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Chapter 875

Martial Emperor’s Fury


On the summit of the giant mountain, the vegetation was verdant and thick. A small gravel road extended through and out of the forest, connecting to a green square. At the end of the square was a limestone tower that was almost a hundred feet tall, and had approximately nine levels. On the surface of the stone tower, strange patterns were faintly discernible. These patterns appeared to be naturally formed. A boundless and simple atmosphere quietly radiated out, causing the surrounding area to feel steady and overgrown with weeds.

A figure was quietly seated in front of this giant limestone tower like a monk. This person was clothed in a grey robe, and his head was incomparably smooth and shiny. Under the illumination of the sun, his head sparkled with a dazzling brilliance, while his face appeared exceedingly delicate and handsome.

There were no energy fluctuations around his body. From afar, he seemed to be a normal person. However, only those with astonishing perceptive abilities would be able to sense furiously surging Yuan Power hidden within this quietness.

In addition, only those who were familiar with his capabilities would know the fury of the Iron Asura that was hidden under that delicate and handsome face.


This silent and quiet atmosphere continued for quite some time, before the tightly shut eyes of the man suddenly sprung open. In this instant, extremely boundless Yuan Power erupted from his body. However, it was quickly forcefully compressed back into his body with a wave of his sleeve. A sliver of astonishment flashed past that delicate and handsome face of his, as he looked towards the waist of the mountain. The racket there seemed to have suddenly turned feverish, causing even the air itself to have an additional trace of fieriness.


While the astonishment had yet to fade from his eyes, whooshing sounds suddenly rang out in the distance. A figure rapidly shot over, before finally descending on the square.

The person who had arrived, was a young disciple of the Shentu Clan. Reverence filled his eyes, as he looked towards the man that was seated before the stone tower, before he respectfully said, “Big brother Shentu, elder has sent me to inform you that an unforeseen incident has occurred in this martial gathering.”

There was only one person who could have obtained such heartfelt reverence from the rest of the Shentu Clan disciples at such an age. Obviously, the man seated before the stone tower should be the one who possessed extreme fame and reputation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, moreover, he was also the ranked third within the younger generation, Shentu Clan’s Iron Asura, Shentu Jue!

Anyone would find it hard to believe, that the man who possessed a title that caused people’s hearts and souls to tremble, would actually look so delicate and handsome…

“Oh? Which of the four clans has won?” Upon hearing this, there was not much change in his expression, as he casually asked.

“From the current situation, the winner should be the Wei Clan. However, the Gu Clan has invited an external helper who is considerably powerful. Now, that external helper is challenging the Asura Method. If he were to succeed, the Gu Clan will be able to reverse their disadvantage, and gain the qualifications to challenge you.” The Shentu disciple replied respectfully.

“Someone has challenged the Asura Method?” Shentu Jue’s calm and deep face finally fluctuated, as he looked at the the disciple who had come with some astonishment in his eyes.

“Ha ha, this is indeed interesting…” Shentu Jue faintly smiled. However, his expression did not turn too serious. With his current strength, let alone the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region, even if he were to meet the older generation experts, he would face them without any fear. As for the competition between the younger generation of the four clans, it did not even enter his eyes.

Within the younger generation of entire Heaven Wind Sea Region, there were only two people who had earned his respect.

“Go back and inform the elders that I’ll defend the Chaotic Tower. The Desolation Qi here is extremely beneficial to my Asura Body cultivation. If I can enter the tower again, I will not fear those two fellows even if I meet them again.” Shentu Jue said with a soft voice.


The Shentu disciple hastily replied respectfully, before swiftly withdrawing. While he was withdrawing, his lowered eyes were filled with some shock and excitement. He naturally knew who the two people mentioned by Shentu Jue were. Among the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, the ones who could cause Shentu Jue to be so wary, could only be that two absolutely astonishing geniuses from the two great caves…

Shentu Jue watched the figure depart, before smiling faintly as he muttered, “Challenging the Asura Method. This is indeed interesting. If that person is able to reach this place, he’ll indeed have the qualifications to cross hands with me. However… this Chaotic Tower will still have to be occupied by my Clan for another year…”


Two abnormally boundless Yuan Power suddenly swept out on the square like a mountain flash flood. Within the boundless Yuan Power eruption, a dense killing intent circulated.

Lin Dong looked at Wei Zhen and Chen Luo, who towered in front of him like a pair of demonic fiends. A smile started to appear on his face, as burning fighting desire erupted from the depths of his pitch-black eyes.

“I originally planned to let you live till the end of the martial gathering. However, since you’re so urgently seeking death, the two of us can only grant you your wish.” Wei Zhen’s expression darkened, as he gazed at Lin Dong and sinisterly said.

The corners of Chen Luo’s mouth turned downwards, as his gaze turned sinister and cold, however, he did not speak. With a clench of his fist, a long black spear appeared in a flash. Ear-piercing ghostly screeches rang out as it appeared, while Yin Qi radiated out in waves. From its appearance, one could obviously tell that it was a formidable Upper Heavenly grade Spirit Treasure.

Compared to Wei Zhen and Chen Luo, Wei Li was much more ordinary. However, the imposing aura of a person at the peak of the initial Profound Life stage was still not weak. In an instant, three swift and fierce auras howled out, and locked onto Lin Dong.

“I wonder how many rounds can you endure under our combined attacks?” Wei Zhen said mockingly, while he slowly gripping the hilt of the giant black blade behind his back.

“There’s no need to waste any time. Let us settle this in one move.” However, in response to his mockery, Lin Dong pondered for a short while, before earnestly replying.

Wei Zhen’s and Chen Luo’s eyes faintly narrowed, before replying in a cold voice, “Shameless boasting! I truly do not understand exactly where you get such confidence from!”

Lin Dong smiled faintly, as a chillingly cold aura started to erupt from the depths of his eyes. His hands suddenly clapped together to form a seal, as a chilling voice akin to an edge of a blade resounded across the square.

“I said… one move is enough.”

As the last of Lin Dong’s words rang out, his palm suddenly patted down furiously, heavily landing on the ground. In the next instant, a low and deep voice rang in his heart.

“Great Desolation Scripture!”


The earth suddenly shook intensely for an instant. Immediately, everyone was able to feel an extremely peculiar fluctuation suddenly erupt in a ring like fashion with Lin Dong as its centre.

This eruption wasn’t on the surface, but underground!

Countless people looked in astonishment at the trembling earth. In addition, they could feel the energy pulse under the earth. Subsequently, the astonishment within their eyes gradually transformed into thick shock.

Because they had seen that the lush and verdant earth beneath their feet was actually starting to turn desolated at an astonishing speed!

The lush and verdant mountain rapidly turned yellow and withered, as a desolate aura started to spread.


Around the square, the expressions of those elders of the four great clans, whose strength were tyrannical, changed drastically, as they stood up in a flash. They were able to sense that the life force and energy of the area was being completely extracted. In addition, the life force and energy was actually converging to where Lin Dong stood!

Obviously, the life force and energy was being forcibly extracted and absorbed by Lin Dong!

“Such a tyrannical martial art!”

At this instant, Gu Shou’s old face turned completely solemn and grave. His gaze was locked tightly on the thin figure within the arena as he muttered, “The tyranny of this martial art is something even the Moon Embracing Art of our Clan is unable to compare to. From the looks of it, Lin Dong’s origins isn’t simple…”

Gu Yan’s pretty face was similarly filled with shock and astonishment. Even she had never seen this move of Lin Dong’s. Evidently, he had yet to reveal many of his trump cards.

“Lin Dong wants to use this move to defeat the Wei Zhen trio?” Gu Mengqi’s beautiful eyes sparkled with extraordinary splendour, as she asked in a soft voice.

“Although this martial art is able absorb the power of the surrounding earth, it will still be difficult to completely defeat the combined might of the three of them.” Gu Shou muttered.

“Bang Bang!”

However, just as Gu Shou’s words appeared, loud rumbling noises suddenly rang out within the square. An energy light pillar that was at least a thousand feet large immediately enveloped Lin Dong, and rushed in the sky. The abundance of this energy caused people to be incessantly shocked.

That figure slowly stood up within the energy light pillar. A gigantic fissure extended under his feet, before finally extending out of one’s sight.

Countless gazes locked onto the figure within the light pillar. In the next instant, those with shrewd eyes were able to see the figure within forming hand seals again. Following the sequence of the hand seals, the seemingly corporeal energy light pillar suddenly erupted with frightening fluctuations that caused one to feel horror in one’s hearts.

As those frightening fluctuations rippled outwards, there also seemed to be a low mumbling voice akin to a god that was faintly discernible.

“Martial Emperor’s Fury, Split the Heavens.”

While Lin Dong was displaying the Great Desolation Scripture, and absorbing the life force of this stretch of earth, the grey clothed man, who was training with his eyes closed in the front of the stone tower at the mountain peak, suddenly jolted slightly. His tightly shut eyes sprung open in a flash, as he looked towards his front. The originally lush and verdant trees there had started to strangely wither at this moment.

“This is…”

Looking at this spectacle, his forehead started to wrinkle. Subsequently, he extended a slender hand, and gently touched the earth. He could feel waves of energy gushing out from within the earth, before converging towards a certain direction. That direction, was the location of the martial gathering at the waist of the mountain…

“Such a tyrannical martial art… this person truly has some ability…”

The grey clothed man muttered to himself. It was obviously impossible for the Wei Clan to possess such a martial art. Since that was the case, it should belong to the fellow that was challenging the Asura Method…

With these thoughts, some sparks started to fly within the depths of the grey clothed man’s eyes, as an arc started to rise from the corners of his mouth.

“This person is indeed interesting… he has the qualifications to be my opponent…”

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