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Chapter 928

Wu Xuan


The giant whale floated on the azure sea. From time to time, a sea breeze would blow past, however, it was unable to scatter the extremely tense atmosphere present.

In the sky before the giant whale was a long haired man in a black robe. He was slightly smiling and looked rather gentle, however, Lin Dong was able to sense the iciness flowing under his smile…

“Demonic Wind Cave chief… Wu Xuan…”

Lin Dong tightly pursed his lips, and his expression appeared somewhat ugly. He had never imagined that the one who had targeted them would actually be such a major power.

This was a super expert who could be considered to be at the peak even within the entire Chaotic Demon Sea…

“Samsara stage…”

Lin Dong clenched his fists tightly. From the looks of the black and white energy flowing around Wu Xuan’s body, it was obvious that he had already reached the stage of fusing life and death. In other words, this cave chief of the Demonic Wind Cave was a major power who had stepped into the Samsara stage. At this level, he was already comparable to those sect masters of the super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“This is going to be troublesome.” Lin Dong frowned tightly. If the one who had chased them was a Profound Death stage expert, he might perhaps still have a chance of escaping. However, the one who had come was a genuine Samsara stage ultimate expert. They would definitely be steamrolled if they were to fight.

“It is unexpected that the cave chief of the Demonic Wind Cave is actually willing to lower himself to chase after two youngsters like us…” Lin Dong breathed in deeply, before he lifted his head and spoke to Wu Xuan.

“Ha ha, I am not after the both of you. It is a coincidence that I received some news while returning. After which, I searched for you on the way.” Wu Xuan slightly smiled and said.

“Robbing others is after all not good… all you need to do now, is to hand over that item and return with me to the Demonic Wind Cave. What do you say?” Wu Xuan’s smile was gentle, and his tone even made it seem as though he was open to discussion. However, Lin Dong understood that it was precisely such individuals that were most troublesome to deal with.

Lin Dong smiled. He exchanged a glance with Mu Lingshan by the side. In the next moment, the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale suddenly swung its huge tail. A thousand feet large water pillar broke out from the sea, and ruthlessly charged towards Wu Xuan. At the same time, its enormous body also swiftly dived into the sea.


The water pillar exploded. However, the vast and mighty strength contained within it automatically disappeared when it was still around a hundred feet from Wu Xuan. The latter smiled slightly. With a wave of his sleeve, the seawater below suddenly froze, and the huge submerging body of the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale also halted at this moment…

“Truly two rude little kids…”

Wu Xuan smiled faintly. Soon after, he extended his slender hand. “If that is the case, this distinguished one can only personally take action…”


As his voice faded, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. His feet pushed off the mysterious whale, and his body rushed forward. In a flash, he appeared behind Wu Xuan. Immediately, a blood red light appeared in his hand. This blood light drew across his palm, causing a trace of fresh blood to appear.


A monstrous bloody and evil aura suddenly swept out from within the blood red light. After which, it directly tore apart the void, turning into an extremely ferocious blood light pierced towards the fatal spots on Wu Xuan’s back.

“You actually dare to take the initiative and attack when facing this chief. This boldness really makes me respect you even more.”

Wu Xuan smiled faintly, but he did not turn his head around. With a flick of his finger, black and white Qi suddenly swept forth, and ruthlessly collided with that blood light.


A clear sound appeared. The extremely formidable blood light was directly reflected. As the blood light dimmed, it turned into a blood coloured tooth. This was surprisingly the Pure Yuan soul treasure which Lin Dong had obtained, the ‘Demon Shark Tooth’. Even fully powered by Lin Dong, it was still easily dealt with by Wu Xuan. The strength of a Samsara stage expert was really somewhat terrifying.

“So what if you are the chief of the Demonic Wind Cave? A good dog does not block one’s path!”

A petite figure rushed forward while Lin Dong’s attack was blocked. While she cried out in a lovely voice, Mu Lingshan’s hands hugged the Life Death Coffin Cover. Majestic Yuan Power surged and slammed ruthlessly towards Wu Xuan.


Wu Xuan’s expression was indifferent as he extended his hand. His palm came into direct contact with the incoming Life Death Coffin Cover, as a muffled thud emerged. His body did not budge at all. Instead, Mu Lingshan’s body was sent flying backwards.

“Little girl, you are really far too barbaric and reckless. If you continue in this manner, you will surely be taught a lesson…” Wu Xuan looked indifferently at Mu Lingshan as she flew backwards. Quickly after, his slender hand reached out. A black and white light beam filled with life death energy tore through space, and shot towards the latter with lightning speed.


Green light suddenly flashed past just before Mu Lingshan was about to be struck by the black and white light beam. Lin Dong hugged her as they miserably tumbled through the air. Only then did he narrowly dodge the attack.

“Lingshan, leave first.” The green dragon wings behind Lin Dong slowly flapped. His expression was somewhat grim as he spoke softly to Mu Lingshan in his embrace.

Lin Dong was clearly aware of the difficulty in this current situation, however, he did despair. His current self had similarly become much stronger than when he was back then at Unique Devil City. If he was to use all of his cards, it was not impossible for him to escape from the hands of this Wu Xuan. Of course, the precondition was that he was alone…

“Leave? Will that be possible…” Lin Dong’s voice might be soft, but it was still captured by Wu Xuan’s ears. He immediately chuckled softly. There seemed to be a cold glint rising within his eyes. His current self appeared a little impatient…


Lin Dong sent Mu Lingshan flying with a strike of his palm. The gentle force pushed her to the surface of the sea. Immediately, he waved his sleeve, and a scarlet red light flew out, and turned into a huge cauldron. Light spewed from the mouth of the cauldron in an attempt to such that Wu Xuan into it.

“Brother Lin Dong, if anything happens to you, I will get my first grandpa to exterminate his Demonic Wind Cave!”

Mu Lingshan landed on the surface of the sea. She looked at this scene, gritted her teeth, and cried out in a loud voice. After which, she moved, intending to dive into the sea. She was clearly aware that she would not be of much help to Lin Dong even if she remained behind.

“Exterminate my Demonic Wind Cave?”

A cold glint flashed within Wu Xuan’s eyes. His body immediately moved and disappeared in a ghost like fashion. This caused the Burning Sky Cauldron that had appeared behind him to miss its target.

“Lingshan, be careful!”

The disappearance of Wu Xuan’s body caused Lin Dong to be startled, as he hurriedly cried out. From the looks of it, this Wu Xuan seemed to be planning on attacking Mu Lingshan.

Mu Lingshan’s small face changed slightly upon seeing this. Her petite body was twisted and she directly fled into the sea. However, before her body could enter the water, Wu Xuan appeared on the surface of the sea and violently stomped on the water’s surface.


The entire sea seemed to rebel at this moment, and countless water pillars shot towards the sky. A petite figure was sent flying by a water pillar in a miserable manner. That vast and mighty force caused a trace of blood to appear at the corner of her mouth.

“You bastard!”

Hostility overflowed from Lin Dong’s eyes upon seeing this. As he clenched both of his fists, a strange light array surfaced in a partially visible manner.

However, Wu Xuan completely ignored him at this moment. The former moved and appeared in front of Mu Lingshan. Two of his fingers curled, as black and white light appeared their tips. It Like a dagger of life and death, it mercilessly pierced towards the latter’s throat.


The black and white fingers of Wu Xuan was only a feet from Mu Lingshan’s throat when the huge sea below suddenly sunk. Quickly, a blue light with a black and white aura shot out from it and headed straight for Wu Xuan.


This sudden shocking attack caused Wu Xuan’s expression to change. His attack paused, and his fingers lowered to viciously clash against that blue light.


A frightening force swept apart in the sky. Immediately, a water pillar shot towards the heavens. A ghost like figure rushed out from the water pillar and caught Mu Lingshan, who was in the air.

“Who may this distinguished one be? Why have you intervened in the matters of my Demonic Wind Cave?” Wu Xuan was jerked a couple of steps back. His expression sunk slightly, as he coldly said.

Sea water came pouring down from the sky, while Lin Dong also threw his astonished gaze over. He saw a blue clothed man standing in the air within the storm. The man was extremely handsome, and both of his eyes were azure. From a distance, he seemed to authority over the great seas, and appeared deep and unfathomable.

“Demonic Wind Cave?”

That man carried Mu Lingshan as he stared at Wu Xuan. The corners of his mouth lifted to form an ice-cold mocking smile.

“You wretched fellow. Do you think you have the qualifications to teach someone from my Immortal Sage Whale clan a lesson?”

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