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Chapter 822: The Three Brothers’s Crushing Defeat

Crack Crack!

Cracks extended at an astonishing speed on the space that had distorted so much that it had turned corporeal, causing the entire space to seem as if it was akin to glass that was being shattered.

Everyone looked dumbfoundedly at this spectacle. Even the gentle and calm eyes of Ren Yuanzi changed at this instant.

Who was Ren Yuanzi? A top tier expert in the Eastern Xuan Region. Even in the entire world, he still had a fairly outstanding reputation. In his opinion, advance Profound Life stage experts like Chen Zhen were existences akin to ants. The space that he had turned corporeal would not be even the slightest bit shaken by a perfect Profound Life stage expert. Let alone someone like Lin Dong, who was merely at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage!

At his level, even if he were to self-detonate, he would not even be able to cause a slight tremor to the distorted space!

Yet… the scene before them had smashed everyone’s firm belief. Not a single sound could be heard in the entire city. Everyone’s eyes were opened wide, as they stared in a daze at the slender and thin figure hovering in the air…


The crack covered corporeal space finally shattered explosively. Lin Dong’s eyes were scarlet red, while blood continuously dripped down from his fists. His eyes were brimming with an overflowing brutality as he firmly stared at Ren Yuanzi in the distance.

“Interesting… seems like there is something in your body…” 

Ren Yuanzi was obviously no ordinary individual, and he quickly regained his wits. His sharp eyes slowly swept across Lin Dong’s body. It looked as if he wanted to stare straight into Lin Dong’s soul.

Blood dripped from all over Lin Dong’s body. In the next instant, his hands formed a seal, before ferociously pressing onto the ground.


As Lin Dong pressed his palms down, a gigantic palm imprint immediately appeared on the earth below. In the next instant, strange fluctuations crazily radiated out. Everyone started to see the stretch of earth around the palm rapidly turning desolate at an astonishing rate.

Boom Boom!

The earth shook, while the desolate area increased manically. Within a short span of a dozen breaths, the entire city had been enveloped by it.

However, when Lin Dong saw this, a low roar rang out of his throat as blood seeped out from his skin. This was far from enough!

Fresh blood dripped from Lin Dong’s body, before soaking into the earth. In the next instant, everyone saw the surface area of the desolation unexpected increased explosively again!

50 miles… 70 miles… 100 miles!

Within the diameter of a 100 miles, the myriad life forms seemingly lost their life force. Boundless energies akin to floods crazily gushed below the surface of the earth. Finally, they violently broke out from the ground below Lin Dong, transforming into a several hundred feet large light pillar that rush into the clouds, and completely encased Lin Dong’s body within it.

“Great Desolation Scripture?”

When he saw this spectacle, Ren Yuanzi’s face faintly twitched, his eyes faintly narrowing as he stared at the figure within the light pillar. At this moment, a faint cold glint suddenly flashed past his eyes. The person before him reminded him of the madman that slaughtered his way into their Yuan Gate a hundred years ago…

Dao Sect’s Zhou Tong.

That battle had dealt a huge blow to their Yuan Gate’s prestige. Zhou Tong was so powerful that it even he had felt amazed. After all, within the entire Yuan Gate, there was not even a single elder than could match up to him!

Such monstrosity had eclipsed all of the geniuses in Yuan Gate. Such talent had even caused a killing intent to emerge in Ren Yuanzi’s heart…

However… he had now once again discovered the same flavor on the body of a young Dao Sect disciple…

“Truly similar…” Ren Yuanzi muttered. The hands behind his back slowly descended, as killing intent started to rise within those gentle eyes filled of the vicissitudes of life. He did not wish for that incident to occur a second time…


Within the majestic energy light pillar, the figure suddenly sent a fist rumbling out. Everyone watched as the majestic light pillar suddenly shot out. Carrying vigorous fluctuations, it smashed towards Ren Yuanzi at lightning speed.

“At your age, being able to master the Great Desolation Scripture to such a degree is already pretty good… however, it’s a pity that the disparity between you and me is something that you simply cannot imagine.”

Ren Yuanzi faintly smiled as he watched this scene. Extending his slender hand, he made a grabbing motion. Next, everyone saw the majestic light pillar, that contained the life force of everything within a 100 miles, suddenly freeze. From the looks of it, it was as if a giant invisible hand had firmly stopped it in its tracks.


A gentle and soft voice slowly rang out from Ren Yuanzi’s mouth. The majestic light pillar instantly shattered explosively. Bright and resplendent light blossomed in the sky, akin to a glorious sun


The light pillar had been shattered with a single hand, and Lin Dong’s body also suffered a heavy blow. He spurted out a mouthful of blood as he shot backwards, appearing exceptionally miserable.


For afar, the giant tiger which Little Flame had transformed into rushed forth again with red eyes. However, before he could even reach the radius within a hundred feet of Ren Yuanzi, he was sent flying again by an incomparably formidable gale, as fresh blood sprinkled from the sky like to rain.

“You piece of shit!” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s already blood red eyes turned several times redder. Green light exploded from his body, and green dragon wings appeared in a flash. With rapidly increasing speed, he appeared above Ren Yuanzi in a flash. Green light gathered, forming a green light dragon that twisted around Lin Dong’s arm, which he sent rumbling forth.


Ren Yuanzi faintly laughed as he grabbed the air with his hand. The green dragon glowing fist containing all of Lin Dong’s power suddenly froze while it was still a foot away from Ren Yuanzi.

“Bang Bang!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were scarlet red. A bright light once again flashed on his fist, as the frozen space around his body was smashed through once again. A punch rumbled violently towards Ren Yuanzi’s head.


Seeing his binding break once again, Ren Yuanzi’s eyes finally sunk slightly. With a flick of his finger, it struck head on against Lin Dong’s green dragon glowing fist.


The green light dragon collapsed at the moment of impact, as a frightening power invaded Lin Dong’s arm. The sounds of bones shattering were immediately heard, before the latter flew back miserably.

Bang Bang Bang!

Trapped within the Life and Death World in the sky, Little Marten stared with blood red eyes at Lin Dong and Little Flame, who were being toyed with by Ren Yuanzi. He suddenly raised his head and roared, a roar filled with bitter resentment and violent rage.

“Ren Yuanzi you old dog! The Yuan Gate and I will never be able to live under the same sky!”

Lin Dong and his brothers had been completely defeated at this moment. After so many years, this was the first time that they had lost so miserably.

Ren Yuanzi faintly furrowed his brows. He glanced at Little Marten with indifferent eyes and said, “Aren’t my Yuan Gate and your Celestial Demon Marten Clan already bitter foes?”

As he said those words, his gaze turned to Lin Dong again before he softly spoke, “I am growing more and more interested in you. Looks like there’s indeed something hidden within your body…”

“In that case, let me take a look…”

Ren Yuanzi extended his palm and made a grabbing motion at Lin Dong. A powerful suction force suddenly exploded, sucking the latter into his hands.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Seeing the three people locked in bitter combat in the distance, Qingtan clenched her teeth and bit her lip, while tears continuously flowed down her face. However, just as she was able to rush out, she was tightly grabbed by Chen Gui.

“Don’t go. If you go, you’ll only cause trouble for brother Lin Dong.” Chen Gui said in a low voice. Reng Yuanzi wasn’t Yuan Cang, he was someone that people at their level absolutely cannot contend with. The former was practically at the pinnacle in the Eastern Xuan Region. As for them, regardless of how talented they were, they were still disciples…

Qingtan’s body froze. Soon after, it faintly trembled. Her jadelike hands clenched tightly, as her fingernails dug into her palm, causing blood to drip down. She had originally assumed that the current her would be able to help Lin Dong. However, these short few days made her aware of how powerless she was…

Chen Gui watched this scene and sighed softly.

Qingtan’s trembling continued for a while, before she raised her beautiful face filled with tears, and calmly looked at Ren Yuanzi in the distance. Such calmness made Chen Gui feel slightly strange.

“If anything happens to big brother Lin Dong, I’ll listen to master and go to the Darkness Law Court…” While Chen Gui was feeling uneasy due to Qingtan’s calmness, the latter suddenly wiped the tears off her face and softly declared.

Chen Gui’s pupils contracted, as a complicated feeling rose in his heart. Muttering bitterly, he said, “Is it worth it…”

He knew what the Darkness Law Court meant. Once Qingtan entered, she would perhaps become the ruler of the Palace of Darkness in the future. However, at the same time… she would no long be that lively junior sister disciple, but the queen that controlled the Palace of Darkness…

He knew that master had always hoped for Qingtan to accept his inheritance. However, the latter had always been unwilling. Chen Gui clearly remembered when his master had mentioned this before. Qingtan’s earnest reply had made his always calm and indifferent master fly into a rage…

“Big brother Lin Dong will not like me to become like that…”

“Is it worth it…” Chen Gui once again muttered in a pained voice.


Powerful suction force dragged Lin Dong’s body towards Ren Yuanzi step by step. Regardless of how violently the green light on his body flickered, he was still unable to resist such an immense suction force.

The difference between him and Ren Yuanzi was simply too great!

“Back then, we allowed Zhou Tong to grow, and my Yuan Gate had to pay an enormous price… I will not make such a mistake again…” Ren Yuanzi faintly smiled as he looked at Lin Dong, who was inching closer and closer. A beam of light made from the fusion of Life and Death Qi was faintly discernable on his fingertip.


However, just as Ren Yuanzi’s finger was about to thrust forward, everyone suddenly felt an astonishingly cold Qi spread across the area. This cold Qi was seemingly able to freeze even the soul itself!

“This is?”

Ren Yuanzi’s pupils contracted a little, before slowly tilting his head. Following which, he saw a lovely and slim young lady floating up from amongst the Dao Sect disciples in the distance. Currently, her long black hair had turned icy blue at an astonishingly rapid speed, under the shocked gazes of the people around her.

As for the cold Qi that made even Ren Yuanzi’s heart palpitate for a moment, it was radiating out from her body.

The young lady floated in the air, her icy blue hair flowing from her like a waterfall. The originally pretty and big eyes were currently dyed by that icy blue colour. On her forehead, a circular symbol sparkled. Its arc had extended completely, akin to reincarnation, indestructible and inextinguishable.

“This is… the Reincarnation Seal?”

Ren Yuanzi’s face finally turned ugly at this instant.

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