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Chapter 848: Situation

The atmosphere above the lake suddenly became extremely tense. Gaze after gaze were red with jealousy as they stared at the young man standing in mid-air nearby. The latter had three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits in his hand. This caused their breathing to turn a little ragged.

There were a total of six Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits on this small island. Currently, half of them had landed in Lin Dong’s hands. How could this not cause others to become jealous.

Some of the surrounding experts were staring at Lin Dong with searing hot gazes. Although greed was flashing within their pupils, they did not immediately reveal their enmity like Wei Song had done. After all, the strength that Lin Dong had displayed previously, and the Gu clan beside him, caused them to be a little wary.

“Wei Song, these natural treasures should belong to those who have the ability to obtain them. Previously, all of you failed to snatch any of them. Who else can you blame but yourselves?” Gu Yan and the rest of the Gu clan members swiftly clustered around Lin Dong, as the former cried out coldly.

“Hehe, it is indeed the case whereby those with the ability should obtain them. Once we finish off this brat, we will be the powerful ones with such capability.” Wei Song’s mouth parted to form a smile. His smile contained a dense murderous desire.

“Relying on your mouth alone will not help you to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit…”

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he gazed at Wei Song’s sinister and cold expression. With a smile, he kept the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits into his Qiankun bag. Evidently, he did not plan to surrender them.

“So you decided to reject my kindness. Since that is the case, I can only respond with force. Do not blame my Wei clan for being ruthless.” Wei Song’s expression was dark. His voice had just sounded, when those experts from the Wei clan hurriedly gathered over. Their faces were unfriendly as they stared at Lin Dong’s group.

The eyes of the surrounding factions flickered upon witnessing this scene. However, they did not intervene. The Gu and Wei clan were both quite powerful. Since these two groups wanted to engage in an all-out battle, it would naturally benefit the rest of them. At that time, both groups would suffer serious injuries and deaths, allowing everyone else to take advantage. In any case, this Chaotic Demon Sea was endlessly large. Hence, they were not afraid of offending these two big clans.

“Haha, brother Mo, brother Han, I wonder if you are interested in the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits? If you are, we can join forces. After which, we will evenly distribute the three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits.” This Wei Song was clearly extremely cunning. Both his eyes slightly narrowed, before he suddenly turned towards Mo Zhan and Han Tao, as he smilingly asked.

The Mo Zhan duo were slightly startled after hearing these words. Immediately, their gazes swept towards Lin Dong.

“This bastard.”

Gu Yan’s group had a slight change in their expressions upon seeing this situation. Currently, everyone was eyeing them covetously. They already had to use their full power to deal with the Wei clan. If Mo Zhan and the Sea Cloud Sect were to join the fight, their Gu clan would definitely fall into a disadvantageous situation.

However, Lin Dong’s face was still calm in contrast to the worried expressions on the faces of Gu Yan and the rest. His eyes were undisturbed as he glanced at Mo Zhan and Han Tao, who were in deep thought. There was no fear in his eyes.

Their present situation might be bad, but this was no desperate situation from Lin Dong’s point of view. Even if Mo Zhan and the rest were to join forces with Wei Song to deal with him, he still had the confidence that he would make them suffer.

Back then, he had killed Yuan Cang and the five hundred over Yuan Gate elite disciples by himself. Now, he was similarly able to kill all of these people present. However… he would definitely have to pay a price for such a deed. Hence, Lin Dong naturally did not wish for things to develop to such an extent if possible.

The atmosphere became a little tense as Mo Zhan and Han Tao’s eyes flickered while they stood in midair. It was likely that everyone was aware that if these two were to cooperate with Wei Song, it would definitely become completely one-sided.

Mo Zhan and Han Tao were frowning a little as their eyes paused on Lin Dong amidst this tense atmosphere. The three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits in the latter’s hands were quite alluring. However, both of them were cautious individuals. Lin Dong was shrouded in mystery. He was merely at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, yet, even they could sense a dangerous aura from him.

Their eyes continuously to flickered. They had quite a good haul already, and it seemed a little too risky if they were to fight a mysterious and unknown individual due to greed…

The two of them made up their minds after pondering for a while, as their original tense bodies also gradually relaxed. They glanced at Lin Dong and spoke in an indifferent voice, “We appreciate your kind intentions. However, we are already happy with one Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, and do not wish for a second one.”

Gu Yan’s group quickly sighed in relief after the two of them spoke. Immediately, their gazes turned to look at the completely calm Lin Dong beside them in a strange manner. The reason these two individuals, who possessed some reputation amongst the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region, had chosen to give up, was clearly because they were wary of Lin Dong…

“What a pity…”

Wei Song softly chuckled, as a shady expression flashed across his eyes. After which, he tilted his head towards the black robed person beside him and laughed, “Brother Xu, shall we attack?”

The black clothed person nodded slowly, before promptly lifting his head. That cold pale looking face had a dense murderous intent surging on it. He stared at Lin Dong and spoke in a dark and cold manner, “I have already warned you that you should not get involve in some matters. However, it is pointless for you to regret it now…”

“Be a good boy and let me refine you into a human puppet!”

Those dark words had just sounded out, when the black clothed person’s robe suddenly fluttered despite the absence of any wind. Extremely majestic Mental Energy swept out from within his body without reservation. Immediately, gales blew across the sky, as hurricanes formed around the black clothed person. A rather terrifying sight.

Lin Dong watched this scene and sighed gently. Soon after, he spoke to Gu Yan’s group, “It should not be a problem to block Wei Song and the rest, right?”


Gu Yan nodded with a slightly cold expression. Immediately, she glanced at the black clothed person with a shocking aura, as she bit her lips and asked, “Can you handle him?”

“A mere Divine Symbol Master…” Lin Dong grinned. Soon after, he slowly stepped forward. Being in possession of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was clearly easier for him to deal with a Divine Symbol Master in comparison to an initial Profound Life stage expert. Moreover, he was even able to kill Yuan Cang back then. Although this black clothed person was powerful, what could he possible do when faced with Lin Dong?

Gu Yan’s group watched Lin Dong’s back. The latter’s tone was clearly extremely arrogant, but at this moment, no one dared to mock that he did not know his limits….

“Tsk tsk, you are truly a bold fellow. Brat, surrender the three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits in your possession, and this king will help you to finish off these people. What do you say?” An ear-piercing laughter suddenly sounded in this extremely tense atmosphere from the battle that was about to erupt.

Everyone was also stunned because of this laughter. They turned their heads, and saw a strong man with a naked upper torso that was emitting a ferocious aura. There was no hair on his head, and its bald surface flickered with a dazzling luster. An extremely sharp pressure was emitted as he parted his mouth and laughed, causing one to feel a chill within one’s heart.

“It is that the three-headed Demon Snake.”

Everyone’s heart trembled upon seeing this person. They had forgotten about this ferocious and ruthless character…

Lin Dong stared at the three-headed Demon Snake, which had taken on human form, as he frowned slightly. He could see a cunning and ruthless expression that could not be hidden in the latter’s eyes. The words spoken by such a person naturally could not be trusted.

“There is no need. I can handle it myself.” Lin Dong looked at the three-headed Demon Snake and replied in an indifferent manner.


The three-headed Demon Snake was clearly not surprised by Lin Dong’s rejection. Soon after, however, he revealed his sinisterly white teeth towards Lin Dong and laughed, “In that case, this king can only personally kill you to retrieve the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits.”

The three-headed Demon Snake licked his lips with his scarlet tongue. With a clench of his hand, a trident appeared in a flash. His eyes were cruel as they stared at Lin Dong. He would not let off a single one of these people, who had snatched his Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits away. Currently, the one who had taken the most number of fruits was Lin Dong. Naturally, Lin Dong was also his first target.

Wei Song’s group was stunned because of the sudden intervention of the three-headed Demon Snake. Immediately, the corners of their mouths revealed gloating expressions. This situation was even more of a headache for Lin Dong than the intervention of the Mo Zhan duo…

“Lin Dong, what should we do?”

The expressions of Gu Yan’s group had turned completely ugly. They had clearly witnessed the three-headed Demon Snake’s Profound Life stage strength earlier. If it was to intervene, they would likely have difficulty escaping this calamity.

“Continue with the plan.”

However, Lin Dong merely smiled and replied in the face of the ugly expressions of Gu Yan’s group.


Gu Yan was stunned. Quickly after, she seemed to understand what Lin Dong was saying. Her pupils contracted, while her tone contained an unconcealable shock and horror. “You are going to fight the two of them?”

Gu Ya and the rest of the Gu clan members were also staring at Lin Dong in shock. Clearly, the impact of this was far too great for them.

“Big brother Lin Dong…” Gu Ya spoke in a worried voice.

Lin Dong smiled towards Gu Ya. He immediately waved his hand and ceased saying anything more. After which, he walked forward in front of many gloating eyes, which appeared to be watching a good show. Subsequently, he smiled towards the three-headed Demon Snake.

“There is no reason for me to give away the things that I have already obtained. I will accompany you if you wish to fight. However… I’m afraid that you will not be able to afford the price.”

The three-headed Demon Snake stared at Lin Dong with scarlet eyes. An unusually cruel grin was revealed a moment later.

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