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Chapter 868

Martial Gathering


“Brother Lin Dong, you have a quarrel with Chen Luo?”

Chen Luo did not show any restraint when he made the beheading gesture at Lin Dong. Therefore, even Gu Yuntian and the rest easily noticed it. They were slightly taken aback for a moment, before they asked Lin Dong in surprise.

“While contending for the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit on Mysterious Spirit Island, Wei Song was accompanied by Chen Luo’s junior brother, who was dealt with by Lin Dong in the end.” Gu Yan explained.


Gu Yuntian and the rest gawked, before turning speechless. Never would they have imagined that this seemingly kind and well-mannered youth before them would actually be so vicious. He had even dared to kill a disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man…

“Looks like brother Lin Dong has to be a bit more careful if you come face to face with Chen Luo. Although the relationship between them is not that good, they are after all both disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man…” Gu Yuntian cautioned Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded his head. Chen Luo was indeed not weak; however, if he wanted to take Lin Dong’s life, he really did not have the qualifications to do so.

“That’s right. Exactly how strong is that Nefarious Bone Old Man?” Lin Dong’s eyes faintly flickered, before suddenly questioning.

He had killed Xu Yun. If the Nefarious Bone Old Man caught wind of this, he would definitely not remain silent. At that time, it would be inevitable for him to personally take action. Facing this potential danger, Lin Dong felt that it would be beneficial to obtain a clearer understanding of the matter.

“The Nefarious Bone Old Man is quite famous within the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Furthermore, he is a sinecure of the Demonic Wind Cave, and has reached the perfect Profound Life stage a few years ago. According to the information our Gu Clan has collected, he has been attempting to break through to the Profound Death stage for the past two years. If he succeeds, he might become the most resounding figure in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.” Gu Yuntian replied in a somewhat grave manner.

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. This truly was a thorny opponent. If the Nefarious Bone Old Man was only at the perfect Profound Life stage, he would not be particularly afraid. Even if Lin Dong could not defeat him, that old man would be unable to prevent him from escaping. However, once that old man stepped into the Profound Death Stage, the outcome would be somewhat different…

The Profound Life stage was where Life Qi would integrate into one’s Yuan Power, causing one’s Yuan Power grow continuously, and be as boundless as the sea. In battle, one would be able to exhibit powerful and threatening strength. In addition, Life Qi had the extremely mystical property of healing injuries, to the extent of regrowing lost limbs. The bodies of experts at the perfect Profound Life stage were almost practically impossible to destroy, making them considerably tyrannical.

However, if the Profound Life stage was said to strengthen one’s body, then the Profound Death Stage would increase one’s killing power. Under the power of Death Qi, no living thing could survive. The destructive power it possessed was extremely terrifying. In addition, once Death Qi invaded one’s body, even Life Qi would be unable to repair the damage. That also meant that the healing ability of Life Qi was completely ineffective in the face of Death Qi.  

This was the most fundamental reason why Profound Death Stage experts could suppress Profound Life stage experts.

Therefore, if the Nefarious Bone Old Man really reached the Profound Death stage, it would be a huge headache for Lin Dong…

Lin Dong frowned, before letting the thought dissipate. Now was not the time to be thinking about this matter. After all, he would leave this place once he exited the Chaotic Tower. The Chaotic Demon Sea was incomparably vast and expansive, and even the Nefarious Bone Old Man’s influence did not have the qualifications to cover it entirely. The strength of the perfect Profound Life stage was only enough to let him ride roughshod in this Heaven Wind Sea Region. It was likely that not many would fear him elsewhere.

As his thoughts proceeded in this direction, Lin Dong slowly withdrew his gaze from Chen Luo. He then walk towards the Gu Clan’s allocated seats, sat down, and waited for the martial gathering to begin.

Upon seeing this, the nearby Chen Luo faintly smiled. He ceased the meaningless provocation; on the off chance that they met in the arena, personally taking action would be much better.

“That’s the vicious individual that killed brother Xu Yun? Ha ha, brother Chen Luo, no need to get too angry. He can’t run away.” Wei Zhen shot a look at Lin Dong, before speaking out with a faint smile.

“That wastrel’s skills were inferior, and being killed only meant that he was useless. However, he is after all my junior brother. If news of this matter were to spread, it would sully my name. Therefore, I still have to take revenge on his behalf.” Chen Luo replied with a forced smile. His words showed that he held no affection at all for his so-called junior brother. These emotionless words caused the some of the surrounding Wei Clan members to have no choice but give a hollow laugh agreement.

Wei Zhen smiled and nodded his head. Sweeping his gaze across the area, he said, “As of now, the Gu Clan’s Gu Yuntian is unable to take action due to his serious injuries. I believe that my Wei Clan should be able to smoothly achieve victory. However, as for becoming the champion, it might be somewhat troublesome.”

Upon hearing those words, graveness flitted across the eyes of even the smiling Chen Luo. Raising his head, he looked towards the mountain peak. A similarly spacious square was situated at the peak. At the end of the square stood an ancient stone tower, of which only half was visible. A faintly discernible ancient and desolate aura slowly radiated from it.

That was the Chaotic Tower, and an asura guarded it. Shentu Clan, Iron Asura Shentu Jue.

With regards to the young expert, who was outstanding and famous within the Heaven Wind Sea Region, even an arrogant person like Chen Luo would feel incomparable dread…

“That’s the Song Clan. Can you see the man in blue clothes at the front? That’s Song Chen, the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Song Clan. His strength has reached the peak of the initial Profound Life stage.”

“Over there is the Su Clan. Their leader is Su Yan. This person is somewhat special. Five years ago, he was ranked at the bottom of the younger generation of the Su Clan. However, he had a lucky encounter, and found an ancient treasury where he obtained an inheritance. Henceforth, he broke away from his previous mediocrity. In a short five years, he had become the strongest person amongst the younger generation of the Su Clan.”

In the subsequent time, the members of the other two great clans appeared in succession, while Gu Yan continued introducing Lin Dong to his potential opponents with considerable patience.

Upon hearing all of this, Lin Dong turned his gaze towards Song Chen, who was wearing a set of blue clothes. He was rather elegant, had a rather good temperament, and could be considered as a top class handsome male.

As for that Su Yan, he looked much more mediocre compared to Song Chen. His appearance was extremely thin and frail. However, those pair of eyes were bright and full of expression. His exposed skin was covered with lines that were like the cragginess of a rock, and gave off a feeling of toughness.

Lin Dong was obviously much more interested in this Su Yan. Those who had broken free from mediocrity were never simple people. With a single look, Lin Dong could see that it would be much more difficult to deal with Su Yan than Song Chen.

“As expected of the five great clans of the Heaven Wind Sea Region… these younger generation members are all brilliant people.”

After observing for a while, Lin Dong slowly retracted his gaze, while praise flashed within his eyes. Besides the feared Shentu Jue whom had yet to reveal himself, each and every one of these five great clan members were already so powerful. If they were placed within the Eastern Xuan Region, they would definitely stand at the apex of the younger generation.

This martial gathering will have some unanticipated brilliance.

Time slowly passed in this boiling atmosphere, however, the martial gathering did not start immediately. Under the control of the five great clans, numerous experts from various places crossed hands on the many platforms present. Many experts wished to display their strength, and draw the attention of the five great clans. Although they would lose some freedom, they would in turn receive considerably superior training conditions. All in all, it was a fair trade.

With regards to such exchanges, Lin Dong did not show much interest, preferring to closing his eyes and rest. This continued till the scorching sun was hanging high in the sky, as the deafening noises and clamour gradually lessened. Subsequently, he sensed Gu Mengqi who was beside him stand up. 

“It’s starting huh…”

Lin Dong’s faintly closed eyes sprung open at this moment. Raising his head, he noticed that there was an elder standing in the air above the square. He was a member of the Shentu Clan.

“The martial gathering happens once a year, and there’s nothing much to elaborate about the rules. As usual, everyone ballots for an opponent. Each clan can send three participants.” The powerful voice of the elder rumbled as it echoed in everyone’s ears.

As the elder spoke, a glowing halo rose up from his hands. Within the halo, one could see four revolving glowing tags.


As the glowing halo appeared, Gu Mengqi immediately stood up, along with the participants of the other three great clans. They extended their palms out, as a suction force erupted. Each of them grabbed a light tag within the glowing halo, before abruptly pulling it out.


As the light tag left the glowing halo, a glowing thread snaked out. As the light tag landed in Gu Mengqi’s hands, the glowing thread extended, before joining up with another light tag. Following the glowing thread, it led them to the direction of the Su Clan…

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed faintly. He lifted his eyes, and looked towards Su Yan, who was holding onto the light tag. The latter also raised his head and looked over with a faint smile. Within that smile was thick fighting intent.

“Our first round opponent is the Su Clan, huh…”

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