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Chapter 958

Zuo Fei


A faint silver light enveloped the body of the demonic corpse. The evil demonic Qi that had pervaded its body had now completely dissipated. At this moment, fluctuations started to appear within its eyes…

“Elder? Did we succeed?” Lin Dong asked curiously while his eyes remained tightly locked on the silver glowing figure.

The expression on the silver glowing figure’s face was somewhat stiff, while its eyes remained vacant for quite a while. Subsequently, an exceedingly joyous elation erupted from within, causing its entire body to faintly tremble. From this, one could gauge the overwhelming emotions that were racing through his heart.

“Thank you, young man.”

The silver glowing figure slowly rose, before he gave a solemn and respectful bow to Lin Dong. Meanwhile, thick feelings of gratitude and appreciation were brimming within his words.

Hearing its thanks, Lin Dong immediately heaved a huge sigh of relief. Smiling, he replied, “No need for such courtesy, elder. Since I possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I naturally have to fight these Yimos.”

While uttering these words, Lin Dong had a different thought in his mind. There is no way in this world he would not help him. If he didn’t help, he would have a headache trying to think of a way to deal with a crazy Profound Death Stage expert.

“Elder should be safe and sound right now, am I right? Haha, congratulations.” Cupping his hands at the silver glowing figure, Lin Dong smiled while speaking out.

“The demonic tattoos on my body have been erased. Therefore, the sliver of consciousness that was sealed here for thousands of years is finally free. However, I probably can’t live on for long and I will disappear soon.” The silver glowing figure replied.


Lin Dong gawked immediately, before asking hastily, “Isn’t the Yimo Qi in your body already dispelled? Why will you disappear?”

“Haha, this sliver of consciousness is merely a remnant fragment of my soul. After being sealed for thousands of years, it has reached its limit. If not for my persistence, it might have already been lost a long time ago to the corrosion from the Yimo Qi.” The silver glowing figure replied with a laugh. His voice sounded abnormally free and suave. After being freed from that state of corrosion, he must be feeling extremely satisfied.

“Regardless, I’m a person that had died thousands of years ago. If I’m able to regain my consciousness even for just a short moment, I’m perfectly happy. What’s more to wish for?”

“My brothers back then have already turned into dust and returned to the ground. Thus, there is nothing left in this world that will keep me around.”

Upon hearing those words from the silver glowing figure, Lin Dong felt slightly speechless and silent. From the former’s mindset, it seems like he had already accepted his death. After giving a soft sigh, Lin Dong asked, “ May I know your name, elder?”

“Zuo Fei.” The silver glowing figure replied with a smile, before saying, “Young man, you’ve come to this thunder palace in order to hunt for treasures, right? This place might have already turned into a wasteland…”

“Yes, I wish to find the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.” Lin Dong replied while nodding his head.

“The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, huh…” Upon hearing Lin Dong’s replied, Zuo Fei gawked for a while, before a fond look of reminisce appeared within his eyes. With a soft voice, he said, “That year, Lord Thunder Emperor had indeed obtained the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. However, because of that, our Thunder Palace was targeted by those Yimos, which launched a large scale invasion.”

“Were the invading Yimos very powerful?”

“Haha, a king grade and two general grade Yimos simultaneously attacked us, together with a considerable number of commanders grade Yimos.” Zuo Fei replied with a faint smile.

“A king and two generals?!” Lin Dong’s eyes immediately narrowed faintly narrowed, as horror and shock erupted uncontrollably within his heart. A king grade Yimo was comparable to a peak expert at Reincarnation stage. As for a general grade Yimo, it was powerful enough to fight evenly against an expert at Samsara stage. Lin Dong had witnessed before how overbearing a Yimo of this grade was during his time at the Unique Devil Region. Even someone as powerful as the Fen Tian had to risk his life just to seal one up. However, there were two of them that had attacked this cave dwelling. Furthermore…there were accompanied by an even more powerful Yimo, a king grade Yimo.

As for those so-called commanders, they might be comparable to experts at Profound Death Stage. Its no wonder why this cave dwelling was wrecked till such an extent. The war that took place back then must have startled the world.

“Those Yimos were quite cunning. They chose to launch a surprise attack just as Lord Thunder Emperor was attempting the reincarnation tribulation to break into the Reincarnation stage…Nonetheless, even though Lord Thunder Emperor was severely wounded, he still managed to kill the two general grade Yimos and seal the king grade Yimo!” When mentioning Lord Thunder Emperor, Lin Dong could sense the unconcealable respect present in Zuo Fei’s voice. Obviously, the latter truly respected his lord.

“Lord Thunder Emperor was still not a Reincarnation stage expert?” Lin Dong was able to decipher some clues from Zuo Fei’s previous statements. At that time, he was actually not a genuine Reincarnation stage expert?

“If our lord had survived the reincarnation tribulation, four general grade Yimos won’t be able to destroy our Thunder Palace. At the very least, they would need to be accompanied by a king grade Yimo.” Zuo Fei replied. A hint of arrogance was inevitably present within his words

Lin Dong’s expression changed. However, he wasn’t overly surprised by this fact. If Lord Thunder Emperor was a regular Samsara stage expert, dealing with a general grade Yimo would already be his limit. However, he was no ordinary individual because he had a divine treasure, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, in his hands. By utilising the strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, Lord Thunder Emperor’s combat abilities would definitely be able to reach up to a Reincarnation stage expert!

“Unfortunately, though he sealed that king grade Yimo, Lord Thunder Emperor paid the price with his life…” When he mentioned his point, Zuo Fei’s expression dimmed substantially.

Lin Dong faintly nodded his head. After all, regardless, Lord Thunder Emperor was not a Reincarnation Stage expert. If he was to step into the Reincarnation Stage, the end result might be different…

“Is the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol still in this cave dwelling?” Unable to bear it anymore, Lin Dong finally asked the burning question in his heart.


Zuo Fei nodded his head, replying, “If I am not mistaken, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol should be in the Thunder World.”

Lin Dong instantly heaved a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, coming here was indeed the right decision. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was indeed here. However, in the next moment, he responded while his forehead started to slightly wrinkle, “Thunder World?”

“A space carved out by Lord Thunder Emperor himself. Other than him, no one else can enter.”

Lin Dong felt slightly stunned. If he wasn’t able to enter the so-called Thunder World, how could be obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?

“Haha. There’s no need for you to panic. The Thunder World also requires a key to enter. Moreover, I’m able to sense that you seem to have a part of that key on your body.” Zuo Fei replied with a laugh.


Lin Dong gawked, before hastily withdrawing the silver tower key from his Qiankun bag. “Is it this?”

Shooting a look at the silver tower key, Zuo Fei smiled and nodded his head, while replying, “ That’s part of the key. If I’m not mistaken, there should be three silver tower keys. Only by combining all three, would you be able to obtain a complete key. Then, you will be able to enter the Thunder World and look for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.”

“It actually requires three silver tower keys to enter the Thunder World…” Lin Dong’s forehead started to faintly wrinkle up. In that case, wouldn’t he need to snatch the silver tower keys from Nine Serene Gate and Mysterious Sky Hall, if he wanted to enter the Thunder World? That would be quite troublesome.

“How do I enter the Thunder World?” Lin Dong asked while clenching his teeth. He had already came so far and no one could dampen his desire to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. If that was the only way to do so, he would just have to snatch the keys.

“The Thunder Hall is at the center of the depths of the cave dwelling. That’s the most central location of this cave dwelling. The entrance of the Thunder World is located there.” Zuo Fei replied.

“Thunder Hall…” Lin Dong carved this words in his heart. From the looks of it, that should also be the spot where all the elites would gather.

“However, if I’m not mistaken, the Thunder Hall should be guarded by the three great Thunder Kings.” Zuo Fei said.

“Three great Thunder Kings?”

“Back then, our Thunder Palace had Lord Thunder Emperor as its head. Below him were the four great Thunder Kings, nicknamed North South East and West. As for me, I’m the Eastern Thunder King…as for the other three, they might be in a similar state as I was before. However, as of now, they should have completely lost their consciousness…” A complicated expression appeared on Zho Fei’s face as he replied softly.


Lin Dong sucked in a breath of cold air. There were actually three lightning corpse just like Zuo Fei in the Thunder Hall? In that case, that would be equivalent to three experts at advance Profound Death Stage. With them in the way, who would be able to charge into the Thunder Hall? The reason why he could handle Zuo Fei was due to the sliver of consciousness left in his body. Only by collaborating with him from the inside, was Lin Dong able to dispel the Yimo Qi. However, from the looks of it, the three other corpses have already lost their consciousness. Other than a head on confrontation, there seems to be no other way left…

“God damnit…”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. Looks like the Thunder Hall itself isn’t going to be a easy place to enter, notwithstanding the so-called Thunder World.

“Whether you are able to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol will depend on your fate, young man. However, it’s best to avoid revealing the Ancestral Symbol in the future. If not, trouble might find its way to you.” Zuo Fei reminded.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Even a faction as powerful as the Thunder Palace was obliterated. Since he was alone, if the Yimos came knocking on his door, he would likely wound up in an even more miserable state.

“Haha, it’s all thanks to you that I am able to regain my consciousness. Thank you very much. I’m unable to return this great favour that you have shown me. The only thing I can do is to give my body to you as thanks.”

With a free and suave laugh, Zuo Fei laughed while facing Lin Dong. In the next moment, a bright and resplendent lightning glow radiated from his body. Faintly, extremely berserk fluctuations started to slowly radiate out.

As Zuo Fei’s body turned bright and resplendent, a thunderbolt core approximately at foot large gradually condensed and took shape within the resplendent glow. The lightning energy contained within was undoubtedly much richer than all the other thunderbolt cores that he had obtained earlier…

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