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Chapter 910

Refining the Burning Sky Gates


“Does young miss mean… that the Eastern Xuan Region’s Lin Dong and this person is one and the same?”

The middle-aged man’s face held some shock. If the two of them were the same person, would it not mean that there was a super expert who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage supporting Lin Dong?

An expert at that level was someone whom their Sky Merchant Court could not afford to offend!

“Although I am unable to verify this, it is still necessary to maintain a good relationship. I believe that father will also choose to do the same if he is here. Although the price of eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones is expensive, it might not even be worth mentioning in the long run…” Tang Dongling laughed softly.

“Even if the two of them are not the same person, Lin Dong still possess the potential to be worth befriending. One should not underestimate Lin Dong’s skills given that he was able to force a half step Profound Death stage expert to that extent with just the strength of the initial Profound Life stage…”

“If it is possible to befriend such a person, it will naturally be far better than being enemies with him.”

“Young miss has really become more and more meticulous.”

The middle-aged man praised as he nodded. If there was really a Reincarnation stage super expert backing Lin Dong, the latter would be treated as a VIP even by the master of their Sky Merchant Court.

Tang Dongling grinned. She said, “Do not leak the matter about Lin Dong. He currently faces a great amount of trouble. Although he has severely injured the Nefarious Bone old man, we must not forget that the old man is someone from the Demonic Wind Cave. Currently, that Little Underworld King Xie Yan is also present. Lin Dong will face some trouble if the former recognises him.”

The middle-aged man nodded, “This subordinate understand.”

“Okay, go and continue your work. There are ten more days before the auction will begin. This time around, quite a number of powerful factions have come. We must ensure that nothing goes wrong.” Tang Dongling said.


The middle-aged man replied respectfully. After which, he bade her farewell and left. Tang Dongling leaned her head to the side, as her pretty eyes looked in the direction which Lin Dong had left towards, and the corners of her lips slightly lifted. She was clearly extremely curious about Lin Dong’s identity.

Lin Dong left the treasure inspection room. After which, he found Mu Lingshan outside, whose eyes were somewhat dazzled as she looked around. He subsequently dragged her along and this Sky Merchant Court district.

Lin Dong had gained quite a lot from this trip. After obtaining the eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones, he had finally solved a relatively troublesome problem. With these materials, he would be able to bring out the power of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Although its would not be as great as when the old man Fen Tian wielded it back then, Lin Dong would no longer need to fear anyone that was not a Profound Death stage expert.

Such a powerful trump card was clearly necessary in this chaotic place where all sorts of experts gathered…

Lin Dong was in no hurry to find a lodging after leaving the Sky Merchant Court. Instead, he led Mu Lingshan as they strolled about Sky Merchant City for some time. Only then was this little girl’s desire to join in the liveliness satisfied. Finally, Lin Dong led her to find an inn within the city to rest.

Lin Dong beckoned with his hand within the spacious and quiet room, as the Burning Sky Cauldron rushed out. Wave after wave of scarlet red light was continuously emitted from it.

“Lingshan, I will be in secluded cultivation for a couple of days. You should stay inside as much as possible. Sky Merchant City is currently extremely chaotic. No one knows if there is anyone from the Blood Demon Shark clan outside. There will likely be a great amount of trouble if you are discovered.” Lin Dong warned Mu Lingshan beside him.


Mu Lingshan pouted her small mouth after hearing that Lin Dong was planning on retreating into secluded cultivation. However, she eventually nodded.

“That’s right, how is the seal that was placed on you?” Lin Dong seemed to have recalled something as he suddenly asked. He could sense that Mu Lingshan should be relatively powerful, and was likely even stronger than the Little Underworld King Xie Yan. However, a seal had been placed on her. If the seal was removed and her strength recovered, she would definitely be a great helper to Lin Dong.

“It has yet to disappear. That damned shark’s seal is quite formidable.”

Mu Lingshan pulled her sleeve. A blood shark light symbol appeared on her small white shoulder. She looked at this light symbol and seemed a little frustrated.

“How can we remove this seal?” Lin Dong frowned and asked.

“I need a kind of spiritual ingredient call the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’… only with it will I be able to break this seal.” Mu Lingshan thought for a moment before replying.

“Sea King Spirit Grass…” Lin Dong muttered under his breath. This was a rare spiritual ingredient. He would have to see if he could find it once the auction began. In any case, he would do his best to help Mu Lingshan resolve the problem of the seal.

“You should be careful during these few days. The task of guarding us will be left to you.”

Lin Dong pulled the two pigtails on Mu Lingshan’s little head. After which, he laughed heartily in the face of the little girl’s displeasure, before his body moved and entered that Burning Sky Cauldron.

The interior of the Burning Sky Cauldron was still the same bare yellow land. Lin Dong floated in the sky, as his eyes swept downwards. He grinned and asked, “Yan, what should I do next?”

“Back then, old man Fen Tian had already completely harmonised this Burning Sky Cauldron to you. The method to refine the Burning Sky Gate is hidden within the Burning Sky Cauldron. Only you can find it.” The Ancestor Stone shot out from Lin Dong’s body. A light figure surfaced from it as Yan looked at Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong nodded in comprehension. He shut both of his eyes and allowed his mind to gradually spread. Finally, it began to gradually merge with this Burning Sky Cauldron. Following this merger, he could clearly sense that the information hidden within the furnace was beginning to gather towards him.

Scarlet red light covered Lin Dong’s body. This continued for over ten minutes, before it gradually scattered, and Lin Dong’s shut eyes also slowly opened. There was some vague scarlet red light flashing within them.

“So it’s like this…”

Lin Dong laughed softly. Currently, he had already obtained the training method and operation procedure for the Burning Sky Gate from the Burning Sky Cauldron. From a certain point of view, this was a relatively complicated process. Back then, old man Fen Tian had spent several years in order to refine those eight Burning Sky Gates.

Of course, the current Lin Dong did not dare to compare with old man Fen Tian. That person had used eight ancient volcanoes to refine the Burning Sky Gates. It could suppress a general level Yimo after its successful refinement, and could even pose a threat to a king level Yimo. On the other hand, the ingredients that Lin Dong was using were merely eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones. Although these stones contained a relatively great amount of volcanic energy, it was impossible to even compare the two.

Fortunately, Lin Dong was not hoping to use this to deal with those Yimo. All he wished to do, was to possess a method to deal with the Nefarious Bone old man the next time the latter come looking for him.

“Let’s get started.”

Lin Dong exhaled softly. Red light flickered within his eyes, as both of his hands suddenly formed numerous seals. Following the change of these seals, the entire domain suddenly began to tremble intensely. The yellowish ground below collapsed, as many huge scarlet red light pillars shot into the clouds. A wild and violent heat quietly surged within this space.

The light pillars interweaved together. Finally, they transformed into an enormous formation. Fire light rose within the formation, and it seemed to have formed a monstrous flame.

Lin Dong lifted his head and observed the formation that had formed. With a wave of his sleeve, the jade box flew out from it. Subsequently, the box melted, and eight red lights shot out. Finally, they hovered in the air.

Buzz buzz!

The temperature within the Burning Sky Cauldron soared almost instantly after the appearance of these eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones. Soon after, a firestorm descended from all directions, an extremely majestic sight.

Lin Dong watched this scene. His eyes contained thick shock. Fortunately, he was currently able to borrow the strength of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Otherwise, if he was to simply rely on his own strength to refine the Burning Sky Gates, the amount of time needed to do so would drag on without end. After all, the enormous energy required during the refinement period was not something that his initial Profound Life stage strength could afford.

Lin Dong sat down in the air. His ten fingers crossed together, before flipping over. A soft cry was suddenly emitted, “Burning Sky Cauldron, refine the sky gates!”

Bang bang!

The large array in the sky trembled. Eight enormous fire pillars suddenly poured downwards. The fire pillars wiggled, and actually transformed into eight giant fire dragons. After which, the dragon’s’ mouths were opened, and swallowed the eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones.

The titanic bodies of the eight fire dragon began to curled up after they swallowed the Volcano Flame Essence Stones. They seemed to have vaguely turned into eight fire cauldrons. Within the cauldrons, the Volcano Flame Essence Stones continuously emitted a berserk and scorching energy…

Lin Dong observed all of these. After which, he slowly shut his eyes. He that he would mostly rely on the Burning Sky Cauldron to refine the Burning Sky Gates. All he needed to do. was to control the process from the side.

Currently, most of what he could do had already been done. All that was left, was to wait for the process to be over. Whether it was a success would completely depend on Lin Dong’s own luck…

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