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Chapter 854

Behind the Lava



Yuan Power wrapped around Lin Dong’s body, its strong power allowed Lin Dong to appear like a fish as he swiftly swam towards the bottom of the lake, causing many ripples to form along the way.

From the outside, the surface of the lake appeared extremely large. Upon entering it however, one would discover that the surface above was merely the tip of the iceberg. If one looked towards the depths of the lake, the deep darkness appeared just like the large mouth of a demon, a sight that caused one’s hairs to stand.

As he gradually neared the bottom of the lake, Lin Dong could sense that there were actually no living creatures within it. This caused him to be exceptionally surprised. After all, the life energy in this place was extremely dense, hence it was a most suitable place to live. Oddly enough, he was unable to find even small fishes within this enormous lake. His Mental Energy perception spread, however, the feedback that he received was a strange deathly silence.

This unusual scene caused caution to rise in Lin Dong’s heart. Yuan Power gushed like a river within his body, and powerful energy spread towards his limbs as he prepared to deal with any unexpected situations.


Faint sounds were emitted from the quiet lake as Lin Dong’s body moved through it. His eyes drifted towards the dark bottom of the lake, as they suddenly focused. He could sense that the temperature the water in this area had raised significantly.

“This lake is really a little weird…” This thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, before his body descended once again. This continued for over ten minutes, before a bright red light suddenly appeared amidst the endless darkness. At the same time, the temperature of the surrounding water was also rapidly increasing.


The size of the bright red light below grew increasingly larger as Lin Dong ventured deeper. Soon after, he saw that it was actually lava that spread towards the end of his sight…

The fiery red lava spread at the bottom of the lake, and looked just like a flaming carpet. The lava emitted a gurgling sound as it rose, while the surrounding ice cold lake water was also heated by it until it became boiling hot.

Lin Dong watched this scene in a stunned manner. Soon after, he could not help but smack his lips. It was likely that this was the first time he had seen such a bizarre scene where fire and water coexisted.

“The three-headed Demon Snake said that the Core Spiritual Birth Serum is at the bottom of the lake. However, there are no such fluctuations here…”

Lin Dong quickly recovered. His eyes swept around him, and his Mental Energy swiftly extended outwards. However, he began to frown soon after. This was because he had discovered that there were no other energy fluctuations at the bottom of the lake other than the lava. Let alone the Core Spiritual Birth Serum.

“Could that fellow be lying?” Lin Dong knitted his brows, before quickly shaking his head. Although the three-headed Demon Snake could not be completely trusted, there should be some truth to his words. Moreover, the latter should also be clearly aware that it was too easy for this kind of lie to be exposed. At that time, given Lin Dong’s methods, he would definitely end up suffering.

“Could it be… below the lava?”

Lin Dong’s gaze turned, and suddenly paused on that gurgling lava that was emitting bubbles. He mused for a moment before beckoning with his hand, and the Burning Sky cauldron was summoned. His body moved and he entered it. Only then did he control the Burning Sky cauldron as it turn into a ray of light, and charged into the burning lava below.


The Burning Sky cauldron met no resistance as it when it hit the lava. Subsequently, it easily broke into the lava. Lin Dong, who was inside, sighed in relief after seeing this. It seemed that his guess was correct.

Lin Dong hid within the Burning Sky cauldron, while his Mental Energy spread and absorbed the scene under the lava into his mind. Even Lin Dong could not help but be taken aback as these images were sent back into his mind.

An extremely spacious square was present behind the lava. No lava nor lake water was present in it. Fiery red rocks lay all over in an orderly fashion, and its simpleness contained a trace of antiquity.

Lin Dong’s body rushed out from within the Burning Sky cauldron. He looked at the square hidden under the lava at the bottom of the lake, and was momentarily stunned. This square was clearly man made. He wondered just who would secretly hide such a square in this place.


While Lin Dong was in deep thought because of this matter, he suddenly sensed wave after wave of extremely rich rippling life force spreading over from the distance. His heart quickly shook as his body hurried forward. After travelling for a couple of minutes, he saw a dozen feet large rock pool in the middle of the square. Fiery red lava flowed within the rock pool, while a jade green specks of light were continuously emitted from the center of the lava.

The Jade green specks of light gathered together a foot above the lava after they were emitted. There was already a palm sized cluster of jade green liquid suspended in the air. A kind of extremely dense and indescribable life force ripple was being emitted in a churning fashion. It appeared as though the surrounding space was full of vitality because of it.

“It is indeed the Core Spiritual Birth Serum!”

Lin Dong looked at the jade green liquid that rose from within the the lava, as his eyes instantly became fiery hot. It was always possible for countless mysterious natural treasures to be brewed within the earth. This current Core Spiritual Birth Serum was like the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva back then. They were all things that one would find only if one was extremely lucky, and were also extremely beneficial towards one’s cultivation.

Lin Dong licked his lips. However, his cautious self did not lose his rationality in the face of this temptation. Since the Core Spiritual Life Serum was truly in this place, it would definitely not be easy for one to obtain it. Otherwise, how could someone as strong as the three-headed Demon Snake simply leave such a treasure here?

Lin Dong’s eyes started to carefully observe the surroundings of the lava rock pool. His eyes scanned the place an inch at a time. This continued for a long time, before his eyes suddenly focused. He had discovered that there were actually many extremely dim red lines of light spreading on the bright red ground.

These red lines were not obvious. Additionally, the ground was bright red. If one did not observe carefully, it would be impossible to detect…

“It is a formation…”

Lin Dong’s gaze followed the many red light lines that extended outwards. Finally, he deeply exhaled. This was because, these connected red lines coincidentally formed a formation that covered the rock pool.

Lin Dong was unable to detect any danger from this formation. However, he also understood that this kind of completely undetectable formation was perhaps the truly terrifying ones.

Lin Dong’s hand stroked his chin. He mused for a moment, before suddenly waving his hand, as a black figure appeared in front of him. It was the demon corpse that he had obtained from Unique Devil Region back then.


Lin Dong flicked his finger. That demon corpse immediately rushed forward and entered the lava rock pool with lightning speed. After which, it grabbed at the Core Spiritual Birth Serum.


Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk the moment the demon corpse was about to reach the lava rock pool. This was because he saw the lines of light around the rock pool suddenly brighten, and an enormous formation took shape on the ground. Soon after, a bright red light line flew out, and tore through the air, before heavily smashing into the demon corpse.


The demon corpse’s body trembled intensely the moment that the collision occurred. Subsequently, Lin Dong gasped as he saw that incomparably sturdy demon corpse had started to turn into ashes at a shocking speed.


A groan emerged from Lin Dong’s throat as the demon corpse turned into ashes. The demon corpse had a trace of his Yuan Spirit. However, that Yuan Spirit had actually vanished along with the demon corpse…

“What a terrifying formation.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave. The physical body of the demon corpse was extremely powerful. Even a fully powered strike by an initial Profound Life stage expert would definitely be unable to destroy it. Yet, it had now directly turned into ashes due to that tiny light line. Just how terrifying was the destructive power of this light line?

“That fellow really was not truthful…”

Lin Dong curled his mouth. He had already guessed that there was something amiss about the three-headed Demon Snake’s words. At this moment, all it took was a glance to verify his guess. If he had recklessly attempted to grab the Core Spiritual Birth Serum earlier, it was likely that he would have been turned into ashes. Once he was dead, that fellow would also be able to break the suppression of the Burning Sky cauldron.

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at the rock pool. A moment later, he suddenly laughed coldly. With a wave of his hand, the Burning Sky cauldron turned into a ray of light that shot towards the rock pool.

“Since you dare to lie to me, I’ll let you have a taste of that light.”

The Burning Sky cauldron swiftly charged towards the rock pool. After which, the mouth of the cauldron shook, and a miserable figure was directly thrown forward.

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