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Chapter 924

Snatching the Tower and Fleeing


The enormous Life Death Coffin Cover suffused with thick black light drew a black light arc in the sky, and unceremoniously smashed violently into the fist thrown by that giant illusory figure.


A frightening energy ripple swept apart at this moment. That seemingly ferocious looking giant phantasm exploded apart after being struck by the black coffin cover.

A human figure miserably shot backwards after the phantasm exploded. This body heavily smashed into a huge tree, shattering the tree trunk to dust.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from Xie Yan’s mouth. At this moment, his somewhat handsome face was overwhelmed with shock. He lifted his head and looked at Mu Lingshan in front of him, who hugged the black coffin cover with both hands, with eyes that were filled with disbelief.

He had never expected that this seemingly young little girl would actually possess the strength of the perfect Profound Life stage!

Moreover, regardless of what kind of powerful martial arts he unleashed, he was ultimately unable to match the casual swings of the coffin cover in the little girl’s hands. The gap between the two had already been clearly revealed.

He was completely no match for this green clothed little girl in front of him!

This truth caused Xie Yan’s face to become a little flushed. It was rare for anyone amongst the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region to defeat him. Yet, he had been beaten to such a miserable state by a little girl after arriving here. Would his reputation not end up in ruins if news of this spread were to spread to back home?

“It’s your fault for being so dislikable! I will beat you to death!”

However, Mu Lingshan completely ignored him. She hugged the Life Death Coffin Cover, and once again violently swung it while muttering under her breath.

Xie Yan fled some distance away in a miserable manner. He had already tasted the might of the Life Death Coffin Cover in Mu Lingshan’s hands earlier. Naturally, he did not dare to let the cover touch him.


Blue light flashed in front of him while his body was pulling back, and Mu Lingshan appeared in front of him. She grabbed with her small hand and a suction force erupted, “Hand over the silver tower!”

The suction force surged, and Xie Yan’s sleeve jerked. His Qiankun Bag flew out and was grabbed by Mu Lingshan.


Xie Yan’s expression quickly changed drastically after seeing that his Qiankun Bag had been taken. His stern cry had yet to completely leave his mouth, when Mu Lingshan’s Life Death Coffin Cover ruthlessly slammed towards his face. He was frightened to the point of not caring about the Qiankun Bag, as he hurriedly dodged in a miserable fashion. The Death Qi that swung past his face resulted in waves of piercing pain vaguely seeping out from within his pores.

Mu Lingshan’s small hand held the Qiankun Bag. She gently tossed it in her hand, before revealing a wide smile that revealed her two tiny yet sharp upper cuspids. However, this cute appearance caused the corners of Xie Yan’s eyes to twitch. Only after having exchanged blows did he realise how terrifying this this beautiful doll like little girl was…

Mu Lingshan grabbed the Qiankun Bag and began searching it. Immediately, a small silver tower appeared in her hand. It was the item that Xie Yan obtained from the auction.

“You… if you dare take this object, my Demonic Wind Cave will definite chase you to the ends of the earth!” Xie Yan cried furiously. His eyes had turned red upon seeing this scene.

“Demonic Wind Cave?” Mu Lingshan curled her small mouth. Her expression was one of extremely disdain.


The Burning Sky Cauldron in the air suddenly trembled after Mu Lingshan obtained the small silver tower.After which, an elderly figure shot out from it.

“Elder Mo Xie!”

Xie Yan quickly rejoiced after seeing the person who had appeared. He hurriedly cried, “Quick, she has snatched the silver tower…”

His voice ultimately came to a sudden halt, as shock quickly climbed into his eyes. This was because he saw that the old demon Mo Xie, who had fled from the Burning Sky Cauldron, appeared to be in a complete mess. Even his aura was rather weak. Clearly, he had suffered quite a serious injury.

“How is this possible…”

Xie Yan’s pupils shrunk. He violently inhaled a breath of cold air, while his face was covered with disbelief. He had never imagined that old demon Mo Xie, whose strength had reached the initial Profound Death stage, would actually be wounded to such an extent.

His opponent was merely a little brat who was at the initial Profound Life stage!

Old demon Mo Xie had an extremely ugly expression, and his eyes were clearly a little frightened. Only at this moment did he understand why the Nefarious Bone old man had been injured until that extent…


Old demon Mo Xie’s body moved and directly appeared beside Xie Yan. He grabbed the latter and quickly fled.

“Old demon Mo Xie, the silver tower!” Xie Yan hurriedly cried out upon seeing this.

However, old demon Mo Xie completely ignored him. At this moment, he had already been wounded by Lin Dong. If another attack like earlier was unleashed, he would definitely suffer extremely serious injuries. At that time, it would be pointless to remain behind.

Hence, he grabbed Xie Yan and moved, transforming into a grey light that quickly vanished into the horizon.

Lin Dong’s figure also hurried out from the Burning Sky Cauldron after old demon Mo Xie fled with Xie Yan. After which, his eyes looked in the direction they had fled towards, before he violently coughed once again, and spat blood from his mouth.

“Brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” Mu Lingshan hurried over and asked in a worried manner.

“I’m fine. I just over exhausted myself.” Lin Dong waved his hand. The Burning Sky Gates were indeed powerful, but the exhaustion he felt was far too frightening. Fortunately, old demon Mo Xie and the Nefarious Bone old man both shared a similar characteristic, which was being afraid of death… otherwise, if the latter was to continue fighting Lin Dong, the ones who needed to flee would change…

The current Lin Dong could only barely deal with an expert who has truly stepped into the Profound Death stage.

“Have you obtained the item?” Lin Dong asked.

“Um.” Mu Lingshan nodded. After which, she handed over the silver tower in her hands.

Lin Dong received the silver tower. He felt the familiar ripple from it, and an excitement, which could not be hidden, involuntarily rose on his face. He had finally obtained this thing…

“We should hurry and leave.” Lin Dong flipped his hand, and kept the tower into his Qiankun Bag. After which, he waved his sleeve, retrieving the Burning Sky Cauldron into his body, as he remarked in a deep voice.

Currently, the area around this Sky Merchant City was extremely chaotic. Although they had frightened away old demon Mo Xie earlier, no one could guarantee that the old fellow would not return. Hence, they needed to leave immediately.


Lin Dong’s body swiftly rushed forward after his voice sounded, while Mu Lingshan quickly followed behind. In a few seconds, they had fled into the mountain range and disappeared.

This area quickly became quiet after the two of them left. If it was not because of the mess all over the place and a couple of corpses remaining, it was likely that no one would be able to imagine that the group from the Demonic Wind Cave was forced to retreat after such a great defeat in this place…

A gentle breeze blew passed. Soon, the space above a giant tree became distorted, and two figures flashed and appeared. They were a man and a woman. The woman was relatively familiar. She was wore red, and was Tang Dongling from Sky Merchant Court. The man, on the other hand, appeared to be middle-aged. His hair was both black and white, while his eyes were as deep as the sea. A special fluctuation was vaguely emitted from within his body. This caused the surrounding space to become a little distorted.

“Father, it seems that the silver tower has been snatched away by the Lin Dong duo…” Tang Dongling watched the scene in front of her, and involuntarily spoke in a startled voice. She had never expected that the Lin Dong duo would actually be able to snatch something from the hands of a Profound Death stage expert.

“Aye, that little fellow does have some powerful techniques. However, it is always a one-time use… if the opponent was a little more ruthless, he will be in trouble.” The middle-aged man smilingly said.

“The item was snatched at our Sky Merchant City. I’m afraid that the Demonic Wind Cave will definitely pester us, right? They should be clearly aware that with father’s strength, you will definitely know about it.” Tang Dongling stated.

“Ha ha, it is pointless to look for me if they do not have sufficient strength to protect their treasure.”

The middle-aged man spoke with a faint smile, “Moreover the object held by the little girl should be the Life Death Coffin Cover, and it is likely that she is a member of the Immortal Sage Whale clan. Even the Demonic Wind Cave can only shatter their own teeth and swallow them in the face of this clan.”

“Immortal Sage Whale clan?” Tang Dongling was startled. She never imagined that the little girl actually possessed such a shocking identity.

“What about that silver tower?”

“Ha ha, that silver tower is a key to open that cave dwelling. However, it is merely one of three. The remaining two have already appeared in other sea regions, and already have their owners. Although he has managed to obtain one, how much he can gain from the dwelling will depend on his ability.”

“I am rather interested in that cave dwelling. Unfortunately… at our level, we are unable to enter that region. Looks like the master of the dwelling seems to really discriminate against people like us…

The middle-aged man smiled faintly, and quickly shook his head. With a wave of his sleeve, the both of them once again disappeared. Only their lingering voice drifted over the place.

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