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Chapter 842


The sound of wind being split apart suddenly sounded in the mountain forest, which was still covered by a thin layer of poisonous fog. Numerous figures shot into it like arrows, before swiftly rushing towards the top of the huge mountain.

“There are really many people…”

Lin Dong’s toes landed on a thick tree branch. He could not help but frown a little as he glanced at the human figures rushing into Mysterious Spirit Mountain like a swarm of locusts. Such a large scale entry into Mysterious Spirit Mountain would definitely disturb the Demonic Beasts within it…

“Nothing we can do about it. The Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit is too tempting, especially for those at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. One would be able to save on an endless amount of bitter training if one obtains it.” Gu Yan said.

Many Gu clan members had come to the foot of the mountain, however, not all of them entered Mysterious Spirit Mountain. After all, it was a dangerous place. If one’s strength did not reach a certain level, one would not be of much help even if they did enter. Instead, they would become a burden for the others. Hence, only a dozen of the stronger members followed Lin Dong and Gu Yan in.

“There are many many Demonic Beasts in Mysterious Spirit Mountain. Base on the information we have gathered, there are at least eight which have the strength of the half step into Profound Life stage. Moreover, there is a Three Headed Devil Dragon, which has reached the initial Profound Life stage, guarding the top of the mountain.” Gu Yan peered into the depths of Mysterious Spirit Mountain as she spoke with a somewhat solemn voice.

“Eight half step into Profound Life stage, and one initial Profound Life stage…” Lin Dong’s eyes involuntarily hardened when he heard these words. The strength of the Demonic Beasts in this Mysterious Spirit Mountain really could not be underestimated. If it was for the many experts who had been lured here, it would likely be impossible for Lin Dong’s group to successfully obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.

“Those eight half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts are guarding the various paths on Mysterious Spirit Mountain. Hopefully, we will not meet them. Otherwise, it will be a whole lot of trouble…” Gu Yan said.

Beast roars and miserable cries had already sounded out from the distant mountain forests while her words faded. It was likely that the Demonic Beasts on this Mysterious Spirit Mountain had begun to attack.

“Let’s go.”

Gu Yan knitted her brow slightly upon hearing these noises. Without further ado, she waved her hand and took the lead to rush forward, while Lin Dong and the others quickly followed behind her.

The peace of Mysterious Spirit Mountain collapsed as the large group barbarically charged into the mountains, as angry beast roars reverberated throughout the mountain. Soon after, loud bangs from clashing energy also rang out.

A faint bloody stench spread over the entire large mountain at this moment.

Lin Dong’s group also encountered various forms of attacks from many Demonic Beasts along the way. However, their lineup was quite strong, and they did not suffer too much damage or trouble because of these attacks. However, their advancing speed had been slowed a little due to this.


A large ape like Demonic Beast suddenly roared as it landed from the air . Its unusually sharp claw immediately slashed at a member of the Gu clan, who had just defeated a Demonic Beast.


However, before its attack could land, an extremely violent green light swept out. A fist smashed into its large body, producing a low and deep sound. This Demonic Beast flew a hundred meters backwards like a kite with a broken string, and landed miserably in the forest. No one knew whether it was dead or alive.

That rescued member of the Gu clan watched the demon ape fly backwards and sighed in relief. After which, he threw a grateful look towards Lin Dong, who had aided him.

Lin Dong took a quick look of his surroundings. The horde of Demonic Beasts, that had launched a sneak attack at them, had already been finished off. They could see a group to their east being entangled by a horde of Demonic Beasts. However, this group was clearly not as relaxed as Lin Dong’s group. Some miserable cries would occasionally be heard from them.


Although those unfortunate people seemed to be unable to endure any longer, Lin Dong did not have any intentions of intervening. Now was not the time to be a samaritan. They were all competitors. These people might not hesitate to kill them later on. Hence, spending the time to rescue potential enemies was clearly extremely foolish.

Gu Yan and the rest nodded after hearing Lin Dong’s low shout. Their bodies moved, and charged out of the mountain forest that contained a poison miasma.

Hot sunlight immediately scattered down from the sky when they charged out from the forest. The poison that had contaminated everyone’s bodies immediately dissipated.

After experiencing a tough battle, the members of the Gu clan involuntarily sighed in relief as the warm sunlight bathed their bodies. However, they had only just relaxed, when Lin Dong’s stern cry sudden sounded like thunder beside their ears, “Careful!”

Bang bang bang!

The land violently trembled after Lin Dong’s cry sounded. Soon after, many incomparably sharp stone pillars with a chilling glint at their tips, suddenly tore out from the ground and shot explosively towards the members of the Gu clan with lightning speed.

Lin Dong was in mid-air as he watched this sudden attack. His eyes turned slightly cold as he suddenly threw a punch down. A green light curtain swept down from his fist. After which, it heavily smashed onto those sharp rock pillars, which had pierced out from the ground.

Crack crack!

Those rock pillars immediately crumbled when the two forces clashed. Many cracks spread outwards, as they were completely blasted into dust.

Those members of the Gu clan landed on the ground with some lingering fear after the stone pillars were blasted apart. Their eyes held some respect as they looked at Lin Dong in the air. The latter’s reaction was really admirable…

“Many thanks.”

Gu Yan also sighed in relief. With her strength, she was naturally able to dodge the sudden attack earlier. However, she would not have the time to rescue the others.

Lin Dong shook his head. His eyes looked to the front as he frowned and said, “Looks like we are rather unlucky…”

Gu Yan also cast her gaze to the front. After which, she saw a ferocious dozen feet large rock beast in the distance. Its body was completely covered by rocks and it was staring at them in an ominous manner.

“It’s the Rock Demon Beast… one of the eight half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts on Mysterious Spirit Mountain.” Gu Yan also clenched her fist at this moment. Her face was rather grim.

“Shall we attack together and swiftly finish it off ?” Gu Yan looked at Lin Dong. Time was of the essence at this moment. If they were delayed, someone else might reach the depths of Mysterious Spirit Mountain before the rest and obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.


Lin Dong also knew that time was very precious. Hence, he nodded after some thought. His expression suddenly sunk as his gaze suddenly looked towards the north-western direction. A low and deep ruthless beast roar had been emitted from there.

“Everyone be careful.” Gu Yan immediately warned after having also sensed it.


Her words had just sounded, when an enormous tree in far off mountain forest suddenly collapsed. Subsequently, two enormous Demonic Beasts with vicious auras once again appeared in the sights of Lin Dong’s group.

The expressions of all the members of the Gu clan changed when they saw these two enormous Demonic Beasts. This was because they could sense that these two Demonic Beasts were also at the half step into Profound Life stage!

“Damnit, the Black Dragon Pirates are intentionally luring the Demonic Beasts over!” A sharp-eyed member of the Gu clan suddenly saw two figures running in front of those two Demonic Beasts. These two were heading in their direction.

Gu Yan’s expression quickly turned ice-cold as she frowned. These people were really cunning. They were actually using such a method to delay her group.

“Ha ha, your Gu clan is powerful. I believe that it should not be a problem dealing with three Demonic Beasts at the half step into Profound Life stage, hence, we will them in your hands…”

A man with a sinister looking scar on his face laughed in a wild and arrogant manner towards Lin Dong’s group. His eyes quickly turned cold as he swung his sleeve. A bottle of red liquid quickly flew out. After which, it exploded above the members of the Gu clan. The liquid sprinkled downwards, and some of the members of the Gu clan, who were unable to dodge in time, were dyed by the red liquid. Immediately, a nauseating bloody scent was emitted.


The three half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts’ originally scarlet red beast eyes immediately turned even redder when this scent was emitted.

“Ha ha, you should all enjoy this great meal. The Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit belongs to our Black Dragon Pirates.”

The two commanders of the Black Dragon Pirates once again laughed heartily. Their bodies quickly drifted backwards, while the three Demonic Beasts began to advance towards the Gu clan group.

“What should we do? If we get entangled with these three Demonic Beasts…” Gu Yan knitted her brows. With her strength, she was at the very most able to stop one of them. However, the remaining two…

“Leave the other two to me.”

Lin Dong by the side gently exhaled and slowly said while Gu Yan was hesitating.

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