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Chapter 913



Lin Dong’s body faintly paused. A split second later, he slowly turned his gaze towards Xie Yan, who had some amusement in his eyes, as he spoke out in a flat voice, “Is there a problem?”

Xie Yan’s fingers were interlaced together, as he stared at Lin Dong with interest and replied, “I’ve received a piece of news two days ago. The Nefarious Bone old man of our Demonic Wind Cave had been unexpectedly seriously injured by you. Ha ha, I’m indeed very curious. Exactly what did you, a person at the initial Profound Life stage, rely on to achieve such a feat?”

“This seems to be unrelated to you, right?” Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed as he responded.

“From a certain perspective, the Nefarious Bone old man is a part of our Demonic Wind Cave. Since you’ve injured him, you’ve hurt the face of our Demonic Wind Cave.” Xie Yan replied with a smile.

“Does that mean that you, sir, are planning to capture me as an apology to that old ghost?” Lin Dong asked with a smile. However, that smile had a fierceness that was akin to the sharp edge of a knife.

“You’re indeed a brazen person as the rumours say… however, if there’s a chance, I will bring you back to the Nefarious Bone old man to deal with.” Xie Yan smiled and replied, while stroking a jade ring on his thumb. He could hear quite a bit of hostility from Lin Dong’s words, causing him to feel somewhat unhappy. After all, not many within the younger generation could speak to him in such a manner. Although he did not know what methods the latter had employed to injure the Nefarious Bone old man, Xie Yan did not believe that it was his own strength.

It was more than likely due to some kind of external help, together with a strategy against the Nefarious Bone old man. Hence, causing the latter to be caught off guard, and end up being injured to such an extent.

“I’m afraid you don’t have the capability.” Lin Dong replied with a faint smile.

“Is that so?” Xie Yan pursed his while gently smiling. However, hidden under his smile, was an evil and sinister fluctuation that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

The two of them faced each other in the sky, with neither prepared to give an inch, while the flow of air around them seemed to have stealthily become somewhat solemn.

“Young master Xie, my Sky Merchant Court is hosting the auction here today, and this place isn’t suitable for fighting. Therefore, I hope that you will cease your dispute on account of our Sky Merchant Court.” Tang Dongling was a good natured person. However, in response to the two individuals facing off in the sky, her brows had started to faintly wrinkle as she spoke.

“Ha ha, since Dongling has spoken, I’ll naturally show my respect.” Xie Yan leaned his head to the side and looked towards Tang Dongling, as a gentle smile surfaced on his handsome face.

“I have come here to attend to other matters. As for the grudge between you and the Nefarious Bone old man, he will handle it himself. Therefore, if you do not wish for trouble, you better restrain your so called arrogance in front of me. If not, you will not like what will happen.”

Xie Yan shrugged his shoulders at Lin Dong, giving off a carefree appearance as he continued, “Perhaps, you feel that those words aren’t pleasant to hear. However, there are some people that you cannot afford to offend after all. This is a truth that cannot be changed.”

“Within the Chaotic Demon Sea, if one doesn’t have ample backing, I believe it is better to not be overly arrogant…”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened slightly as he stared at Xie Yan. Moments later, he faintly smiled as he replied, “Thanks for you reminder. However, I will also give those words back to you. In my eyes, your so called backing is not very intimidating. The things that I’ve seen are also something that you can never imagine.”

“You’ve said this earlier, this is the grudge between me and Nefarious Bone old man, and doesn’t have much relation to you. However, if you were to meddle in this affair, I will be happy to accompany you. However… I’m usually unbridled and totally unrestrained in the way I handle things. There will be consequences that I’m afraid that even you are unable to bear.”

“Therefore, before you plan on doing anything, allow me to caution you to think thrice before doing so.”

Upon hearing those words, the smile present on Xie Yan’s handsome face started to slowly retreat bit by bit, as a sinister look appeared within the depths of his eyes. Those words by Lin Dong had not given him even a little bit of face…

Tang Dongling had also gawked upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, before her beautiful eyes sparkled faintly. She had some information about Lin Dong. Therefore, she did not believe he was acting pretentiously by saying those words.

A person that could escape with his life after being attacked by three Samsara stage super experts, indeed had the qualifications to say those words to Xie Yan…


The smile on Xie Yan’s face had already completely vanished. However, a somewhat sinister laugh emerged from his mouth. His ten clasped fingers straightened, as he faintly nodded his head and said, “I’ll remember your words. However, I believe that your words will end up amusing yourself in the end…”

Right after saying those words, Xie Yan turned and smiled towards Tang Dongling, before turning around to leave. As he did so, the evil aura around his body abruptly became much more thicker, with chilling intent now mixed within it.

From the looks of it, the conversation between the two of them was considerably unpleasant.

“What you did has truly offended him…” Tang Dongling pursed her red lips, as she looked at Lin Dong and remarked.

“I don’t like trouble. However, if there are people who insist of forcing their way in, I can only kick them away.”

Lin Dong chuckled and cupped his hands towards Tang Dongling, “Thanks miss Tang. I’ll go to my seat first. I believe that today’s auction will definitely be very spectacular.”. Upon saying those words, he did not tarry any longer, and brought Mu Lingshan as they descended towards the seats.

Tang Dongling’s intelligent eyes faintly sparkled as she looked at Lin Dong’s back. From the looks of it, the probability of the person before her being the same person as that Lin Dong from the Eastern Xuan Region should be around eighty percent… as the character and speaking mannerisms of the two of them were practically the same.

“No wonder who he dares to challenge Xie Yan. Looks like his backing is also quite strong…” Tang Dongling faintly smiled, before she turned around and left.

“That fellow is truly detestable. I really wish to send him flying with a punch.” Upon landing on their seats, Mu Lingshan frowned with her little mouth. The fellow she was talking about, was naturally Xie Yan whom they had encountered earlier.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. He could see that Xie Yan seemed to have some special feelings towards Tang Dongling. The way he had spoken at that start was undoubtedly a warning towards Lin Dong. However, conveying this in such a way was rather problematic, as he had chosen the way that Lin Dong detested to most, threatening…

This made Lin Dong, who usually only submitted to soft approaches, and rejected hard ones, to feel exceeding unhappy.

Lin Dong shot a glance at Xie Yan, who was seated in the place reserved for distinguished customers, as he faintly narrowed his eyes. Hopefully, this fellow would not try to cause trouble for no reason. If not, regardless of whatever status he had within the Demonic Wind Cave, if he provoked Lin Dong’s anger, he would directly kill Xie Yan…

In the front, Xie Yan seemed to be rather sensitive to such a gaze, as he shot a glance from the corner of his eye and located Lin Dong behind. The eyes that were originally filled with slight maliciousness instantly became conspicuously darker and sinister.

“Young cave master, is that the Lin Dong who was said to have injured the Nefarious Bone old man?” An elder in black at Xie Yan’s side also shot a look in Lin Dong’s direction with his turbid eyes, and inquired.

“Yes. A brat that doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth.” Xie Yan replied with a sneer, before continuing, “If not for the task we have been assigned to do here, I’ll definitely break that brat’s four limbs, and capture him to be delivered before the Nefarious Bone old man.”

“Ha ha. There’s no need for young cave master to be angry. If this matter goes smoothly, after the auction is over, this old man will definitely take action and capture him. At that time, young cave master can do whatever you want with him.” The black clothed elder said with a faint smile.

Although the matter of Lin Dong injuring the Nefarious Bone old man was extremely unbelievable, both of them knew that Lin Dong had definitely set up some hidden scheme, and the former had been caught by it due to his negligence. As long as this point taken note of, this Lin Dong would not be able to do anything. After all, at the end of the day, the latter only had the strength of the initial Profound Life stage.

“Let’s get our hands on that item first.” Xie Yan scanned his surroundings, before he replied, “Quite a few heavyweights have come. We can assume that they’re also after the same item, and it still unknown if we will be able to obtain it in the end.”

The black clothed elder nodded. After some slight hesitation, he asked in a low voice, “Is that information verified?”

“We still do not know. However, regardless of whether it is real or fake, we can only feel at ease if it lands in our hands.” Xie Yan replied.


Lin Dong retracted his gaze from Xie Yan’s body. Just as he was about to close his eyes to take a rest, he felt a gaze on him. Immediately, he tilted his head, and saw a rather handsome man at the right in front dressed in white, staring at him with a faint smile on his face.

The male had a lanky build, and his hands were exceeding slender. Furthermore, they appeared to have a gemlike luster on them. When looking at them, one could feel a faint feeling of them being able to flip and cover the universe, a considerably peculiar feeling.

Lin Dong gazed at the man dressed in white. His eyes faintly hardened as he muttered, “Universe Hand… Zhou Qian.

‘This place is really lively…”

Nodding his head and smiling towards the man dressed in white, Lin Dong retracted his gaze, as he muttered within his heart. This Sky Merchant Court auction was truly a place where numerous experts gathered like the clouds in the sky. Looks like there would indeed be a good show to watch in this auction…


As this thought flashed past in Lin Dong’s mind, a clear ring of a bell resounded out from the center of the vast auction square. In the next moment, a beautiful figure dressed in red arrived. It was Tang Dongling.

Lin Dong watched as the lady in red landed on the platform, and faintly straightened his body. He knew that the auction was finally about to begin…

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