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Chapter 902



The Burning Sky Cauldron’s ability to conceal itself clearly exceeded Lin Dong expectations. Additionally, the terrain in this part of the sea was truly rather complicated. Hence, even though those members of the Blood Demon Shark clan had repeatedly searched the area for five days, they were still unable to find where the Burning Sky Cauldron was hidden.

The experts from the Blood Demon Shark clan searched for five days to no avail. In the end, they had no choice but to angrily give up. After all, it was impossible for them to continue conducting such a large scale search in this place.

Hence, the Blood Demon Shark clan members began to withdraw after five days. However, Lin Dong did not emerge immediately, but instead continued to hide for two more days. It was also fortunate that he was extremely cautious. This was because he discovered some Blood Demon Shark tribe experts sneaking around during these two days. It seemed that the other party had yet to completely give up.

However, their search had finally come to a complete stop after seven days. Lin Dong could sense that all presences from the Blood Demon Shark clan within a thousand mile radius had completely vanished…


A section of an incredibly large reef suddenly collapsed in the quiet bottom of the sea. After which, a scarlet red light very carefully shot out from it.

There was a small scarlet red palm sized cauldron within the light. At this moment, the cauldron flickered as it rapidly expanded. The mouth of the cauldron was tilted open, and two figures rushed out from within it.

“It seems to be safe…” Mu Lingshan’s large jet black eyes looked around her as she remarked.


Lin Dong nodded. Yuan Power rose around him, isolating him from the water. He looked at the little girl with two pigtails, and smilingly said, “Since it is safe, it is time for me to leave.”

“Brother Lin Dong, please let me follow you. The seal that old fellow placed on me will not last for long. I will be very strong once I recover my strength.” Mu Lingshan hurriedly said after she heard that Lin Dong was about to leave.

Lin Dong frowned slightly upon hearing this, and hesitated for a while. He did not doubt Mu Lingshan’s strength. However, it would become somewhat troublesome if he was to be discovered by the Blood Demon Sharks while bringing this little girl with him.

“Bring her along. Befriending the Immortal Sage Whale clan is more worthwhile than offending the Blood Demon Shark clan. Moreover, once the seal placed on this little girl is dispelled, even a perfect Profound Life stage expert will not be able to stop her. She will be quite a good helper in your quest to find the second Ancestral Symbol.” Yan commented at this point.

Lin Dong slightly inclined his head. He trusted Yan’s words. Since the latter had put it this way, he would bring the girl along.

Lin Dong turned towards Mu Lingshan as he reached this conclusion, and nodded his head. However, before this little girl could jump for joy, he added, “However, you must listen to me along the way, and cannot take action by yourself. Otherwise, I can only abandon you.”

“Um um.”

Mu Lingshan’s small face was filled with excitement. Her head nodded continuously like a little chick pecking at grains. This caused Lin Dong to smile involuntarily. He extended his hand and pulled the two cute pigtails on the little girl’s head as he spoke, “Let’s go.”

Without further ado, Lin Dong’s body moved and broke out from the surface of the sea. After orientating himself, he transformed into a ray of light that rushed towards the south-west direction. This time however, there was an additional blue light tail behind him.

“Brother Lin Dong, where are we heading to?”

“Sky Merchant Region.”

“Oh, I have heard of that place. There seems to be many interesting things there. I wonder if there will be the ‘Sky Net Divine Bed’ that I like most…”

“Sky Net Divine Bed? What is that?”

“It is rumoured to be an extremely comfortable Pure Yuan treasure. If I obtain it, I will be able to sleep anytime I wish to. This lousy wood makes it so uncomfortable to sleep. If I had known it would be like this, I would not have stolen it…”

Lin Dong’s journey was much less boring with the little girl Mu Lingshan at his side. Some of the latter’s childish and naive words would occasionally cause Lin Dong to involuntarily burst out in laughter.

Around half a day passed while the two of them laughed and chatted on their journey. At this moment, Yan’s voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s mind, “Lin Dong, be careful. Some fluctuations belonging to the Blood Demon Shark clan has once again appeared to your front.”

“What? They have still not left?”

Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly upon hearing those words. His forward moving figure immediately halted, as his brows knitted tightly together. It seemed that these people had yet to give up.

“Looks like they have enlarged the search area and their men have become rather scattered. You should first let this girl hide herself. They have already discovered you.” Yan said.

“Brother Lin Dong, what’s the matter?” Mu Lingshan appeared beside Lin Dong and asked in an uncertain voice.

“You should enter the Burning Sky Cauldron first. We have met those fellows again.” Lin Dong urged. He beckoned with his hand and the Burning Sky Cauldron swiftly appeared.


Mu Lingshan was a little unwilling after hearing this. However, it was likely that she ended up recalling that she had agreed to listen to Lin Dong. Immediately, her small body turned into a ray of light that hurried into the Burning Sky Cauldron.

Lin Dong waved his sleeve, and the Burning Sky Cauldron rapidly shrunk, before entering his sleeve. Both of his eyes narrowed slightly, as he looked at the distant sea in front of him. A splashing sound was faintly transmitted over. At the same time, there were also several ferocious presences.

“They have come as expected.” Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly cold as he felt these presences. These people really seemed to be constantly lingering around.


While Lin Dong was standing in the air, the splashing became increasingly clear. Soon after, a dozen blood lights appeared in Lin Dong’s sights. Upon careful observation, they were the experts from the Blood Demon Shark clan, whom he had met before. Moreover, the leading them was that expert from the Blood Demon Shark clan called commander Xia.

“It’s you?”

Over a dozen Blood Sharks swiftly approached, and very quickly appeared in front of Lin Dong. The ruthless eyes of commander Xia swept over Lin Dong’s body. He was slight startled as he frowned and said.

“Is something the matter?” Lin Dong looked at them and spoke in a calm voice.

“Our Blood Demon Shark clan is on a mission to search for a target in this area. You should come down and allow us to search you.” Commander Xia’s eyes slowly swept over Lin Dong’s body. There was a trace of fatigue in his eyes. It was likely that this search had exhausted too much of his energy. Moreover, he had identified Lin Dong as an initial Profound Life stage expert at a glance. Hence, his tone was not polite.

“I’m sorry. I am also in a hurry and do not have time to engage in such senseless acts with you.” Lin Dong frowned and replied.

“What did you say?”

Although Lin Dong’s words were polite, commander Xia’s expression gradually darkened. It was likely that having been used to being domineering, he did not expect that Lin Dong, who only had the strength of the initial Profound Life stage, would actually dare reject him.

“Brat, this commander’s mood is now extremely terrible. Hence, you should not try to act tough in front of me. Otherwise, you will regret it.”

Lin Dong’s lips pursed. He lowered his head and stared at the malicious expression of commander Xia. His own face, which had a hint of gentleness, was now slowly becoming completely expressionless.

“I was polite to you on the account of you being a part of the Blood Demon Shark clan. If you continue to push it I can only tell you that with your ability, it is still inadequate for you to do as you please in this Chaotic Demon Sea!”

Although Lin Dong did not really wish to fight, his character was not such that he would allow anyone to bully him. His heart felt quite displeased in the face of the aggressiveness of commander Xia.

“Truly a fool that does not know his limits!”

Commander Xia’s expression became completely ugly. He stared at Lin Dong, as a rich murderous intent surged within his eyes. His feet immediately pushed off the back of the Blood Shark, and his body turned into a ray of bloody light which directly rushed towards Lin Dong.

“Coincidentally, my mood is now extremely terrible. I shall vent my anger on you, you fool!”

Lin Dong looked at commander Xia, who was charging towards him while being accompanied by a fiendish aura, as a cold light surged in his pitch black eyes. Immediately, green light swept apart. Four green dragon light tattoos directly rose from within his body.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal!”

A low and deep cry sounded. At the same time, an enormous green dragon palm whistled out. Finally, it blasted apart the air, and collided head on against the incoming commander Xia.


Wild and violent energy fluctuation swept across the sky like a hurricane, while the surface of the sea below was forcefully split apart, forming a thousand feet long scar. However, it was very quickly filled by seawater again.


Wild and violent wind unfurled in the sky, while commander Xia’s charging body immediately froze. With a muffled noise, he was catapulted backwards under the stunned eyes of the other strong individuals from the Blood Demon Shark clan, and violently shot into the sea with splash.


The surface of the sea quickly split apart once again, as commander Xia broke out from the water in a somewhat miserable manner. His eyes were dark and cold as he stared at Lin Dong. However, there was an additional trace of solemness under this dark coldness. It was likely that the might from Lin Dong’s palm earlier allowed him to understand, that the person before him seemed to possess the qualifications to utter those words that he had previously said.

The surrounding Blood Demon Shark clan experts also gradually gathered over. Their eyes were filled with wariness as they stared at Lin Dong.

The current atmosphere had undoubtedly became tense and hostile.

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