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Chapter 841: Gathering of the Various Factions

After Lin Dong uttered these words, everyone could feel the atmosphere at the foot of the mountain suddenly become much tenser, while a stern expression faintly flitted across Wei Song’s face.

Longsword in hand, Gu Yan stood beside Lin Dong, while the other members of the Gu clan also crowded around them. They stared at the members of the Wei clan with gazes that said they would not give in. It appeared as though they would engage in an all out fight if there was any disagreement.

A dark and solemn expression surged in Wei Song’s eyes as he watched this scene. However, he gave a smile a moment later. He softly clapped his hands together, while his gaze paused on Lin Dong, “Ha ha, you are really bold. However, I’m afraid that you do not have the qualifications or ability to get involved in certain matters.”

“I do not know you. It is likely that my Wei clan does not have any great enmity with you. My Wei clan is always charitable towards friends, however, an enemy of my Wei clan will likely never be able to sleep in peace…”

Lin Dong looked at the smiling Wei Song. He also grinned and replied. “I’m afraid that these words do not have much of an effect towards me.”

Currently, he was all alone, and did not have any worries. Even though this Wei clan was powerful, the Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely vast. The hands of the Wei clan could not possibly completely cover it. In any case, if he could not defeat them, the Wei clan would not be able to stop him if he wished to flee.

“I hope so as well.”

Wei Song smiled. However, a dark chill seemed to gather within his smile. He glanced at the foot of the mountain. There were many experts who had heard the news and come this time around. This caused him to be a little apprehensive. After all, they had yet to see the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. It was clearly unwise to spend the effort fighting the Gu clan at this time.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Song withdrew his gaze. He waved his hand, turned around and left. The black robed person beside Wei Song stared at Lin Dong. He slowly lifted his head, revealing a pale face under the black robe. An icy arc lifted on his lips, as he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion towards Lin Dong, before turning around and leaving.

“Brother Xu, do not allow that brat to leave Mysterious Spirit Island alive.” Wei Song turned around and rushed out. His expression was extremely dark as he spoke in an eerie voice.

“Ha ha, I have said before that I will refine him into a human puppet…” The black robed person laughed. His laughter was as sinister as a ghost, causing one’s hair to stand.

Wei Song nodded. Ferocity and cruelness flashed in the depths of his eyes. Clearly, this provocation by Lin Dong had caused him to feel extremely furious.

“You have really offended Wei Song this time around…” Gu Yan watched Wei Song’s group turn and leave. After which, she tilted her head and looked at Lin Dong beside her and said.

“Since I have accepted your payment, I will naturally state my stance.” Lin Dong laughed. This Wei Song was clearly not a magnanimous person. Even if Lin Dong did not offend him now, Wei Song would still feel hatred towards him when they clashed. Since this was the case, there was no point in hiding.

“Are your wounds completely healed?” Gu Yan’s eyes scanned Lin Dong’s body as she asked.


Lin Dong gently clenched both of his fists, as he felt the power within his body that was even mightier than it was before. The corners of his mouth lifted to form a satisfied smile. Although he had suffered serious injuries this time around, he had also managed to benefit greatly. If the current him was to use all of his strength, even an initial Profound Life stage expert would not gain any advantage against him.

If Lin Dong possessed such strength when fighting Yuan Cang back then, it was likely that the battle would not end in such a miserable manner…

“You are at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, but you possess such overwhelming battle power. Even I sense a trace of danger from you. It seems that your claim of being able to stop a Divine Symbol Master were not empty words.” Gu Yan had a slightly peculiar look in her eyes. She never imagined that the seemingly inconspicuous Lin Dong from a few days ago would actually become such an important character on their side.

Lin Dong declined to comment. He did not wish to speak any further on this topic. Instead, his eyes swept across the foot of the mountain as they hardened. He softly said, “Quite a number of experts have come…”

He was able to sense many powerful auras at the foot of the mountain. Some of them were actually not the least bit weaker than Gu Yan.


Gu Yan’s somewhat icy face revealed a solemn expression. Her eyes looked towards a couple of spots at the foot of the mountain, as she involuntarily knitted her eyebrows.

“Do you see that group in the north-western direction?”

Lin Dong’s gaze followed her direction. He could see a group of people standing in the distance. A tall and large man was standing at the leader’s spot. The man was wearing long robes. There were a sea blue cloud on his robes.

“They are from the Sea Cloud Sect. The one leading them is called Han Tao, and he is the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation in the Sea Cloud Sect. His strength has also reached the half step into Profound Life stage.” Gu Yan said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He knew quite a bit about the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Although the strongest within this Heaven Sea Region were the two caves and five big clans, this Sea Cloud Sect was also considered a powerful faction in this Heaven Wind Sea Region. Its strength was not weaker than the five big clans. However, its foundation was a little lacking.

“On the south-western side… there is another person who is a little troublesome to deal with.” Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards the south-western direction, where a gray clothed person quietly sat on a boulder. There were no signs of anyone else around him, evidently, he was alone. However, this lone ranger was clearly not an ordinary person given that he dared to come to this place alone for the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.

Gu Yan looked at the gray clothed person. Her eyes were a little graver as she said, “He is one arm Mo Zhan. He has not joined any factions, but he has quite the reputation in Heaven Wind Sea Region. He has also at the half foot into Profound Life stage. It is rumoured that he had once fought an initial Profound Life stage expert. Not only did he manage to successfully escape, but he even injured that other party…


Surprise flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes after hearing this. His eyes swept towards that gray clothed person, and discovered that one of his sleeves was empty.

“It seems that this person also possess some skill…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. He specialized in fighting someone at a higher cultivation level. Hence, he also clearly understood what was required to do so. Since this gray clothed person was able to achieve this, he definitely had some tricks hidden up his sleeves.

“As expected of the Chaotic Demon Sea. Such a person would definitely be an extremely dazzling existence amongst the younger generation in the Eastern Xuan Region. However, he could only be considered outstanding here…”

Lin Dong was quietly speechless. This Heaven Wind Sea Region was not the strongest sea region in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, the experts that had appeared were already this troublesome to deal with. He wondered just what kind of monsters would appear in other places…

While Lin Dong was observing the gray clothed person in the distance, the latter also seemed to have sensed him. Immediately, his gaze shifted over. A brilliant light flitted across his eyes. That sharpness seemed to tear through the air and shoot straight at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong looked directly at the gray clothed person. There was no fear on his face. The latter might be quite well known, but it did not mean much to him. This person was able to injure an initial Profound Life stage expert and successfully escape, but Lin Dong… had truly killed an initial Profound Life stage expert before!

Killing and injuring were on two completely different levels.

The gray clothed person’s sharp eyes stared at Lin Dong. It was a long while later before the sharpness gradually diminished. He took one last deep look at Lin Dong, before slowly turning around.

Gu Yan by the side saw the face off between the two. Her heart held an even higher regard for Lin Dong after seeing the latter’s calm manner. She subsequently continued, “There are still some troublesome fellows over there. From the black dragon images on their bodies, they should be from the Black Dragon Pirates that run rampant in this Heaven Wind Sea Region. However, from the looks of it, only four of them have managed to come. The strength of those four are at the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. If they were to join hands, they will be able to fight against even someone at the half a foot into Profound Life stage…”

Lin Dong’s gaze shifted once again. Sure enough, he saw a group of red clothed individuals in the distance. Their clothes had black dragon drawings on them.

In front of that group were four fierce looking men. There was a kind of rich murderous aura vaguely spreading from them. Clearly, they were ruthless individuals whose hands were dyed with the blood of many.

This Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit had clearly attracted many truly troublesome individuals. It was likely that the subsequent fight would be a little interesting…

“A poisonous fog covers Mysterious Spirit Mountain. Hence, we must wait until noon before we can enter… once we step into Mysterious Spirit Mountain, the fight to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit will begin…” Gu Yan gazed at the towering mountain and spoke in a grave manner.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. Without further ado, he withdrew towards to look at Gu Ya’s injuries, before quietly waiting for the time to come…

Although there were many people at the foot of the mountain, it was currently exceptionally quiet. Only those many gazes, that were being thrown towards Mysterious Spirit Mountain, became increasingly heated as time passed.

While the crowd silently waited, the scorching sun in the sky climbed to its peak. Hot sunlight scattered onto Mysterious Spirit Mountain, and the poisonous fog that covered it began to quickly disappear.


Rushing wind sounds suddenly exploded from the quiet foot of the mountain the moment the poison fog covering the entire mountain completely disappeared. Many figures charged into the enormous Mysterious Spirit Mountain like a swarm of locusts.

The fight for the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit had officially begun!

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