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Chapter 926

Sky Lightning Sea Region


A tiny scarlet red light flickered at the bottom of a huge reef deep under the sea, where a palm sized cauldron was hidden. It was perfectly hidden when the light was withdrawn. All of fluctuations from within it disappeared. It was likely that even a Profound Death stage expert would be unable to detect it when passing by…

All Pure Yuan treasures had their own unique aspect like the Life Death Coffin Cover in Mu Lingshan’s hands. Although this Burning Sky Cauldron’s offensive strength was inferior to the Life Death Coffin Cover, this Burning Sky Cauldron had a domain within it. From a certain point of view, the Burning Sky Cauldron had clearly surpassed the Life Death Coffin Cover.

At this moment, Lin Dong was seated in the air within the domain of the Burning Sky Cauldron. There was a small silver tower quietly floating in front of him. A faint fluctuation spread while being vaguely accompanied by the sound of thunder.

“Brother, Lin Dong, you can slowly study it. I will first take a nap…”

Mu Lingshan looked at this scarlet red realm within the cauldron in an extremely bored manner. She lazily stretched her waist and took out the Life Death Coffin Cover under Lin Dong’s eyes, which had an expression of neither being able to laugh nor cry. After which, she once again lay on it like a little cat and fell into a deep sleep.

“This girl…”

Lin Dong smiled helplessly and ignored her. He turned his eyes and looked at the small silver tower with excitement. After musing for a moment, he suddenly extended his finger, and gently touched the icy cold tower. At the same time, a trace of Mental Energy flowed through his finger and attempted to enter the silver tower.


The silver tower suddenly shook the moment Lin Dong’s Mental Energy made contact with it. A thunder like roar suddenly resounded, and directly scattered the Mental Energy from Lin Dong.


Lin Dong emitted a muffled moan from his throat. His finger had been blasted away, and its tip was a little numb. He frowned slightly as he looked at the silver tower. At this moment, sparks had began to the surface on the silver tower. It was precisely these things that stopped Lin Dong’s probing.

“Yan, what is going on?” Lin Dong asked in his heart.

“There is a seal on this silver tower. It will not be easy to obtain the information within it. You should be glad for this. Otherwise, the information within it would have long since been obtained by the Demonic Wind Cave.” Yan said.

“What should we do?” Lin Dong frowned. This seal appeared to be relatively powerful. If even the Demonic Wind Cave was unable to break it within a short period of time, it was likely that he would also be unable to do anything.

“This silver tower contains a trace of Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s power, which should also be source of the seal. An ordinary person will have to spend a great amount of effort in order to break it. However, it is different for you. You possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. That trace of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s strength will not pose much of an obstruction to you…” Yan said.


Lin Dong nodded slightly, and extended his hand. Black light suddenly shot out from his fingertip, and directly entered the silver tower.

Sizzle sizzle!

Some white smoke was immediately emitted from the silver tower’s surface when the black thread formed by Devouring Power shot over. The flickering lightning had also gradually weakened. From the looks of it, it seemed their energy source had been slowly swallowed by the black light thread.

The lightning and the black light thread’s face off continued for around half an hour. After which, the web of lightning flickering over the silver tower finally began to dim little by little until it finally completely vanished.


A soft muffled sound was emitted from within the silver tower after the final traces of lightning was removed. Lin Dong’s mouth parted into a smile after seeing this, and a trace of Mental Energy once again invaded it.

This invasion was no longer faced any resistance. After the Mental Energy surged in, many images poured into Lin Dong’s mind.

Bang bang bang!

The first that entered his eyes was a black mass of clouds without end. Lightning shuttled through the clouds like swimming dragons, the thunder would rumble from time to time, reverberating endlessly across the sky.

There was a vast sea under this seemingly endless black thunder clouds. The sea also did not appear to have a boundary. Moreover, the sea was pitch-black, and at a glance, it appeared exactly the same as the black clouds in the sky. From a distance, the thunder clouds and the vast sea seemed to merge together. Its pure blackness caused one to feel fear.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy floated over this thunder cloud world. Each time thunder rang out, he would feel his Mental Energy tremble slightly. It was the feeling of fear.

Lin Dong peered into the distance. Suddenly, countless thunder bolts came pouring down from the sky. Finally, they smashed into a certain part of the sea. The sea water quickly boiled, and silver lightning frantically spread over the surface of the sea. While the glow of lightning filled the sky, Lin Dong could faintly see an extremely huge cave…

This cave was covered by lightning, and its bright silver glow was extremely glaring. At the same time, a wild, violent and vast fluctuation rippled outwards, causing huge and towering waves to form on this sea region.

“Is this the cave dwelling left behind by that Reincarnation stage expert?”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the enormous cave within the lightning. In the next moment, black light gushed out in his eyes, as the lightning glow that filled the surroundings of the cave gradually disappeared at this moment.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept over the cave an inch at a time. In the end, they suddenly focused on the deepest part of the cave, where an extremely dazzling lightning glow was present. Moreover, he was able to see liquid lightning slowly flowing within the lightning glow. This liquid lightning did not have a specific form. At times it took the shape of a sword, the shape of a thunderbolt, the shape of an extremely ancient symbol…

The liquid lightning gave off an aura that Lin Dong was extremely familiar with. This aura was practically from the same source as that of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!


Lin Dong inhaled deeply. Wild joy that was difficult to restrain surged into his heart at this moment. He was aware that the liquid lightning should be the second Ancestral Symbol which he had been searching for, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!


A ten thousand feet large thunderbolt suddenly ferociously poured down from the sky. The world was torn apart at this moment. The loud rumbling sound caused Lin Dong’s Mental Energy to be dazzled. By the time he regained his senses, he had already withdrawn from the silver tower.


A bolt of lightning from within the silver tower chased Lin Dong’s Mental Energy as it withdrew. In the end, it shot into Lin Dong’s forehead.

A great amount of information poured in like floodwater when the lightning shot into Lin Dong’s head. This continued for a long time, before finally stopping…

Lin Dong’s finger gently rubbed the space between his brows. After which, he digested the large amount of information. His expression was a little unstable amidst this digestion. This continued for over ten minutes, before his narrowed eyes finally opened completely. Soon after, he lifted his head and spat out a ball of white vapour from his mouth.

“Sky Lightning Sea Region… the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is at… that place huh…”

Sky Lightning Sea Region was the land of lightning which Lin Dong had seen within the silver tower. It was where the Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling was located.

Moreover, the lightning glow from earlier also contained the exact location of Sky Lightning Sea Region. When Lin Dong compared it with the second Ancestral Symbol’s location he knew, he did indeed discover that the location of the two were exactly the same.

In other words, this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was the second Ancestral Symbol indicated on the mental map that Lin Dong had obtained!

The word ‘fate’ was truly impossible to explain.

“Sky Lightning Sea Region should be an unknown sea region in the south west area of the Chaotic Demon Sea…”

Lin Dong’s finger rubbed his forehead, as he compared the Sky Lightning Sea Region’s sea map with the Chaotic Demon Sea sea map that he was aware of, and was able to obtain a rough position. That place was indeed some distance away from Sky Merchant Region which he was currently in…

However, Lin Dong’s desire to seek the Ancestral Symbol would clearly not be obstructed by distance.

Lin Dong lowered his head, and looked at the silver tower before him. A smile of having been relieved from a burden surfaced on this young face, as he muttered softly.

“It has been so many years… I have finally found you…”

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