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Chapter 816: Dispute

Majestic ocean like Yuan Power rumbled as it unfurled in the sky above Unique Devil City. Ten advance Profound Life stage experts had pushed their auras to the limit at this moment. These fluctuations caused the surrounding Yuan Power to show signs of boiling. Wave after wave of Yuan Power pressure spread outwards, causing many people in the city to have difficulty breathing.

The entire city had become a little quiet because of the face-off in the sky. Soon after, countless rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared, as many black figures rushed up like locusts and landed on the various buildings within the city. Their eyes were excited as they watched this fearsome face-off in the sky…

The Dao Sect disciples, who had just came out from the teleportation formation, were startled by the lineup in front of them. However, they quickly calmed their minds and made sure to vigilantly keep watch on the Yuan Gate members.

“These people are indeed unwilling to let the matter rest.” Ying Xiaoxiao commented in a deep voice. She involuntarily clenched her hand tightly upon seeing this scene.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. His expression was relatively calm. It was likely that he had already expected that something like this would occur. Given the domineering manner of Yuan Gate in the past, it would not be so easy to let them drop the matter after having suddenly suffered such a painful loss.

“Qi Lei, your Dao Sect is really bold to have actually done such an evil thing. Are you planning on starting a war between super sects?” The six malicious looking elders from the Yuan Gate direction watched Lin Dong sinisterly. An elder with grayish-white skin coldly cried out.

“Old ghost Shi Dong, do not randomly pin a crime on someone. The Great Sect Competition is not some children’s game. It is a true life and death battle. It is naturally unavoidable for there to be some deaths and injuries.” Qi Lei replied faintly.

“Some death and injuries? My Yuan Gate’s five hundred and forty disciples were all killed by this little bastard. Can this still be called ‘some death and injuries’?” The eyes of that elder who was called Shi Dong twitched rapidly as he suddenly shouted in anger.

“Old ghost Shi Dong, you are after all one of the Yuan Gate’s section heads. You shouldn’t be this intolerant. Do you think that only a few of my Dao Sect disciples have died at the hands of your Yuan Gate disciples over the years? One’s life and death during the Great Sect Competition is left to the mandate of heaven. Whether one is victorious or defeated depends on one’s individual ability. This time around, your Yuan Gate disciples’ skills were inferior to others. Putting it bluntly…” Chen Zhen’s eyes were ice-cold as he stared at Shi Dong.

“They deserved to die!”

Chen Zhen’s words caused several people to secretly grin. Looks like Dao Sect had been tolerating Yuan Gate for a long time…

“Chen Zhen, what did you say!” Those six Yuan Gate elders cried out sternly. They immediately became greatly furious after hearing these words.

“This old man does not mind uttering them again if you wish to hear those words a second time.” Chen Zhen laughed coldly.

“Chen Zhen, we do not wish to argue with you. All of you should be clearly aware of how serious this matter is. We have already passed word of this back to Yuan Gate. The three great sect masters are furious because of this. I believe that this matter is perhaps not something that the four of you can resolve.” Shi Dong suppressed the fury in his heart. His eyes swiftly darkened as he spoke.

The expressions of Chen Zhen’s group clearly changed slightly when they heard about the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate. The names of the three great sect masters was undoubtedly enough to cause many people in the Eastern Xuan Region to tremble.

“Shi Dong, even if you bring out the three sect masters of the Yuan Gate, it will be useless today. The rules of the Great Sect Competition was agreed upon by the eight super sects. Why? Is your Yuan Gate planning on ignoring the rules now? Do you really think that your Yuan Gate is strong enough to ignore the other seven super sects?” Qi Lei spoke in a heavy voice.

Qi Lei was clearly also an old and wily fox. His words had directly placed Yuan Gate on the opposing side of the seven super sects. Although Yuan Gate was the strongest sect, it was clearly impossible for it to truly take on the other seven by itself.

“Humph, Qi Lei, you should stop trying to find an excuse for that brat…”

Shi Dong’s eyes were dark and sinister as he stared at Lin Dong and said, “I have received word from the sect master to invite him back to Yuan Gate. Relax, nothing will happen to him. At that time, your Dao Sect’s Ying Xuanzi can take him back.”

“If you wish to take Lin Dong away, you will have to ask if this old man agrees.” Chen Zhen spoke in an indifferent manner.

“If your Yuan Gate really takes him away, what face will our Dao Sect still have in this Eastern Xuan Region?” Qi Lei sneered and said.

“It looks like… you people do not intend on cooperating?”

Shi Dong’s expression was gloomy. Soon after, he mockingly said, “Although the four of you are also at the advance Profound Life stage. Do you really think that you can stop the six of us?”

A cold light flashed across Qi Lei’s eyes. He did not give in, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

“Humph, you really wish to take the difficult route instead of the easy one!” Shi Dong finally became a little impatient after seeing that Qi Lei was so unyielding. He spoke in a cold voice, “In that case, don’t blame us for being rude. I have said that I am only inviting Lin Dong to Yuan Gate for a chat under sect master’s orders.”

“Do you really think that we are fools?” Chen Zhen ridiculed. If Lin Dong was to land in the hands of Yuan Gate, there was no guarantee just what kind of methods the latter would secretly use. At that time, it would not be an easy matter to demand Lin Dong back.

“Attack!” Shi Dong’s eyes suddenly became dark and cold. As he waved his sleeve downwards, a shout containing thick killing intent and impatience swiftly spread in the sky.


Majestic Yuan Power erupted from their bodies the moment Shi Dong’s voice sounded. Immediately, their bodies shot towards Qi Lei’s group.

“Dao Sect disciples, withdraw!”

A grim look rose within Qi Lei’s eyes when he saw this. After which, a low cry sounded. Majestic Yuan Power surged and his body also rushed out. The Chen Zhen trio immediately followed behind him.


Majestic Yuan Power finally collide in the sky with a boom. Numerous frightening attacks that caused one’s scalp to feel numb swiftly spread across the sky, as thunderous sounds boomed across the sky.

“Lin Dong, all of you leave first!” Chen Zhen’s cry sounded out while Yuan Power rumbled and exploded across the sky.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little solemn as he gazed upon the shocking battle in the sky. After musing a little, he nodded. Turning his head, he cried out in a low voice towards the Dao Sect disciples, “Let’s go!”
The ordinary disciples were unable to intervene in a battle at this level. Therefore, they would be of no use even if they remained behind. With the strength of Qi Lei’s group, it was likely that even six advance Profound Life stage experts would not be able to stop them if they wished to leave.

“Liu Tong, stop that brat!”

While Lin Dong was about to lead the others and withdraw, Shi Dong’s stern cry also suddenly sounded from the sky. Soon after, a couple of figures rushed over from the nearby and were hovered a short distance in front of Lin Dong.

“It’s you?”

Lin Dong looked at a figure to his front, as surprise flashed across his face. Clearly, he had also recognise Liu Tong.

“Brat, you truly have great ability!” Liu Tong eyes were fixed onto Lin Dong, while he felt exceptionally complicated in his heart. At the peak of Hundred Empire Mountain back then, Lin Dong was merely a small side character in his eyes. Yet, within a short year, the latter had already grown to such an extent.

“Ha ha, it’s all thanks to you…”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. This Liu Dong was once a strong person in his eyes. However, the latter was no longer anything great now. In terms of strength, he was even slightly inferior to Yuan Cang.

“Lin Dong, you should quickly surrender. Even Dao Sect will not be able to protect you from a disaster of this level!” Liu Tong cried out coldly.

“With just these people, you do not have the qualifications to utter such words to me.” Lin Dong glanced at Liu Tong’s group. These people were likely the deacons of Yuan Gate, and their strength had reached the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Though they were considered rather strong, it was clear that they did not pose much of a threat to the current Lin Dong.

“What arrogance!” Liu Tong’s face immediately turned somewhat red when he heard this. It was likely that he had never imagined that the person, who was once a small fry in his eyes, would actually slight him to such an extent.

“Capture him!” A fierce glint flashed within Liu Tong’s eyes, before he cried out in a deep voice.


The several Yuan Gate deacons by his side quickly rushed out after Liu Tong’s words sounded. Vast and mighty Yuan Power surged as they grabbed at Lin Dong.


However, Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the others at Lin Dong’s side intervened when these people attacked. Having already taken half a step into the Profound Life stage, their strength were clearly greater than these Yuan Gate deacons. Hence, the rushing Yuan Power was easily blocked by them.

Liu Tong’s expression could not help but become a little ugly when he saw this scene. However, just as he was about to join the fight, he suddenly saw Lin Dong’s figure rushing over in a ghost like manner. After which, a cold laughter was transmitted into his ear.

“I have said that the current you does not have the qualifications to utter such words to me!”

By the time the voice sounded, Lin Dong’s figure had already appeared in front of Liu Tong. The latter’s eyes turned cold when he saw this. His palm furiously swatted out with majestic Yuan Power.

Lin Dong did not show any signs of dodging when faced with Liu Tong’s powerful palm strike. Green light appeared on the skin of his arm, and a dragon tattoo was faintly discernible.


A loud sound appeared as the fist and palm collided. Ripples spread while Liu Tong’s body shot back in a miserable fashion. Shock was revealed in his eyes as he watched the young man to his front who had not budged at all. This person, who was once a small fry in his eyes, had now already surpassed him…


Lin Dong did not have any intention of getting entangled with Liu Tong after forcing him back with a punch. He waved his hand and intended to retreat.

“Brat, where do you think you are going? Obediently come back with this old man and atone for your crimes!”

However, an elderly figure suddenly shot out from the extremely heated battleground in the sky while Lin Dong was pulling back. The former clenched his large hand, as majestic Yuan Power turned into a gigantic hundred feet large hand that sealed off all of Lin Dong’s retreat paths.

Clearly, an advance Profound Life stage expert had managed to free himself and was beginning to attack Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he looked at the large hand grabbing towards him, and his expression sunk. Just as he was about to use all his strength to resist, his heart suddenly shook. He hurriedly turned his head, only to see a ray of light suddenly shoot over from the distant sky. At the same time, a proud and hearty laughter reverberated across the sky above Unique Devil City.

“Ha ha, where has this old thing come from. You will need to ask Grandpa Marten for permission if you wish to attack Lin Dong!”

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