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Chapter 808: Might of the Burning Sky Cauldron

A gigantic blazing light array descended from the sky. Under the innumerable gazes from the surroundings, it enveloped Yuan Cang. Immediately, the rays from the array condensed into a spiraling flame barrier that rose upwards, thoroughly trapping Yuan Cang within.

“Is this the… Burning Sky Array?”

On the mountain peak, Ling Qingzhu gazed at the blazing array that had trapped Yuan Cang. A sliver of astonishment could not help but flash past her eyes. She also had an extremely deep impression of the Burning Sky Array within the Burning Sky Ancient Stash. Never did she imagine that Lin Dong could actually summon it…

It was obvious that Ling Qingzhu had recognized the Burning Sky Cauldron. She had similarly seen the frightening power that the scarlet robed man had unleashed when he used it to suppress the black fog creature. Although the current Lin Dong was obviously unable to bring out the same power that the scarlet robed man had, Yuan Cang’s strength was similarly far inferior to the black fog creature…

“This Lin Dong truly has endless aces up his sleeve. Even Yuan Cang has been pushed to a somewhat miserable state…” exclaimed Wu Qun with a sigh. There was some flavor of admiration within his voice. They were very clear about Yuan Cang’s strength. However in the fight before their eyes, not only did Lin Dong not fall into a disadvantageous position, contrary to expectations, he had trapped Yuan Cang within the array instead. Such capability was something that no one present could deny.

“I’ve said since the beginning that big brother Lin Dong will not be afraid of Yuan Cang.” Su Rou could not help but say with some satisfaction. As her words rang out, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief within her heart. Although she always had confidence in Lin Dong, it was obvious that there was still some worry in her heart. After all, no matter what, Lin Dong’s opponent was Yuan Cang, the most outstanding person of the younger generation within Eastern Xuan Region…

“There’s some logic to your confidence. However… do not celebrate too early. Do you really think that Yuan Cang is so easy to deal with? Even Chen Gui was defeated by him previously. Although Lin Dong has many cards up his sleeve, defeating Yuan Cang will still not be an easy task to accomplish.” Wu Qun said while shaking his head.

“Yes, Yuan Cang is not easy to deal with. Against Chen Gui, even I only have a 60% chance of victory. However, he was actually able to defeat him. It’s obvious that Yuan Cang has some hidden aces up his sleeve. Hence, it’s still too early to conclude who will win or lose.” gently nodding her head, Ling Qingzhu chimed in.

After hearing Wu Qun’s words, Su Ruo was still thinking about refuting. However, after listening to Ling Qingzhu’s explanation, she could only nod her head. After remaining silent for a while, she spoke out again, “However, I still believe that big brother Lin Dong will win.”

Hearing her words, Wu Qun was speechless. He could not understand why Su Rou would treat Lin Dong as an invincible battle god…

When she heard Su Rou’s reply, Ling Qingzhu’s veil faintly shook. Seemingly smiling faintly, she looked towards the blazing array a distance away in the sky. She wished to see exactly who would have the final laugh in this fierce battle between titans…


Within the blazing light array that had completely filled his sight, Yuan Cang’s expression was appeared slightly grim. The metal sword in his hand suddenly moved, as sword qi slammed into the blazing light array. However, they only managed to cause a few ripples to form on the light array, and there were no indications of it breaking at all. Evidently, this Burning Sky Array was indeed rather extraordinary, and was actually able to trap him within it.

“With your strength, even if you have the Burning Sky Cauldron, how much of its power can you utilize?” after his attack had achieved nothing, Yuan Cang steadied his heart. He looked towards the far off Lin Dong with a chilling gaze and mocked with a sneer.

From some ancient texts, Yuan Cang knew that in old man Fen Tian’s time, he had used the Burning Sky Cauldron to extinguish several powerful practitioners. However, it was obvious that the current Lin Dong was simply no where near that level.

“It’s enough to deal with you.”

Lin Dong sent a faint smile towards Yuan Cang. Without any desire to continue wasting words with him, Lin Dong’s hand seal changed. The hovering Burning Sky Cauldron started to revolve as it descended. Its lid came off, before it started to rapidly increase its rotation speed. An extremely berserk and scorching scarlet light was crazily gathered at the mouth of the cauldron. It was obvious that an extremely powerful attack was being prepared.

“Since you have that much confidence, I’ll let you watch me break this array! Let’s see what else you will have after that!”

Upon seeing this scene, a sinister and cold light arose within Yuan Cang’s eyes. With a jolt of his body, boundless and vast Yuan Power suddenly whizzed out from within his body. He then curled two of his fingers as he thrust them at the open space.

“Yuan God Codex, Yuan God Sword Finger!”

A low roar accompanied Yuan Cang’s action and abruptly resounded across the sky. In the next instant, everyone saw a resplendent light suddenly gather at his fingertips, and rapidly transform into an extremely enormous light sword. As his gaze turned frosty, his fingers slashed downwards. The light sword containing an extremely frightening destructive power as it ferociously slashed down on the flaming light barrier.


Upon seeing this, Lin Dong roared coldly. Soon after, his feet moved in a mysterious and profound way in the air. Boundless Yuan Power started radiate out of him as a gigantic figure of light proceeded to take shape behind him. When the light figure was formed, a fighting spirit that blotted the skies erupted like a storm, causing a change in everyone’s expressions. 

“Martial Emperor Law, Destruction Fist!”

Lin Dong’s mysterious footwork suddenly stopped. His expression turned serious as he sent a fist rumbling forward. The light figure behind him had also sent a fist rumbling forward. In the next moment, a gigantic fist that seemed to be condensed from fighting spirit that blotted the skies whizzed down from the sky. It charged into the array and smashed head on against the light sword.


Wild and violent energy fluctuations erupted and swept out, causing numerous ripples on the barrier. Yet, it was still unable to break the barrier.

“Martial Emperor Law?!”

Within the array, shock flooded Yuan Cang’s eyes as he stared at the light figure behind Lin Dong that was giving off an overwhelming amount of fighting spirit. A somewhat incredulous look appeared within his eyes. There were quite a few ancient treasure stashes in Unique Devil Region, yet there were only a few famous ones. The Burning Sky Stash was one of them, and another was the Martial Emperor ancient treasury. It was said that within this ancient treasury was the martial art created from a lifetime’s worth of the Martial Emperor’s blood and sweat, the Martial Emperor Law. Such a martial art could only be stronger than the three great divine codexes of their Yuan Gate. This explained why he felt so shocked when he learned that Lin Dong had obtained such a martial art.

“This bastard!”

At this time, even Yuan Cang could no longer bear it and cursed in his heart. Why was this fellow so lucky? Not only did the Burning Sky Cauldron land in his hands, even the ‘Martial Emperor Law’, that no one had seen before, was now an item in his purse!

Lin Dong looked at Yuan Cang who had an ugly expression on face. A cold smirk appeared at the corners of his mouth. He had recently acquired this Martial Emperor Law. However his talent in martial arts had obviously far exceed that of the Yang brothers. Therefore, although he was unable to reach the same level of proficiency he had with the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Art, what he had displayed was already countless times better than the Yang brothers.

Furthermore, what he was only at the initial stage. Yet, one already had an inkling of the tyrannical might of this martial art. In the future, this would become one of his strongest killing moves.

“Now, it’s time for you to obediently experience the might of this Burning Sky Array!”

Lin Dong raised his gaze and looked toward the mouth of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Indescribably hot and wild scarlet light had already gathered to the limit. The resulting terrifying temperature immediately caused distortions to form in the nearby space.

“Burning Sky Cauldron, Eight Desolate Burning Ignition!”

A fierce and cold glint filled Lin Dong’s eyes. With a change of his hand seals, he suddenly pointed towards Yuan Cang. In the next instant, the Burning Sky Cauldron faintly vibrated, before a humming noise started to ring out unceasingly. 


The Burning Sky Cauldron did not continue to vibrate for long. At the mouth of the cauldron, scarlet light that blotted the skies started spewing out like an erupting volcano. It swept outwards and shot explosively towards Yuan Cang like a river of lava.

Bang Bang!

As the river of lava flowed out, the space around it was completely distorted. The frightening fluctuations created caused the expressions of countless people within the area to change. At the Yuan Gate area, the eyes of Lei Qian and Ling Zhen were brimming with horror. The fluctuations clearly informed them that if they were the ones trapped within the array, they would definitely be burnt to crisp!

“Bang Bang!”

The scarlet lava like river finally shot viciously into the Burning Sky Array. The array instantly flickered rapidly, causing the temperature to become increasingly terrifying. As for Yuan Cang, his figure was rapidly engulfed within it.


As he gazed at this scene, Lin Dong violently clenched his fist. In the next instant, the scarlet energy within the array rapidly turned ice-cold. As if the lava had solidified, it transformed into a several hundred feet tall lava structure that sealed Yuan Cang within it. 

“We’ve won!”

When they saw this scene, the Dao Sect disciples instantly started to crazily shout and cheer in ecstasy. Pang Tong and the rest were so emotional that their bodies started to tremble.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan looked at each other. Although they did not cheer in ecstasy, there was an obviously unconcealable joy within their eyes.

“It is settled?” it was totally silent on the mountain peak, as Wu Qun looked in amazement towards the sky with an unbelievable expression in his eyes.

Ling Qingzhu faintly wrinkled her forehead, and stared with rapt attention at the gigantic lava structure. In the next instant, her pupils suddenly contracted, before she slowly shook her head and said, “Not yet.”

“He’s truly hard to deal with…”

At the same time, Lin Dong who was in midair muttered. As his words rang out, faint cracks suddenly started extending from deep within the lava structure. In the next instant, a dazzling light suddenly shot out from within. The entire lava structure completely shattered and exploded, as broken rocks violently shot across the sky.

Ling Dong retreated. He beckoned with his hand as the Burning Sky Cauldron moved below his feet, before he proceeded to stare at the dazzling light with a slightly grim look in his eyes. At that spot was a figure whose clothing was in shreds. He gave off a murderous aura that blotted the skies as he slowly walked out.

“To force me to such a state, of the younger generation within Eastern Xuan Region, Lin Dong, you’re the first!”

A voice brimming with incomparable malevolence and killing intent echoed in the sky. As everyone shifted their gazes, they spotted the figure that was walking out. It was Yuan Cang!

Lin Dong’s gaze was currently directed towards Yuan Cang. In the next moment, his eyes paused on the latter’s forehead. At that spot was a mysterious emblem that was currently sparkling with a dazzling brilliance.

The emblem that appeared this time was undoubtedly much clearer than when it had appeared during his fight with Chen Gui. Therefore, when this emblem appeared, it was discovered by many people. Voices of shock and astonishment rang out in succession as people recognized what it was.

“Spirit Emblem?”


Lin Dong exhaled deeply, as his eyes turned completely serious. Never did he imagine that this Yuan Cang would possess such a powerful trump card…

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