.

“Forcibly break into the ancestral land? This person from the lower planes is indeed arrogant.”

Snow Devil Old Man the rest exchanged a look, before they let out a chuckle. The Great Thousand Worlds was the gathering point of the countless lower planes. Thus, the Great Thousand Worlds experts would look upon those from the lower planes with contempt. How could they not laugh when they heard that a reckless fellow from the lower planes actually intended to break into the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land.

With Ice Spirit Ancestor overseeing the Ice Spirit Tribe, even the full powered attacks of a Heavenly Sovereign would not find success.

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s expression was dark. He suddenly waved his sleeve, and an ice mirror was formed before them. An ancient ice tablet silently towered within the ice mirror.

“This old man wants to see just who in my tribe would marry such a peasant.”

With a flick of his finger, a chilling light landed on the Ice Spirit Tablet, and icy light instantly flickered on it. In the end, the light converged, and a beautiful figure gradually appeared.

The figure’s eyes were tightly shut, and her long hair glowed with an ice-blue brilliance. Her expression was cold as frost, but she was very beautiful, while a faint yet extremely cold aura spread from her.

Many became breathless when the sight of this beautiful figure landed in their eyes. Subsequently, the branch tribe leaders of the Ice Spirit Tribe frowned in thought, but ultimately shook their heads towards Ice Spirit Ancestor, indicating that this woman was not part of their tribe.

“Eh? Not part of my tribe?” Ice Spirit Ancestor was taken aback as he spoke in astonishment, “Then how did her soul fragment appear in the Ice Spirit Tablet. Only the royal bloodline of my tribe have this qualification.”

The various branch tribe leaders looked to each other. Moments later, someone spoke out with a pondering tone, “It is recorded in our ancestral archives that there was once a branch of the royal line that broke away from our Ice Spirit Tribe in the distant past. There was subsequently no news from them, and it was believed that they had been wiped out. This woman might belong to that particular branch.”

Only after hearing this did Ice Spirit Ancestor nod his head, and coldly said, “Since they have already broken away from the tribe, don’t even think of using the Ice Spirit Tribe to revive.”

“Heh heh, the talent of this soul fragment is extraordinary. If old Ice finds it troublesome, please grant it to my humble self. I will definitely properly take care of it.” At this moment, Battle Emperor’s eyes suddenly brightened a little as he gazed at the beautiful figure within the Ice Spirit Tablet and said.

Ice Spirit Ancestor was stunned. Soon after, he recalled that Battle Emperor was someone who appreciates beauty. He immediately waved his hands, and said with a smile, “If Battle Emperor is interested, this old man will bestow this soul fragment upon you after the intruder is dealt with.”

It was definitely worth it if a mere soul fragment could create closer relations with Battle Emperor.

Battle Emperor chuckled upon hearing this and replied, “Then I’ll have to thank old Ice. If my help is needed, feel free to ask.”

By the side, Snow Devil Old Man and Dragon Sovereign also nodded, indicating that they would lend their aid. After all, the Ice Spirit Tribe was very powerful, and it was beneficial to have a closer relation with them.

Ice Spirit Ancestor grinned upon seeing this, “This old man thanks you for your good intentions. However, a mere peasant from the lower planes is unworthy of your attention. You only need to watch from behind.”

After speaking, his coldly looked towards the Ice Spirit Tribe branch leaders, and smiled icily, “Activate the great array. This old man wants to see exactly where this fellow from the lower planes found to courage to break into my Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land!”


In the great hall, numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts immediately responded. They transformed into countless flashes of light and shot forth. In an instant, terrifying Spirit Power soared in the Ice Spirit Tribe domain as layers of icy halos spread.

The Cold Qi at the entrance to the ancestral land domain was as vast as the sea, and seemed to freeze space itself, while countless figures stood in the surrounding air. Spirit Power pulsed like an inescapable net, completely enveloping the area within a hundred thousand feet.

An ice lotus rose in the air behind them. Ice Spirit Ancestor was seated on it, as he frostily looked at the entrance to the ancestral land domain.

All the defenses of the ancestral land had been fully activated at this moment. Furthermore, with Ice Spirit Ancestor here, even a Heavenly Sovereign would only be able to retreat in defeat!

The entire area was silent while bitter cold descended. It was a cold filled with endless killing intent.

The experts of the Ice Spirit Tribe were focused on the entrance.

Cold Qi engulfed the area. Suddenly, Ice Spirit Ancestor’s eyes narrowed, and his stern gaze shot towards the ancestral land entrance, only to see violent ripples emerging.

“He really dared to come! Truly a reckless fool!” Ice Spirit Ancestor’s rage hit the peak as he darkly said.

Cold Qi unfurled as the faint footsteps of someone walking through the air was heard. The gazes of countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts gathered, and they watched as a figure gradually appeared within the endless Cold Qi.

The figure stood tall and straight, while his aura was unfathomable like the deep abyss. Lightning spread from the Lightning Emperor Scepter he wielded. His expression was akin to an ancient well as he stood before the countless experts of the Ice Spirit Tribe. Subsequently, a voice echoed within the ancestral land domain.

“Martial Realm’s Lin Dong has come to visit this noble tribe to borrow the Ice Spirit Tablet!”

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