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Chapter 781: An Unexpected Twist

The four individuals faced-off in front of the enormous stone altar. Faintly, a taunt and darkly chilling mood flowed all around. The eyes of those four individuals possessed killing intent that was difficult to conceal.

“Do you guys want to come and give it a try?”

Yuan Cang’s eyes clearly turned a lot darker and sterner when he heard Lin Dong’s words. His eyes stared at Lin Dong. The latter’s face did not contain the slightest fear. Instead, there was a kind of madness surfacing on it.

This madness caused Yuan Cang’s pupils to shrink slightly. The current him had already withdrew his contempt for Lin Dong. After all, he did not like to fail in the most unexpected places. Although there was no need to fear the strength Lin Dong displayed on the surface, the various incidents earlier had allowed him to understand that one would be a genuine fool if one merely relied on Lin Dong’s superficial strength to evaluate him…

Although Yuan Cang did not understand why Lin Dong still dared to fight them head on at this stage, he vaguely felt like Lin Dong was not attempting to do the impossible…

Lin Dong definitely had something up his sleeve. The so-called ‘hefty price’ that he had mentioned might not merely be empty words.

Yuan Cang’s eyes flickered. He was not an indecisive person. It was just that he was clearly aware that Lin Dong was not someone who would act tough.


Lei Qian and Ling Zhen watched Yuan Cang as thoughts rapidly passed through his mind, only to end up being momentarily stunned. They did not expect that the latter would pause because of Lin Dong’s words.

“Boss, no matter how capable this brat is, he cannot oppose the three of us? Don’t be intimidated by him!” Lei Qian spoke in a dark and gloomy manner.

Ling Zhen’s eyes flickered a little. He glanced at Lin Dong but did not say anything else. He was clearly aware of Yuan Cang’s character. If the latter did have any concerns, there was no way that he would be intimidated by Lin Dong.

“Let me control the formation first.” Yuan Cang’s eyes slowly withdrew from Lin Dong as he spoke in a faint voice.

Lei Qian was immediately outraged when he heard this. He was just about to speak when Yuan Cang looked at him coldly and spoke and in low voice, “Why are you so anxious? Once we control the formation, will he still be able to escape?”

“Lei Qian, wait a little longer. What boss has said is the most foolproof method. You can be the one to decide how to deal with him later.” Ling Zhen also opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright. We’ll allow him to jump about a little longer.” Lei Qian clenched his teeth and nodded. After which, he looked at Lin Dong with a ferocious gaze.

Yuan Cang’s expression was indifferent as he stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, his body drifted backwards and landed on the enormous stone altar. He did not like to take risks. Although he did not really believe that Lin Dong had a way to oppose the three of them, he still did not wish to take that risk. Hence, he chose to temporarily suppress his murderous desire. Once he took control of the Burning Sky Array, Lin Dong would definitely be unable to escape death even if he possessed some ultimate trump card!

After Yuan Cang withdrew to the altar, Lei Qian and Ling Zhen hovered into the air, while their eyes were tightly fixed onto Lin Dong. Yuan Power surged on their bodies. Clearly, they did not wish for Lin Dong to interfere.

“You wish to control the Burning Sky Array huh…” Lin Dong seemed to have guessed Yuan Cang’s intention after seeing the latter’s action. Strangely however, there was no panic on his face. He appeared as though he was not aware of the predicament he would be in once Yuan Cang took control of the formation.

“Do you know the consequences if he takes control of the formation?” Ling Qingzhu’s eyes looked at the altar and asked in a faint voice.

“At that time, the lives of everyone who has entered this Burning Sky Ancient Stash will be in the palm of his hand. Even if you have some way of escaping, none of your Dao Sect disciples will be able to escape.”

“I know.”

Lin Dong smiled. Ling Qingzhu involuntarily bunched up her eyebrows when she saw his reaction. “Then, why are you still so calm?”

“Controlling the Burning Sky Array will indeed mean taking control of the lives of everyone within this array… however, the key thing is, is the Burning Sky Array so easily controlled?” Lin Dong laughed softly.

“This place is the central hub of the Burning Sky Array, and Yuan Gate must have definitely obtained some information. Are you so certain that he will not succeed? Do you plan to use all the lives of your Dao Sect disciples as stakes in this gamble?” Ling Qingzhu asked.

“This place is indeed the central hub of the Burning Sky Array…”

An arc was lifted from the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth. He immediately raised his head and looked at the bright red sky before muttering, “Let’s wait and see. He won’t succeed…”

Ling Qingzhu frowned gently. However, she did not continue probing further. She turned her head and turned to look at Yuan Cang on the altar. At this moment, the latter was continuously emitting vigorous Yuan Power light pillars that were poured into the huge stone altar.

Bang bang!

A deep rumbling sound was suddenly emitted by the large altar following Yuan Cang’s actions. Immediately, the enormous stone altar slowly began to tremble. Wave after wave of intense light continued to be emerge from the altar.

In the air, Ling Zhen and Lei Qian looked at each other as joy surged within their eyes. From the looks it, it seemed that the information that they had received was correct.

One light pillar after another shot out from the top of the altar. These light pillars interweaved with each other, forming an enormous light array.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this strange light array. The light array descended and coincidentally wrapped around the altar. However, this scene caused the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes to twitch. This was because the light array did not seem to be protecting the altar. Instead, it appeared as though… it was suppressing the altar.

“Something is not right…” Lin Dong stepped back a little and arrived beside Ling Qingzhu as he softly commented.

A grave expression had also appeared in Ling Qingzhu’s eyes at this moment. She seemed to have sensed something as well.

Yuan Cang’s brows frowned slightly as he stood on the altar and watched the light array which had covered the altar. Soon after, he hesitated for a while. After which, he suddenly slammed his palm onto an ancient stone pillar in the middle of the altar.


The stone pillar exploded, and a light pillar immediately scattered. Soon after, the light array that enveloped the alter also suddenly turned much dimmer.


The altar suddenly shook violently when the light array dimmed. Slight cracks appeared on the surrounding bright red land.

“What is going on?” The Ling Zhen duo in midair were shocked when they saw this scene. This was not suppose to happen after they took control of the formation.

On the altar, Yuan Cang’s expression changed a little. He immediately clenched his teeth and slammed a palm forward, shattering all the light pillars that had shot out from the stone pillar.

Bang bang bang!

One light pillar after another swiftly disappeared, while the altar also began to tremble with increasing intensity. In the end, a black aura emerged from the cracks.

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly shrunk when he saw the black aura, as a shocked expression appeared on his face. This aura were not foreign to him. That was because it was practically the same as the unknown creature that was being suppressed by the Great Desolate Tablet!

Those foreign creatures were also being suppressed by this altar!

Lin Dong inhaled a breath of cool air. Although the aura here did not appear as frightening as the ones suppressed under the Great Desolate Tablet, that level of terror was definitely not something that they could handle.

“What are they?” Ling Qingzhu had also discovered the black aura. Her eyes hardened as she inquired.

“Things are gonna be a lot more troublesome…” Lin Dong’s eyes were grim. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Yuan Cang on the altar as he cried out in a stern voice, “You fool. Are you really taking control of the formation? Do you intend to release the beings that are being suppressed by this altar?”

Ling Zhen’s and Lei Qian’s expressions were somewhat grim and solemn when they saw the unusual black Qi that rose from the ground. This did not seem to be something that should happen after taking control of the formation…

“It is not up to you to bother about such things!”

Yuan Cang’s eyes turned dark and cold. Immediately, he looked at the last stone pillar in front of him. Hesitation flashed across his eyes before he finally clenched his teeth ferociously and ruthlessly shattered the last stone pillar.


The light array that covered the altar immediately disappeared when the final light pillar vanished. At the same time, the trembling also came to a halt.

The Yuan Cang trio sighed in relief when the alter stopped shaking. However, just as the sighs left their mouths, they suddenly detected an extremely wild and violent dark chilly fluctuation suddenly appear under the altar. Finally, it charged out in a maniacal manner.


The large stone altar exploded at this moment and stone fragments shot out explosively. A monstrous black fog also swept out from the ground. Immediately, an indescribable evilness spread across the sky.

“These three bastards…”

Lin Dong’s expression was ugly as he gazed at the evil black fog that had broke out of the ground. He could not help but curse. These three bastards had actually released the thing that was being suppressed by the altar…

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