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Chapter 923

Might of the Burning Sky Gates



Eight enormous scarlet red gates floated in the sky. Wave after wave of extremely terrifying ripples swept out like floodwaters. The entire domain within the cauldron seemed to riot at this moment.

“This brat is actually able to unleash such a shocking attack?”

Old demon Mo Xie looked at eight scarlet red gates in the sky in bewilderment. He really had some difficulty believing that Lin Dong, who merely had the strength of the initial Profound Life stage, would be able to use an attack that caused even his heart to pound in fear.

“He must not be allowed to complete this formation!”

Old demon Mo Xie’s eyes were extremely sharp. He knew that Lin Dong was no match for him in a head on confrontation. However, if Lin Dong was allowed to fully use the power of this Burning Sky Cauldron, it would indeed be something that even old demon Mo Xie did not dare to underestimate. Moreover, if he wanted to block such attacks, he must destroy this formation.


Old demon Mo Xie’s body rushed out in a ghost like fashion while this thought flashed across his mind. However, his body had barely moved, when a black figure quickly followed as if it was his shadow. A formidable force directly targeted the fatal spots on old demon Mo Xie’s body.

Bang bang!

Old demon Mo Xie turned around and threw a couple of palm strikes in response to the Sky Devouring Corpse’s offensive. Each of his palm strikes contained extremely strong Yuan Power. Even a perfect Profound Life stage expert would not dare to receive them head on. Yet, this Sky Devouring Corpse was completely without fear. Black light flickered over its body, as it directly received all of old demon Mo Xie’s attacks. Each time its body jerked back from an attack, it once again pounced forward in a fearless manner. This caused old demon Mo Xie to be unable to manage.


Old demon Mo Xie dodged the attacks of the Sky Devouring Corpse. His old face appeared a little ugly. The attacks from the Sky Devouring Corpse were not too deadly. However, the strange thing was that his attacks would disappear each time they landed on its body. It stuck to him like sticky gum, causing him to be unable to free himself to attack Lin Dong.

Lin Dong stood in the air. His eyes were indifferent as he watched the Sky Devouring Corpse continuously pestering old demon Mo Xie, while quietly sighed in relief within his heart. The appearance of old demon Mo Xie this time around had messed up some of his plans. However, it was fortunate that he had obtained the Sky Devouring Corpse. Otherwise, if he was to simply rely on his own strength, that old demon Mo Xie would definitely not provide him with sufficient time to prepare the formation.


Eight scarlet red gates slowly rotated under Lin Dong’s control. Scarlet red light suddenly shot out from the gates. These lights intersected with each other, and formed an extremely huge fire formation.

Distortions appeared in the surrounding space the moment this fire formation was formed. Such heat seemed as though it was able to burn the world.


As wave after wave of shocking fire ripples swept out, one could see a ten thousand feet large volcano vaguely taking shape at the middle of the formation…

Vast and mighty Yuan Power whistled out from within Lin Dong’s body. After which, it completely poured into the large array. Normally, Lin Dong would not be able to form such a huge volcano even with all of his strength. Fortunately, he was barely able to do so by borrowing the power of the Burning Sky Cauldron…

This was also the reason why Lin Dong needed to suck powerful opponents into the Burning Sky Cauldron each time he fought. His strength had yet to reach the frightening level of old man Fen Tian, who could directly summon the formation in the outside world to suppress and seal his opponents.

The current Lin Dong still required the power of the Burning Sky Cauldron.


Old demon Mo Xie had also felt the increasingly wild and violent fluctuations in the sky, and panic finally surfaced on his face at this moment. He could sense that the energy gathered by the formation had reached the level that could injure him…

“Bang bang bang!”

However, Lin Dong had clearly strengthened his orders to the Sky Devouring Corpse. Immediately, the latter pounced crazily, completely giving up on its defence. Its formidable attacks continuously targeted the fatal spots all around old demon Mo Xie’s body, as it went all out to stop the latter.

“Buzz buzz!”

The ten thousand feet volcano in the formation grew increasingly large while old demon Mo Xie was delayed. Flames churned over it, and magma slowly began to flow downwards.

Lin Dong’s eyes were feverish as he watched the volcano form. Although his complexion was pale, excitement filled his eyes. The might of the Burning Sky Gates had far surpassed his expectations.

“It’s almost done.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air while watching the somewhat unstable formation that was brewing the volcano. A thought passed through his head, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of essence blood. This essence blood split into eight and shot into the eight Burning Sky Gates.


Those eight Burning Sky Gates trembled intensely after receiving Lin Dong’s essence blood. Soon after, scarlet red light shot out from the gates. Finally, it poured downwards from all directions, and completely covered an area of a hundred thousand feet below.

The middle of that area was where the Sky Devouring Corpse was battling old demon Mo Xie.

Old demon Mo Xie’s expression became exceptionally ugly the moment this entire place was locked onto. Lin Dong’s seals changed before old demon Mo Xie could let out a stern cry, and the ten thousand feet volcano within the formation suddenly descended from the sky. It was accompanied by an annihilation like fluctuation, as it ruthlessly slammed down onto old demon Mo Xie.

“Bang bang bang!”

The volcano fell, and the air in the entire area seemed to have exploded from the pressure. Deafening explosions continuously sounded like firecrackers.


The Sky Devouring Corpse below had also withdrawn under Lin Dong’s control. Old demon Mo Xie wanted to take the opportunity to escape from the range of the attack. However, the scarlet red light all around him had sealed off his retreat paths.

At this moment, there was already nowhere for him to escape!

“I do not believe that I will end up being defeated at the hands of a youngster like you today!”

“Demon Scorpion Eroding Sky!”

Old demon Mo Xie roared furiously, as monstrous grey foul Qi swept out from within his body. After which, it gathered and transformed into a ten thousand feet large demon scorpion.


The demon scorpion cried towards the sky after being formed. Monstrous foul Qi surged and whistled out from its huge claws, tearing apart the air, before finally colliding heavily against the volcano!


The entire place seemed to have collapsed the moment the collision occurred. A frightening energy fluctuation raged, and the ground below completely collapsed…

Lin Dong also pulled backwards. Eight scarlet red gates floated around him, and blocked the frightening energy shockwave.

Ao ao ao!

Flames swept across the sky, while the enormous demon scorpion emitted a miserable roar. Soon after, its huge body began to explode, as it was very quickly completely crushed by the volcano, while the foul Qi was completely vaporised by the high temperature.


Old demon Mo Xie’s face turned pale after that giant demon scorpion was being crushed by the volcano, and a mouthful of blood was quickly spat out, while his aura also rapidly weakened. Clearly, he had suffered a serious injury.


Lin Dong’s thoughts changed after seeing this, as the Sky Devouring Corpse once again rushed forward. Eight scarlet red gates quickly floated upwards. He clearly intended to finish off his opponent when he was down.

“Brat, you better remember this. I swear to take revenge!”

Old demon Mo Xie’s expression changed upon seeing this . With a piercing cry, he spat out a mouthful of essence blood onto his palm. Black Qi surged and tore open a crack in the space in front of him, while his body moved and fled into it.

Lin Dong watched old demon Mo Xie flee from the Burning Sky Cauldron, as a muffled groan emerged from his throat. Blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth, and he quickly extended his hand and wiped it away. Excitement covered his somewhat pale face.

The might of this eight Burning Sky Gates was so terrifying. Even a pinnacle Profound Death stage expert had been forced to withdraw!

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