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Chapter 899

Green Clothed Girl


The sky gradually darkened. A crescent moon hung in the horizon, as icy cool moon light scattered downwards, causing the surface of the entire sea to appear just like the scales of a fish. It was exceptionally beautiful.

A bonfire rose on a small island at a certain spot in this sea region. Lin Dong was silently seated beside the bonfire, while the grilled fish over the bonfire emitted a faint fragrance.

“Those people during the day are likely a small elite unit from the Blood Demon Shark clan… to actually end up meeting them in this place. I wonder just what they are searching for?”

Lin Dong narrowed both of his eyes, as he recalled the scene from earlier in the day. The Blood Demon Shark tribe had a terrible reputation within the Chaotic Demon Sea. Although their addiction to killing caused many to fear that very name, it also caused others to look at them with disdain. Many of the massacres within the Chaotic Demon Sea during the past few years were related to the Blood Demon Shark clan.

“Forget it… who cares what they are searching for. It has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Dong shook his head. Currently, he only hoped to get to the Sky Merchant Region as soon as possible. These people from the Blood Demon Shark clan were not to be trifled with, and Lin Dong did not wish to offend them. Lin Dong was similarly not very interested in their reasons for being here.

Lin Dong withdrew his thoughts. He picked up a cooked grilled fish and planned to eat it. However, a ‘gulu’ sound from the swallowing of one’s saliva sounded a nearby just as Lin Dong was about to open his mouth.

“Who is there?!”

This sudden sound caused Lin Dong to be slightly startled. He lifted his head cautiously, only to be a little stunned to see that there was a young girl in green cotton clothes on a giant tree nearby. Her large black eyes were staring intently at the grilled fish in his hand.

The girl appeared quite young, and looked extremely cute. Her features were as exquisite as a porcelain doll, and her hair was tied into two pigtails, giving her an exceptionally obedient appearance.

If some ladies were to see such a little girl, it was likely that they would involuntarily embrace her… however, Lin Dong did not have such thoughts. Instead, there was caution deep within this eyes. This little girl’s appearance was far too strange. He had been completely unable to sense just how she had managed to get so close to him…

In the forest, Lin Dong and that green clothed girl looked at each other. The latter looked at him for a while, before her large black eyes involuntarily turned towards the grill fish in his hand. She was clearly swallowing mouthful after mouthful of saliva into her tummy.

Lin Dong could not help but smile after seeing this, as the caution in his eyes slightly withdrew. After which, he waved the grilled fish in his hand and asked, “Want to eat?”


The green clothed girl nodded without any hesitation. Her small delicate body rushed forward, before landing beside the bonfire in an extremely nimble manner. Those eyes of hers anxiously stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled inwardly. He extended his hand and offered her the grilled fish, “You can eat it if you aren’t afraid of being poisoned.”

“I’m not afraid of poison.”

This green clothed girl’s voice was extremely clear. It was just like a jade bead falling into a silver plate. Although this voice was a little young, it was likely that upon growing up, just this voice alone would be able to capture the hearts many men.

The girl directly received the grilled finish after uttering these words. She did not hesitate and began to devour it.

Lin Dong smiled. He once again picked up some reserve fish ingredients, while his eyes swept over the green clothed girl. A moment later, his eyes focused a little. He was able to see a somewhat glaring injury on the latter’s arm. A scab had formed over the wound.

“You are injured?” Lin Dong absent-mindedly placed the fish over the fire, and casually asked.

“Yes. It was caused some some irritating fellows.” The green clothed girl nodded and replied.

Lin Dong made an ‘oh’ sound but did not probe any further. A moment later, he handed over the fish that had been grilled. The green clothed girl unceremoniously received it, and began to devour it without any care for her image.

The appetite of this green clothed girl was a little shocking. Lin Dong had continuously handed over twenty large grilled fish, before the the former felt satisfied and ceased eating. She patted her small stomach and gave Lin Dong a sweet smile, “Thank you, big brother.”

There was currently still some grease at the corner of her mouth. However, that smile of hers was so sweet that it caused one’s heart to turn soft. Lin Dong quietly sighed again. If a woman was to see this, it was likely that she would be immediately defeated by such a smile…

“What is your name?” Lin Dong patted his hands and asked.

“Mu Lingshan.”

The green clothed girl pulled at the pigtails on her head. After which, her large eyes looked towards Lin Dong and said, “What about big brother?”

“Lin Dong.” Lin Dong gently smiled and replied.

“What an ordinary name.” Mu Lingshan smilingly said. She tilted her head and stared at Lin Dong. “Actually, I was not attracted by the grilled fish. I just could not help but follow big brother here after seeing you.”

“You followed me? Since when?” Lin Dong was slightly surprised as he exclaimed.

“When you met with those fellows today. I have been following you since then.” Mu Lingshan said.

Lin Dong’s eyes shivered a little. He was actually unable to detect anything despite being followed for an entire day? Just where did this girl come from?

“Why did you follow me?” Lin Dong frowned slightly and asked.

“I do not know…”

Mu Lingshan’s reply caused the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth to twitch. The former shook her head and the two pigtails on her head swayed along with the movement, “In any case, I simply followed… I don’t know why, but I feel that big brother will not harm me.”

Lin Dong frowned tightly. All of this was just a little too strange. Why did this Mu Lingshan believe that he, whom she had never met before, would not harm her?

“Big brother, I am injured and will rest first.” Mu Lingshan did not care about what Lin Dong was thinking about. She simply smilingly uttered those words, before laying down by a rock, and fell asleep like a little cat in front of Lin Dong’s somewhat dumbfounded eyes.

Lin Dong’s expression was a little uncertain under the flickering light from the rising bonfire in the forest. He glanced at Mu Lingshan, who had fallen into a deep sleep. This little girl of mysterious origin had simply put aside all her caution and slept under his very eyes?


While Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. He suddenly saw a deep blue glow being emitted from Mu Lingshan’s body. This glow was just like a light barrier that enveloped her. At the same time, those savage looking injuries on Mu Lingshan’s slim arms began to rapidly heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“This is…”

Lin Dong was quietly surprised as he watched this scene. He could sense an extremely strange fluctuation from the light barrier.

“Undying Overflowing Heaven Method…” Yan’s somewhat startled voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

“Undying Overflowing Heaven Method? What is that?” Lin Dong was taken aback as he asked.

“Could this little girl be from the Immortal Sage Whale clan? It is a method unique to that clan.” Yan muttered.

“Immortal Sage Whale?”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk slightly after hearing that name. Although he did not have a clear understanding of the Sea Demon tribe, he was still aware that this Immortal Sage Whale was one of the rather terrifying clans within the Sea Demon tribe. Was this little girl in front of him actually from that clan?

“It’s not right either…. The constitution of this little girl does not appear like a pure Immortal Sage Whale… but why does she know the Undying Overflowing Heaven Method? This constitution, even I am unable to understand…”

Yan muttered. His voice contained a trace of uncertainty. This caused Lin Dong to involuntarily be a little speechless. Just what kind of background did this Mu Lingshan have? Even Yan was unable to identify her?”

“Why did she say that she could not help but approach me? Could she be lying?” Lin Dong inquired.

“That does not seem to be the case. This little girl is extremely pure. Everything she has said should be the truth. As for why she could not help but approach you… perhaps it is because she is attracted by something on you.” Yan voiced his thoughts.

“How unusual.”

Lin Dong knitted his brows tightly. He glanced at Mu Lingshan, who did not show any caution towards him in her deep sleep. Finally, he could only helplessly shake in head. No matter what, he would leave alone tomorrow. He did not really wish to get involved in this matter, which could be a blessing or a disaster.

Lin Dong gradually shut his eyes while having such thoughts. After which, he entered into a cultivation state.

The night peacefully passed. Mu Lingshan, who was in a deep sleep, finally opened her large eyes on the morning of the next day. There was an intelligence in those jet black eyes of hers.

Lin Dong’s eyes also opened at this moment. He looked at Mu Lingshan, grinned slightly and asked, “Done sleeping?”


Mu Lingshan nodded smilingly. She glanced at the healed wound on her arm, before curling her mouth. After which, she waved her hand towards Lin Dong and said, “Big brother, thank you for your grilled fish. I will be leaving first…”

After her voice sounded, Mu Lingshan’s little body leaped onto a tall tree. She hesitated for a moment, grabbing her pigtail as she said, “Big brother, do not head in the same direction as me.”


Lin Dong was taken aback. He was about to speak, when Mu Lingshan emitted a clear laughter. Her petite little body turned into a ray of light that rushed out of the small island, and quickly disappeared from Lin Dong’s sight.

Lin Dong looked in the direction that Mu Lingshan had disappeared toward. He finally laughed bitterly. What in the world had just happened?

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