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Chapter 935

Still Water Runs Deep


The originally chaotic city seemed to have quietened down at this moment. Many pairs of eyes were shocked as they stared at the young man at the end of that ancient street.

The brutalness that was being emitted from the latter’s body caused even the pupils of some ruthless individuals, who licked blood from their blades, to shrink. No one expected that Lin Dong would actually kill Lu Zong’s group in a thunderbolt like fashion within a split second.

Many of them were even anticipating an intense battle to occur. However, no one expected that the battle had already came to an end as the green light flashed. Moreover, there were now four corpses streaked across the ground…

Everyone could clearly sense just how decisive Lin Dong’s split second attack was. He did not even give Lu Zong’s group any opportunity as he took their lives the moment he attacked.

This ruthlessness caused everyone to understand that though this person in front of them might seem young, but if anyone was to treat him like a little inexperienced fellow, it would likely be quite foolish.

Due to Lin Dong’s ruthless methods, no one dared to say anything after his dense words sounded out. The original few individuals, who were about to stir trouble, also suppressed the greed within their hearts. Although they wanted to have the silver tower key, one must also stay alive in order to enjoy it.

“Haha, this friend is indeed quite powerful. No wonder you are able to obtain the third silver key.” Pang Hao on the stone building watched this scene with a smile. He immediately clapped and laughed.

While he spoke, the ridicule within Pang Tong’s eyes had also greatly diminished. He knew about the reputation of the blood blade four generals. If they worked together, they would even be able to resist a perfect Profound Life stage expert. However, they were all killed by Lin Dong within such a short span of time. It seems like the latter’s strength had somewhat exceeded his expectations.

Seated within the stone building, Liu Xiangxuan was playing with the jade ring on her finger with her long delicate hand. Her pretty eyes were lifted slightly as she stared at the skinny figure in the distance. A slight smidgen of surprise flashed across her narrow eyes. It seems like Lin Dong is indeed no simple individual…

No wonder he was able to snatch the silver tower from a Profound Death stage expert. Even though he had most likely used some tricks in the process, the end result was still something that he could be proud of.

After all, this was a feat no ordinary individual could achieve.

Lin Dong rubbed off the trace of blood on his hand while standing on the the ancient street. He subsequently turned his head and looked indifferently at the smiling Pang Hao. This person was indeed a smiling tiger. If it was not because Lin Dong had fell into his trap earlier, it was likely that he would have thought that this person was quite a friendly individual.

“Pang Hao, I am not interested in fighting with you. Hence, you should not plot against me. If you continue to do so, I will simply take my silver tower key and leave the Sky Lightning Sea Region. At that time, no one will stand to benefit.” Lin Dong stared at Pang Hao and spoke in a faint voice.

Pang Hao narrowed both of his eyes. The smile on his face seemed to have become even denser as he laughed, “What is brother Lin Dong saying? I have not done anything to you. Instead, I have merely kindly invited you to join us.”

Pang Hao paused after speaking until this point. His smile appeared to become slightly chilled, “I know that you are quite skilled. However, you still do not possess the qualifications to act haughtily in front of my Nine Serene Gate.”

“Is that so?” A cold glint flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. The green light on his body, which had weakened slightly, once again erupted like floodwaters.

Pang Hao also lifted his hand gently as he watched this scene. A rushing wind sound immediately appeared in the sky behind him. Many figures appeared in the air above the city in a ghost like fashion. These individuals also possess extremely powerful auras and almost all of them had the strength of a Profound Life stage.

The many experts within the city lifted their brow slightly upon seeing this. From the looks of it, Pang Tong seems to be intending on attacking Lin Dong and snatching the silver tower key from the latter’s hand.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes swept over the sky before finally pausing behind Pang Hao. Three powerful figures had appeared in a flash. Based on the aura emitted from their bodies, they seemed to have half a foot into perfect Profound Life stage…

“Ha, the four demon generals of the Nine Serene Gate are all here…”

“These four individuals are the most outstanding individuals from the younger generation in Nine Serene Gate. The Nine Serene Gate is actually willing to dispatch all of them this time around.”

A man behind Pang Hao parted his mouth and smiled amidst the conversations that filled the sky. Both his eyes were somewhat sinister as he stared at Lin Dong in the distance. He laughed, “Big brother, this little fellow doesn’t seem to give us any face. Why don’t we directly attack him and snatch the silver tower key?”

Pang Hao smiled densely and nodded.


The eyes of the three individuals behind Pang Hao turned dark and cold after seeing the latter nod. Majestic Yuan Power suddenly erupted. The three of them charged forward at the same time. After which, they formed many afterimages in the midair. Their bodies pounced towards Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion.

Three half step to perfect Profound Life stage experts attacking at the same time. This lineup was quite frightening.

Lin Dong lifted his head. He watched the three ghost like figures being rapidly magnified in his eyes. However, just as he was about to attack, a delicate figure suddenly took the lead to charge forward. A huge black coffin cover appeared in her hands. After which, she swung it ruthlessly. Black light shot out and heavily smashed onto the three figures that were rushing over.


A low and muffled sound appeared in the air. Immediately everyone were stunned to see the three ferociously attacking figures were sent flying. They subsequently staggered backwards in the air before forcefully stabilizing their bodies. However, all their expression appeared ugly and stunned when they showed themselves.

“You actually dare to send out such trash? Aren’t you afraid that this little grandaunt will squash them to death?”

The delicate little figure stood in the air. Her hands were hugging the black coffin cover, which could cover her entire body. After which, she looked at the three human figures being sent flying with disdain. Her clear silver bell like voice was filled with mockery.

“This little girl is actually at perfect Profound Life stage!”

The countless pairs of eyes from around the place were stunned as they looked at the green clothed little girl standing in the air. The fluctuation emitted from within the latter’s body had actually reached the perfect Profound Life stage.

“Her strength was already comparable to Pang Hao and Liu Xiangxuan!”

Pang Hao was also slightly startled because of this unexpected change. His eyes were gloomy as he glanced at Mu Lingshan and coldly laughed, “I was wondering where your courage stems from. It seems like you have found quite a powerful ally. However, do you think that you have sufficient strength just because of this? Even though the Sky Lightning Sea Region does not allow the top experts from my Nine Serene Gate in, do you truly believe it is impossible for me to finish you off?”

“Why don’t you come and give it a try?”

A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes but he did not give in. Although countless experts from the Nine Serene Gate have surfaced, Lin Dong was also clearly aware that this was not the full extent of their lineup. The Nine Serene Gate was stronger than the Evil Wind Cave. It would simply be a little too stingy for them to only dispatch these people.

Even though this was the case, Lin Dong did not feel any fear. This was because even if a Profound Death stage expert was truly following beside Pang Hao, he was able to rely on his Devouring Sky Corpse to tie down such an expert.

He did not wish to find trouble. However, if trouble came looking for him, he would also sent it flying with a kick.

The smile on Pang Hao’s face was gradually scattered. Majestic Yuan Power surged around him. There was quite a shocking aura spreading from him.

Pang Hao had also reached the perfect Profound Life stage!

Mu Lingshan’s small hand once again tightened her grip on the Life Death Coffin Cover after she detected Pang Hao’s move. It appeared as though a major fight would immediately breakout at the first sign of a disagreement.

“You two, the reason we came here is because of the Reincarnation Cave. Yet, we have already begun to fight even before we enter the cave. Don’t you think that this is a little too reckless?”

A gentle and indifferent voice was suddenly emitted from the building just as both parties were engaged in a face-off. After which, everyone saw a white dress drifting as Liu Xiangxuan gently moved her feet and slowly walked forward. Her extremely beautiful face appeared in front of countless pairs of eyes.

Lin Dong looked at the white clothed woman, who had stepped forward. A stunned expression flashed across his eyes. In terms of appearance, it was likely that amongst the women he had met over these years, only Ling Qingzhu was comparable to her…

“Both of you possess a silver tower key respectively. We will still need to cooperate in order to open the cave. If anyone meets with a mishap during this period of time, it would likely end up delaying the opening of the cave.”

Pang Hao’s eyes flickered after hearing this. The smile on his face resurfaced, “Xiangxuan is right. In that case, I shall temporarily stop fighting today.”

Lin Dong glanced at the two of them. He was too lazy to even utter any unnecessary words as he turned around and left. Mu Lingshan immediately followed him after seeing this.

“This friend, the lightning storm over the Sky Lightning Sea Region will ease three days later. It will be our best opportunity to enter. Hopefully, you will also show up. After all, opening the cave require three keys.” Liu Xiangxuan looked at Lin Dong’s back. Her red lips were gently parted as she spoke.

“I will get moving three days later.”

Lin Dong did not turn around. He merely waved his hand, moved his body and rushed out of the city. He swiftly vanished in front of the countless pairs of eyes.

“Haha, it seems like even Xiangxuan’s charm did not do much this time around. That little fellow is completely unromantic.” Pang Hao looked at Lin Dong, who had left swiftly, before involuntarily laughing out loud.

Liu Xiangxuan merely smiled faintly after hearing this. Even though she was aware just how deadly her charm on men was, it did not mean that every man would grovel under her skirt. From the way Lin Dong attacked previously, it was clear that he was an extremely decisive and tough man. Beauty likely did not have much effect on him.

The atmosphere within the city once again relaxed after Lin Dong’s departure. Many people’s eyes were flickering as they looked at the direction which Lin Dong had left. Ultimately, no one did anything. The strength that Lin Dong and the little girl beside him had displayed earlier was quite a powerful deterrence. Everyone knew it would not be no mean feat to snatch the silver tower key from Lin Dong’s hand…

Of course, there were also some observers watching this with cold eyes. There were many experts who had hurried to the Reincarnation Cave this time around. This naturally included some who hid their strength. Clearly, none of them were planning on exposing themselves at this moment…

This trip to the Reincarnation Stage expert’s cave was still filled with many deep and unknown factors…

While Lin Dong was leaving the city, he did not discover that three individuals were staring at his back from a mountain, which was a short distance from the city.

The clothes of these three individuals had a symbol with intersecting back and white colours. It appeared as though there was a mixture of Yin and Yang. Lin Dong would definitely recognise this symbol if he saw it.

This was because this symbol represented a certain sect. That sect was called Yuan Gate.

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