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Chapter 799: The Disciples’ Battle

An unusually intense feeling suddenly began to spread after the roar from the Dao Sect disciples resounded over the rocky terrain.

Countless pairs of eyes from the surroundings gathered on these Dao Sect disciples. Their faces did not contain even the slightest fear even though they were about to face Yuan Gate. Instead, there was a concentrated craziness. Under this craziness, surged a hatred that was difficult to conceal.

Yuan Cang looked at the spirited Dao Sect disciples in the distance. The corners of his mouth lifted into a mocking smile. Soon after, he waved his hand in an indifferent manner. “Do it!”


His voice had just faded when several majestic Yuan Power fluctuation began to erupt from the black mass of Yuan Gate disciples behind him. Gazes that contained unfriendliness locked onto their front one by one.

The six great spirit generals of Yuan Gate were the first to rush forward from behind Yuan Cang. Behind them, the Yuan Gate disciples closely followed like floodwater.


Qing Ye’s eyes were red as he watched the floodwater like Yuan Gate disciples surging forward, as a deep roar emerged from his throat. In the next moment, his body had already taken the lead to charge forward.


The hostile atmosphere of the place shattered following the charge from the red eyed disciples from both sides. Thick murderous intent and sounds of fighting rose towards the sky.

The countless surrounding gazes contained some seriousness and shock as they watched the two torrents that screamed forward. In the next moment, the torrents collided with a ‘bang’ before their eyes.


Monstrous killing aura spread upon their collision. After which, vast and mighty Yuan Power wildly unfurled. Numerous powerful martial arts were unleashed in an instant. Finally, they ruthless collided against the enemies in front.

There was no longer any mercy at this moment. All their attacks sought blood!

The Yuan Cang trio watched the torrents collide together with cold and indifferent faces. After which, they stepped on the air and slowly walked forward. The torrent automatically spread apart before them.


Chen Gui, Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan stared at the Yuan Cang trio from afar. They also inhaled a deep breath. Soon after, their bodies moved, transforming into rays of light as they rushed out.

“You deal with Chen Gui? There should be no problem right? Currently, many people think that you cannot handle him.” Ling Zhen smiled teasingly at Yuan Cang and said.

“There will no longer be anyone who believes such things in future.” Yuan Cang indifferently replied.

“Leave Wang Yan to me. This time around, I will not allow him to escape.” Lei Qian sinisterly looked at Wang Yan and said.

“In that case, I will deal with Ying Xiaoxiao. It is unfortunate that such a beauty would have to be destroyed. Truly a regretful matter.” Ling Zhen fanned the foldable fan in his hand and said with a smirk.

“Stop uttering nonsense. Attack and finish them off quickly.”

Yuan Cang frowned slightly and lightly shouted. His body shot out, transforming into a ray of light that blocked Chen Gui. Next, Ling Zhen and Lei Qian moved at the same time and appeared in front of Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan respectively.

“Wang Yan, in a moment I will see if you still have the face to act arrogantly before me!” Lei Qian stood in Wang Yan’s way. The savage smile on his face grew increasingly wider as he mocked.

Wang Yan’s eyes were dark and cold. His hand slowly gripped the heavy black sword tightly. After which, his body suddenly rushed out. An afterimage appeared, containing a sharp evil sword aura as it pierced towards Lei Qian’s throat at lightning speed.


Lei Qian let out a cold snort when he saw this. He clenched his hand and a silver lightning blade appeared. He did not dodge Wang Yan’s attack. Instead, he took a step forward and furiously threw a blade glow.


A clear metallic sound suddenly unfurled in the air along with sparks and a wild wind. Two figures were instantly engaged in a life and death battle.

“Haha, such anxiousness…”

Ling Zhen watched the two individuals who unleashed lethal attacks the moment they met, and could not help but smile. Soon after, he grinned and gazed at Ying Xiaoxiao, before speaking in a polite and refined manner, “I am Ling Zhen. I have long heard of the name of the great senior sister of the Dao Sect’s Sky Hall, Ying Xiaoxiao. Today…”


However, he had yet to finish his sentence when Ying Xiaoxiao had already rushed forward with a three feet sword in her hand. The pointed sword mercilessly attacked the fatal spots on Ling Zhen’s body.

“Oh, you are even more anxious…” Ling Zhen chuckled. However, this smile was a little dark and cold. He whirled the foldable fan in his hand, and it grew to several times its original size while emitting a glow. Like a shield, it blocked all of the sword attacks that were rushing over.

“In that case, don’t blame me for ruthlessly picking a flower…” Ling Zhen narrowed his eyes. A cold light flashed across them. He laughed softly as his body turned into a light figure that rushed forth. The foldable fan pressed gently on the empty air, as sinisterly cold wind directly tore through the air and blasted at Ying Xiaoxiao.

A grave expression flashed across Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes when she saw this. The Yuan Power within her body circulated at its maximum as she stepped forward to face the attack.

As the fires of battle burned all around, two figures stood at the most central area. The two figures faced each other at a distance of less than ten feet. An extremely shocking fluctuation spread out from both of their bodies. This fluctuation practically surpassed everyone else present.

These two figures were naturally Chen Gui and Yuan Cang.

The surrounding gazes penetrated through the chaotic fights and gathered onto these two individuals. Both of them were extremely renowned younger generation members in the Eastern Xuan Region. One was an imposing and formidable individual, who was ranked first on the sects wanted list, while the other was the leader of the Yuan Gate’s three little kings. Both of them possessed a monstrous talent and were extremely powerful. It was rumoured that they had even reached the initial Profound Life stage. Forget about the younger generation, their strength allowed them to be ranked amongst the experts even within the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

There was a diverse opinion on which of the two were stronger. The two of them had once exchanged blows, but they did not fight with their full strength. That outcome could only be considered a draw. Hence, many people were undoubtedly extremely curious about the battle between the two. They truly wished to find out who amongst these two renowned younger generation members was the stronger one!

“You should not have intervened in the matter between our Yuan Gate and Dao Sect…”

Yuan Cang looked at Chen Gui in front of him. Subsequently, he glanced at the battle that had erupted over this place. However, he was not anxious to fight and spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Haha, I can do whatever I want without asking for your opinion.” The ghost mask wearing Chen Gui appeared to rather ghastly as he replied with a slight chuckle. Since he was able to become the number one individual on the sects wanted list, he was clearly no ordinary person. Others might be afraid of Yuan Cang, but he was not.

Yuan Cang involuntarily shook his head when he heard this. The cold aura in his eyes slowly became colder. “Back then, we had a brief and hurried fight, and I really have not gotten enough of it. Since we have met today, let’s end it.”

“I will be happy to accompany you.” Chen Gui said.

Yuan Cang smiled indifferently. He slowly spread out his hands. Immediately, waves of extremely shocking Yuan Power surged out from his body like floodwater. That vast and mighty power directly turned into a churning wave behind him, as it rumbled in the sky.

Chen Gui’s eyes flashed when he saw this. Monstrous grayish black Yuan Power that was filled with a dark Yin aura surged out from his body and transformed into a monstrous cloud.

Both of them had reached the initial Profound Life Stage. That vast and mighty Yuan Power was undoubtedly many times stronger than the other disciples!

“Trust me, you will regret your decision today…”

Yuan Cang slowly clenched his hand. An extremely simple black metal sword flashed and appeared. He stared at Chen Gui, as an unusual glow flickered within his eyes.

“It is perhaps a little too early to say such words…”

Chen Gui clenched his hand. A black sawtooth blade with ghost patterns appeared in his hand. The large blade was lifted, and pointed towards Yuan Cang in the distance as he faintly smiled.

“Do it. Allow me to witness just what level the leader of the Yuan Gate’s three little kings has reached…”

Yuan Cang stared at Chen Gui. The corners of his mouth slowly lifted to form a sinister arc. In the next instant, an afterimage appeared, while his body turned into a shadow that rushed out. Monstrous Yuan Power whistled out in a flash!

A shocking face-off had instantly begun!

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