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Chapter 933



A white clothed woman on the stone tower gently gripped a jade ring with her hand. Her black hair fell over her shoulder. She had an extremely beautiful face and her skin was as white as snow. Her brow was like a picture. Her appearance caused her every frown and smile to be filled with a charm that could not be hidden.

“Is he the owner of the third silver tower?” The white clothed woman lifted her head. A faint smile surfaced on her extremely beautiful face as she said.


The black clothed man nodded. He smilingly said, “I heard that fellow is called Lin Dong. Based on the information I obtained, he seemed to have snatched that silver tower from the hands of a Profound Death stage Elder from the Evil Wind Cave.”

“Being able to snatch an item from the hands of a Profound Death stage Elder… he is truly no simple individual.” The white clothed woman smiled slightly. Her eyes quickly turned towards a certain direction of the city before she softly asked, “I wonder what brother Pang Hao intends to do?”

“Since he has arrived, we will naturally have to invite him. After all, we require the strength of three silver towers in order to open the cave.” Pang Hao curled his mouth. However, his smile seemed to have contained a deeper meaning within.

The white clothed woman gently lifted her eyes and said. “Lin Dong cannot be compared to us as we have support from the Mysterious Sky Hall and the Nine Serene Gate. Based on what I know, he should be a lone wolf. Although the various experts gathered on this island might not dare to snatch our silver towers, if Lin Dong was to expose himself… it is likely that he will attract a great deal of trouble.”

“Haha, a silver tower is nothing but trouble in the hands of someone without strength. It is better to surrender it in order to preserve one’s life.” Pang Hao gently rubbed his hand over his teacup and laughed faintly.

“I am only helping him to make the right decision… else, he would only end up being targeted by others after entering the Reincarnation Cave. At that time, he won’t even be able to flee.”

The white clothed woman did not say much after seeing this situation. Her indifferent character meant that she clearly did not care about a person whom she barely knew.

Pang Hao smiled and stood up. After which, she stood at the edge of the building. His eyes swept around. At this moment, there were many experts surrounding the city and there were some powerful individuals mixed within. When they saw Pang Hao, many of then licked their lips, while some greed surged within their eyes. After all, they greatly coveted the silver tower in his hands. However, the Nine Serene Gate had sent many experts this time around. It was likely that none of them would gain any advantage in a fight…

Lin Dong was hidden in the city. His eyes narrowed as he looked at that black clothed man. It was possible for him to detect a familiar ripple from the latter. That ripple was emitted from his silver tower.

It seems like he should be one of the two other owners of the silver towers.

“The leader of the Nine Serene Gate’s four demon generals, Pang Hao. It is rumoured that he has a silver tower key in his hand…”

“I have heard of this fellow. It is rumoured that he had advanced into the advance Profound Life stage one year ago, right? How frightening. He is able to reach this level at such a tender age. In fact, he could even rival some of the experts from the older generation.”

“The white clothed lady on the building is the Holy Lady of the Mysterious Sky Hall, Liu Xiangxuan. Hehe, she is one of the top beauties in Chaotic Demon Sea…”

“She might be pretty, but I’m afraid that no man is able to enjoy her… how can such a woman be subdued by any man.”

Lin Dong heard the private conversations being emitted from his surroundings. He lifted his brow slightly. It was unexpected that the people on the stone building were actually from the Nien Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall. No wonder the silver tower key in his hand was behaving unusually.


Lin Dong suddenly thought of something and narrowed his eyes. Since his silver tower key was behaving unusually, it was likely that the silver tower keys in Pang Hao and Liu Xiangxuan hands had also detected his, right?

Lin Dong lifted his head. He looked at Pang Hao, who was standing at the edge of the building and looking down at the entire city. The expression in his eyes changed slightly as he suddenly grabbed Mu Lingshan beside him.

“Let’s go.” Lin Dong did not explain after uttering those words. He pulled the somewhat uncertain Mu Lingshan before turning around and heading towards the outskirts of the city.


However, Lin Dong had only taken a couple of steps after grabbing Mu Lingshan and turning around, when a laughter resounded over the sky. After which, countless pairs of eyes were suddenly rotated before they stared at Pang Hao on the building.

“Let me tell everyone a piece of good news. The owner of the third silver tower key has already arrived at the Sky Lightning Sea Region…”

The city was initially quiet for a moment after Pang Hao’s words sounded out. Following which, waves of uproar suddenly erupted in the next instant. Some of the experts looking on with indifferent eyes from the side, also suddenly revealed an expression of wild joy in their eyes.

There were only three keys to open the cave. Two of them had already landed in the hands of the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall. Owing to the domineering strength of these two major factions, there was naturally not many who dared to target them. Hence, most people were eyeing the owner of the third silver tower.

According to the rumours, the owner of the third silver tower did not possess an overly renowned background. Moreover, he was merely at initial Profound Life stage. Although no one knew how he managed to snatch a silver tower from a Profound Death stage expert, it was obvious that he was a much easier target compared to the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall.

“Oh? Brother Pang Hao, if this person is really here, we will have to trouble you to invite him forward. After all, everyone wants to open the cave and it is not good for him to hide himself.”

A man carrying a moon blade in the air above the city laughed loudly. This person had many scars on his face, giving him a rather fearsome appearance. Only those who knew him were aware that this person was also quite a well-known expert in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“That’s right, that’s right. We will have to trouble the Nine Serene Gate to invite that friend forward.”

Although his voice was soft, there were many who echoed their agreement. However, anyone could see the surging greed in these people’s hearts.

Lin Dong heard the voices that filled the air from within the crowd as his eyes gradually turned icy cold. Mu Lingshan’s large eyes, who was being pulled by him, also revealed a great fury.


A silver light suddenly descended from the sky while Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with chillness. After which, it covered Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan in front of the countless number of stunned eyes.

“Haha, my friends, since you have arrived, do show yourself…” Pang Hao smilingly looked at the duo being wrapped by the silver light and said.


Countless of people around Lin Dong were initially started upon seeing this scene. After which, they emitted a ‘swish sound’ The originally squeezy spot had immediately emptied out. Subsequently, many heated gazes were shot onto Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was expressionless in the face of the countless pairs of heated eyes. However, a murderous desire flashed deep within his eyes. It seems like Pang Hao was trying to make him into everyone’s common enemy… it seems like traveling to the Chaotic Demon Sea was indeed extremely dangerous. Even a person whom he had never met could smilingly push him into great danger on their first encounter.

Lin Dong slowly turned around in front of the countless fiery hot greedy eyes. He lifted his head and looked at the grinning Pang Hao on the stone building. He spoke in a faint voice, “Your scheme is truly brilliant.”

Pang Hao smiled. It looked as if he did not comprehended the meaning of Lin Dong’s words. Instead, he smilingly said, “My friend, since you are also an owner of a silver tower key, why don’t you come up and have a seat?”

The white clothed beauty on the building shifted his eyes. After which, they paused on the countless ferocious wolves surrounding the young man below. Was this person the one who had turned the Heaven Wind Sea Region upside down and snatched the silver tower key from the Evil Wind Cave?

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he glanced at Pang Hao and said, “I appreciate your invite. However, I am currently a little busy and I will not be able to stay.”

Lin Dong did not utter any unnecessary words after speaking, as he turned around and tried to leave. The current situation was not in his favour. Originally, he was planning to temporarily conceal his identity and only surface when the cave was about to be open. He had never expected that his identity would be exposed by Pang Hao right after he arrived. It was likely that he was going to be targeted by many people now…

“That bastard.”

Lin Dong clenched the hand under his sleeve tightly. There was a dense murderous intent surging in his heart. Clearly, Pang Hao’s actions had stirred his desire to kill him.

Pang Hao smiling watched as Lin Dong pulled Mu Lingshan, turned around and leave. However, he did not stop the latter. Instead, his eyes simply contained an increasingly sadistic playfulness and ridicule.

Lin Dong duo walked directly out of the city through the ancient stone street in front of countless pairs of eyes. The many pair of eyes around them resembled those of greedy and ferocious wolves.


After Lin Dong had walked to the end of a street, his expression began to gradually turn gloomy. This was because a couple of human figures with fearsome auras were standing proudly in front of him. Waves after waves of powerful Yuan Power fluctuation slowly spread.

“Are you Lin Dong? Hand over the silver tower key and I will allow you to leave.”

Lin Dong’s eyes became completely dark after he heard the dense laughter. He immediately released Mu Lingshan’s small hand and softly sighed.

It seems like simply running away was not a solution…

Ultimately, the only way to deal with these ruthless characters was to be even more ruthless than them…

Standing beside him, Mu Lingshan turned her head. She subsequently saw a ferociousness and brutality surging within Lin Dong’s eyes…

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