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Chapter 957

Removing the Demonic Markings



Three streaks of light intertwined as they shined on the body of the demonic corpse. Under the light, the Yimo Qi that pervaded his body instantly started to emit bursts of white smoke. Hissing sounds rang out as the sinister and evil aura started to scatter at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

Obviously, the combined might of these three great divine treasures had quite a powerful subduing effect on the Yimo Qi.

Within the smoke, miserable shrieks continued to emerge from the demonic corpse’s mouth. From this, one could tell that this cleansing was intensely painful.

With a grave expression on his face, Lin Dong focused on controlling the three great divine treasures. Although the Yimo Qi was continuously dissipating in front of him, he did not dare to let his guard down. That was because he was keenly aware that the demonic corpse in front of him was different from those he had encountered before. Demonic tattoos had been carved over all of his body and these demonic tattoos were just like chains, sealing the Yimo Qi firmly within the body. Therefore, if Lin Dong failed to erase these tattoos, it would be impossible for him to dispel the Yimo Qi.


Miserable roars continued to ring out as the hands of the demonic corpse pressed against the air. His body trembled intensely as thick killing intent radiated out from it. However, the killing intent was firmly restrained by the sliver of consciousness left.

At this juncture, if he was unable to restrain his killing intent and ended up hurting Lin Dong, it might never be freed.

“Be careful, the demonic markings on my body are about to counter attack!”

As the body of the demonic corpse trembled, he suddenly raised his head. Promptly, evil black Qi flooded out from his eyes as an extremely hoarse voice rang out.

Upon hearing those words, Lin Dong instantly felt a chill in his heart. He grew increasingly tense as he solemnly waited for what was coming.


Not long after the corpse voice rang out, the demonic tattoos covering his entire body suddenly started to furiously sparkle. In the next moment, the demonic tattoos started to squirm and wiggle like black bugs. From a distance, they seemed extremely bizarre.

Chi Chi!

The wriggling demonic tattoos suddenly scuttled out from within the demonic corpse’s body. In the next instant, black light frantically gathered. In the short span of a few breaths, under the shocked and astonished gaze of Lin Dong, it transformed into a thousand feet large creature of darkness.

The creature’s entire body was ink black, while black flames rose from it. Meanwhile, its eyes were completely filled with evil black Qi and murderous intent.

This darkness creature was clearly formed from those demonic tattoos on the body of the demonic corpse!

“Foolish human!”

After the darkness creature took shape, its eyes, which were filled with killing intent, locked onto Lin Dong who was floating in the air. A deep roar rang out as killing intent blotted the sky.


The black flames on the body of the darkness creature started to gather, transforming into a black flame pike. Roaring across the horizon, it blasted at Lin Dong like a lightning bolt.

“About time!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong did not panic at all. This darkness creature was formed from the demonic tattoos that had covered the body of the demonic corpse. If it was to continue hiding within the body of the demonic corpse, it would be quite difficult for him to completely cleanse it. However, now that it had left the demonic corpse on its own accord, it had presented Lin Dong with the perfect opportunity to get rid of it.

When clearing weeds, one had to remove the roots. Similarly, when making a move, one must be completely merciless. This was Lin Dong’s style. Since he had already agreed to help the demonic corpse dispel the Yimo Qi within its body, he would naturally exterminate all of it.

“Ancient Universe Formation, counter revolution!”

Lin Dong’s hand seal changed as a low roar rang out from his mouth. The glowing array in the sky abruptly started to revolve counter clockwise as it descended. In the next instant, a streak of light containing the power of disintegration swept forth before smashing head on against the black flame pike.

Chi Chi!

At the instance of collision, an earth shattering noise did not appear. Instead, that black flame pike began to disintegrate rapidly before scattering into nothingness.


After dealing with the black flame pike, Lin Dong deeply roared once again. The streak of light brimming with the power of disintegration suddenly transformed into hundreds and thousands of light threads that spread outwards. In the next instant, they condensed together to form numerous radiant chains that danced dazzlingly in the sky. With a final tug, they binded the darkness creature.


The darkness creature emitted an earth shaking roar, causing black flames to rage and soar. However, when the flames reached towards the radiant chains created from the power of disintegration, they were completely disintegrated.

“Ancestral Stone, purify!”

Indifference filled Lin Dong’s face as he stared at the struggling darkness creature. Tapping the space in front of him with his finger, a bright and gentle white light instantly emerged from the Ancestral Stone. In the next moment, they poured down onto the darkness creature like rays from the sun.

Bang Bang Bang!

This time, when the gentle white light descended on the darkness creature, the chains that were binding it completely exploded, causing waves of evil Yimo Qi to dim in succession before dissipating.

Roar roar!

Following the mad and violent explosions, the previously imposing aura of the darkness creature instantly weakened substantially. Dread unexpectedly flashed across its black eyes. Obviously, it had never imagined that the three powers within Lin Dong’s possession actually possessed such a subduing effect on Yimo Qi.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, exterminate it!”

Lin Dong stared at the darkness creature which was now weakened after receiving the attacks of the Ancient Universe Formation and the Ancestral Stone. Promptly, he took in a deep breath. Yuan power erupted from his body like a flood before pouring into the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to launch another attack.


Following Lin Dong’s roar, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol started to rapidly wriggle and squirm. It transformed into a black hole. With a screech, it split space apart and like a circular blade, it furiously chopped down on the crown of the darkness creature with an astonishing speed.

A muffled noise resounded as the rotating black hole pierced through the body of the darkness creature. A black line started to extend on its body. With a bang, it split into two as extremely miserable shrieks immediately emerged from the darkness creature’s mouth.

“Slice again!”

Frostiness flooded Lin Dong’s eyes. With a thought, the circular black hole blade flew out like lightning. In the short span of a few breaths, it had chopped the darkness creature into hundreds of pieces…

However, even after being chopped to bits, those pieces continued to squirm. They radiated evil black Qi and seemed to be unkillable.

“Annihilate them.”

With an sudden clench of his hand, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly turned vicious. The three great divine treasures were activated once again. Three overbearing energies swept out, causing those pieces to turn into nihility at an astonishing speed.

“Waa, lowly human! You actually dare to hurt my body!”

Within a short span of a few breaths, half of the pieces were quickly destroyed. Seemingly able to sense its impending doom, the remaining pieces hastily came together and transformed into the darkness creature which appeared much more incorporeal. From the looks of it, it seemed to have suffered serious injuries due to Lin Dong.

Howls of rage rang out from its mouth. However, dread and terror started to erupt from within those pair of black eyes. With a turn of its body, it transformed into a flash of black light and hurtled back towards the demonic corpse. Obviously, it wanted to return to the latter’s body.


However, just as it had rushed towards the demonic corpse, the latter’s eyes suddenly sprung open. Lightning sparkled within its eyes as peals of thunder rumbled. In the next instant, a giant bolt of lightning shot out from its body, violently striking the now illusory darkness creature.


A loud noise resounded. The darkness creature was blown back with its whole body smelling like burnt flesh.

“You dirty and evil creature, you shouldn’t have came to this world. Therefore… be purified.”

After being blasted by the lightning bolt, an indifferent voice suddenly rang out behind it. It hastily turned its head, only to see three strange lights intertwined together shooting straight towards it. In the next instant, they cut past its body…


An unresigned shriek rang out at this moment as thick black smoke rose from the body of the darkness creature. However, the moment the black smoke appeared, it rapidly dissipated and the darkness creature swiftly followed…

Lin Dong looked towards the darkness creature, which was disappearing bit by bit under the combined efforts of the three great divine treasures. Only then did he sigh in relief. Currently, his face was somewhat pale. Activating and utilising those three great divine treasures had indeed consumed quite a bit of his energy.

After heaving a breath of relief, Lin Dong turned towards the demonic corpse floating in the air as his eyes faintly narrowed. At the moment, the demonic markings originally on the latter’s body had disappeared completely. Its originally black pupils had now transformed into a bright and resplendent silver. If one were to observe carefully, one would be able to see that they seemed to contain endless lightning.

At the same time, powerful fluctuations started to slowly radiate from its body.

These fluctuations were not the slightest bit weaker than an expert at the perfect Profound Death stage!

This expert from the ancient times seemed to have completely regained his mind at this moment…

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