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Chapter 911

Complete Burning Sky Cauldron


Fierce flames seemingly filled the scarlet red domain, as a scorching heat was continuously emitted. This made the domain seem as if it was a furnace, and its high temperature was unbearable.

Lin Dong was seated in the air. There were no defences around him. This Burning Sky Cauldron had already completely merged with him. The temperature within it might be fatal to others, but it posed no harm towards Lin Dong.

At this moment, both of Lin Dong’s eyes were shut. His mind sunk into the Burning Sky Cauldron, and controlled the formation. Although he was unable to intervene in the refinement process, he needed to maintain this formation. Else if the formation was disrupted, the refinement would fail. At that time, the eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones would be wasted.

“Bang bang!”

Eight thousand feet large fire cauldrons were suspended within this enormous fire array that covered the entire place. Fire dragons swam around the surface of those fire cauldrons. Occasionally, the dragons would open their mouths, as balls of scarlet red flames were spat into the cauldron.


At the middle of each of those eight cauldrons were eight clusters of light. These light were extremely bright, appearing like little suns. As they gave off light, frightening ripples quietly spread from them.

It felt as though eight wild and violent volcanoes were hidden within these light clusters!

Additionally, there vaguely seemed to be eight gates quietly taking shape deep within those light clusters…

Lin Dong slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. His eyes revealed an excited expression as he glanced at the wild and violent cluster of light within the cauldron, and a slight smile surfaced on his face. Everything were proceeding according to plan. All that he needed to do, was to wait for the moment when everything was naturally completed.

Once the Burning Sky Gate was successfully refined, he would be able to completely unleash the might of this Burning Sky Cauldron. Lin Dong had been anticipating the arrival of this day for a very long time.

The subsequent period of time was a kind of quiet wait. In the blink of an eye, eight days had passed…

During these eight days, the domain within the Burning Sky Cauldron grew wilder and more violent with the passing of each day. Fire rained and raged within the domain. At the end, the fire rain turned into a firestorm that swept throughout the domain within the Burning Sky Cauldron.

This activity caused Lin Dong to rejoice slightly. Fortunately, the refinement could be completed within the Burning Sky Cauldron. Should this be done in the outside world, he would definitely end up attracting the attention of countless experts. At that time, many people would also take a peek at the situation. The trouble it would bring would cause Lin Dong a great headache.

The fire cauldrons within the large array gradually became unstable as the domain became increasingly wild and violent. Those originally indistinct doors within the light clusters had began to become clearer. A terrifying fluctuation quietly spread out from within them. In the face of that fluctuation, even the space around the fire cauldrons become slightly distorted.

“Bang bang!”

The formation began to tremble intensely following the growing instability of the fire cauldrons. Lin Dong’s expression also became a lot more solemn, as he sensed the changes in the formation. Currently, it was already seventy to eighty percent done. Should he fail at this moment, it was likely that he would end up feeling quite depressed despite his character.

Lin Dong’s long fingers crossed each other. His hand seals quietly changed at this moment, while his mind continued to suppress the disorder within the large formation. His efforts clearly had some effect. A moment later, the originally fluctuating formation became substantially calmer…

However, Lin Dong’s mind did not relax as a result. Both of his eyes were searing hot, as he stared at the middle of the cauldrons. Flames were rising at that spot, and the eight scarlet red gates were partially visible…

“It is almost time…”

A searing heat surged out from Lin Dong’s pitch black eyes. Immediately, he bit the tip of his tongue, and eight mouthfuls of essence blood with concentrated Yuan Power were spat out.

Lin Dong’s face immediately turned pale as eight mouthfuls of essence blood were spat out. However, his mind was extremely excited. With a flick of his finger, the eight essence blood clusters turned into arrows that shot into the fire cauldrons. Finally, they entered the scarlet red gates that had been formed.


After the bright essence blood entered those scarlet red gates, those originally somewhat unstable gates began to shake wildly at this moment. Wave after wave of extremely berserk scarlet red light was emitted. Finally, they smashed onto the fire cauldrons with a loud bang.

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave. He controlled the formation with all his might. He was aware that this was the most important stage. If he was unable to leave his mark on the Burning Sky Gates, he would be unable to control them. In this way, all of his hard work would be for naught. After all, regardless of how powerful they was, what use would they be if they did not obey his control?

“I must succeed…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. His hand involuntarily tightened, and some perspiration seeped out from his palm.

Bang bang!

A thunderous roar continued to be emitted from the eight fire cauldrons. The roars seemed to smash into Lin Dong’s heart, causing the corners of his eyes to jump involuntarily.

“Boom boom!”

Another wild and violent force suddenly smashed violently onto the fire cauldrons. After which, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk, as he saw cracks appearing on the fire cauldrons.

The fire cauldrons were unable to endure the growth of the gates within them…

Lin Dong’s face was grim. With a thought, scarlet red light swept out from within the formation. After which, it wrapped around the eight fire cauldrons, and continued to stabilise them in an attempt to prevent them from exploding.

The fire cauldrons began to swell at a shocking speed under Lin Dong’s control. In a short couple of breaths time, the eight fire cauldrons had swelled to twice their size. From a distance, they appeared like eight ten thousand feet large fire cauldrons floating in the sky, a scene that was quite stunning.

As the cauldrons swelled, the shaking also began to gradually weakened. Fiery red light swiftly gathered within the cauldrons, as the shape of the gates became increasingly clear.

Moreover, a faint connection began to rise within Lin Dong’s mind as the scarlet red gates became clearer. The source of that connection, were the eight Burning Sky Gates that had yet to be completely formed with the cauldrons.

The appearance of this connection caused joy to be revealed Lin Dong’s eyes. He understood that he already had initial success in the completion of this step…


A shocking thunder like sound suddenly exploded in the sky. The light within the eight fire cauldrons brightened to the point where one’s naked eye was unable to look directly at them.

“Is it about to be formed…”

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes, as green light gathered within them. He could clearly see that the eight scarlet red gates within the glaring light from the cauldrons were already gradually stabilising.


Eight glaring intense light rays suddenly shot out from within the fire cauldrons at this moment, as light symbols appeared on them one by one. Finally, they emitted a couple of loud bangs, and the eight cauldrons actually exploded at the same time.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Monstrous flames swept across the sky. Soon after, eight thousand feet long scarlet red light beams shot out from the flames that seemingly blotted the sky. Finally, they quietly floated before Lin Dong’s somewhat excited eyes.

Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with excitement as he gazed at the sky. Eight thousand feet large crimson gates were quietly standing in eight directions. Scarlet red flames flowed within these gates, appearing like meandering fire dragons.

The eight scarlet red gates stood in the horizon, as an invisible fluctuation quietly swept apart, as the originally wild and violent energy within the Burning Sky Cauldron began to quieten down.


A cluster of white vapour was slowly exhaled from Lin Dong’s mouth. His mouth parted as he looked at the eight scarlet red gates, and laughter was involuntarily emitted from his mouth. He was aware that a Burning Sky Cauldron with the Burning Sky Gates was considered complete. From this moment onwards, he would be able to truly unleash the might of the Burning Sky Cauldron.

By relying on the ‘Eight Level Burning Sky Gates’ within this Burning Sky Cauldron, Lin Dong had the confidence to fight anyone, as long as they were not those experts who had truly stepped into the Profound Death stage!

Lin Dong observed the eight Burning Sky Gates. It was a long while later before he finally waved his sleeve. The sky shook, and the eight scarlet red gates were gradually hidden. The next time he met an enemy, all he needed was a thought, and these eight Burning Sky Gates would be able to unleash a frightening power to kill his enemy!

“I have finally succeeded.”

Lin Dong grinned as he looked at the eight Burning Sky Gates that had been hidden. He had finally obtained the reward he desired after putting in such a great amount of effort…

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