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Chapter 941



Black flames, which blotted the skies, erupted abruptly and swept across the empty arena. Meanwhile, the sinister and chilling sensation emitted by it, caused the surrounding temperature to rapidly plummet.

As these withered figures slowly stood up, Lin Dong quickly reacted and dragged Mu Lingshan as they rapidly retreated. He had encountered a similar situation before. During his time in Unique Devil Region, the demonic corpses that he had seen were similar to those in front of him now. The only difference was that these eighteen withered figures were clearly much much more powerful that the demonic corpses that he met previously.

While retreating, Lin Dong’s eyes rapidly swept across the Dantian of the eighteen withered figures. A black light whirlpool was present in everyone of them, while a sinister and chilling black air prevaded them. At the same time, rich fluctuations of Death Qi were mixed within those whirlpools.

“Before these people died, they were all of the Death Profound Stage…”

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. After suffering the corrosion of that sinister black air, it could be said that those withered figures did not possess any intelligence. However, their fleshly bodies were extremely powerful, and they could even use the Death Qi they had refined in the past life. As such, their current strength was even comparable to a half-step Death Profound Stage experts.


Just as Lin Dong was rapidly retreating, the black flames within the eyes of those eighteen withered figures leaped forth. In the next instant, they simultaneously shot forward explosively. The sinister Death Qi that was pervaded with the black flames instant swept the ten plus experts who did not manage to retreat in time.


Miserable shrieking sounds resounded out as those ten plus experts were unable to even put up a single shred of resistance, before instantly turning in ashes. Even their Yuan Spirits were reduced to nothing by those black flames.

Upon seeing this spectacle, horror and shock erupted uncontrollably from the eyes of many experts.

“Don’t be afraid, the Dantian in these withered corpses contain the Death Qi that they refined in their past life. Right now, due to the compression, they had turned into Deathly Silent Pills. If one is able to obtain it, it would be very beneficial when one attempts to breakthrough to the Death Profound Stage in the future!”

“Although they’re formidable, we’ve more people on our side! If we cooperate, we’ll definitely be able to kill them!”

While some people were shocked and intimidated by the might and terror of those withered corpses, a person suddenly roared out in a loud voice. One could hear the thick intent of greed present within his words.

“Deathly Silent Pill?!”

Upon hearing those words, roars instantly rang out from many experts. In the next moment, blood red light erupted furiously from the eyes of quite a few people, with even fear and terror being forcibly suppressed down.

The individuals that made it to the cave dwelling were all experts that had came from various parts of the Chaotic Demon Sea. They could be generally considered to have much experience, with pretty good knowledge and fierce spirits within their hearts. Within the allure of the treasure before their eyes, the fear and dread present previously had reduced by quite a bit.

“Let’s join forces and attack together!”

Finally, some of them clenched their teeth and spoke out in a vicious tone. As more and more experts gathered together, boundless Yuan Power rushed towards the sky. As various people started to take action, powerful Soul Treasures started to flashed out. From the looks of it, it was clear that they were planning to rely on their overwhelming numbers to fight against these withered corpses.

“A bunch of idiots.”

Upon seeing this spectacle, Lin Dong quietly cursed them in his heart. Meanwhile, his body never stopped moving as he quickly left this area. The strength of these eighteen withered figures were at Half Step Death Profound Stage. In addition to the tempering from the sinister black air over such a long time, their withered and skinny bodies were as hard as diamond. Furthermore, they did not feel pain, dread nor fear. Fighting with them was tantamount to courting one’s own death.

Even the current him would feel a slightly headache when faced with a single one of these creatures, what’s more, there were eighteen of those them now.

Although Mu Lingshan did not know why Lin Dong walked away from here with such speed, being used to the latter’s actions, she immediately followed suit. Not long after the two had shot away, astonishing fluctuations radiated out abruptly from the skies behind them, as miserable shrieks followed suit immediately after.

“They are all dead…”

Unable to control her curiosity, Mu Lingshan turned her head around and looked at the far distance behind. The sky over there had black flames raging within, while the hundreds of experts had chose to stay behind were all directly reduced into ashes….

Hearing her words, Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. These fellows wanted to risk their lives and there was nothing he could do about it. Although the Deathly Silent Pills were very tempting, he knew that keeping his life was still the most important task.

“Let’s go.” Lin Dong said, before increasingly his speed. These things were simply too dangerous.

“Big brother Lin Dong, they’re coming!” Instantly, Mu Lingshan’s facial expression changed abruptly as she shouted hastily.


Lin Dong’s eyes instantly contracted, before turning around in the next second. Indeed, he could see in the far distance where black flames were raging, eighteen withered figures slowly walking out. Transforming into eighteen rays of black light, they flew towards him.

“They can feel the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within your body.” Yan’s voice rang out in Lin Dong’s heart at this instant.

Hearing those words, Lin Dong’s face turned slightly gloomy. He had already taken the initiative to retreat first. Hence, he had never expected he would still be targeted by those damn monsters in the end.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled, before uttering two words to Mu Lingshan. Abruptly shooting out in the next instant, he tried to see if he could escape from those creatures. There were quite a few treasure seekers that had rushed into the cave dwelling. If they were to consume too much of their strength while fighting with those creatures, and if they were also spotted by others, they might wound up in a dangerous situation.


Mu Lingshan nodded her head. She also knew how formidable those withered figures were. It was naturally best for them to be able to avoid fighting with them.

Their figures transformed into streaks of light before they shoot away explosively. In their backs, black flames erupted as eighteen withered figures chased after them rapidly. The sinister and chilling fluctuations radiating from them caused this already desolate earth to deteriorate even further.

Whoosh Whoosh!

As one party fled while the other party chased, this pursuit lasted for a dozen over minutes before Lin Dong’s gaze grew increasingly gloomy. He could sense that those withered figures chasing him did not have the slightest intent of giving up, and had instead chased after them with increased urgency.

Furthermore, during this pursue and fleeing, Lin Dong had also bumped into some treasure seekers along the way. However, upon seeing the withered figures with astonishingly imposing auras behind the former, they had instantly fled in a flurry, before looked at Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan in the distance with gloating looks in their eyes.

Naturally, Lin Dong did not expect much from these cold onlookers. The fact that they did not plunge a dagger in his back was already an extremely fortune incident. As for hoping to collaborate with them to deal with those withered figures, that was something that was best not to think about.

Hence, he could only rely on himself in order to solve this problem.

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled as he continued to converse with Yan in his heart to find a way to deal with them. This continued for a while, before his eyes suddenly contracted, as he said in astonishment in his heart, “You want to take action?”

From the previous conversation, Yan suddenly said that it could deal with the problem before them. This truly made Lin Dong feel a little startled. After all, having obtained the Ancestral Stone for so many years, he had rarely seen it display its might.

“The thing that’s causing them to move is the Yimo Qi that’s present within their bodies. As long as we can dispel those Yimo Qi, they’ll naturally collapse without a fight.”

“The Yimo Qi is an extremely sinister energy and is extremely difficult to dispel. However, the energy of the Ancestral Stone is able to dispel it!” Yan laughed and explained, with a sliver of arrogance present within his words. After all, it was created precisely to deal with these Yimos.

“However, we need to trap them first.”

Hearing it’s words, Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled. He understood that if he were to stop moving, he would definitely be entangled by those withered figures. At that time, wanting to escape once again would be rather difficult.


Nonetheless, although he felt fear and dread present within his heart, Lin Dong quickly nodded his head. The Ancestral Stone had accompanied him for so many years. Thus, he still had some confidence in the latter.

“Lingshan, be careful. We’re about to take action.” glaring at the withered figures behind him, Lin Dong spoke out in a soft voice.


Mu Lingshan nodded her head, while excitement pulsed within her big eyes. With a hug, the massive Life Death Coffin Cover appeared in a flash, before black light waves slowly erupted from it.

Lin Dong’s figure swept out, before descending on a destroyed mountain peak not far away. Upon landing, his hands instantly came together to form a strange seal, which he abruptedly used to contact the ground.

“Great Desolation Scripture!”

A strange fluctuation extended out at an astonishing speed. The earth around a hundred kilometres in radius instantly started to turn barren at a rapid pace. Wave after wave of energy erupted from the earth, before pouring straight into Lin Dong’s body.

“Ancient Universe Formation!”

As boundless energy entered his body, a glowing array condensed ebrupted on Lin Dong’s palms. In the next moment, Yuan Power rushed berserkly into it, causing storms to form as the glowing array expanded drastically, rapidly transforming into a gigantic array hundreds of metre large which enveloped him within it.

After the array was opened, carrying along black flames that blotted the skies, the eighteen withered figures that were shooting over from behind rushed into the array.

“Now…it’s time to reverse the role of the hunter and the prey.”

Raising his head, Lin Dong looked towards the eighteen withered figures within the Ancient Universe Formation, as a chilling smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

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