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Chapter 954



Black rays of light erupted from the depths of the lightning cliff gorge. Astonishment and shock were displayed on the faces of many experts as they took in the unforeseen change happening before their eyes. As their gazes turned towards the sturdy and solid figure within the black light, the expressions on their faces gradually turned grave.

The fluctuations from that figure caused them to feel fear and trepidation.

“Dammit! What the hell is that thing? Why is this cave dwelling so strange? Who would refine so many puppets when they’re bored?”

“This thing doesn’t seem easy to deal with.”

“Yes, it’s much stronger than the silver corpses from earlier.”

“What are you afraid of? When those silver corpses rebelled, we crushed them. Do you think that a single one will be able to flip the heavens?”

Whispers swiftly erupted in the area. After their earlier victory, the experts present were not overly afraid. After all, they had the absolute numbers advantage.

However, upon hearing these whispers, Lin Dong’s heart involuntarily sunk. His gaze was firmly locked on the sturdy figure within the black light. It possessed an Yimo aura that was sinister and evil to the utmost extreme and was even more overbearing than the silver corpses that he had encountered previously…

“Is that an Yimo?” Lin Dong asked in a low voice within his heart.

“That’s not an Yimo…” Yan replied while shaking his head, “He’s was a human when he was alive. However, the corrosion he received from the Yimo aura was too heavy. From the looks of it, the Yimo that attacked him should have at the very least reached the general level.”

“General level huh…” Lin Dong muttered as his pupils contracted. A Yimo of this level was comparable to a human expert at the Samsara stage.

“When he was alive, the strength of this person had likely already reached the perfect Profound Death stage, and was only a step away from the Samsara stage. It’s a pity that he fell at the hands of that general level Yimo. Furthermore, that general level Yimo planted an erosive demonic seal on his body, sealing a sliver of his consciousness within the body and completely transforming him into killing machine.”

“So vicious.”

Upon hearing Yan’s explanation, Lin Dong’s heart palpitated in fear. Those Yimo were indeed very vicious. They did not let you off even after defeating you, but instead utilized such a vicious method.

“Let’s find an opportunity to leave this place. This demonic corpse is extremely formidable. Even if he is no longer as powerful as when he was alive, I’m afraid that he still has a strength comparable to an advance Profound Death stage expert. Although there are many experts present, it’s still very hard to deal with it.” Yan cautioned.

Lin Dong nodded his head faintly in response. As of now, even if he were to use numerous tricks, he would at most be able to match an initial Profound Death stage expert. If the corpse was at the advance Profound Death stage, the only thing he could do was to simply flee on first sight.

While Lin Dong was conversing with Yan, due to this unforeseen turn of events, the experts from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall had cast their gazes towards the black light that had appeared.

“That thing is very strong. Everyone be careful.” Looking gravely at the sturdy figure slowly walking out from the black light, the grey haired elder spoke in a low voice.

“What exactly is it?” Wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, Pang Hao asked while frowning.

“I’m not sure, but it’s absolutely not something friendly.” The grey haired elder replied with a frown. It was likely that he had little understanding of the Yimo. After all, within the current world, Yimos very rarely appeared…

“What should we do now? I can sense an extremely strong lightning power within the body of that thing. If it turns into a thunderbolt core… I suspect that just one will be sufficient to make up for all the lightning energy contained within the thunderbolt cores that we have.” Pang Hao concluded.

“Let’s calmly observe the situation. If there’s an opportunity, we’ll move in and take that thunderbolt core.” The eyes of the grey haired elder flashed, as his gaze turned rather scorching while staring at the demonic corpse. He had similarly felt the enormous lightning energy contained within the body of the demonic corpse.

“What about that brat?” Pang Hao asked while venomously staring at Lin Dong.

“There’s no need to be impatient. As long as he’s in this cave dwelling, he’ll never be able to escape. It will not be too late to deal with him after all this is over.” The grey haired elder replied with a smirk.

“Okay. We definitely can’t let that brat go!” Pang Hao agreed while nodding his head. His appearance of grinding his teeth was filled with bitter resentment and fury.

At the same time, at the side of the Mysterious Sky Hall, Liu Xiangxuan and her people were conversing in low voices. As for the target of their discussion, it was obviously the powerful demonic corpse that had suddenly appeared…


As all the eyes within the bottom of the lightning lake converged, the sturdy figure finally stepped out of the black light, and appeared under the attentive gazes of everyone present.

At this moment, everyone was finally able to clearly see the appearance of the black figure. His physique was a few times bigger than normal people, and when seen from afar, he appeared akin to a small giant. His body was originally a bright and resplendent silver. However, it now covered by an extremely sinister and evil black demonic pattern. The lines of this pattern extended to every inch of his body. From afar, it appeared as though countless black bugs were crawling on his body, causing people’s scalps to turn numb.

At this moment, pure black filled his eyes and not a single ripple or fluctuation was to be found, making him look like a dead person.

Under the numerous gazes from the surroundings, he slowly raised his head. A gaze filled with an evil black aura swept across everyone present. Under his gaze, everyone felt a strange chill emerge from the depths of their hearts, causing no one to dare to take action for a time…

Many experts floated in the air as they vigilantly stared at the black figure. Both sides formed a sort of confrontation, and it seemed that no one dared to take action.


Within this tense atmosphere, someone stealthily swallowed a mouthful a saliva. The faint sound produced was exceeding ear piercing in this silence.

As this sound rang out, the ominous glint within the eyes of a few experts started to gradually flicker. Obviously, they did not want to be scared stiff by this demonic corpse.

“Let’s do it!”

All of a sudden, a piercing shout rang out. With it, the tense atmosphere instantly shattered. In the next instant, dozens of figures shot out explosively. Boundless Yuan Power transformed into ferocious martial arts, hiding the sky and covering the earth as they rumbled explosively towards the black light human figure.

Humm Humm!

The attacks split apart the lightning liquid, before violently slamming against the body of the black light figure. In that moment, the surrounding lightning liquid was blasted apart.

“It’s been hit!”

Upon seeing this scene, joy surfaced on the faces of several people. However, before this happiness could spread, they saw the black light figure slow walk out. The sinister black demonic markings on his body faintly sparkled and there was not even a single scratch on his body.

The combined attacks of a few dozen experts were unexpectedly unable to cause any damage.

“Such terrifying defences…” Upon observing this, horror and shock started to creep up into the eyes of some experts as they started to faintly feel some unease. This silver corpse before them seemed to be different than those they had faced earlier.

As they feel secretly startled by this spectacle, Demonic Qi furiously turned strengthened within the jet black eyes of the black light figure. In the next instant, an extremely strange and shrill sound rang out from its mouth.


As the shrill sound wave rang out, the black light figure suddenly shot forth. Akin to a spectre, the figure appeared before the few dozen experts that had attacked. Black light erupted, piercing through their formation in a flash, before appearing behind them.

Bang Bang Bang!

When the black light figure appeared behind those experts, their bodies instantly froze. In the next instant, clouds of bloody mists exploded on their bodies and bloody fist sized holes had appeared at their throats. Black Demonic Qi rose from the edges the holes, before shuttling into their bodies in a flash, corroding their Yuan Spirits inside.


Miserable shrieks resounded, before quickly stopping as the corpses of the few dozen experts fell, descending towards the lake bottom.


As they watched a few dozen experts lose their lives in a blink of an eye, the surrounding people sucked in a breath of cold air. The shock and horror within their eyes had already reached the extreme.

Those were thirty experts whose strength had reached the advanced Life Profound stage!

If they were to collaborate, even a perfect Life Profound stage expert would be forced to retreat. However, before their eyes, they had been instantly killed by the black light figure in a blink of an eye.

This was simply a massacre!

Only at this moment did everyone finally understand. The strength of the black light figure before their eyes seemed to have reached a rather terrifying level.


Face filled with shock, Lin Dong absorbed this entire spectacle through his eyes, before deeply exhaling. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he pulled Mu Lingshan as he shot towards the surface of the lightning lake.

That thing before their eyes was simply not something they could deal with.

However, just as Lin Dong had decisively fled with Mu Lingshan, black light suddenly sparkled in the eyes of the black light figure that just killed a few dozen experts. At this moment, those eyes which were originally totally devoid of life, unexpectedly had an extremely minute traces of a vacant expression.

“That’s the… Devouring… Ancestral Symbol…”

A hoarse and indistinct voice softly rang out from the mouth of the black light figure.

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