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Chapter 880

Green Dragon Battle Armour


This path is impassable.

When this statement that was brimming with a tyrannical aura emerged from Shentu Jue’s mouth, everyone could feel that the atmosphere in the square seemed to suddenly frozen.

Within the square, the two young figures raised their heads, and looked at each other, as cold light overflowed between them.

Anyone could tell that the two in the square were both very formidable individuals…

“If it’s impassable…” Lin Dong’s slender hands gently clenched into fists. Staring at Shentu Jue, he spoke out in a soft voice.

“Then I’ll just make a path!”

The moment his final word rang out, green light erupted abruptly from within Lin Dong’s pitch-black pupils, as he took a step forward. The Yuan Power within his body gushed out without reservation, while his clothes started to flutter as green light circulated beneath his skin.

“Haha, make a path? People often say that I, Shentu Jue, am arrogant and wild. Looks like I’ve finally met someone who is more overbearing than myself today!”

Shentu Jue laughed heartily, as the fiendish aura on that delicate and handsome face intensified. Subsequently, his hands slowly extended from his sleeves.


Lin Dong’s gaze hardened slightly when Shentu Jue extended his hands out. The latter’s hands were much longer than ordinary people. From afar, they looked like ten slender daggers. In addition, grey light faintly flashed across their surface, as extremely sharp fluctuations quietly radiated out.

“I do like your overbearing manner. However, I’m afraid that you’ll be unable to afford the price of my liking!”

Shentu Jue grinned, revealing a sinisterly white set of teeth. In the next instant, his body suddenly leaned forward as he shot out like a cheetah hunting its prey.


Shentu Jue’s figure was like galloping thunder. In a flash, numerous after images appeared, as his figure seemed to transform into a ray of light. Carrying along a baleful aura that blotted the sky, he headed straight for Lin Dong.

“So fast.”

Lin Dong’s eyes slight shivered, as he stared at the ray of light that was rapidly expanding in his eyes. Shentu Jue’s movements revealed his tyrannical strength that exceeded that of Wei Zhen and Chen Luo. Even Lin Dong could only sense this speed by using his Mental Energy perception abilities.


Lin Dong took a step to the side, as his body similarly tilted at an angle. 

Bang Bang Bang!

Just as Lin Dong’s body leaned to a side, the air in from of him abruptly exploded. Shentu Jue’s fingers, that were akin to daggers that had been sharpened to the extreme, pierced through the air, while carrying a strange grey glow as they stabbed explosively towards Lin Dong’s throat.

Shentu Jue’s attack was both vicious and crafty. Obviously, he was also someone who had already experienced hundreds of battles.

The glowing grey fingers were swift and fierce, and rapidly grew larger within Lin Dong’s eyes. However, just as the grey glow was about to pierce Lin Dong’s throat, green light gathered in front of his throat, transforming into a green dragon scale that sparkled with green light.


At the moment of contact, a metallic sound rang out, as sparks flew. A ring-shaped force, that was visible to the naked eye, rippled outwards from the green dragon scale.


Shentu Jue grinned a little when he saw the solid dragon scaled that had been created by Lin Dong. Soon after, his gaze instantly turned cold, “My Asura Finger Spear Art isn’t that easy to block!”

As Shentu Jue’s voice rang out, grey light suddenly sparkled on the two fingers in contact with the green dragon scale.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s eyes contracted a little. Unease erupted within his heart, as his figure rapidly retreated.


The moment Lin Dong backed away, Shentu Jue’s two fingers thrust like a spear. With a popping sound, the green dragon scale was pierced. Subsequently, two extremely deadly forces caught up to Lin Dong at lightning speed, before landing on his shoulders.  


The clothes on Lin Dong’s shoulders were ripped apart, as two bloody holes appeared. A trace of fresh blood trickled down from them, causing the clothing on Lin Dong’s chest to turn red.


The exchange in the square had practically happened in a flash. However, everyone could see that injuries had appeared on Lin Dong, who had astonished everyone yesterday with his great abilities, causing the crowd to break out into an uproar.  

“Truly worthy of the name Iron Asura Shentu Jue…”

“He’s able to injure Lin Dong with a single move. Truly formidable…”

“Looks like this brat’s journey will end here. Such a pity.”

At the Gu Clan seats, the faces of Gu Mengqi, Gu Yan and the rest changed slightly at this instant. In yesterday’s battles, Lin Dong had always held the advantage, even against the Wei Zhen trio. Yet, he had suffered injuries right after the start of his battle against Shentu Jue. Was Shentu Jue really so powerful…

“I’ve said before that this fellow is definitely not big brother Shentu Jue’s match.” Upon seeing this spectacle, Shentu Rong could not help but exclaim with glee.

“What’s there to be happy about? That Lin Dong has not only avoided the fatal attack, but his physical body is similarly extremely tyrannical. Shentu Jue’s attack only managed to cause some insignificant injuries to him.”Shentu Tao coldly shouted.

Shentu Rong gawked, however, she was clearly still somewhat doubtful as she mumbled, “Big brother Shentu Jue’s Asura Finger Spear Art can even pierce the body of an initial Profound Life Stage expert…”

“That Lin Dong is no ordinary individual. His physical body likely does not lose out to Shentu Jue’s Asura Body. In addition… this person is similarly decisive when he attacks. It is evident that he has also similarly been tempered by bloody battles where his life had been truly at stake. No wonder he could challenge the Asura Method… the true fight begins now…”

The other elder of the Shentu Clan also nodded his head slowly. He stared at the thin figure in the distance with a gaze that was filled with some graveness. He was clearly aware of the enormous price that Shentu Jue had paid in order to train the Asura Body to this level. However, this Lin Dong was unexpectedly able to match the former in this aspect…

Shentu Rong’s mouth twitched. Although she still had some doubt in her heart, the words of the two elders still had some weight after all. Looking at the figure in the distance, she muttered, “No matter what, he’ll never be able to beat big brother Shentu Jue…”

“Haha, such a strong body…”

Within the square, Shentu Jue smiled as he looked towards Lin Dong in the distance. However, his eyes had faintly narrowed. He knew how deadly his finger strength was. If they were to land on Wei Zhen’s body, the latter’s combat capabilities would immediately drop by half. Yet, the scene before his eyes…

“Such strong finger strength.”

Lin Dong’s hand gently rubbed away the blood stains on his shoulders, before he started to smile. However, that smile was exceptionally cold and fierce. Other than the time that he had crossed hands with Yuan Cang, this was the second time he had suffered injuries so quickly in a match with a person from the same generation as himself.

This Shentu Jue was indeed formidable. He was truly a class above those like Wei Zhen and Chen Luo.

“Looks like I’ve really underestimated you a little… Since this is the case, I’ve make sure not to give you too many chances. When I fight with others, it seems to be better to end the battle as quickly as possible.”

Shentu Jue loosened his shoulders. His hand seal changed, as a low and deep roar suddenly rang out, “Asura Body!”


As his voice rang out, monstrous grey light suddenly erupted and swept out from Shentu Jue’s body. Within the grey light, his body inflated in size as the surface of his skin seemed to be infused with a jet-black lustre akin to tungsten. As the light flickered, it was pervaded by an indescribable feeling of tyranny, while strange patterns started to extend on the surface of his skin.

As Shentu Jue’s body changed, the grey light behind him transformed into a gigantic grey figure holding a trident. From a distance, it looked just like an asura from hell, and gave off a shockingly baleful aura.

“He’s already using the Asura Body…”

Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of all the Shentu Clan disciples narrowed. They were very clear as to how tyrannical Shentu Jue’s Asura Body was. To have forced him to use this martial art so quickly, it seemed like Lin Dong was indeed difficult to deal with.

“You better display your body enhancing martial art now. Or else, you’ll die…” Shentu Jue tilted his head and looked at Lin Dong. A cold look flitted across his glowing jet-black face, as he spoke with a grin.

“Asura Body huh. Since that is the case… then I’ll have no choice but to use use my full power…”

Lin Dong gazed at Shentu Jue, whose presence had abruptly turned extremely shocking, as his slender hands slowly clenched tightly. In the next instant, resplendent green light ferociously exploded from his body.

“Green Dragon Battle Armour.”

Green light surged, as a low and deep dragon roar abruptly rang out at this instant. Under the dragon roar, Lin Dong’s ice-cold voice slowly echoed.

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