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Chapter 837: Reward

Lin Dong walked out from the dense forest. The first thing he saw was the members of the Gu clan clustering together. He glanced at those Demonic Beast corpses around them and appeared to have understood something. However, his expression remained impassive. He opened his stride and walked in another direction.

“Lin Dong.” Gu Yan hurried cried out upon seeing this.

“Yes?” Lin Dong glanced at her. His tone was still as flat as ever. Those surrounding Gu clan members felt a little irritated when they heard this. However, they quickly remembered that this person before them seemed to be an extremely powerful fellow, who had hidden his strength very well. Hence, they had no choice but to suppress the displeasure in their hearts.

“This… was done by you?” Gu Yan did not mind Lin Dong’s attitude. She pointed at those Demonic Beast corpses on the ground. Her eyes were a little strange as she stared at him and asked.

Lin Dong was noncommittal.

“Humph, wouldn’t we know whether he did it once we test him?” Gu Ying by the side was extremely unhappy with Lin Dong’s attitude. She immediately let out a cold snort and took a step forward. Both of her fingers curled, and a formidable force smashed towards Lin Dong’s chest at lightning speed.

Gu Ying’s attack was extremely sudden. Hence, even Gu Yan was unable to react in time. It was already too late for her to stop the former.


The formidable force from Gu Ying’s finger swiftly landed on Lin Dong’s chest. However, the part where it landed was as hard as metal. In fact, her fingers were actually unable to even make contact with Lin Dong’s body.

“What a powerful physical body.” Gu Ying’s expression changed slightly at this moment. After which, she saw Lin Dong’s expression turn dark and solemn in an instant. She immediately felt a chill in her heart and hurriedly pulled back.

However, just as her body had begun to withdraw, Lin Dong’s figure had already appeared in front of her in a ghost like fashion. His hand extended at lightning speed, and firmly grabbed Gu Ying’s long neck like an eagle’s claw. With some force, he could easily kill her.

“Lin Dong!”

The surrounding people were shocked by Lin Dong’s formidable response. Gu Yan hurriedly cried out, “Don’t be rash. Gu Ying was merely a little reckless. She does not have any ill intent.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little dark and stern as he watched the terrified face of Gu Ying. The faint murderous aura in his eyes caused the latter’s face to pale. Normally, most men followed her orders because of her beauty. However, in the eyes of Lin Dong, her beauty seemed to be no different from the Demonic Beast corpses on the ground.

She did not doubt that the current Lin Dong really wanted to kill her.

“Big brother Lin Dong…” Gu Ya by the side was also shocked by Lin Dong, who had suddenly turned stern and cold. Lin Dong had always been rather good-natured in front of her over the past few days. It was clearly the first time that she had witnessed his ruthless side.

The dark and stern expression in Lin Dong’s eyes finally withdrew a little after he heard Gu Ya’s voice. His eyes were ice-cold as he looked at Gu Ying, whose eyes were filled with fear. Subsequently, he casually tossed her aside and said, “If you are still as ill mannered the next time, I do not mind letting your Gu clan lose a useless descendant.”

Gu Ying was caught by some of the Gu clan members. Her snow white neck was a little black and blue. Clearly, Lin Dong did not show any mercy earlier just because she was a lady. She glanced at Lin Dong in a terrified manner. Clearly, she had truly been frightened. This was because she was able to sense that Lin Dong’s murderous desire was real…

“You are indeed not an ordinary person…” Gu Yan stared at Lin Dong with a complicated expression as she said. It was impossible for an ordinary person to recover from such terrifying injuries.

“The one who has attacked all of you tonight is a Divine Symbol Master. He should be someone from the Wei clan.” Lin Dong glanced at Gu Yan and said.

“Divine Symbol Master?” Once these words sounded, the faces of Gu Yan and the other members of the Gu clan became a little ugly. A Divine Symbol Master was equivalent to a Profound Life stage expert. This was already quite formidable from their point of view.

“How do you know?” Gu Yan knitted her brows and inquired.

“I just exchanged blows with him.” Lin Dong replied indifferently.

Gu Yan’s eyes hardened slightly, while the members of the Gu clan by the side stared at Lin Dong in a stunned manner. This person was actually able to escape safely after exchanging blows with a Divine Symbol Master?

“None of you will be able to win against the Wei clan. I think that you should leave the Mysterious Spirit Island as soon as possible.” Lin Dong said.

These words of Lin Dong did not have any intention on giving the Gu clan a blow. It was just that the strongest amongst this group from the Gu clan was Gu Yan. However, she was only at the half a foot into the Profound Life stage. On the other hand, just Wei Song from the Wei clan had already reached this stage. Moreover, there was also a Divine Symbol Master, whom even Lin Dong felt was troublesome to deal with.

“It is extremely difficult to encounter a Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit. We do not want to give up.” Gu Yan knitted her brows, shook her head and said.

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulder when he heard this, but did not speak any further. In any case, he did not have care about whether the members of the Gu clan lived or died. They could do as they pleased. Lin Dong directly walked towards the carriage while having such thoughts. He did not have any intention to say anything else.

Gu Yan looked at Lin Dong’s back. She hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, “In that case, can we ask for your help?”

Although she was unaware of Lin Dong’s background even up till now, it was obvious that Lin Dong was not weaker than herself based on his performance tonight. Moreover, he had even exchanged blows with a Divine Symbol Master. If he was willing to help them, it was likely that the strength of their group would be raised significantly.

“Why should I help all of you?” Lin Dong’s footsteps paused. He glanced at Gu Yan’s group in a strange manner and asked.

Gu Yan was taken aback. Those members of the Gu clan cried out furiously, “We rescued you. It is only reasonable to ask for your help, right?”

“Firstly, I shall remind everyone that it was little Ya who rescued me, not all of you.” Lin Dong spoke indifferently. Although he had been here for a couple of days, he had never received any care from anyone else. Therefore, he did not feel any burden when he spoke these words.

“I will be fully responsible for little Ya’s safety. Nothing will happen to her. As for the rest, you should pray for yourselves. I am unable to split my attention and protect all of you.”

Gu Yan’s expression had become a little ugly because of Lin Dong’s direct words. After some thought, however, it seemed that they had really not provided Lin Dong with much care. It was only reasonable that the latter did not lend them a hand.

Those members of the Gu clan looked at each other. Their expressions were also a little unnatural. They were clearly aware of their disregard for Lin Dong over the past few days…

The atmosphere in the entire camp was a little stiff at this moment. The appearance of the Divine Symbol Master had clearly given these younger members of the Gu clan quite a great amount of pressure. If they did not think of a solution to deal with it, it was likely that they would be at a great disadvantage if they were to fight.

Gu Yan had a headache due to this extremely stubborn Lin Dong. After some thought, she could only throw her gaze towards Gu Ya. Currently, it seemed that Lin Dong was only a little friendlier to Gu Ya.

Gu Ya timidly shook her head when she saw Gu Yan’s gaze. Since Lin Dong was unwilling, she naturally did not dare to say anything else…

Gu Yan felt exceptionally helpless when she saw this. While she was having a headache, Lin Dong suddenly turned his head and said, “It is not impossible for me to lend a hand…”


Gu Yan and the rest suddenly jerked in attention when they heard these words. Their gazes hurriedly looked towards Lin Dong.

“However, I want a reward. Treat it as if you are hiring me.” Lin Dong spoke in a faint voice.

“What reward?” Gu Yan was startled. She quickly asked in a cautious manner.

“Ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills.” A smile seemed to surface on Lin Dong’s face.

“You are too much!”

“Ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills? Why not you go and rob someone for them?” The expressions of the surrounding Gu clan members flushed red as they furiously cursed. Clearly, they all thought that Lin Dong was asking for an exorbitant amount.

“Compared to the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, what is ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills? Moreover, if you were to fight when the time comes, it was likely that you will lose at least half of your people. Do you really think that your lives is not even worth ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills?” Lin Dong smiled faintly and said.

The many young Gu clan members were speechless. Their faces were bitter as they turned their eyes towards Gu Yan.

Gu Yan knitted her eyebrows tightly under their gazes. She hesitated for a moment, before asking, “Are you certain that your help is worth this price?”

“At the very least, I will be able to stop that Divine Symbol Master.” Lin Dong said.

“What are you chances?” Gu Yan pressed.

“Once my injuries are healed, I have a sixty percent chance of killing him.” Lin Dong grinned. The difficulty of dealing with that Divine Symbol Master might be greater than an expert at the initial Profound Life stage given that the latter possessed unusually powerful Mental Energy and many strange and unfathomable techniques. However, such a person was instead much easier for Lin Dong to deal with since he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Once his strength recovered, Lin Dong was confident that he could kill that Divine Symbol Master!


Lin Dong’s words caused an uproar. Even Gu Yan’s expression had changed a little as she stared at him. Killing a Divine Symbol Master? Such capability was something that even an initial Profound Life stage expert did not have. Yet, this Lin Dong was actually able to do it?

“Alright, if you are really able to do it, I will give you ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills as a reward!” Gu Yan’s expression fluctuated for a moment. Finally, she clenched her teeth and made her decision.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face grew even wider upon hearing these words. After which, he extended his hand in front of everyone.

“Pay up first.”

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