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Chapter 98: Hidden Danger

From a wedding celebration to an all out war and then finally ending in the deaths of Lei Bao and Xie Qian. When everyone present saw the deaths of these two characters, they all understood that the Lei and Xie Families, which had been amply prepared, were still unable to successfully strike down the Lin Family. On the contrary, the Lei and Xie Families had suffered immensely under the counter-attack of the latter.

And this cost that they suffered would very likely spell the end of these two long-standing Families.

Having lost their two main pillars of support, the Lei and Xie Families’ standing in Qinyang Town would steadily decline. It would be an impossible feat for them to return to the golden days they had enjoyed before.

And very evidently, this dispute, that had been started by the Lei and Xie Families, had instead caused the reputation of the Lin Family to soar. Never again would anyone dare to look down on this considerably “young” Family.

In the wake of the Lei and Xie Families defeat, the Lin Family once again shifted back some of their women and children to Qinyang Town. Previously, the businesses which had temporarily shut down due to the dangerous situation also started up once more. The current Lin Family was akin to a sun that was soaring into the skies, without the Lei and Xie Families to suppress and threaten them, the Lin Family was now considered as the undisputed number one faction in Qinyang Town.

This newly established reputation drew quite a few experts interest to join the Lin Family and with regards to this situation, the Lin Family was also rather happy. Although these experts required a substantial pay, these costs were insignificant to the Lin Family who possessed a Yang Yuan Mining Lode.

Moreover, the Lin Family had also suffered significant losses on the day they had warred against the Xie and Lei Families. Thus, it was necessary for them to recruit and gather more manpower during this time. And so, after some checking, the Lin Family recruited the comparatively less dubious experts, causing their strength to soar over this period.

While Lin Zhentian and the rest were busy tidying up the after-battle affairs, Lin Dong once more returned to the mountainous area the Lin Family had used to occupy. Ever since his identity as a Symbol Master had been revealed, his position in the Lin Family had reached a fairly high level such that even when Lin Zhentian was talking to this grandson of his, his aged face would be filled with kindness and pride.

Of course, the fact that this seventeen year old grandson of his was at the Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage and also a First Seal Symbol Master was definitely worth being proud of. This level of accomplishment would be considered extremely good even within the Lin Clan, where geniuses were as common as the clouds in the sky.

Everyone understood that the old Grandfather had again placed his hope of returning to the Lin Clan on Lin Dong. However, no one knew if Lin Dong would be capable of performing the same dazzling feats in the Lin Clan Gathering three years later.

On a cliff within the mountainous area, Lin Dong was quietly seated. Around him, waves of Yuan Power bubbled and gushed about before slowly pouring into his body, enriching his Dan Tian.

While he trained his Yuan Power, the Destiny Symbol within Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace also beat rhythmically like a heart. Portions of Mental Energy curled around the symbol and flowed in and out from time to time. Through this cycle, bit by bit, the Mental Energy became more condensed.

Lin Dong’s current Mental Energy had become much stronger after forcefully draining quite a large amount of Mental Energy from Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbol. Towards this, even Lin Dong himself was rather astonished. Only now did he faintly realise how extraordinary an origin his “Ancient Swirl Symbol” probably had. Else it would not be so tyrannical…


After training for about two hours, Lin Dong finally spat out a ball of white Qi as his eyes slowly opened. His eyes shined for a moment before the light disappeared.

“I would probably still need about a month before I can advance to Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. Afterall, Qingyuan Art is too low tier, it is already unable to meet the needs of the Heavenly Yuan Stage.”

Though his training session had ended, Lin Dong’s eyebrows lightly pursed together. He had already stagnated at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage for about four months, yet the feeling of a breakthrough still did not arrive. This caused him to feel a little frustrated and he had put the blame on the low tier Secret Art he practised.

Naturally, if this was known by Lin Ken, Lin Mang and the rest, they would probably vomit blood. They had already stagnated at this stage for several years. Though there were signs of an upcoming breakthrough recently, the total amount of time they had wasted at this stage was ten fold more than Lin Dong. If Lin Dong was still not satisfied at his current speed, Lin Ken and Lin Mang might as well be ashamed to death.

As he shook his head, the thoughts in Lin Dong’s heart were cast aside. The current Lin Family was swiftly expanding, gradually gobbling up the Lei and Xie Families’ numerous properties. This situation was not considered too much since reality is indeed cold and cruel. It was not impossible for struggles between Families to end up in complete annihilation. Lin Dong believed that if the losers of this war was the Lin Family, considering Lei Bao’s methods, perhaps nothing would be left of the Lin Family.

“Destiny Soul Seal……”

Lin Dong’s thoughts slightly paused at this point as they shifted towards himself. He had obtained Gu Ying’s Qiankun Bag after killing him that day. Lin Dong did not know much about Symbol Masters, after all, when he first met Grandmaster Ruo from Yan City, he had only given Lin Dong the first three sections of “Spiritual Movement Chapter”. Therefore, Lin Dong’s understanding of Symbol Masters was still stuck at the elementary level.

Fortunately, he had obtained quite a substantial amount of information related to Symbol Masters from Gu Ying’s Qiankun Bag this time. Even information about the “Destiny Soul Symbol” Gu Ying had screeched about was included within.

The Destiny Symbol was of utmost importance to a Symbol Master. Only those who managed to form a Destiny Symbol were able to bring out the might of Mental Energy, and this Destiny Symbol was also divided into its own special grades.

Only three different grades of the Destiny Symbol were recorded within Gu Ying’s information: Destiny Symbol, Destiny Soul Symbol and Destiny Heaven Symbol.

Destiny Symbol was the most ordinary type. It did not have any special abilities. Most Symbol Masters possessed this kind of normal Destiny Symbol.

The Destiny Soul Symbol was a rather rare symbol. This kind of symbol was able to change its form and was also equipped with other unique abilities. For example, Lin Dong’s “Ancient Swirl Symbol” possessed a kind of absorption power.

As for the Destiny Heaven Symbol, it was even more terrifying. It is said that when used, the Destiny Heaven Symbol would devour the earth. Of course, this symbol was too unreal and the books only introduced it very briefly.

This was also why Gu Ying was shocked to that extent when he saw the “Ancient Swirl Symbol” transform into a vortex that day. After all, this “Destiny Soul Symbol” was extremely rare and if a Symbol Master was able to form such a “Destiny Soul Symbol”, it would undoubtedly be an immense help to his cultivation.

“Is this the Destiny Soul Symbol……”

Lin Dong blinked a few times as a light beam shot out from his eyes and transformed into a simple symbol which floated before him. He had never imagined that this thing which he had obtained by chance would actually be so mystical.

After all, the ability to absorb other people’s Mental Energy and obtain it for oneself was definitely too terrifying……

The simple-looking symbol before him hovered for a while before being withdrawn once again into Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. From Gu Ying’s Qiankun Bag, Lin Dong also found the so-called Secret Spirit Skill……

Simply put, this was similar to “Martial Arts”. The difference being that Martial Arts was activated or utilised Yuan Power while “Secret Spirit Skill” needed Mental Energy.

This “Secret Spirit Skill” was split into various levels which represented and was named by the three most important aspects that made up a human. From low to high, Essence, Qi, Spirit.

Prior to the Essence Level, there was still a normal level. The Secret Spirit Skills of most Symbol Masters were at this level.

Although the “Materialized Spirit Needle” that Gu Ying used that day sounded rather domineering, it was only a normal Secret Spirit Skill. To obtain a strong Secret Spirit Skill was not such an easy feat.

“The Symbol Master’s path is indeed profound and mysterious……”

Lin Dong massaged the space between his eyebrows and soon after, he took out Gu Ying’s Qiankun Bag. His lips slowly pursed as his eyebrows tightly furrowed.

Though the they had emerged victorious in the struggle against the Lei and Xie Families, an even bigger danger was left behind……

This hidden danger was naturally Yan City’s Blood Cloth Sect. Lin Dong had killed the Blood Cloth Sect’s deputy head. If news of this got out, given the style of the Blood Cloth Sect, they definitely not let this matter rest.

And this matter constantly pressured Lin Zhentian and the rest of the Lin Family core members. Even though they did not show it on the surface, Lin Dong knew that they were worried.

The Blood Cloth Sect’s revenge would be incomparable to the Lei and Xie Families!

After all, the Blood Cloth Sect was one of the faction in Yan City and their power was much stronger than the Lei and Xie Families’. If they mustered a large avenging force, the Lin Family would once again face the prospects of being completely annihilated.

And these recent signs of growth into a towering presence in Qingyang Town would be smashed to bits!

Many factions in Qingyang Town were already aware of this fact. Thus even though the current Lin Family was enjoying their rapid expansion, only a few factions came forward to express their good will. Everyone knew that this period would perhaps only last for a short time……

The Blood Cloth Sect was like a sharp sword which hung above the Lin Family’s neck. This sword would definitely swipe down at a certain point in time. That scene was not one that Lin Dong would be happy to see.

Deeply sighing, Lin Dong tightly clenched his fist. Even he felt an enormous pressure when faced with that somewhat famous faction from Yan City.

“No matter who it is, anyone who wants to exterminate my Lin Family would have to pay a bloody price!”

Lin Dong’s lips tightly pursed together, a cold light shining in his eyes. Like how Lin Zhentian had put it, their Lin Family was a hard piece of bone, whoever wanted to gnaw on them should be prepared for their teeth to shatter!

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