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Chapter 994

Rookie List


Chaotic emotional fluctuations were like ripples that emerged within Ying Huanhuan’s frozen lake like eyes. In that moment, this young lady on the ice lotus seemed to have been awoken from her frozen state. The liveliness, which had vanished for a year, had recovered a little because of this name…

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the drastically changing young lady and could not help but bitterly laugh. Love was a rather harmful word.

“He… is he alright?”

Ying Huanhuan bit her red lips. Her originally clear and sweet voice was currently accompanied by a tremble. Her eyes seemed like fragile crystals that would crack at any moment.


Ying Xiaoxiao nodded. Soon after, she smiled, “He should currently be in Chaotic Demon Sea. It seems that he has met the previous generation’s three little kings, the Huo Yuan trio…”

“Huo Yuan.” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes hardened. There seemed to be a blade like iciness surging within her eyes.

“There is no need to worry. That fellow now is quite extraordinary. The Huo Yuan trio fought him, only to end up being killed at his hands. A great commotion has broken out in the Yuan Gate because of this.” Ying Xiaoxiao hurriedly said after seeing the young lady’s expression.

The icy aura within Ying Huanhuan’s eyes, which could chill one’s soul, weakened only after she heard these words. She slightly lowered her head and looked at the frozen mirror like lake and softly said, “That hateful fellow… he promised me that he will not die. If he lies to me, I will retrieve him even if I have to break apart reincarnation.”

Ying Xiaoxiao stepped forward. Her hand involuntarily touched the young lady’s unusually icy face and spoke pitifully, “Since you now have some information about him, there is no need for you to continue shutting yourself up like this right? Father cannot be blamed for what happened back then.”

Ying Huanhuan gently lowered her eyes and said, “I know… I do not blame father. I can only blame myself for being useless. Each and every time, all I can do is to stand behind him and watch him fight alone…”

The young lady seemed to have recalled the exceptionally miserable sight of the thin blood drenched figure who had fought against the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate a year ago. Her eyes turned a little red. Immediately, she deeply inhaled a breath of air. She worked hard to show a smile on her pretty face. “I wish to become stronger… elder sister should be aware of his character. Once he returns to the Eastern Xuan Region, he will definitely attack the Yuan Gate. I wish to lend him a hand when that time comes.”

“This time around, I want to stand beside him and not hide behind him.”

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the young lady who had smiled. It was a smile that was stubborn and beautiful. A long while later, she sighed as her finger stroked the mysterious and complicated ancient symbol on Ying Huanhuan’s brow. Her eyes involuntarily reddened when she thought of how her sister, who was as lively as a pixie back then, was now cold as ice. “I am aware that your strength is continuously increasing. However, you should be know just what kind of drastic change you will have undergo in order for this to happen…”

“Lin Dong will not wish to see you transform in that manner.”

The smile on Ying Huanhuan’s face was slowly withdrawn. She extended her slender arms and hugged her knees. Her curled up body caused her to appear a little more delicate. She did not tell Ying Xiaoxiao that with the swift increase in her strength, she had discovered that some other memories had started to appear in her head.

She did not know whether this transformation was good or bad. However, she clearly understood just what kind of power Lin Dong needed in order to take revenge on the Yuan Gate. The only method she had to help him was this…

“Elder sister, don’t worry…”

The young lady lifted her head slightly a long while later. Sunlight scattered downwards, creating a beautiful lustre on her face, “As long as he returns safely, I will always be Ying Huanhuan.”

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the young lady. In the end, she softly sighed in her heart. After which, she extended her hand and hugged the young lady. The latter was now undoubtedly much more mature compared to the past. However, this ice-cold maturity caused the former to feel a slight ache in her heart…

Ying Huanhuan gently leaned on Ying Xiaoxiao as her icy blue eyes looked towards the sky. A familiar skinny figure seemed to appear where she looked as the corners of her mouth lifted into a gentle arc.

If you return, I will stand at your side and block everyone who wants to kill you. If you leave, I will slaughter the Yuan Gate for you. Even if I have to step into a sea of blood, my heart will be like ice.

While news of the Huo Yuan trio stirred a great commotion within the Eastern Xuan Region, the main character, Lin Dong, had long since brought Mu Lingshan with him and hurriedly left for the sea region that had started to become the focus of the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

The so called lightning competition that the Flame Divine Hall had organised this time around was an extremely grand event in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Its scale was many times grander than the martial gathering that the five clans of the Heaven Wind Sea Region had held. The ability of the Flame Divine Hall to gather people was not something that the five great clans could compare with.

Of course, part of the reason was naturally also because of the allure of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Although many people felt some doubt that the Flame Divine Hall would actually put forth an extremely rare divine object like the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol as the prize, it still caused the hearts of countless individuals to boil. Regardless of how intense the competition was, they must at least try for such a divine object…

“Big brother Lin Dong, the competition that the Flame Divine Hall is holding is really extremely lively…”

A huge whale swiftly crossed the sea of a certain sea region. Mu Lingshan was seated on the back of the whale. Her large eyes were looking all around her. It was possible to see many huge ships and various speeding sea beasts on this route. Moreover, their destination was the same. Clearly, these people were heading towards the Flame Sea Region.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded upon hearing this. This Flame Sea Region had likely become the focus of the entire Chaotic Demon Sea. The allure of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was indeed terrifying.

“Does big brother Lin Dong also plan to join the competition? Given your current strength, you will definitely be able to obtain a rather good result.” Mu Lingshan smiled as she spoke.

Lin Dong lazily stretched his waist and laughed, “Let’s look at the situation first. I am not too interested in becoming the champion. However, there is something there that belongs to me. I must take it back.”

Mo Luo had taken away a thunderbolt essence from the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Although it was not much harm, Lin Dong was able to vaguely detect a kind of defect after having completely refined the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

This defect was not obvious. If another hundred year passed, this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol would perhaps be able to repair the defect by itself. Unfortunately, Lin Dong did not wish to wait for such a long time. He was a perfectionist. Since he had obtained the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, he was naturally unwilling for a defect to be present in such a divine object…

Therefore, he must take back that missing thunderbolt essence.

“Hee hee, big brother Lin Dong, you are currently ranked ninth on the Rookie List of the Chaotic Demon Sea.” Mu Lingshan flipped her hand as a golden scroll appeared in it. Light was partially present on the scroll. One could vaguely see the words ‘Rookie List’ on it. This object was created from a faction called the Fate Pavilion of the Chaotic Demon Sea and possessed some authority. Those who were able to get onto the ranking were the most outstanding amongst the younger generation of the Chaotic Demon Sea.

Lin Dong smiled as he received the scroll from Mu Lingshan. There was an energy fluctuation on the scroll. Clearly, this was also a kind of spirit treasure. His eyes swept over it and saw a row of tiny glowing words on the ninth position.

“Ninth on the Rookie List, Lin Dong, perfect Profound Life stage, peak initial Divine Symbol Master, a member of the Dao Sect from the Eastern Xuan Region. He killed five initial Profound Death stage experts with his own strength in the Sky Lightning Sea Region. He is ranked nine because his skills are unknown.”

“What a powerful information network.” Lin Dong lifted his brow. This Fate Pavilion did indeed possess some ability. They had already learnt of what had only occurred a couple of days ago. Moreover, they even managed to clearly state that he was from the Dao Sect of the Eastern Xuan Region. This information gathering ability was really admirable.

“Big brother Lin Dong, it is rumoured that these top ten on the Rookie List will all participate in the competition. None of them are easy to deal with.” Mu Lingshan laughed.

Lin Dong nodded. He was only ranked ninth even after his battle achievements in the Sky Lightning Sea Region. From this, it was possible to tell just how strong the people on this Rookie List were.

Lin Dong’s eyes moved up along the scroll. Even with Lin Dong’s character, he was still quite curious about those ranked above him. This was because he was clearly aware that those who could make it into the top ten would definitely be considered monsters…

“Eighth on the Rookie List, Li Lin from the Sky Shark Sect. Initial Profound Death stage. He has a ruthless character and killed two experts at the same level as him in a head on clash!”

“Fifth on the Rookies List, Dark Demon Teng Kui from the Dark Sea Stream. Advance Divine Symbol Master. He once fought against an advance Profound Death stage expert and managed to escape unhurt by relying on his superb Mental Energy cultivation.”

“Third on the Rookie List, Little Myriad King of Thousand Myriad Mountain. He has perfected the Thousand Myriad Heavenly Skill and possessed the power of the myriad manifestations.”

“Second on the Rookie List, Fire Fairy Tang Xinlian from the Flame Divine Hall. First disciple of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol owner, Mo Luo. The successor to the Flame Divine Hall.”

Lin Dong’s brow lifted when he saw the top three names. This was because he discovered that the cultivation level of these three people was not made clear. However, the simple description was sufficient for one to feel their great strength.

Lin Dong gaze shifted upwards again, looking towards the top of the Rookie List. Immediately, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“First on the Rookie List, Faceless Person Xu Xiu. Once killed an advance Profound Death stage expert.”

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