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Chapter 867

Enemies Will Inevitably Meet


Gu Shou’s eyes shone brilliantly as he stared at Lin Dong, who had nonchalantly taken the golden command token from his hand. His old face mostly remained unchanged, but he had secretly been rather shocked.

He was a perfect Profound Life stage expert, and the disparity in strength between him and Lin Dong was humongous. If it were any other normal person, or even Gu Mengqi and the rest, it would definitely be very unbearable. However, the man standing before him treated his Yuan Power pressure as if it was nothing…

This was not something that just anyone was capable of. 

“This fellow…” Gu Shou’s eyes sparkled brightly before dimming. He shot a deep gaze at Lin Dong. No wonder Lin Dong dared to claim he had a fifty percent chance of defeating Shentu Jue; it seemed that his abilities were indeed undeniable.

Gu Yuntian, who was standing to one side, stared at this spectacle with some astonishment. He clearly understood how strong Gu Shou’s Yuan Power pressure was. Even when he was at his peak, he would definitely be unable to resist the pressure as easily as Lin Dong had…

“Little Yan, looks like you’ve indeed found a good helper this time.” Gu Shou tilted his head towards Gu Yan and Gu Mengqi beside him, and said in a soft voice.

“He is indeed very powerful.” Gu Mengqi said while nodding her head. Her peach blossom like pupils were filled with curiosity as she glanced at the figure of the youth in front of her. Who knew how much high his battle power would be went he truly went all out…

Gu Yan’s cold and elegant face similarly revealed a smile, as she gazed at Lin Dong with a somewhat complicated expression. No one could have expected that the person she had viewed as a cripple with no hope of recovering from his wounds would become the savior of their Gu Clan…

“Ha ha, little friend Lin Dong, the Gu Clan might have to rely heavily on you for this martial gathering.” The shock within Gu Shou’s heart gradually subsided, before he chuckled in a kind voice.

“My conditions…” Lin Dong asked with a smile.

“If our Clan is truly able to become the champion, one of the three quotas for the Chaotic Tower will be yours.”

“Many thanks.” Lin Dong said, while he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Such an outcome was naturally the best.

“The martial gathering will begin tomorrow. Please allow me to invite little friend Lin Dong to rest today.” Gu Shou smiled and said. 

Lin Dong faintly nodded his head and cupped his hands towards everyone. Without saying another word, he turned around and left. While turning around, no one noticed tiny black lines quietly dissipating under his skin.

With his perfect Profound Life stage strength, Gu Shou was indeed considerably powerful. The extent of his strength had even exceeded that of the four hall masters of the Dao Sect. Even some advance Profound Life stage experts would face some difficulty resisting the Yuan Power pressure generated due to his strength. However, it was a pity that this kind of pressure did not have much of a suppressing effect on Lin Dong, who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…

In the great hall, the crowd of Gu Clan members watched as Lin Dong departed, before breaking out into whispers. The ease with which Lin Dong had taken the command token away under Gu Shou’s Yuan Power pressure caused them to feel considerably shocked and astonished.

“This Lin Dong… is definitely not simple. Where exactly did he sprout from? I’ve never heard of such a person amongst the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region…” Gu Shou said with a faint smile.

“Elder Gu Shou, do you believe that he can truly contend against Shentu Jue?” Gu Yuntian asked in a soft voice.

“I do not dare to say that. That brat Shentu Jue is definitely not easily to deal with. But, at the very least, Lin Dong will be a pretty good external helper, much more suitable that Mo Tao.”

Gu Shou replied while shaking his head. His eyes narrowed slightly as he muttered, “As for whether he can match up to Shentu Jue as he has said, we’ll know after they cross hands…”

“I hope that his words are genuine. If he is truly able to help the Gu Clan emerge as champion, what harm is there in giving him a quota…”

Gu Yuntian faintly nodded his head and gazed at the the disappearing figure of Lin Dong in the distance, while pursing his lips. Perhaps, this martial gathering would become very interesting. It was a pity that he was unable to participate…

The next day, when the warm sunlight sprinkled down, the atmosphere on the incomparably large Martial Gathering Island flared and heated up abruptly. Various noises and sounds of fanfare converged together, and shot into the clouds.


The tightly shut doors were gently pulled open, as Lin Dong slowly walked out from within. Upon exiting, he saw Gu Yan, Gu Mengqi and the rest already waiting at the courtyard. 

Sunlight illuminated the slender physique of the two ladies, and the faint radiance from the sunlight made them look exceptionally beautiful.

“Brother Lin Dong, it’s about time. Shall we make a move?” When she saw the youth walking out from the room, a gentle smile appeared on the beautiful face of Gu Mengqi, as she asked in a soft voice.

“In addition, please take care of us in this martial gathering.”

Lin Dong was stunned for a instant, before it hit him. He was astounded as he asked, “The two of you will also be participating in this martial gathering?”

“Yes, every clan has to send three representatives for the martial gathering. For the Gu Clan, it will be us three.” Gu Mengqi replied with a faint smile.

Lin Dong instantly understood. Soon after, he smiled and replied, “ Since that is the case, we’ll have to work towards a common goal this time.”

“As long as brother Lin Dong doesn’t blame us for holding you back.” Gu Mengqi replied with a smile. Without saying another word, she took the lead and turned around, heading outside. Behind her, Lin Dong and Gu Yan rapidly followed suit.

At the centre of Martial Gathering Island was an extremely magnificent and imposing giant mountain. At this time, the giant mountain was already pervaded by the frenzied and passionate buzz of the crowd. On the peak of the mountain, many platforms were being arranged, a sight that was extremely spectacular and magnificent.

When Lin Dong and his group reached the top, the vicinity of the mountain peak was already filled with a vast crowd. Occasionally, whooshing sounds resounded across the sky, as figures descended like locusts.

“The start of the martial gathering isn’t just a show; it’s a competition between various experts. As such, the five great clans will be able to observe these experts, and invite them to become guards or sinecures of the clan.”  

“Ha ha, sinecures are treated very well, hence, many experts hope to catch the eyes the five great clans. After all, having a strong backing is naturally beneficial in a place like the Chaotic Demon Sea. Furthermore, the clan will provide them with the resources required for their cultivation.” 

Lin Dong and his group landed on the mountain top, and slowly walked to the seats arranged for the Gu Clan. During this time, Gu Mengqi faintly smiled towards Lin Dong, while explaining the various details of the martial gathering.

While listening, Lin Dong’s gaze flickered, as he faintly smiled and nodded his head. However, he did not say anything at this moment. From the looks of it, it seemed like he noticed Gu Mengqi’s attempt to recruit him into their clan.

Upon seeing his reactions, a sliver of disappointment flashed past Gu Mengqi’s eyes, and her words started to flow more quickly.

When the group finally reached the Gu Clan’s allocated seats, the pale faced Gu Yuntian rose up and cupped his hands towards Lin Dong. As he was about to say something, his gaze swept around, before his face gradually started to turn ugly.

Lin Dong followed Gu Yuntian’s gaze, and looked over, spotting a similarly large group of people pouring in close by. Within the group, he spotted a familiar figure, Wei Song.

“Members of the Wei Clan huh…” Lin Dong muttered as his eyes faintly narrowed. Only now did he understand why Gu Yuntian’s face had turned this ugly.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept across Wei Song, and came to a rest beside him. There stood two figures, one of which was wearing grey clothes. Behind his back was an excessive looking great blade. An extremely fierce and overbearing blade Qi was faintly discernible as it radiated from it.

Lin Dong shot a look at the blade-carrying man, before turning to look at the other person. This person appeared extremely weak and frail, and his appearance was rather mundane. His face was filled with a smile, however, that smile made people feel gloomy and cold. This made him look akin to a viper hiding in the grass…

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across these two people, as his eyes faintly narrowed. He was able to feel the tyrannical fluctuations pouring out of the bodies of those two. From the looks of it, they seemed rather troublesome too.

“The blade-carrying man is Wei Zhen of the Wei Clan. He’s considered the strongest person within the younger generation of the Wei Clan. His mastery of the Wei Clan’s Mountain Blade technique is approaching the point of perfection…” Gu Mengqi’s soft voice slowly rang out. It was not hard for Lin Dong to notice the graveness in her voice.

“What about the other person?” Lin Dong faintly nodded his head, and asked in a soft voice.

“The other one…”

Gu Mengqi looked towards the unassuming male beside Wei Zhen, as her umber black brows slightly furrowed. 

“That’s Ghost Spear Chen Luo, the first disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man…”

Gu Yuntian spoke out, while his face darkened. Rubbing his chest, he clenched his teeth and continued, “My injuries were caused by him…”

Gu Mengqi and the rest clenched their jadelike hands, as flames of anger erupted within their eyes.

“The first disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man…”

Lin Dong’s brow faintly wrinkled, as he shot a look at Gu Yan. This meant that this Chen Luo should be the senior brother of Xu Yun…

Lin Dong raised his head and looked towards the male. At this time, the latter seemed to notice. Tilting his head, his gaze crossed paths with Lin Dong’s. In the next moment, his smile became exceedingly radiant. Extending his palm, he sent a beheading gesture towards Lin Dong’s figure from afar, while his lips spread open, and a minute sound was transmitted over.

“Lin Dong, I’ll take your life on my junior brother’s behalf…”

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed, it was truly inevitable for enemies to meet…

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