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Chapter 915

Bidding Competition


“Sky Devouring Corpse?”

Lin Dong heard the somewhat stunned voice of Yan and was a little startled. He asked somewhat curiously, “What is that? Why does the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in my body has such a reaction towards this thing?”

“This thing is made from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Why do you thinking there is a reaction?” Yan replied in an indifferent voice.


Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. Even with his calmness, he still involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air at this moment. His eyes revealed some shock as he looked at the dry black corpse inside the crystal coffin on the stage.

“This… this was made using the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Lin Dong could not be blamed for losing his composure. After all, he was considered the current owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Yet, Yan was currently telling him that the corpse in front of him was made using the Devouring Ancestral Symbol inside his body. How could he not be stunned?

“Moreover, if I my senses are not wrong, it should be a Devouring Sky Corpse that the Devouring Master had personally refined back then…” Yan continued.

“Back then, the Devouring Master had gathered many mystical ingredients in the world, and refined three Devouring Sky Corpses. Two of them had been destroyed during the world war. This current one has likely managed to luckily survive. Tsk, you are really quite lucky to be able to find this thing…”

“Devouring Master…” Lin Dong curled his lips. He gradually suppressed the shock inside his heart, as his eyes shone while looking at the black corpse inside the crystal coffin. This thing was actually refined by a peak expert of ancient times.

Since Lin Dong had obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he was able to sense just how powerful it was. However, his current self clearly did not have the ability to do as the Devouring Master did back then, and use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to refine this so called ‘Devouring Sky Corpse’.

“Is it very powerful?” Lin Dong quietly asked in his heart.

“A Devouring Sky Corpse at its speak can fight with a general level Yimo. If we convert this to the ranking that you use, it should be equivalent to… a Samara stage expert.” Yan spoke in a faint voice.

“Samsara Stage?!”

Lin Dong’s heart, which had just calmed down once again began to involuntarily beat violently. He looked at the black corpse with some disbelief. He was really unable to believe that this thing could actually fight with a Samsara stage expert. This was equivalent to the strength of the Yuan Gate sect masters…

“Additionally, the Devouring Sky Corpse possess some properties of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol due to them having been refined using the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This property is Devouring Power. This allows it to possess an indescribable defensive ability. Back then, the Devouring Master was being surrounded and attacked by five great king level Yimos. A single Devouring Sky Corpse had endured the full force attacks of the five great king level Yimo before being destroyed…”

“From a certain point of view, even a Samsara stage expert would be unable to destroy a Devouring Sky Corpse at its peak condition…”

Lin Dong’s face was filled with shock. This Devouring Sky Corpse was actually so domineering?

“Then this Devouring Sky Corpse…” Lin Dong swallowed a mouthful of spittle. Would he not be unbelievably strong if he managed to obtain this Devouring Sky Corpse? In that case, the matter of the Nefarious Bone old man would really not even be worth mentioning.

“You are overthinking things… although this Devouring Sky Corpse has survived, it has clearly suffered a serious damage, and will have difficulty reaching its peak strength.” Yan unceremoniously poured a bucket of cold water over Lin Dong’s head.

Lin Dong smiled in embarrassment. He hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Can it be repaired?”

“Yes, it can be repaired as long as one has the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” Yan quickly replied. “However, attempting to repair it with your current strength is not a simple matter. Back then, even the Devouring Master was only able to refine this ‘Devouring Sky Corpse’ after having complete control over the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s power.”

“It is fine as long it can be repaired.” Lin Dong’s mouth parted into a smile. The heavens had delivered this Devouring Sky Corpse to him. This was his opportunity, and he must not let it go. Otherwise, he would have nowhere to cry.

“However… do you really have the Xuan Yuan pills to fight with others for this Devouring Sky Corpse?” Yan had once again turned Lin Dong into a statue with one sentence. After being stunned for a moment, he finally clenched his teeth and ruthlessly said, “At the very most, I will use a martial art in my possession to bid for it. I will obtain this Devouring Sky Corpse at all cost!”

In any case, this thing would definitely be his!

While Lin Dong was conversing within his heart, Tang Dongling on the auction stage pointed her delicate finger towards the black corpse in the crystal coffin and laughed, “It is rumoured that this is something that had been dug out from deep under the sea. I am perhaps unable to give a detailed answer as to what it is. However, I can only tell everyone that this corpse is extraordinary. This is because a Profound Death stage expert from our Sky Merchant Court had tried attacking it, only to end up failing to destroy it…”


Waves of noise was undoubtedly stirred immediately after Tang Dongling’s words sounded. Many people’s eyes were stunned as they looked at the seemingly ordinary black corpse. This thing was actually able to endure a Profound Death stage’s full force attack?

“Miss Tang, is this a puppet?”

A black robed man from the seats at the front of the auction suddenly opened his mouth and spoke in a low voice. A black light rippled around him as he spoke. It seemed as though many illusions appeared around him, causing one to be unable to identify the actual body.

“That fellow is Chen Ying from the Illusionary Demon Sect. It seems that he is somewhat interested in this corpse…”

Some conversations emerged around him as the black robed man uttered those words, swiftly spreading the identity of this person in the process.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. This Illusionary Demon Sect possess quite a great reputation within this Chaotic Demon Sea. Its strength was not weaker than the two great caves in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

“It can indeed be considered as a puppet. However…” Tang Dongling hesitated for a moment. However, she ultimately said, “Perhaps this thing requires a special control method. Otherwise, it seems difficult to activate it…”

“Unable to activate?”

Many people were stunned upon hearing these words. Soon after, they laughed. What was the point of buying this thing if it was impossible to control? Could it be that one intended to use it as a shield?

“Yan, this thing can’t be controlled?” Lin Dong immediately asked in his heart.

“Others are indeed unable to control it… this is because they do not possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Only the owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol can control it.” Yan said.

“In other words, only you alone in this entire world can control the ‘Devouring Sky Corpse’…”

Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips upon hearing this. The excitement deep within his eyes became even more intense.

Chen Ying from the Illusionary Demon Sect frowned because of Tang Dongling’s words. He stared at the black corpse, and could vaguely sense that this thing was not so simple.

“Let the auction begin. The auction price is five million Xuan Yuan pills.” Tang Dongling smiled and said.

“Five million… it’s too expensive…”

“How can a puppet that cannot be controlled be worth this price?”

“That’s right…”

Some dissatisfied voices spread from the auction ground after her words sounded. It was likely that they believed this price was a little high.

However, their dissatisfaction clearly had little effect. Hence, it became a lot quieter after the noises continued for some time. This silence continued for awhile, before someone finally opened his mouth and said, “Five million one hundred thousand.”

This person who had spoken seemed to be quite hesitant. After all, this sum was not small.

Another dozen or so people began to bid after him. However, the price still remained below six million.

“Six million five hundred thousand.”

Chen Ying from the Illusionary Demon Sect suddenly spoke out at this moment. These people quickly shrunk back at his appearance. It was likely that they did not wish to compete with the former.

“Seven million.” Lin Dong watched this scene, before finally sighing as he opened his mouth.


Lin Dong’s voice had just sounded, when countless pairs of eyes shot over. Even Tang Dongling on the stage looked at him in astonishment. It was likely that she did not understand why he would bid for this black corpse.

Moreover, she also understood Lin Dong a little. He did not have many Xuan Yuan pills. According to the rules, he was not really allowed to bid. However, she did not say anything at this moment. It was likely that Lin Dong was aware of what he was doing…

“Seven million five hundred thousand.” Chen Ying glanced at Lin Dong, before speaking with a frown.

“Eight million.” Lin Dong was helpless. His expression did not change as he continued to raise the bid. This price was actually approaching his limit. After all, he did not have much Xuan Yuan pills to spend. Eight million was already his limit.

The price was already quite high after reaching this stage. Even Chen Ying had begun hesitating a little. After all, his true aim was not this unknown black corpse, and this expenditure was too great. Hence, he eventually shook his head and gave up on competing.

Lin Dong’s heart immediately sighed in relief after seeing this. Before he could completely relax however, a playful laughter was emitted from the front.

“Nine million.”

Lin Dong’s expression sunk. He lifted his head, and saw a mocking Xie Yan staring at him from the front. This person seemed to be targeting him…

“Nine million going once. Is there any higher bid?” Tang Dongling quietly sighed in her heart. It seemed that this Xie Yan intended to cause trouble for Lin Dong. However, she was helpless in response to this. All she could do was continue the auction.

Lin Dong’s eyes became dark, as both of his hands involuntarily clenched tightly under his sleeves. A murderous intent faintly surged within his heart.

Lin Dong fists tightened more and more.

“Nine million thrice…”

However, a somewhat young voice suddenly sounded before Tang Dongling’s final words were uttered.

“Ten million.”

The entire auction ground fell into an uproar. Lin Dong was also startled. After which, he turned his head, only to see the smiling Mu Lingshan beside him.

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