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Chapter 919

Controlling the Sky Devouring Corpse


Inside the spacious room, Lin Dong took out the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ he had purchased from the auction. After which, he tossed it towards Mu Lingshan as he smiled and said, “Take it. Use it to resolve the seal on your body.”

Mu Lingshan extended her small hands, and hastily received it. Joy surfaced within her large eyes, as she beamed and said, “I have finally obtained it. Humph, once I undo the seal, I will definitely pluck all of the teeth belonging to those Blood Demon Sharks the next time I see them!”

Lin Dong chuckled and replied, “We still have another activity before that.”

“Are we going to snatch the silver tower from that fellow?” Mu Lingshan’s big eyes brightened. She leaned forward with great interest, “Good, good. That fellow are so hateful. We will snatch his stuff and make him die in anger!”

Lin Dong looked at the little girl who seemed to desire the world to plunge into chaos, and did not know whether to laugh or cry. After rubbing her small head, he said, “You should resolve this seal of yours first. Snatching that item will not be an easy matter. We still need to plan.”


Mu Lingshan nodded. She clearly understood that if she was unable to resolve the seal, given her current strength, she would only be a burden if she accompanied Lin Dong to snatch the item.

Mu Lingshan waved her small hand, as the black Life Death Coffin Cover flashed and appeared. She leaped onto it, and dense blue light erupted from within her body, while the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ also emitted a jade green light.


Blood light surged on Mu Lingshan’s shoulder the moment she activated the Yuan Power within her body, as a blood coloured light shark appeared. Its sharp teeth firmly bit her shoulder. Blood light invaded her body, and blocked Mu Lingshan’s Yuan Power from being circulated.

Mu Lingshan bit her lips, as the seals formed by her small hands changed. That jade green light that the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ in her hands had transformed into surged into her body. After which, it attacked the blood coloured light shark.

This ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ seemed to have a great suppression effect on the seal. Hence, the blood light was quickly forced back wherever the green light passed. That fierce blood coloured shark, which was originally swaggering mightily, swiftly fell into a weary state…

“It is indeed effective.”

Lin Dong watched this scene with joy. It seemed that this ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ did indeed have a great effect on the seal placed on Mu Lingshan. This allowed him to sigh in relief. After all, if Mu Lingshan was able to recover her strength, she would definitely be a great help to future operations.

“I will also use this period of time to control the ‘Sky Devouring Corpse’…”

Lin Dong smiled. He waved his sleeve, and the Burning Sky Cauldron flew out. His body moved and flew into it. He would definitely use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in order to control the corpse. Hence, it was best to be a little careful.

The interior of the Burning Sky Cauldron appeared even steadier and mightier than in the past. Eight locations in the sky vaguely emitted some fluctuations. They appeared just like sky supporting pillars, that completely stabilised this entire realm.

With the eight Burning Sky Gates, the Burning Sky Cauldron was clearly much more powerful than before.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around. After which, he flicked his finger, and a crystal coffin appeared in a flash. A completely black corpse was quietly standing within the coffin.

Lin Dong’s hand rubbed the crystal coffin. Yuan Power shook, and completely shattered the crystal coffin. As the crystal coffin scattered, the black corpse was completely exposed under Lin Dong’s eyes.

Lin Dong’s eyes contained some excitement as he carefully observed this corpse. The latter’s black shrivelled body was covered with many claw like scars, and there was a large fist size deep hole on its back. One could tell that it had experienced quite a desperate battle a very long time ago.

Lin Dong examined the corpse. He thought for a moment, before flicking his finger. A pillar of formidable Yuan Power shot out, and ruthlessly blasted its body.

However, that corpse did not even budge in the face of this attack. Only when the Yuan Power force shot onto its body, did that dark surface emit a black light, and dissolved Lin Dong’s Yuan Power attack in a flash…

“It is indeed Devouring Power.”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. He was incomparably familiar with Devouring Power. Hence, he naturally clearly understood that his Yuan Power was being devoured by the corpse at the moment of contact…

“Yan, how should I control it?” Lin Dong asked within his mind. Although he was the current owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he was clearly far from being able to utilise the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in a manner that was as terrifying as the Devouring Master back then…

“Submerge your mind into the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, and circulate the Devouring Power into its body. Subsequently, all you need to do is to create a devouring seal.” Yan replied.

Lin Dong inclined his head upon hearing this. He extended his hand, and black light gathered on it. After which, it transformed into a light circle. Soon after, his finger moved forward, and gently touched the chest of the corpse.


Another black light ripple scattered the moment Lin Dong’s fingers touched the Devouring Sky Corpse. However, when the light that contained the Devouring Power touched Lin Dong’s fingers, it was blocked by the Devouring Power lingering around his fingertip.


Two clusters of Devouring Power intermingled. After which, Lin Dong clearly felt his mind charge into the Devouring Sky Corpse’s body without any effort through the point of contact.

The scene before Lin Dong’s eyes changed the moment he charged in. After which, he discovered that he seemed to be deep within a vast starry sky.

This unexpected change caused Lin Dong to be slightly startled. However, he quickly recovered. It was likely that this scene was a mental image that someone had left inside the the body of the Sky Devouring Corpse…

Lin Dong stood in this starry sky. Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something, and quickly lifted his head. His pupils abruptly shrunk, as he peered into the distance above his head. It seemed as though a ten million feet large black crack had appeared at the end of his sight. The crack appeared like a ravine in the sky. At the end of the darkness, was an indescribably evil aura.


Rushing wind sounds appeared in the distance the moment that crack appeared. A figure that was completely wrapped in black light stepped on the air and walked over. Black holes seemed to fill the air around this figure, as numerous black light vortexes formed and disappeared. From a distance, he appeared like the creator of black holes.

“A tear between the planes…”

The black light figure looked at the indescribably huge black crack. It seemed as though a low and deep voice slowly echoed.

Lin Dong observed the black light figure. The Devouring Power that spread from within the latter’s body made Lin Dong aware of his identity. The Devouring Master!

There was a completely still person standing behind the Devouring Master. If one was to look carefully, it was surprisingly the Sky Devouring Corpse that Lin Dong had obtained.

“Let me see just what you are!”

The serene black eyes of the Devouring Master observed the crack between the planes. His body moved, and he actually transformed into a flash of black light that shot directly into the crack, while the Sky Devouring Corpse closely followed behind.


Lin Dong watched the two figures charging into the crack between planes, and his scalp involuntarily turned numb. Behind the crack, should be the so called main camp of the Yimo. This Devouring Master was really domineering. To actually dare to directly charge in..

Bang bang!

Soon after the Devouring Master charged into this crack between planes, an earthshaking fluctuation began to unfurl from within it. A terrifying and evil monstrous aura spread. It appeared as though the sky itself had become completely dark at this moment.

The trembling within the crack continued for a long time, before an earthshaking furious roar was emitted. Lin Dong seemed to see a hundred thousand feet large giant hand flash past within the crack. A frightening fluctuation was transmitted over, as a flash of black light shot out from the crack. It was the Devouring Master who had charged in previously.

The Devouring Master stabilised his body. His expression was a lot more solemn, as he looked at the crack. After which, he turned around and left without saying anything.


He was about to leave, when a ten thousand feet large giant finger extended from the crack between the planes. It pressed onto the empty space, and an evil black light beam tore through space, and blasted towards the Devouring Master with lightning speed.


The Devouring Master did not turn around to block it. However, when the black light was about to strike him, that Sky Devouring Corpse suddenly charged forward. It used its body to forcibly receive that black light beam.


The Devouring Master’s figure flickered and quickly left. On the other hand, the glow of the Sky Devouring Corpse’s dimmed. After which, it powerlessly fell, and finally descended into a certain area of the deep sea…

The scene before him suddenly came to a stop the moment the Sky Devouring Corpse fell into the sea. Lin Dong’s mind withdrew from within, as he pursed his lips. It seemed that this Sky Devouring Corpse had been damaged into such a state after having helped the Devouring Master block a relatively powerful attack back then.

These ancient scenes really caused one to constantly feel shock that was impossible to describe in words.

Lin Dong sighed softly. His black light infused finger drew past the forehead of the Sky Devouring Corpse. A black symbol appeared on its forehead, before slowly fading.

The moment that symbol was formed, Lin Dong could clearly sense that he seemed to possess the ability to control the Sky Devouring Corpse before him…

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